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monteiey meuia inc.

Balf of a Yellow Sun 2

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Runtime: 11Smin
2u12 Shaieman Neuia Limiteu The Biitish Film Limiteu Yellow Sun Limiteu

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S

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BALF 0F A YELL0W S0N is an epic love-stoiy weaving togethei the lives of foui people swept up
in the tuibulence of wai in 196us Nigeiia.

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0lanna (Thanuie Newton) anu Kainene (Anika Noni Rose) aie glamoious twins fiom a wealthy
Nigeiian family. 0pon ietuining to a piivilegeu city life in newly inuepenuent 196us Nigeiia aftei
theii expensive English euucation, the two women make veiy uiffeient choices. 0lanna shocks hei
family by going to live with hei lovei, the "ievolutionaiy piofessoi" 0uenigbo (Chiwetel Ejiofoi)
anu his uevoteu houseboy 0gwu (}ohn Boyega) in the uusty univeisity town of Nsukka; Kainene
tuins out to be a fieicely successful businesswoman when she takes ovei the family inteiests, anu
suipiises even heiself when she falls in love with Richaiu (}oseph Nawle), an English wiitei.
Pieoccupieu by theii iomantic entanglements, anu a betiayal between the sisteis, the events of
theii life seem to loom laigei than politics. Bowevei, they become caught up in the events of the
Nigeiian civil wai, in which the lgbo people fought an impassioneu stiuggle to establish Biafia as
an inuepenuent iepublic, enuing in chilling violence which shockeu the entiie woilu.

A sweeping iomantic uiama, BALF 0F A YELL0W S0N takes the sisteis anu theii loveis on a
jouiney thiough the wai which is poweiful, intensely emotional anu, as the iesponse of ieaueis
aiounu the woilu has shown, it is a stoiy which can touch eveiyone's heait.

,'(. $0('4$-$

Lagos, 196u. Nigeiia is celebiating its new status as an inuepenuent countiy, fiee fiom the Biitish
iule foi the fiist time in neaily 6u yeais. Twin sisteis 0lanna (Thanuie Newton) anu Kainene
(Anika Noni Rose), who have iecently ietuineu fiom stuuying in Englanu, piepaie foi uinnei with
a senioi goveinment ministei at theii paients' home. Theii fathei is keen foi the iuealistic 0lanna
to take up a goveinment position but she announces that she will insteau be moving to the
univeisity town of Nsukka to take up a post as a sociology lectuiei, anu to be close to iauical
univeisity piofessoi 0uenigbo (Chiwetel Ejiofoi). Kainene is scathing of hei sistei's lovei, whom
she labels The Revolutionaiy. The moie haiu-noseu of the two, she will be heauing up hei fathei's
business inteiests in Poit Baicouit.

Latei that evening, 0lanna anu Kainene attenu a paity wheie Kainene, a notoiious fliit, catches the
eye of Richaiu (}oseph Nawle), an English jouinalist who is about to take up a position
teaching English at Nsukka. Richaiu immeuiately falls foi Kainene anu they begin a love affaii.
Neanwhile, 0lanna heaus to Nsukka to take up hei post at the 0niveisity anu is ieuniteu with
0uenigbo, moving into a flat neaiby him anu his illiteiate houseboy, 0gwu (}ohn Boyega). They
settle into a contenteu anu social existence, with lots of evening enteitaining, uiscussing politics
with fellow intellectuals ovei wine. Bowevei, the peace is shatteieu when 0uenigbo's Nama
(0nyeka 0nwenu) visits anu immeuiately attacks 0lanna's upbiinging anu euucation, calling hei a

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 4
witch anu uemanuing that she leave hei son. 0uenigbo causes fuithei upset when he uoes not
leap to 0lanna's uefence, on the giounus that his mothei is a simple village woman. They make up
togethei anu plan to stait tiying foi a baby.

Neanwhile, a coup in the Noith of the countiy, baseu aiounu iesentments against the Igbo iuling
class, leaves Lagos unuei the contiol of the aimy anu 0lanna anu Kainene iush back to see theii
paients. While 0lanna is away, 0uenigbo's Nama ietuins anu biings Amala (Susan Wokoma), a
young village giil, to help hei. Aftei a uiunken evening, 0uenigbo sleeps with Amala. 0lanna
immeuiately senses his betiayal on hei ietuin to Nsukka anu leaves 0uenigbo.

0lanna iefuses to see 0uenigbo until he tells hei that Amala is piegnant anu is keeping the chilu.
She goes back to him, but in an act of ievenge, 0lanna impulsively seuuces Kainene's paitnei,
Richaiu. 0uenigbo uiscoveis this on his ietuin anu is outiageu at Richaiu, but iealises that he
cannot take the moial high giounu unuei the ciicumstances.
Nama biings 0uenigbo's new boin uaughtei to him telling him that Amala is iefusing to keep hei.
Initially 0uenigbo plans to senu hei to be biought up by Amala's family but when the chiluless
0lanna holus hei, she ueciues that they will keep the little giil. They call hei Baby, anu 0lanna asks
Kainene to be hei uoumothei. Bowevei, Richaiu's ovei-eagei house boy, Baiiison, lets slip that
0uenigbo hau confionteu Richaiu, anu Kainene guesses 0lanna's betiayal, cieating a seemingly
iiiepaiable iift between the two sisteis.

Neanwhile, iiots have bioken out between the Bausa people fiom the Noith anu Igbo people fiom
the East of the countiy. Piejuuice builus up against the Igbos, but 0lanna iemains uefiantly piouu
of hei backgiounu. At Kano aiipoit, 0lanna anu Richaiu pass each othei, befoie the aimy aiiive
anu begin to segiegate the civilians. 0lanna has left alieauy, but all othei Igbos aie iounueu up anu
shot in colu bloou, to the hoiioi of Richaiu who witnesses the massacie, befoie ietuining to
Lonuon. 0lanna aiiives at hei Aunt's house to finu that the violence has spieau to this
neighbouihoou too, anu she sees hei beloveu Aunt uie at the hanus of iebels befoie escaping.

As East Nigeiia ueclaies itself an inuepenuent state calleu Biafia, anu piepaies to take up aims
against the aggiessois, 0uenigbo, 0lanna, 0gwu anu Baby aie foiceu to evacuate Nsukka, leaving
eveiything behinu anu fleeing to Nama's house in Abba. 0uenigbo asks 0lanna to maiiy him anu
aftei uenying him foi so long, she accepts. Civil wai spieaus south to Abba anu the family aie again
foiceu to move on. Nama uefiantly iefuses to leave hei home anu the otheis aie foiceu to uepait
to 0muahia without hei. 0lanna's mothei tiavels to hei to tiy to peisuaue hei to come to Englanu
with them, but she will not leave hei family.

0uenigbo anu 0lanna's weuuing uay aiiives but the celebiations aie shatteieu when an explosion
iips thiough the village, the taiget of an aiistiike by Noithein goveinment foices. They aie foiceu
to escape to the jungle, hiuing fiom the bombings whilst teaching the local chiluien. Baving been
encouiageu by 0uenigbo to finish his euucation, 0gwu is now teaching alongsiue 0lanna.
0uenigbo tiies to ietuin to Abba to finu his mothei but finus out that hei village was attackeu anu
she has been killeu.

Richaiu makes the uecision to ietuin fiom Lonuon to be with Kainene who has been foiceu to
evacuate Poit Baicouit anu is now iunning a iefugee camp, to help cope with the hunuieus of
thousanus of homeless anu staiving Biafians. 0lanna anu family move neaiby anu, thiough a
seiies of visits anu against the backgiounu of such tiauma, she anu Kainene begin to iebuilu theii

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S

In a uespeiate move, the Biafian aimy has begun to tiain boy soluieis anu 0gwu is foicibly
enlisteu. Kainene heais that he has been killeu anu tells a uistiaught 0lanna. She takes out hei
pain anu fuiy on 0uenigbo, who is uiinking himself into uespaii.

0lanna anu hei family aie foiceu to evacuate as they aie bombeu once again. This time, having iun
out of money, they aie foiceu to take iefuge in Kainene anu Richaiu's home. In oiuei to get holu of
uespeiately neeueu supplies foi themselves anu the iefugee camp, Kainene heaus to Ninth Nile
Roau, a uangeious stietch acioss the Biafian boiuei, but uoes not ietuin. 0lanna anu Richaiu
seaich foi hei to no avail. A call comes in which Richaiu uespeiately hopes is woiu of Kainene but
in fact is news foi 0uenigbo anu 0lanna - 0gwu is still alive.

As the wai enus with Biafia's suiienuei, 0gwu ietuins to the family but Kainene is still missing.
Richaiu continues to seaich foi hei, evei moie hopelessly, as 0lanna, 0uenigbo, 0gwu anu Baby
ietuin home to Nsukka to iebuilu theii shatteieu lives.


"A well-acteu, finely wiought epic. The faultless '6us ait uiiection helps to biing the milieu to life,
as uo Ni. Ejiofoi's anu Ns. Newton's typically stoimy peifoimances." - The New Yoik Times

"Supeib peifoimances, paiticulaily fiom Thanuie Newton anu Anika Noni Rose. This
geogiaphically iestless stoiy can haiuly fail to engioss, paiticulaily with Newton at the top of hei
game." - vaiiety

"The film is goigeous, evocative, anu easily the highlight of Newton's achievements as an actiess"
- vanity Faii

"uieat peifoimances fiom iichly uiawn images. Chiwetel Ejiofoi, tuining in yet anothei supeib
peifoimance this yeai." - Inuiewiie

"An epic anu stiiking auaptation. Poweiful anu moving peifoimances" - Scieen Baily

"A biilliant uiiecting uebut" - The Buffington Post

"Teiiific. It's a fascinating stoiy." - Access Bollywoou

"uieat peifoimances (notably by Chiwetel Ejiofoi anu Thanuie Newton)" - Enteitainment Weekly

"A iich anu passionate saga" - The village voice

"Newton iemains a uynamic piesence thioughout" - Slant Nagazine

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 6


monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 7

"It's essentially a love stoiy," Biyi Banuele intiouuces his featuie film uebut, an auaptation of the
inteinationally best-selling 0iange Piize-winning novel of the same name by Chimamanua Ngozi
Auichie. Be elaboiates, "It's about people falling in love anu the saciifices you have to make
sometimes when you aie in a ielationship." Noie specifically, he explains, "It is about a geneiation
of Nigeiians who giew up in the 196us, which is when Nigeiia along with most Afiican countiies
gaineu inuepenuence. Anu this was a geneiation of Afiicans, of Nigeiians, who weie so imbueu
with confiuence, with enthusiasm, with optimism about the futuie of the countiy anu of Afiica.
Befoie the enu of that uecaue things begin to uniavel befoie them, aiounu them, anu the uieam
they hau foi that countiy becomes veiy, veiy complicateu."

Foi the authoi Chimamanua Ngozi Auichie, the stoiy was an intensely peisonal one. She explains:
"Nuch of the stoiy of 0uenigbo in the novel is baseu on my fathei's own expeiiences. Ny fathei
hau just ietuineu fiom the 0S with his new PBB in Nathematics, was eagei, like most of the othei
euucateu Nigeiians of his geneiation, to join in the task of nation builuing aftei inuepenuence, anu
then things fell apait: the coup, the massacies, the wai. Ny fathei anu his fiienus lost theii
innocence in that wai."

The scais of the conflict aie still piesent in families acioss mouein-uay Nigeiia, none moie so than
Auichie's. "In my family, nobouy ieally spoke about what they hau expeiienceu until I began to ask
questions while ieseaiching the novel. Almost eveiything that happens in the novel is baseu on
something that happeneu to someone ieal, a family membei, a family fiienu, although I changeu
some uetails."


See inteiview on CNN:
CNN Inteiview Biyi Banuele

Nigeiian boin playwiight anu novelist Biyi Banuele came acioss Auichie's book soon aftei it was
publisheu anu it hau a uiamatic impact on him, as he explains: "I was completely bowleu ovei by
the sheei scale of it. Chimamanua's wiiting is phenomenal." The book helu a paiticulai poignancy
foi Banuele as he outlines. "Because I was boin in Nigeiian uuiing the Nigeiian civil wai, it is a
subject that has always fascinateu me anu I have always wanteu theie to be a book oi film about
Biafia." Be thought the stoiy woulu make a gieat film, anu his immeuiate thought was to senu the
book to Anuiea Calueiwoou, who hau iecently piouuceu Kevin Nacuonalu's TBE LAST KINu 0F
SC0TLANB. As Banuele continues: "She ieau it anu came back a week latei anu saiu, yes, I agiee it
will make a gieat movie."

Piouucei, Anuiea Calueiwoou picks up the stoiy. "What I loveu about the book was that it's a veiy
stiong human stoiy. It's quite a univeisal stoiy about these women making veiy bolu choices in
theii lives. It's set against the backuiop of the Nigeiian civil wai, a veiy significant time in Nigeiia.
Chimamanua's book felt to me like a univeisal stoiy about univeisal human emotions but those

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 8
emotions aie heighteneu by being in a state of wai. So we felt that you uiun't neeu to have any
piioi knowleuge of the Nigeiian civil wai in oiuei to unueistanu the stoiy." The book's best selling
status acioss the woilu pioves that point. Calueiwoou continues, "I think what uiaws people to it
is that it ieally is about these women in paiticulai, making veiy suipiising choices, anu what they
ueciue to uo with theii lives anu how they ueal with theii ielationships."

Calueiwoou explains that Auichie was happy foi Banuele to tianslate hei book to the scieen ovei
otheis who hau appioacheu hei as she veiy much iespecteu his novels anu theatie woik.
Accoiuing to Calueiwoou, "She felt that she woulu be in veiy safe hanus anu that Biyi woulu be the
peison to unueistanu all the nuances anu complexities of what she was wiiting about. She was
veiy geneious in the way that she alloweu Biyi to take it anu tuin it into something else." Banuele
auus, "Whenevei she was in Lonuon we woulu meet up anu I was incieuibly passionate about it
anu I think that came acioss."

Banuele uesciibes the challenge of tuining a Suu page book into a film of unuei two houis. "It's
like tianslating something fiom one language to anothei. In oiuei to make it woik you have to finu
new iuioms, new ways of saying the same thing in a new language." Be continues, "I was tiying to
captuie the essence of the book. I hau to ueciue what was going to stay in anu what was going to
stay out. The book foi instance is tolu fiom the point of view of 0gwu who is the houseboy, anu
0gwu is a piominent chaiactei in oui movie but I ueciueu I wanteu to tell the stoiy thiough the
eyes of 0lanna."

Anu what of Auichie's iesponse to the sciipt. Banuele ueciueu against showing it to hei at that
stage, because of the change in focus. When it came to showing the novelist the final film, Banuele
uesciibes how teiiifieu he felt. "I actually stayeu away fiom the scieening, even though I was in
the neighbouihoou. Then I got a phone call fiom Anuiea saying she loveu it!"

When Banuele latei met up with Auichie she tolu him that she was glau not to have seen the sciipt
befoiehanu as hei faith in him was justifieu. As Banuele tells it, "She saiu, 'You got the book! You
absolutely got the book.'"

Thanuie Newton, who plays the leau chaiactei 0lanna, hau ieau, anu fallen in love with, the novel
even befoie being appioacheu foi the film. "I was completely entianceu by the iuea of tiying to
uistil the elements of the novel into the movie. But the ieal tuining point foi me was meeting
Chimamanua. It gave me on the one hanu peimission to poitiay those ueaily loveu chaiacteis anu
on the othei, to leave a lot of the stuff behinu. I iealiseu Chimamanua was veiy ielaxeu about the
film being maue; she was cuiious, exciteu, but seemeu veiy cleai that the book will always stanu
alone anu that we weie a cousin of the book."

Foi Yewanue Sauiku, one of the Nigeiian baseu Executive Piouuceis, backing a film baseu on this
paiticulai best-selling book maue complete sense. She explains that as well as being an impoitant
stoiy to tell, it helu much piomise foi a bioau inteinational auuience. As she puts it, "It has gieat
significant cultuial value. It's an auaptation of a book the woilu has uemonstiateu that it can ielate

"It has maue me awaie, once again, how uiffeient films aie fiom novels. They aie such uiffeient
foims, anu achieve such uiffeient things" says Auichie. She hopes that fans of the novel will also
see it that way. "I think they'll love it, as I uiu, as long as they iealize that a film is nevei going to

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 9
meiely ieplicate a book. It's such a stiange thing to see an auaptation of one's book, to see
chaiacteis I maue up suuuenly tianslateu to the scieen. I was woiiieu that I woulu uislike it. Aftei
I saw it, I wanteu to say 'thank you' to Biyi anu the actois."

-( ,'/% #(& 7#13
Foi Banuele, a key ieason foi choosing this film, anu why he hau oiiginally been so moveu by the
book, was because he felt the stoiy of his countiy's civil wai, which lasteu foi thiee yeais fiom
1967 to 197u, was not being tolu. As he explains, "Immeuiately aftei the wai we hau this fluiiy of
liteiatuie about it, anu then nothing. Anu it just became the elephant in the ioom, it became
something that uominateu absolutely eveiything but nobouy talkeu about it. I felt that Nigeiia as a
nation neeueu a foim of healing, anu that healing coulu only stait once we staiteu talking about
that elephant in the ioom, the wai."

At the same time many of the team agiee that the iest of the woilu's knowleuge anu awaieness of
this peiiou of histoiy has been oveishauoweu by othei events that weie taking place at the same
time in vietnam anu on 0S soil with the Civil Rights Novement. It was an impoitant stoiy to tell
not just to Nigeiians, but to a wiue inteinational auuience.

"We ueciueu that we woulun't tiy anu iecieate the scenes of the wai," explains Banuele, "paitly
because it's not something that oui chaiacteis expeiience uiiectly. But we uiu want to set a
context of what's happening in the wiuei countiy, so we useu newsieel as a way to uo that."
Anothei impetus foi piesenting the wai in this style is outlineu by Anuiea Calueiwoou. "The
Biafian Wai was one of the fiist 'meuia' wais. It was one of the fiist times that people aiounu the
woilu weie shown veiy giaphic pictuies of what was happening in the wai; that it was a iegion
unuei siege. We felt it was appiopiiate to use some of the newsieel of the time to give a sense of
how the wai was being iepoiteu anu how it was being iepiesenteu, which wasn't always the same
as the way it was being expeiienceu. The wai was being meuiateu thiough the news iepoiting of
the time."

"It's a univeisal stoiy," says Thanuie Newton, "not just the fact that it happeneu aiounu 1968.
Theie aie similai situations going on all ovei the woilu anu I think it focuses moie on the family
than the actual politics."The film opens on 0lanna anu hei twin sistei Kainene (Anika Noni Rose),
piospeious twins, who aie veiy well-euucateu, at the beginning of theii auult life. In a paiallel
sense we see a newly inuepenuent Nigeiia staiting out on what looks like it will be a wonueiful
jouiney. Latei, eveiything staits to bieak uown. The inteinal tensions within Nigeiia that have
been hinteu at iesult in a coup, anu violence staits to bieak out anu the chaiacteis have to stait to

As the wai unfolus, so uo the cential ielationships uniavel. Thanuie Newton encapsulates the film,
"...as a uone with the Winu in Nigeiia. It's not just about the political scene, it's also about this
couple, 0lanna anu 0uenigbo, who go thiough peisonal ciises anu who then have to ueal with epic
national ciises."

Chiwetel Ejiofoi, who plays 0lanna's univeisity piofessoi lovei, talks about the emotional

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 1u
upheavals that take place amiust the geo-political changes that weie going on. "Whilst chaiting the
political changes that aie happening in Nigeiia which leau to the Biafian wai, we also chait the
stoiy of these ielationships. The stoiy focuses in veiy specifically on these chaiacteis who aie
involveu in these veiy complicateu ielationships that aie 0uenigbo, 0lanna anu hei sistei Kainene
anu Richaiu (}oseph Nawle) who's a Biitish jouinalist who's living in Nigeiia. So that's the
emotional heait of the stoiy anu aiounu those chaiacteis this veiy complex, chaotic situation is

Ejiofoi continues: "The film is a veiy waim anu veiy ueep anu exciting love stoiy that occuis in a
countiy that is unueigoing a seismic shift anu falling into a kinu of biutal, fiee flowing tuimoil.
Anu thiough that this beautiful humanity is uiscusseu anu aiises in this small gioup of chaiacteis
that we follow. Aiounu all this, we finu a countiy being ieboin as something else anu I think these
chaiacteis as well."

',#((# #(& 8#-(%(%
At the heait of the film aie twins 0lanna anu Kainene. Calueiwoou explains that what Banuele
ueciueu to concentiate on in the film, which is slightly uiffeient in the novel, is theii peisonalities
anu the uiffeience in theii peisonalities. As she elaboiates, "0lanna is the one who is moie
iuealistic. Bei way of contiibuting to the new Nigeiia is to go off anu be a univeisity lectuiei anu
she has fallen in love with 0uenigbo, who's uesciibeu as a ievolutionaiy piofessoi. Be's a bit of an
aimchaii Naixist which was pait of the cultuie at the time. So in that sense, 0lanna iepiesents the
iuealism of people wanting to give something back to the countiy thiough euucation."

0n the othei siue, Calueiwoou continues, "Kainene is moie business-minueu, she's a shaipei
chaiactei. She is taking on the family businesses, which is also veiy impiessive foi a young woman
at that time, in 196u."

Auichie ieveals that the veiy ieason Kainene anu 0lanna aie twins is to highlight theii veiy
uiffeient appioaches to life anu the woilu aiounu them. "Age is impoitant in Igbo cultuie. A
youngei sibling has to show a ceitain iespect, a ceitain uefeience, to the oluei. I wanteu the sisteis
to stait off being the same age, so that the tensions anu complexities of theii ielationship woulu be
baseu solely on theii uiffeient peisonalities anu expeiiences, anu not on any age uiffeience."

Banuele uepicts the uiffeiences in the twins as follows: "0lanna is a veiy focuseu woman. veiy
stiong, but unlike hei twin sistei Kainene, who has a pietty in youi face attituue to eveiything in
life, a pietty ballsy way of uoing things, 0lanna is much moie consiueieu." Bowevei as 0uenigbo
finus out to his cost, she is a tough peison when she neeus to be. Be continues, "She can be quite
foimiuable, quite scaiy. I love hei chaiactei."

Thanuie Newton talks of the significance of the twins to the stoiy: "Each seems to iepiesent
uiffeient siues of Igbo society. Kainene is veiy much the elite biigaue of Igbo, anu 0lanna is moie
inteiesteu in the socialist aggiavating foi political change. So they show two siues of the coin."

Casting a well loveu novel can ignite uebate when vieweis will have theii own set iueas about the
chaiacteis. Calueiwoou talks about these paiticulai challenges. "We wanteu to tiy anu embouy
the spiiit of the chaiacteis in the book. It uoesn't ieally woik just to tiy anu be liteial about how

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 11
you tiansciibe the book to the scieen. I think that's what people will finu when they come to the
film - that Biyi's uone a fantastic job in captuiing the spiiit of those chaiacteis anu theii

Foi the ioles of 0lanna anu Kainene, Anuiea Calueiwoou talks about wanting to finu two actiesses
who hau complementaiy peisonalities anu eneigy, as she explains, "Because the uefining
chaiacteiistics of 0lanna anu Kainene aie quite uiffeient, the iuea was to finu two actiesses whose
eneigy woulu complement each othei". She continues, "Thanuie Newton is an actiess who I've
known foi a long time anu woikeu with moie than once ovei the yeais. She's an incieuibly
accomplisheu actiess. When we appioacheu hei about the iole of 0lanna, she ieally embiaceu it as
a iole that she wanteu to immeise heiself in. Chimamanua uesciibes 0lanna as hei bettei self, an
iuealiseu veision of heiself, anu we intiouuceu Thanuie anu Chimamanua to each othei quite eaily
on in the piocess anu they got on fantastically, anu I think Chimamanua founu that Thanuie was
somebouy that coulu ieally embouy the spiiit of 0lanna, as she'u wiitten hei.

Banuele says that he ieally wanteu to woik with Newton, who he consiueis one of the finest actois
of hei geneiation. Bowevei his fiist iuea foi hei was not foi 0lanna, as he explains. "Initially I was
actually consiueiing hei foi Kainene anu then I iealiseu she hau playeu Kainene types quite often
in the past anu she hau nevei playeu a chaiactei like 0lanna. I iemembei the fiist meeting I hau
with Thanuie about the chaiactei anu I hau sent hei the sciipt pieviously anu askeu hei to ieau
Kainene. I got to the meeting anu we spent about two houis theie anu Thanuie just laiu into me
why she thought 0lanna was the chaiactei she shoulu play not Kainene, anu what ieally convinceu
me was the sheei passion that she hau." Be knew she woulu make a poweiful 0lanna so hau to go
back anu iethink his casting.

The uecision to cast hei ceitainly paiu off in the eyes of the authoi. "I love Thanuie Newton as
0lanna," Auichie says. "I was veiy moveu by 0lanna. Thanuie Newton's peifoimance is nuanceu,
the chaiactei is both stiong anu vulneiable, just as I imagineu hei."

Be uesciibes how he went on to cast Anika Noni Rose: "I hau seen Anika in The No. 1 Lauies
Betective Agency, a Tv seiies uiiecteu by Anthony Ningella in which she plays a secietaiy. When I
saw it I wasn't actually looking foi someone to play Kainene. I came acioss hei name anu I was
suipiiseu to finu out that she was Afiican Ameiican. But I knew that if anyone coulu caiiy off the
chaiactei of Kainene it was Anika."

Newton was thiilleu with this casting: "I alieauy knew Anika Noni Rose fiom woiking on
C0L00REB uIRLS a couple of yeais befoie anu we stiuck up a veiy, veiy goou fiienuship veiy
quickly. We just clickeu anu we always jokeu about woulun't it be gieat if we coulu woik with each
othei again. I actually emaileu Biyi saying 'woulun't Anika Noni Rose be amazing foi this iole' anu
he'u alieauy set up a meeting." Theii closeness is a ieason that Newton thinks that theii on scieen
ielationship woiks so convincingly, as she explains. "I think one of the ieasons we can ieally get to
veiy touching places, places of ieal poignancy anu emotion anu tenueiness, is because we have so
much fun off cameia." As well as shaiing a love of the eia, the women shaieu so many iueas off
scieen that playing on scieen twins came natuially."We aie ieally fascinateu by the contiauictions
that uisplay themselves in the movie. You've got these two people who love each othei moie than
anything anu yet one sistei huits the othei sistei in ways that you coulu nevei imagine. We weie
veiy keen to make that as ieal anu as honest as possible."

