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pary to the 1st part :
Sri Tarakanta Rout aged about 34 years
S/o.Saroj Kumar Rout
of Vill.Baradiha P.o.Khadikapada P.s.Basta
Dist.Balasore, in the satate of Odisha, By Caste : "KHANDAYATA"
.............1st part/Declarant/Bridgroom/Husband.

A N D.
party to the 2nd part :
Kumari Minati Rout aged about 23 years
D/o Radhakrushna Rout
of Vill.Dhapakanda P.o.Nalabahar p.s.Bastaa , Dist.Balasore, in the stat
of Odisha, By Caste; "KHANDAYATA ...............2nd party/Declarant
In the matter of :
It is hereby declared by the parties to these presents as follows:-
1. That, they Sri Tarakanta Rout , the 1st party married to Sasmita Das (Pre-
marriage),presently :-
Smt. Minati Rout (Post marriage) the 2nd party on dated 20.02.2012. at
the residence of Vill.Dhapakanda P.o.Nalabahar, P.s.Basta
Dist.Balasore in the presence of friends, relatives & well wishers.


2. That, the said marriage was observed in accordance to the customs,rites and rituals
provided in Hindu religion and with the sanction of the relevent law.
3. That, the said marriage between the parties is free from all sorts of mis-representation,
concealment, fraud,fear or threat from any corner.
4. That, neither of the parties to this deed are idiots or lunaties at all.
5. That, the parties to this deed hereby by declare to lead happy conjugal life.
6. That, the 1st party/Husband has completed 34 years of age and 2nd party /wife has
completed 23 years of age and the date of birth is 18.03.1980 and 04.03.1991
respectively on the said marriage as per horoscope.
7. That, neither of the parties to this deed are within the degree of prohibited relationship
as per Hindu religion and as it is duly sanctioned as per Hindu religion adn relevent
law, and both the husband and wife belongs to the Caste S.E.B.Cs. and their sub Caste
"KHANDAYATA" respectively.
8. That, it is further declare that the facts statedsd above are all trdue to the best of our
knowledge and belief.


(3 )
In witnesses where of the above named husband and wife have herein signed tdhis
the 17th day of Febreuary 2014. after understanding the contents of this declaration ofsd
marriage deed, being present beforee Sri S.Mishra Notary Public,Basta,Balassdore.

Witnesses : 1st party/Declarant Bridegroom/Husband.
1. Date:

2. 2nd party/Declarant Bridge/Wife.

Before Sri S. Mishra Notary Public, Basta,Balasore.
A F F I D A V .
In the matter of :
Sri Tarakanata Rout, aged about 34 years,
S/o. Saroj Kumar Rout,
of Vill.Baradiha, P.o.Kadikapada, P.s.Basta
A N D.
In the matter of :
Smt. Minati Rout aged about 23 years
W/o. Tarakanta Rout,
of Vill.Baradiaha, P.o.Khadikapada, P.s.Basta
Dist.Balasore.... Deponent/Bride/Wife.
We, Sri Tarakanta Rout and Smt.Minati Rout the above named deponents do hereby solemnly afirm
and state as follows:-
1. That, we the above named sri Tarakanta Rout and Smt.Minati Rout have got married to each
other according to Hindu religion on dated, 20 February 2012. At.Dhapakanda P.o.Nalabahar
P.s.Basta, Dist.Balasore in presence of friedn,relatives,and well-wishers.
2. That, the husband have completed the aged of 34 year of age and the wife have completed 23
years of age on the date of birth are 18.03.1980 and 04.03.1991.resspectively as per our Board
3. That, we are not within the degree of Prohhibited relationship as per HINDU LAW and we
both the husband and wife being to the caste S.E.B.Cs. Sub Caste is 'KHANDAYATA' which is duely
recongnised by the relevent law.

4. That, we are aware that if any statement made in this affidavit is false and if in making such
statements we either know or belief it to be false or do not belief it to the true we are liable to be
punished as per law.
Hencen this affidavit is sworn before Sri S.Mishra Notary Public,Basta,Balasore, for declaration of our


V E R I F I C A T I O N.

We the above named deponents, do hereby declare that the facts stated above are true to the best of
our knowledge and belief and signed this the 14th day of February 2014.

Identified By :
Advocate.Balasore. Date