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8:06 AM Connecting 8:06 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly. 8:06 AM Support session established with Randy. 8:06 AM Randy restarting application as Windows system service 8:07 AM Connecting 8:07 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly. 8:07 AM Application running as Windows system service 8:07 AM Support session established with Randy. 8:08 AM You have granted full permission to Randy. To revoke, click the red X on the toolbar or press Pause/Break on the keyboard. 8:08 AM Remote Control started by Randy.

8:08 AM Randy: Welcome to Computer Tech Support, an Independent Technical Support Company. We are not affiliated with any third party company or brand.

May I know your First and Last Name, Phone Number and your e-mail address?

8:08 AM Customer:

Tami 941-322-6312 twoodring68@aol.com

8:09 AM Customer:

Tami Woodring


8:09 AM Randy: Thank you for the information. How may I assist you today? 8:10 AM Customer: I am getting pop ups on my computer and I want to check if Mcafree is present on my computer 8:10 AM Randy: Not to worry. We will help you to fix this problem. 8:10 AM Randy: May I know how long you are facing this problem?

8:11 AM Customer:

8:11 AM Randy: Okay. May I have your product key please? 8:13 AM Customer: i dont have a product key , I just have a confirmation email 8:13 AM Randy: Okay, May I know how long you are getting unwanted pop ups? 8:14 AM Customer: 2 weeks 8:14 AM Randy: Okay, Do you get the pop up when you are online or all the time? 8:14 AM Customer: on line 8:15 AM Randy: Okay, Does the pop up is advising to scan and clean the computer? 8:16 AM Customer: not sure i get a scary pop up that says my finacial data is at risk and to call a number 8:16 AM Randy: We are certified system professionals at Computer Tech Support an Independent technical support company

If not I want to install it and I just purchased it

Not to worry. We will help you to fix this problem. 8:16 AM Randy: Let me check few details on your PC to assist you better.May I? 8:16 AM Customer: yes 8:17 AM Randy: Thank you!, Please do not use your mouse and Keyboard while I work on your computer.s 8:21 AM Randy: Tami, There seems to be some serious issues with your computer. Many settings of your computer might have changed due to these infected files. It seems your security layer might be open to others might can access your computer and all informations. 8:21 AM Randy: These issues might have been got into your computer while browsing through unsecured network connections. 8:21 AM Randy: Your computer might be got affected by these infections while you are passing through unsecured websites. And these threats might cause issues like unwanted pop ups or web page redirecting on your computer. 8:21 AM Randy: Also, I am afraid your personal accounts or details might be unprotected and these informations might be misused by others. 8:22 AM Customer: what do i do 8:22 AM Randy: I hope you might have heard about cyber attackers and system crash. Not to worry, Tami. We will work on it and we will fix it for you right away before any thing goes worse. 8:22 AM Randy: Now, Let me check the security layer of your computer immediately. May I? 8:22 AM Customer: yes

8:22 AM Randy would like to send you the file 'procexp.exe'. Select a destination for the file and click Save to accept, or click Cancel to deny. 8:23 AM Receiving 'procexp.exe'. 8:23 AM File transfer complete. (Size: 2925760 bytes, MD5 fingerprint: E32AE4E6FDED29C239978066EC486B87)

8:25 AM Randy: Tami, It's unbelievable! Do you see that, Terrence? Most of your system services are stopped. It seems already your security layer might be stopped working which might be caused by these infected files. Since your network security gate could be wide open, any Fraudulent Identity thieves could gain control over all your identities. 8:25 AM Randy: Now we need to close all these unsecured connections and we must block all these threats before it spreads to other parts of your computer. If it spreads, it might cause sudden death to your computer. 8:26 AM Customer: ok do what you got to do please, thanks 8:26 AM Randy: Tami, Now To fix the issue we need to manually remove the infected entries, delete all the embedded system files, secure your computer Protocols so that the security updates can be applied to all your software applications. 8:26 AM Randy: I believe that you've never had a technician to secure the network Protocols of your computer, and if it is completely secured there should be no any received infections in this Computer. Am I right? 8:26 AM Customer: yes no tech 8:27 AM Randy: Please note “ It is highly recommended to perform a manual PC Clean Up at-least once in a month" . So all your PC Ports will be secured and you never face this kind of issues in future. 8:27 AM Randy: For that What I will do is install a calling card on your computer and all you have to do is click on it and you will get connected to a Certified System Engineer like us and we will do the clean up while you can sit back and relax. 8:27 AM Customer: ha , not sure if i can relax but thanks 8:28 AM Randy: Tami, Our service includes unlimited technical support. With this We offer the maximum security of the computer system and also runs a thorough and extensive check up list that helps to identify any interference and also cleans up any infections that enters your system. 8:28 AM Randy: Also We will have a clear watch on these infections 24/7 and Protect your PC for long term, We will be wholly responsible for all the issues in your computer from now on. 8:28 AM Customer: what is the charge 8:29 AM Randy: Now for me to perform this task, we have two options for you, the first one is the one time fix & the other is the annual package, May I brief you the plans? 8:29 AM Customer: yes 8:29 AM Randy: I am going to paste the Plans on this chat. So that You can read it completely and you can opt the best. 8:29 AM Randy:

