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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project 3 - Concept Development

This was a 1:200 massing/concept development model I made. I was able to

perform light experiments for both night time and daytime conditions. From
this model I also further developed the vista down the main hall and decided
to improve the simple staircase I had in early designs.
The following are concepts from the very early stages of the project to more
developed stages. I investigated footpath pedestrian viewing angles,
eventually deciding on suspended artworks at the front of the gallery which
were slightly angled towards the street. The one main concept continues
throughout with investigation into the possibilities of light shafts and roof
I designed this concept for the gallery's sole staircase after deciding the
plain and boring staircase I had previously conceived was not good enough.
This was one of the first concepts I had for the mullion system supporting
the glass facade and roof. Previously, I had specified a planar wire and
spider suspension system.
This was a rough attempt at finding a good room for the final poche plan and
section at 1:50.
These were some concepts for sculptures to be depicted in my final plans at
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Sunday, May 24, 2009
Project 3 - Building Precedent

Musée d’Orsay

• Large open area

• Built in furniture to rest and observe artwork
• Sculpture gallery intertwined with walkway
• Upper sculpture galleries have very thick & tall, possibly >1.5m,
parapet walls with tops slopped in towards seats at angle
• They prevent people from leaning over and dropping things. Also
makes it feel more like a room rather than open to the void and
cavernous hall
• Walkways between separate upper areas/terraces
• Underneath terraces are some of the painting galleries
• Mainly artificial light in painting rooms but does have openings along
shared edge with main sculpture gallery
• Detailed tops of walls
• Climate control plays a big part in architecture. eg. Air con blades
running down main alley
• Blade walls supporting stairs to walkways
• Large open spaces for sculpture
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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Project 3 - Building Narrative
The Client

• From old money. Very good schooling and education and realises how
privileged he is because of this
• Perfectionist
• Likes observing culture and society
• Is not afraid of being seen or of the gallery being a focal point of
• Wants to give back to society
• Does not like idea of art being too frivolous
• Believes the average mug should be able to understand true art
• Likes getting his hands dirty.
• Could run workshops for budding artists
• Holds social functions just so he can observe society.
• Prefers sculptures to paintings
• Believes art should be the focal point, not the building

The Narrative
A modern gallery for a wealthy man wishing to provide society with a place
containing art that is easy to understand.

The Art

• The Art style chosen was based around the work of Australian artist
Robert Owen.
• In particular his work: Cadence #1 (a sort span of time)
• Cadence #1 was created through a very structured recording of
Owen’s emotions every half hour over 80 days.
• The resulting artwork has over 2500 separate colour tones.
• Whilst effectively coded information, it is very easy to understand and
relate to and viewers find themselves applying their own code to the

Cadence #1 (a short span of time) - Robert Owen

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Project 3 - Site Analysis

Site Chosen: Site One

Site Location: 259 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia