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10/31/2013 1

TEMS Discovery Enterprise Device Module 10.0.2

Release Notes

2 10/31/2013

Ascom. All rights reserved.
TEMS is a trademark of Ascom. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

10/31/2013 3

1 About This Release 4
2 Supported Measurement Formats 4
3 Selected New Features 5
4 Removed Features 7
5 Corrected Bugs 8
6 Known Bugs and Limitations 9
7 Contact Information 9

4 NT13-21322, 0.2,10/31/2013

1 About This Release
Release Date: Oct. 31st, 2013

2 Supported Measurement Formats
TEMS Investigation versions 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x, 14.x, 15.x
TEMS Automatic versions 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
TEMS Pocket versions 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x
TEMS Symphony Suite up to 7.2
TEMS Monitor Master trace files up to version 9.x
WCDMA UETR trace support up to Ericsson W12B-Evo
LTE UETR trace support up to Ericsson L12B
NEMO up to version 5.2 (File format version 2.14)
JSDU E6474A 16.1
PCTel Scanner up to version 3.0.0
CDMA 1x/1xEV Qualcomm trace files up to Version N
WCDMA/HSPA Qualcomm trace files up to Version G
LTE Qualcomm trace files up to Version K
ZK CellTest (File format V6.27 for GSM and WCDMA)
Rohde & Schwarz ROMES GSM/WCDMA up to file format V4.72
Huawei GENEX GSM text import

10/31/2013 5

3 Selected New Features
Numerous Improvements for TEMS Discovery Enterprise - Device Module
o Faster data import performance.
o Significantly reduced time for generating report directly from
measurement database. This feature would also address service
request ticket SR000126316.
o Significant reduced measurement database size.
o Optimized database partitioning for faster data access.
o Significant improved user experience for working with large composite
data set.

Further enhancements to handling of OLAP cube processing
o The user can define data scopes by limiting any subset of
Data collection date or data processing date
o The user can enable cube-processing on any data scope/cube definition
o The user can define an OLAP cube process interval

Added merging of uplink data for .TRP log files.

New analysis client, TEMS Discovery Enterprise Device Module Local Client,
introduced for detailed analysis of data in the centralized data base in TEMS
Discovery Enterprise Device Module.

Further feature and stability improvement for GLS (Global License Server)

Added a standalone utility for migrating TEMS Discovery Enterprise database
from earlier versions to TEMS Discovery Enterprise Device Module 10.0.2

Support of logged files collected with TEMS data collection tools:
o TEMS Investigation 15.2
o TEMS Automatic 9.2
o TEMS Symphony 7.2.2
o TEMS Pocket 13.2
o TEMS Pocket Lite 13.2

Added the following additional pre-defined scripts, which will be available to the
user with the suitable licensee options.
o BandAllTechnologies
o CallSetup
o DataServices

6 NT13-21322, 0.2,10/31/2013

o DataServicesErrorEvents
o DeviceInformation
o EndOfFile
o Get_SIM_Operator
o RATStateForPlot
o Service_Type
o SpeechQuality_KPIs
o SpeechQualitu_KPIs_QC
o TEMS_Handover_Types
o VoLTE_KPIs_CallTypes
o VoLTE_KPIs_CallTypes_QC

Added numerous predefined condition filters

Added the following metrics to TEMS_Service_KPIs script:
o FTP_Download_Success_Rate
o FTP_Download_Setup_Success_Rate
o FTP_Download_Completion_Rate
o FTP_Upload_Success_Rate
o FTP_Upload_Setup_Success_Rate
o FTP_Upload_Completion_Rate
o HTTP_Download_Success_Rate
o HTTP_Download_Setup_Success_Rate
o HTTP_Download_Completion_Rate
o HTTP_Upload_Success_Rate
o HTTP_Upload_Setup_Success_Rate
o HTTP_Upload_Completion_Rate
o Voice_Call_Setup_Rate
o Voice_CSFB_Setup_Rate
o Voice_Call_Completion_Rate
o Voice_Dropped_Call_Rate
o Streaming_Success_Rate
o Streaming_Setup_Success_Rate
o Streaming_Completion_Rate
o EUTRAN_Attach_Success_Rate
o PS_Attach_Success_Rate
o Ping_Packet_Loss_Rate
o EUTRAN_Redirected_Success_Rate
o MTSI_Session_Setup_Success_Rate
o MTSI_Session_Completion_Rate
o MTSI_Registration_Success_Rate
o Email_Receive_Success_Rate
o Email_Send_Success_Rate
o MMS_Receive_Success_Rate
o MMS_Send_Success_Rate
o PDP_Context_Activation_Success_Rate
o PDP_Context_Cutoff_Ratio
o FTP_Server_File

10/31/2013 7

o Streaming_URL

Added the following pre-defined OLAP cube definitions:
o Handover_KPIs
o Negative_Events
o Service_KPIs_Data_Voice
o Streaming_Service
o TEMS_Pocket
o UMTS_Network_Connect
o Voice_AMR

4 Removed Features
Support for SQL Server Authentication option is removed. Only Integrated
Windows authentication is supported.

Removed the following pre-defined demo-purpose OLAP cube definitions:
o UMTS_Call_Statistics
o UMTS_Coverage
o UMTS_Mobility

8 NT13-21322, 0.2,10/31/2013

5 Selected list of corrected Bugs

SR000117533: Missing WCDMA RLC AM Detailed Statistics-DL and WCDMA
RLC AM Detailed Statistics-UL in TEMS Discovery Device 10.0.1 release
SR000117537: Dropped calls due to UE releasing radio connection due to poor
DL quality not detected in TEMS Investigation and TEMS Discovery Device.
SR000117698: Got a overlay error from 3
party map component while
generating report using ADP
SR000127898: Some discrepancy observed between TEMS Discovery Device
and other 3
party tools for certain metrics.
SR000136685: Failed to import the certain type of GIS data
SR000138735: VoLTE scripts were enabled only in the VoLTE report templates
but not listed under pre-defined script tree node.
SR000139972: Failed to send indoor data to map view with TEMS Discovery
Device 10.0.x Standard/Base version
Filemark event is not listed under TEMS_Collectors_Events

10/31/2013 9

6 Known Bugs and Limitations
If deleting derived data from the mobiles of migrated database then
TEMS Collectors Events will be lost for the migrated data. Therefore it is
suggested not to delete derived data for mobiles if database is migrated
from 4.0.13 to 10.0.2. New inserted data in the migrated database will not
have this effect.
TEMS Pocket log files not including IP trace data will generate false
Service setup failure event.
Qualcomm LTE traces stored in QMD log files may not contain data for all
LTE subframes so the throughput values calculated may not be correctly.
It is strongly recommended to direct use LTE Throughput from Data
Collectors for QMD log files
SR 68616: Report cannot be generated completely if the template was last
saved in Report Template Builder:
The third-party component used by Discovery Device is not fully compatible
with *.xlsx files. Therefore, it is recommended that the user save a report
template with MS Excel.
Attempt of resizing TEMS Discovery Device window during the import of GIS
data may cause the application to pause the GIS data import.
RAN Tuning Reports may show blank fields if the IEs defined in the reports are
not available from data sources.
7 Contact Information
For customer support contact information, please visit our website: