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Presenting Research Findings

An important aspect of research is to present your research findings. There are many pathways for
presenting findings, and it is important to recognize who you are addressing when discussing research
results. Preparing a research manuscript for publication in a scholarly journal is similar to preparing a
manuscript for a grant proposal. Each contains similar elements; however, each has unique
requirements. Presenting research findings to stakeholders interested in knowing if a public health
intervention has been successful, requires yet another set of considerations. Therefore, public health
professionals must understand their audience and present research findings in terms that are appropriate
to that audience.

Summarize three key points of writing for your audience
To provide maximum impact, Crosby et al; (2013) explains the importance for researchers to be
very knowledgeable in the art of scientific writing. They discussed the three key points of
writing for the audience to include the need for the authors to select a journal that will
provide the maximum impact for the topic and practical significance of the study findings
explaining that maximum impact are based on the quantity of journals subscribers, the
frequency of citation and indices of electronic distribution. Another key point is the fact that
the journal should be selected for a readership that is interested and invested in the outcomes
of the study. Simply put, the research will achieve maximum impact if its geared towards the
target audience and finally, the nature of the study and the analyses should be understandable
to the intended readership. (Crosby, DiClemente, & Salazar, 2013).

What do you believe is the most important consideration when developing a research
manuscript? Support your response.
Research from University of Western Ontario (2013), reveals that manuscripts are unpublished
written texts and that a research manuscript has various parts which include an abstract, the
introduction, methods, results and discussions. The research explains that introductions are the
way to begin the topic and progress to more specific details. With regards to methods, the
research explains systematic approach while results focuses on the summary of the research
and discussion focuses on points raised in the introduction and finally the need to publish in an
academic journal. (University of Western Ontario 2013).

Crosby et al; (2013) however, explained that a successful manuscript is the one that is able to
be published since it directly bears on a successfully and rigorous research. Focusing on a well
written conclusion can all ensure its success. However, emphasis was on the fact that when it
gets published, it does confirm a good work done. (Crosby, DiClemente, & Salazar, 2013).

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