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An opinion essay del libro:

All my friends communicate by sending text messages on their

mobile phones. From my point of view, I cant stand text messaging
and I feel that people should speak more to one another on the
Firstly, text messages are very short, so they sometimes dont
contain all the important information. Due to this, it isnt always
possible to understand a message.
In addition, its a waste of time to type in the messages. Its much
quicker to call someone.
Besides, a lot the messages I receive are adverts from the mobile
phone company, or other companies as well. In contrast, when I
actually get a phone call, it is usually from someone I want to talk to!
In my opinion, text messaging isnt a great way to speak to friends. I
prefer talking on the phone any day.

Tarea que se le envi de clase:

WRITING: write a for and against essay on the following topic: The advantages and
isadvantages of using mobiles phones at school (15p)

Nowadays, most of children and teenagers have a mobile phone.
However, using it at school isnt allowed. This has got some
advantages and of course, disadvantages.
On the one hand, if you have a mobile phone at school and you
have a problem, you can call your parents to solve it. Besides if your
parents arrive late, they will phone you to tell you this, and in this
way, you dont worry.
On the other hand, if you use your mobile phone in class, texting
messages, you wont pay a lot of attention to your teacher and this
wont be good for you. In addition, if your mobile phone rings aloud
in class, your classmates will distract and your teacher will be angry.
To sum up I think using mobile phones in class has got more
disadvantages than advantages. In my opinion, this is the reason
why they arent allowed.

Ejemplos de Ejercicio resuelto de la plataforma:
In the text, we have read Paco's opinion of zoos: "He prefers natural
parks to zoos because he thinks it is cruel to keep animals in such a
small place, usually very different from their natural habitat."
Which of the following expressions can we use to give, agree or
disagree with an opinion?
I believe, In my opinion, In conclusion, As far as I'm concerned, Finally,
First of all, It seems to me that, I agree with, This idea is absolutely right,
After that, I think it is a bad idea, As soon as.

Propuesto en la plataforma:
Do you think wild animals should be kept in captivity?

One day, Paco decided to visit Yosemite National Park. It is about 320 km
from San Francisco, and it is best known for its beautiful waterfalls. It is one
of the first wilderness parks in the U.S.A., with ancient sequoias, vast
meadows and deep valleys.
There are many activities one can do in Yosemite, such as skiing, climbing,
rafting, biking or golfing. Apart from this, there are many tours so that you
can admire the wonderful scenery of the park. As Paco was not spending so
much time in Yosemite, he decided to go on a tour to see the amazing flora
and fauna.
Paco is a nature lover. He prefers natural parks to zoos because he thinks it is
cruel to keep animals in such a small place, usually very different from their
natural habitat. Yosemite includes a wide variety of animals such as the
American Black Bear, the Mule Deer, the Gray Fox, the White-headed
Woodpecker or the spotted Owl. Some animals have become extinct with
time, and others are considered endangered species.
Do you think wild animals should be kept in captivity?

Personally, I think wild animals shouldnt be kept in captivity.
On the one hand, it is very cruel to keep animals in such a small place. I prefer
natural parks that arent usually very different from their natural habitat.
On the other hand, if wild animals are in small places, you can observe them very
close. Besides, you will feel very safe while you are looking at them.
As far as Im concerned, wild animals should live in their natural habitat.