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Technical Note

Modeling and simulation of 1 MW DAHAN solar thermal power tower plant

Ershu Xu a , * , Qiang Yu a , Zhifeng Wang a , Chenyao Yang b

a Key Laboratory of Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaic System of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Electrical Engineering, 6 Beiertiao, Zhongguancun, Beijing 100190, China b North China Electric Power University, Beijing 100120, China

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Received 28 December 2009 Accepted 4 August 2010


Solar tower plant Central receiver Modeling Simulation


1 MW Dahan solar thermal power tower plant is modeled from mathematical models for all of the working conditions using the modular modeling method. The dynamic and static characteristics of the power plant are analyzed based on these models. Response curves of the system state parameters are given for different solar irradiance disturbances. Conclusions in this paper are good references for the design of solar thermal power tower plant.

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1. Introduction

With the rapid development of modernization, the energy consumption per capita in China has been increased remarkably. Thus, China is faced with increasing pressure in dealing with the exhaustion of energy resources and climate change. This problem could be quickly avoided by accelerating the development and utili- zation of renewable energy. Solar thermal power is a relatively cheap and environmentally-friendly renewable energy technology that heavily affects energy conservation and environmental protection. 1 MW Dahan solar thermal power tower plant is supported by Solar Thermal Power Technology and System Demonstration project, which is the key listed project of the 11th Five-Year Plan of China National Hi-Tech R&D (863 Plan) [1] . It is the rst solar thermal power plant in China. The plant s development and related plat- forms will greatly affect the development of solar thermal power technology in China. In 2010, the plant is scheduled to operate and combine with power grid line in Yanqing district, Beijing. The entire system is modeled and simulated at the design stage to check for reasonable designing, operating, and control strategy. Also, the validated model could be used to amend further development.

2. 1 MW solar thermal power tower plant [1 e3]

The Dahan solar power tower plant is mainly consisted of the collector system, thermal storage system, and power and auxiliary

* Corresponding author. Tel.: þ 86 10 62558289; fax: þ 86 10 62587946. E-mail address: xuershu@sohu.com (E. Xu).

0960-1481/$ e see front matter 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. doi: 10.1016/j.renene.2010.08.010

system. The collector system is composed of a heliostat eld which has one hundred of 100 m 2 tracking heliostats and a tower. The mirror re ectivity of heliostat is 0.9 and the eld cosine boundary is 0.842. The mean annual optical ef ciency is 73.1%. The receiver is installed at 92 m high from the ground on the tower. The receiver tilt angle is 25 and the receiver aperture size is 25 m 2 . Also the mean annual ef ciency of the receiver is 90%, which could generate 8 t/h of superheated steam (2.8 MPa, 400 C). The tower height is 118 m. Three positions (64 m, 78 m and 92 m) are selected in Dahan power plant tower to install the receivers for researching the various types of receivers. The thermal storage system is the combination of high and low temperature subsystems. The high temperature subsystem was made by use of two surface heat exchangers, two pumps, and two oil storage tanks. Heat transfer oil is used as working uid to store and transfer heat energy, in which the superheated steam (2.5 MPa, 400 C) is generated by using the receiver ow to the heat exchanger. The majority of the thermal energy (400 e 261.4 C) is stored in hot oil tanks. The low temper- ature subsystem is the steam accumulator (volume of 100 m 3 ), which stores the saturated steam from the exchanger (a). The saturated water is used as the working mass to store thermal energy. When solar energy becomes de cient, saturated steam (2.35 MPa, 220.7 C) produced by the steam accumulator is sent to the exchanger (c) and overheated to 320 C by the hot oil (350 C). Afterwards, the steam ows into the turbine and the cooled oil (240 C) returns to the cold oil tank. When thermal energy in the high temperature system is insuf cient to meet the inlet temper- ature required by the turbine, then the boiler would provide the demanding heat. The Dahan power plant has 8.4 t/h oil- red boiler and a 1 MW steam-turbine generator of which the ef ciency is 22%.