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Tutorial on how to download DLC files with Jdownloader

TO use JDownloader container files (DLC lins!" #ou need JDownloader$ %irst" ensure
that #our Ja&a is u' to date$ Ne(t" download JDownloader fro) it*s we+site (,oo-le it.!"
and install the 'ro-ra)$
The followin- screenshots and e('lanations co&er the +asics of JDownloader use" /ow to
Load Container %iles (DLC! and /ow to Set U' 0re)iu) Account Infor)ation$ There
are a lot )ore functions in JDownloader" +ut the# will not +e co&ered in this tutorial" such
as I0 resettin-" and creation of DLC files for #our own u'loads$ If so)eone else wishes to
add these 'arts" the# are welco)e to$ The 'ur'ose of this tutorial is onl# to educate
New+ies in the functions re1uired to download files with JDownloader$
2The ste' nu)+ers corres'ond to the nu)+ers and letters on the screenshots$
/ow to Load Container %iles (DLC!3
Once #ou*&e downloaded the DLC file fro) the u'load site (RS" 4U" etc$!" #ou need to
o'en it as follows3
5$ Clic on the Lin-ra++er ta+ on the left side of the JDownloader screen
6$ Clic O'en Containers" then +rowse to and select the DLC file #ou want to o'en
7$ After JDownloader o'ens the container and checs the lins" ri-ht8clic the lins and
select Add All 0aca-es
Jdownloader will then start downloadin- the files" and if the 'assword is e)+edded in the
DLC file" it will e(tract it as well$
/ow to Set U' 0re)iu) Account Infor)ation3
If #ou ha&e a 0re)iu) account with an u'load site that JDownloader su''orts (al)ost all
of the) are su''orted!" #ou set u' #our account as follows3
A$ Clic on the Confi-uration ta+
9$ Clic on /osts
C$ Dou+le8clic on the host that #ou want to confi-ure" then the 0re)iu) Settin-s ta+ at
the +otto)$ Enter #our account infor)ation$
D$ The Acce'ted colu)n )ust +e checed e&en for non8're)iu) access$ This )eans
#ou*&e acce'ted the u'load site*s TOS (Ter)s of Ser&ice!
E$ :ou can ena+le or disa+le the 'lu-8ins for sites with this colu)n" in case #ou don*t
want certain sites to +e downloaded fro)$
DOn*t worr# if #our download li)it is reached on those sites that ha&e li)its$ When #our
account is full" JDownloader will auto)aticall# switch to non8're)iu) )ode and
continue$ :ou can set u' )ulti'le accounts at the sa)e ti)e" and #ou can set u' accounts
for all the hosts #ou ha&e 0re)iu) accounts for$ JDownloader will use the 'ro'er
accounts auto)aticall#" and for )ulti'le accounts on the sa)e host" will switch to the
ne(t account when the first is full$