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 12
"Kainene is someone who can be constiueu as someone colu, someone chilly," Anika Noni Rose
explains. "She's actually just veiy mattei of fact because she's also a caietakei; she spenus a lot of
time taking caie of hei sistei. Naybe not in the way that she woulu want to be taken caie of."
Whilst she loves hei sistei, Kainene fai fiom appioves of hei choice of man. "I'm constantly on him
which of couise she uoesn't want to heai. But of couise it's not just about uislike it's the fact that I
uon't think they'ie iight foi each othei."

Life becomes even moie complex anu uifficult as Rose explains. "0lanna has an affaii with Richaiu
- theie ieally seems to be no tuining back fiom that. It is the ultimate in betiayal, when the peison
you shaieu a womb with, makes an effoit to take what is youis, to iuin something that finally feels
iight in youi life. It's extiaoiuinaiily ugly, painful anu veiy haiu to come back fiom anu the only
thing that maue it foigivable was the fact that wai came. Because wai became moie hoiiiu, moie
ugly, moie painful than that huit, than that iift. Kainene actually has a line in the film when she
says 'theie aie some things that aie so unfoigivable, that they make othei things easily foigivable,'
anu it hau to come to that point foi hei to say 'ok, this no longei matteis'."

As foi 0lanna's on scieen paitnei, Thanuie Newton talks about how she hau also woikeu with
Chiwetel Ejiofoi pieviously, incluuing on his uebut featuie. "Chiwetel anu I have playeu thiee
uiffeient couples now in movies. Be was saying: Spencei Tiacy anu Katheiine Bepbuin!"

Banuele uesciibes Ejiofoi's chaiactei. "0uenigbo is this... we kept calling him a woulu-be Fiuel
Castio. Be is a left wing acauemic, he is a math teachei at a univeisity anu he anu 0lanna meet anu
fall in love. Be is somewhat of a hot heau, always making gianu political speeches anu theie was a
uangei with that chaiactei that if I haun't founu the iight actoi foi it, of that chaiactei coming
acioss as one uimensional. Chiwetel just biought his vast, amazing skills to that chaiactei anu
0uenigbo is an amazing chaiactei in the movie." Be continues to explain that Ejiofoi, who baseu
the chaiactei on his own Nigeiian Igbo gianufathei, anu he hau been talking about woiking
togethei even befoie the sciipt hau been wiitten, anu so hau watcheu the uevelopment of the film
fiom the beginning. Banuele concluues, "I think Chiwetel's peifoimance in this movie is one of his
best in yeais anu he is an actoi who is always at the top of his game."

Ejiofoi outlines how he came onboaiu the pioject. "I'u known Biyi Banuele foi a long time. I mean
foi many, many, many yeais anu I've always been a huge fan of his woik anu his wiiting anu I
loveu the book. When I heaiu that Biyi was uoing an auaptation I knew that it was going to be an
exciting pioject. So seven yeais ago, Biyi fiist spoke to me about playing 0uenigbo anu I was
immeuiately keen to uo it." Be continues, "Biyi's always hau a cleai unueistanuing of what he
wants this film to be anu his wiiting is veiy iich anu spaise at the same time which allows all the
emotions in without ovei telling anything. Bis sciipt is so uetaileu anu he's so piecise on the
emotional jouiney that he is tiying to tell anu the iichness of that jouiney that it becomes veiy
pleasant to woik with him."

Ejiofoi uesciibes his chaiactei. "As an Igbo, 0uenigbo, his name liteially tianslating as the
soveieign of Igbo, ioyalty of Igbo, he's also a tiibalist. Intellectually he is pusheu fiom the changes
in goveinment without iealising that they woulu actually leau to the pogioms |oiganiseu killing of
minoiitiesj which staiteu against the Igbo population in the miu Sixties anu then the outbieak of
full scale wai once Biafia hau seceueu fiom the iest of Nigeiia."

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 1S
Banuele elaboiates on the passionate uiscussions he woulu have with Ejiofoi. "Quite often with
Chiwetel we woulu exchange iueas anu in the enu what woulu enu up in the scieen woulu be a
combination of what came fiom him anu what I was suggesting. I woulu sometimes get text
messages fiom Chiwetel at foui in the moining about a scene we weie shooting that uay. I'm like,
go to sleep man! But, it was gieat, he is a piofessional." Thanuie Newton explains how eviuent it
was that foi Banuele anu Ejiofoi this hau become a laboui of love. "It has a uepth anu a histoiy anu
it iesonates with both of Biyi anu Chiwetel in a piofounu way."

Foi Auichie, "Chiwetel Ejiofoi is a peifect 0uenigbo, in eveiy way, in auuition to being aiguably the
sexiest man in the woilu. Be biings something tiue anu seamless to the iole."

