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I, ROSEMARIE A. JANSEN, of legal age, widow, Australian National and
with Philippine address at Purok I, Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union, after
having been duly sworn to an oath in accordance with law hereby depose and
That I am the mother of Marc A. Jansen, of legal age, Australian National
and a resident of Purok I, Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union who died on the
day of November 2012 at the address above-mentioned as evidenced by
Death Certificate and Medical Certificate hereto attached as Annex A and B,
That I have been staying in the Philippines with my Philippine address
indicated herein since September 2012 as evidenced b hereto attached travel
agency itinerary issued by Tiger Airways marked as Annex C and series;
That my son, Marc, has been cohabiting with one, Myrianne Felipe at
Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union for about five (5) years since March of
2007 until his untimely death on November 8, 2012;
That the first two (2) years of their cohabitation, was fortunately of
harmonious and intimate relationship, however, for the last three (3) years of
their cohabitation, their relationship became sour to the point of verbal and
physical fights between them because of the attitude of Myrianne. I know of
this for a fact because Marc used to tell me his problems though I am outside
the country;
That Marc loves Myrianne so much, that even if they have hard times,
Marc bought a resort and registered it under the name of Myrianne which is
located at Purok I, Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union as evidenced by
Acknowledgement Receipts and Deed of Absolute Sale hereto attached as
Annex D and E, respectively;
That marc informed me that Myrianne has been looking for a buyer and
has been planning to sell the aforementioned real property. The said
information came into Marcs knowledge on November 8, 2012 at 9:00 oclock
in the morning for Myrianne offered the said real property unto one, Maria
Theresa Amor Manuel a Spanish National, who is a close friend of the couple as
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evidenced by hereto attached Affidavit of Maria Theresa Amor Manuel marked
as Annex F and series;
That Maria Theresa Amor informed Marc regarding the aforesaid offer
sale since they are family friends. Marc informed me that he will confront
Myrianne regarding the said offer to sell but that moment Myrianne was
nowhere to be found;
That at around 9:30 oclock in the evening of the same date, November
8, 2012, Myrianne arrived at the couples residence located within the Mother
of Sea beach Resort vicinity;
That during that time I was staying at my villa at about two to three
meters away from the couples villa when I heard a gunshot somewhat came
from their villa. After hearing such gunshot I hurriedly ran towards the couples
villa with one resort staff, Mylyn Torres, who was attending to my needs that
That to our surprise the gunshot was confirmed that it came from the
couples villa. We tried to open the door to see what happened but I was
shocked and I cried for help for I saw my son lying at his own blood with
abrasions at the right elbow lateral aspect, left shoulder and right arm
secondary to mauling as evidenced by Medico-Legal Certificate issued by Lorma
Medical Center, San Fernando City, La Union hereto attached as Annex G;
That Mylyn and I saw Myrianne, sitting at the left side of Marcs body
holding a 9 mm calibre pistol. I rushed Marc at the Lorma Medical Centre, San
Fernando City, La Union for a possible chance of revival, unfortunately he was
declared dead on arrival as evidenced by hereto attached Medico-Legal
Certificate previously marked as Annex G. While at the hospital I called Mylyn
to look after Myrianne so that she will not be able to flea while I was at the
hospital as evidenced by hereto affidavit of Mylyn Torres as Annex H and
That Police arrived at the crime scene at around 11 oclock in the evening
to investigate the crime scene as well as to arrest Myrainne hereto attached
the Police Report as Annex I;
That Marc suffered four (4) gunshot wounds from a 9 mm calibre pistol
as evidenced by Ballistic Report a biological science report issued by the
Regional Crime Laboratory Office I, San Fernando City, La Union hereto
attached as Annex J and K, respectively;
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That only Marc and Myrianne were present at the crime scene; hence,
Myrianne was then holding a 9 mm calibre pistol at her right hand;
That I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truthfulness of the
above-narrated facts and to support the filing of a case against Myrianne Felipe
for the crime of Murder, Violation of Article 248 of the Revised Penal Code;
That I am executing this affidavit in good faith and in accordance with
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 12
of November 2012 at San Fernando City, La Union


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 12
day of November, 2012,
at San Fernando City, La Union, affiant exhibited to me her Identification Card
with picture. That I hereby certify that I have examined the Affiant and that I
am fully satisfied that she had read her Affidavit and understood the same and
know the contents thereof to be true and correct of her own knowledge and

(Subscribing Officer)