# Plans:

1. ONE TIME FIX [Manual Clean-up + Today"s Fix] : $169.99 (or)

2. Unlimited Tech & Protection plan for 1 Year : $299.99 (or)

3. Unlimited Tech & Protection plan for 2 Year : $399.99 (or)

One-Time fix is for fixing all the issues that are on the computer for now.

# Benefits of Unlimited Tech & Protection Plan : (Best value for money)

1. Help to protect your privacy, data and online identity.

2. Support for all kinds of Software related issues.

3. Security against hackers programs, Viruses, spywares.

4. Complete manual check-up periodically upon request.

5. Cleanup of infected & affected files.

6. On Demand System Security Check.

7. Fixing will be done in no time.

8. We are just click away, no hold time to reach us.

We will also install a calling card on your desktops For all our Customers wherein you can reach us technicians automatically just by one click.We will have a periodic check to ensure the safety & security of your PC. We will be your Dedicated Tech- support for all your PC needs anytime within your subscription. We assist you regarding all kind of problems that you have in your computer within the subscription period.

In simple words you no need to worry or to spend any more cent for your PC in upcoming years.

Moreover if you have a plan with us, you need not search on internet or wait on the phone for a long time to get in touch with us, We will install an icon on your computer, All you need to do is just to click on it and you will reach a us within few seconds.

Unlimited Tech & Protection plan for " 2 Year is the BEST DEAL" , includes todays fix.

Yearly Plan also Includes the One-Time Fix. 8:29 AM Randy: We have the Offer Opened, May I Proceed ? 8:30 AM Customer: i only use this computer to surf the internet , do I really need all of this 8:31 AM Randy: Yes, As a everyday user, you need to be secured while you are on line. You might have heard about Cyber miscreants and their attacks. Not to worry, Tami. We will be your dedicated technicians and we will be 100% responsible for all the issues in your PC and make sure this PC will be safe and secured for long term since we will be your first layer of protection. 8:32 AM Randy: So you don’t have to spend anymore money on your PC for next 2 years. You can call us number of times regarding any kind of issue we do it free within the subscription period , we will fix it for you with 'NO COST', and more value for your money. 8:32 AM Randy: And You will be assigned with a dedicated technician who will be working only on your computer to resolve all your issues which we refer as premium support. 8:32 AM Randy: It's a one time investment,which makes you to forget all your worries about PC for long term. 8:32 AM Randy: The Unlimited Technical Support includes any types of PC Issues , Software, emails, Peripherals, Printers , Wireless and Computer Security issues every day. 8:35 AM Randy: Shall we get started with the long term? 8:36 AM Customer: no thanks right now , I need to call my local tech but thank you for yuor help 8:36 AM Randy: These Issues cannot be Fixed by a Local Technicians of yours or a Scanner, It can only Fixed by certified technicans like us, As we Use Some Authorized tools in fixing kernel programs and Registry key Files in your computer, These Tools is not or cannot be authorized for the Local technicians or a Scanner. We know ever corner of these happening in your Computer and We are expert In clearing all these infections for our customers satisfaction and security. 8:37 AM Randy: The every second we wait and postpone these infected files always replicating & can multiply to all the programs in the computer, if it infects the boot up manager then it would cause the entire operating system and might crash. 8:37 AM Randy: That is the reason I insist on the immediate fix. 8:37 AM Randy: In that case you can go for the one time fix to fix all the issues right away and secure your network protocols so that you will not face these issues in the future. 8:37 AM Randy: If money is the concern, let me check with my Manager for a better discount for you. Please wait for a moment. 8:37 AM Randy: Please wait. 8:37 AM Randy: After consulting with my manager pertaining to the issues that you are facing; my manager has agreed for the $99.99 as the one time fix as of now such that the issues are fixed and don’t multiply to cause you a major security patch issue. 8:37 AM Randy: This is a momentary offer for you.

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