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This picture shows the location of the “Rocky Belt” which shows

the moon was once split.

The unbelievers of Makkah said to the prophet that if you are truly a
prophet split the moon and if you do we shall believe. It was a full
moon that night…
And so the prophet prayed to Allah to grant him this miracle, and the
moon was split. Half was seen over Mount. Saffa, and the other half
was seen over Mount. Kaikaan.
The people said that the prophet has placed a spell on us, however if he
played a trick on us, then he can’t play a trick on all the people in the
world! Abu Jahl then said: “let us wait until the people of Albadiah
come, and if they saw the moon split, then it is true, if not then we all
know it was a trick of magic.
When the people of Albadiah came they said that they too saw the
moon split, and the disbelievers said “oh, how powerful Mohammad’s
magic is!”
Then Allah revealed Surat al Qamar: “The hour has come near and the
moon has split, and when they see a sign, they turn and say ‘this is a
continuous magic’ and they disbelieved and followed their desires…”
This took place in the days of the prophet Muhammad in Makkah.
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t he l o c the m o
This is l en g th of
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‫سبحان الله‬

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Title: An Indian King Witness of Moon Splitting (Miracle of Prophet Muhammad PBUH)



The incident relating to King Chakrawati Farmas is documented in an old manuscript in the
India Office Library, London, which has reference number: Arabic, 2807, 152-173. It was
quoted in the book "Muhammad Rasulullah," by M. Hamidullah:
"There is a very old tradition in Malabar, South-West Coast of India, that Chakrawati Farmas,
one of their kings, had observed the splitting of the moon, the celebrated miracle of the Holy
Prophet (pbuh) at Mecca, and learning on inquiry that there was a prediction of the coming of
a Messanger of God from Arabia (Detail given bellow), he appointed his son as regent and set
out to meet him. He embraced Islam at the hand of the Prophet, and when returning home,
at the direction of the Prophet, died at the port of Zafar, Yemen, where the tomb of the
"Indian king" was piously visited for many centuries."
The old manuscript in the 'India Office Library' contains several other details about King
Chakrawati Farmas and his travel.
The king spent weeks in seclusion. In the midst of his quiet life, he set out on the journey
along with the Arab travelers who'd promised him earlier. On the way, they stopped by
Koylandi and from there to Dharmapatnam where they halted for 3 days. Then they set out to
Shehr Muqalla. On reaching there, they set for the Hajj pilgrimage and thereafter returned to
Malabar. He aspired to spread the message of Islam. But on the way, he fell sick and
breathed his last.
A tradition of the Holy Prophet has also been reported from one of the companions, Abu
Saeed al Kaudri, regarding the arrival of Cheraman Perumel. "A king from India presented the
Messenger of Allah with a bottle of pickle that had ginger in it. The Holy Prophet distributed it
among his companions. I also received a piece to eat ". (Hakim reports in 'Al Musthadrak )