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Why Popes banned the Bible http://www.vatileaks.com/_blog/Vati_Leaks/post/Why_Popes_banned_...
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Vati Leaks - Monday, July 23, 2012
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To cover-up the false nature of the Christian texts, an extraordinary decision is found in
the records of the First Council of Constantinople of 381-3, convened by Roman Emperor
Theodosius (d. 395). What was decided at that assembly presents an historical fact
outlining an extraordinary episode in New Testament history that is little-known today, and
involved Pope Damasus, who was in attendance. He was a man so stained with impiety
and so notorious with women that he was called the Tickler of Matrons Ears. When he
found that the Roman people would not walk before him in processions, he had them
beaten, and many were killed. He was charged with adultery in a Civil Court, and only the
intervention of his friend, the Emperor, averted the scandal of a trial. He returned to the
Church, and in a candid personal confession frankly admitted that the Gospel manuscripts
of his day were so full of errors and dubious passages that copies coming from
scriptoriums were different and conflicting. To prevent the fabricated writings being seen
by the wrong eyes, Pope Damasus came up with a solution that was brilliant in its
simplicity he banned the Bible.
Origin of heresy
When the basic New Testament canon started to develop towards the end of the Fourth
Century (generally) the laity was strictly forbidden to read the word of God, or to exercise
their judgment in order to understand it. Damasus recorded that bad use of difficult
passages by the simple and poor gives rise to hear-say and the general populace was
denied access to the compilations. The word hear-say developed into heresy and
people who opposed Church opinions were subsequently called heretics.
It was with a
resolution of that council that the ban was officially established but some members of the
priesthood had trouble understanding the new terminology. The unreliability of their
explanations of heretics and heresies is illustrated in the case of St. Epiphanius, Bishop of
Salamis (d. 403) who mistook the Pythagorean Sacred Tetrad (the number 4), for a heretic
After he suppressed the Bible, Damasus created an array of formidable penances and
additional anathemas designed to keep the curious at bay
, the chief tendency of the
priesthood was to keep the Bible away from people and substitute Church authority as the
rule of life and belief.
Owning a Bible was a criminal offence
In 860, Pope Nicholas I, sitting high on a throne built specially for the occasion in the town
square, pronounced against all people who expressed interest in reading the Bible, and
reaffirmed its banned public use (Papal Decree). In 1073, Pope Gregory supported and
confirmed the ban, and in 1198, Pope Innocent III declared that anybody caught reading
the Bible would be stoned to death by soldiers of the Church military (Diderots
Encyclopedia, 1759). In 1229, the Council of Toulouse, to be spoken of with detestation,
passed another Decree that strictly prohibits laics from having in their possession either
the Old or New Testaments; or from translating them into the vulgar tongue. By the 14th
Century, possession of a Bible by the laity was a criminal offence and punishable by
whipping, confiscation of real and personal property, and burning at the stake.
With the fabricated Christian texts safely hidden from public scrutiny by a series of
Decrees, popes endorsed the public suppression of the Bible for twelve hundred and thirty
years, right up until after the Reformation and the printing of the King James Bible in 1611.
Lives of the Popes, Mann, c. 1905
The Library of the Fathers, Damasus, Oxford, 1833-45
The Library of the Fathers, Damasus, Oxford, 1833-45
Vati Leaks
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Why Popes banned the Bible http://www.vatileaks.com/_blog/Vati_Leaks/post/Why_Popes_banned_...
2 de 4 28/06/2014 19:55
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The Catholic Dictionary, Addis and Arnold, 1917
Early Theological Writings, G. W. F. Hegal
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Donald Schultz Top Commenter
To forward the Christian cause, the central authority had to be reinforce against co-opting by
various groups, and corruption within its ranks. This included ridding the clergy of fatherhood,
and a hierarchy that could vie for state leadership.
Reply Like Follow Post September 17, 2012 at 3:35pm
Napoleon Celeste Top Commenter Works at Independiente
we have read what has been revealed about the great deception by the religions
using Jesus to turn the people away from the real God in the Holy Bible. We have
read it in - http://thename.ph/thename/revelations/greatestdeception-en.htm and
the real Name of God in the main page of the www.thename.ph website. Please
read the site so that all of us may know that the time of the deceptions of the
religions will end.
Reply Like October 9, 2012 at 12:03am
Chinedu Okeke University of Jos
If yes will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride; and mine eye shall
weep sore, and run down with tears.
I tried to remember the preaching I had heard about hell. But never had I heard about such.
dreadful things as the Lord had shown me here. Hell was infinitely worse than anyone could.
think or imagine. It hurt me so to know that the souls that are now in torment in hell will be.
there for eternity. There is no way out. I am determined that I will do everything in my power to
save souls from these honors. I must preach the gospel to everyone I meet, for hell is a
frightful place, and this is a true report. Do you realize what I am saying? If sinners do not
repent and believe the gospel,
they will surely end up here. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and call on Him to save you from
sin. Read ch... See More
Reply Like Follow Post September 29, 2012 at 5:11pm 1
Napoleon Celeste Top Commenter Works at Independiente
how can a Christian be save by Jesus who was sent by God to save his own
people, Israel? Check in Mathew 1:21... his people, meaning the people of Israel. If
you do not belong to the people of Israel during his time, then you are not part of
the prophecy of Jesus saving his people...
Reply Like October 8, 2012 at 11:59pm
Napoleon Celeste Top Commenter Works at Independiente
go to the link: http://thename.ph/thename/revelations/greatestdeception-en.htm - this is why
the religions are afraid that people will know in the end. believe it or not! I read about this
website, it gives us a clear view that the reason why there is much to be desired from the
religions is because they have never fully introduced the real God that is written in the Holy
Reply Like Follow Post October 8, 2012 at 8:23pm 2
Daniel Tade
Forget the Catholic church and lets get ready for CHRIST is coming Sooner now. Those guys
are history in Where..H.
Reply Like Follow Post October 9, 2012 at 7:15pm 2
Bongani 'Lakhe Ndwandwe Distributor Services Representative/ Call Centre
Conusltant at Herbalife International South Africa, LTD
@Napoleon Celeste I like your comment....." they have never fully introduced the real God that
is written in the Holy Bible'. Really if people do read their Bibles would see that the religion we
embraced is not the religion of the apostles. This one is full of Roman Catholic Church's
Creeds and traditions. Let me go and read the link you have provided.
Reply Like Follow Post January 18, 2013 at 2:07am
Napoleon Celeste Top Commenter Works at Independiente
yes, please visit the site. i will not ask you to join any religion or ask for any
donation. it only reveals to you the real word of god that does not come from any
religion, you have your own free will to believe it or not. thank you.
Reply Like January 18, 2013 at 9:34pm
Thomas John University of Madras, Chennai
We the ordinary catholic laity and even many of the catholic priests today don't know the true
story of banning the Bible.Thomas John
Reply Like Follow Post March 29, 2013 at 8:07am
Why Popes banned the Bible http://www.vatileaks.com/_blog/Vati_Leaks/post/Why_Popes_banned_...
3 de 4 28/06/2014 19:55
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Why Popes banned the Bible http://www.vatileaks.com/_blog/Vati_Leaks/post/Why_Popes_banned_...
4 de 4 28/06/2014 19:55

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