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The Threat of Terrorism
Terrorism has been rising faster and becoming a major threat not only to America but to
all countries across the world since long time ago. Currently, terrorism actiities are being
re!orted daily from different !arts of the world. Terrorism is the use of force and threats to
threaten or force mainly for !olitical reasons. According to Dershowit", terrorism !oses currently
threat to world !eace as witnessed across the world #$%&.
Terrorism !oses threat to world !eace for the reason that now than eer before, 'uite a
number of countries are liing in fear because they do not (now when and where they will be
attac(ed by terrorists. )or e*am!le, in America !eo!le hae been liing in fear for long time
because of many warnings that are being released by goernment that there is going to be a
major terrorist attac( #Dershowit" +,&. In addition, terrorists are (illing and abducting many
indiiduals daily. This many (illings and abductions hae led to more tensions in the world thus,
rendering terrorism to be more threat on !eace of world.
Dershowit" states that the fact that some terrorist grou!s are su!!orted by some
goernments is the main reason as to why terrorism is !osing more threat on world !eace #-,&.
Conse'uently, these goernment.su!!orted terrorist grou!s are being used to attac( all countries,
which are iewed as an enemy. )or e*am!le, there hae been re!orts that Al Shabaab. a terrorist
grou! based in Somalia. is su!!orted by /ussia in form of arms and financial su!!ort. This
resulted to tension between /ussia and 0ast African countries that are hel!ing Somalia to fight
this terrorist grou! #1odge 2%&. This ty!e of actiities !ose more threats to the world !eace
because it can lead to world war that will leae many !eo!le dead, homeless, and lots of
!ro!erties destroyed. 3ence, it is a!!arent that terrorism is !osing threat to the !eace of the
world because it can cause !olitical instability and war all oer the world.
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1odge states that there is arious form of terrorism across the world #%%&. There is
terrorism that uses militia to attac( and (ill !eo!le using grenades and firearms such the incident
that too( !lace in 4estgate 5all in 6enya. 7ther form of terrorism is use of bombs such as ,811
in America. 7ther terrorist hae resorted to abducting !eo!le along the ocean or other !laces and
demanding ransom from their families, failure to which they usually (ill them. 4ith modern
technological adancements, terrorism is said to be ta(ing many forms including use of chemical
wea!ons, among others.
According to Chandler 9 /ohan, because of the many effects of terrorism across the
world, there is an urgent need to !reent, fight and end terrorism actiities #::&. In order to end
this threat, goernments are su!!osed to ta(e seeral measures such as !reenting terrorist trael
and im!roing !assenger screening. All airlines flying from one country to another should be
!roiding Adance ;assenger Information and ;assenger <ame /ecord #;</& Data before
de!arture. This will assist all countries or cities to ta(e all !recautions in adance. In addition, all
countries are su!!osed to strengthen surface trans!ortation security, international su!!ly chain
security, !rotect critical infrastructure li(e air!orts, detect and !reent biological radiological and
nuclear threats and lastly, they should also im!lement recommendations of ,811commission
#Chandler 9 /ohan -,&.
In summary, terrorism is an international !roblem and hence, all countries should join
together in the war against terrorism. Common citi"ens should also be taught that fighting
terrorism is not solely goernment res!onsibility. They should be taught how they can hel! to
fight this menace by re!orting all sus!icious !eo!le to the goernment. All goernments should
also im!lement measures that can hel! them to detect terrorist early before they start their
o!erations, and also how the can handle terrorist actiities once they ha!!ened. All goernments
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should also im!lement recommendations of ,811 commission as they can hel! significantly to
fight terrorism and its effects.
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