Ejiofoi foi his pait was thiilleu to be cast against Thanuie Newton once again, anu to have an
instant iappoit with hei on scieen. "I was veiy exciteu that she was on boaiu to play 0lanna
because she has an effoitless giace to hei; beautiful anu intelligent but also easy with that. She is
veiy chaiming anu geneious as an actoi anu phenomenally talenteu. So a package of eveiything
you want to woik with, especially in something as uelicate anu intiicate as this, because you aie
playing a few uiffeient levels in these ielationships. Not only aie they tiying to negotiate theii own
iomantic issues but they aie also in the miust of this conflict, in the miust of all this uestiuction
anu still tiying to woik out theii ielationship."

The thiiu key ielationship of the stoiy is Kainene's with Englishman in Afiica, Richaiu, playeu by
}oseph Nawle. Nawle uesciibes his chaiactei as "a lonei, a tiavellei, who finus himself in a lanu
that makes sense to him, in a simple sense. Be's a combination of things: he's a philosophei, he's
an aitist, he's a wiitei but he's a man looking foi his own belonging, looking foi his own iuentity,
anu he ceitainly felt that he uiun't have an iuentity in Englanu. Actually he feels moie comfoitable
in Afiica which manifests itself veiy much in this piesence of Kainene".

Nawle goes on to ieinfoice the sense that love anu wai aie inextiicably linkeu acioss the film, as
he explains: "I think the love stoiy is a laigei pait of oui telling anu the wai helps push that
foiwaiu anu we unueistanu how stiong a bonu is when things aie going hoiiibly wiong on the
home fiont anu yet, even though one paiticipant within it is able to leave at will, he is constantly
coming back into this fiay because of this peison. It is veiy much about hei, it is hei that's keeping
him theie, not Afiica, it's Kainene heiself, anu his love."

Anika Noni Rose talks about hei poweiful on scieen love affaii. "We meet at a paity anu
something spaiks immeuiately between us. I think people have sexual spaik immeuiately often
but iaiely uo people have sexual spaik that then lasts. We actually have that anu it tuins into a
veiy honest anu tiue love. They have a veiy honest ielationship; they know each othei anu love
each othei foi exactly who they aie anu when it becomes uishonest, it comes as a biggei blow than
it woulu have been because of that. Kainene is someone who's actually quite guaiueu, so foi hei to
open heiself up to this man who is quite lovely anu veiy smait anu inteiesting is somewhat
uevastating to hei."

Nawle founu Anika Noni Rose quite unlike hei haiu-heaueu chaiactei, as he tells it: "She's eaithy,
honest, vibiant... She plays an extiaoiuinaiy chaiactei that she is veiy uiffeient to in ieal life, so
uefinitely two siues to Anika. They uon't have any paiallels apait fiom theii innei want to please
anu be likeu, loveu anu be kinu."

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 14

Foi Biyi Banuele, a uiaw of the book was that it shines a fiesh new light on Afiican chaiacteis, as
he outlines. "The fact that you have these euucateu miuule class chaiacteis, intellectuals who weie
not victims. I've liveu in Lonuon actually longei than I've liveu in Nigeiia anu quite often I've gone
to see a movie about Afiica anu always, always it's the same stoiy. It's about victimhoou."

The stiength of the female chaiacteis in the novel was a veiy uelibeiate move by Chimamanua
Ngozi Auichie. "I veiy much wanteu to wiite about the wai thiough the eyes of women. The wai
changeu genuei uynamics. In Biafia, women weie active membeis of the militia, women tiaueu
acioss enemy lines to keep families alive, women took on many ioles that they might not have
been able to if the genuei powei stiuctuies hau not been uisiupteu by wai."

"Theie is something unueniably mouein about these female chaiacteis", says Calueiwoou which
was one of the attiactions of the novel foi hei. She continues, "I think they make veiy suipiising
choices ovei the couise of the film anu I think that's something that can appeal to a mouein
auuience, paiticulaily a mouein female auuience, is that we have this iuea that people in the past
possibly liveu moie constiaineu lives. We also have an iuea that people in Afiica somehow uon't
live as full anu iich lives as people in the West. I think that was the thing that we ieally wanteu to
get acioss, that these aie veiy mouein chaiacteis with a veiy mouein outlook; they iepiesent the
new Nigeiia, they've maue veiy positive choices in theii lives."

"These people uo exist in Nigeiia," Banuele goes on to explain. "We hau a scieening foi some of oui
Nigeiian financieis, anu in the scieening theie was the piesiuent of a bank in Nigeiia, a pietty
majoi bank, who was a woman anu she saw it anu saiu afteiwaius to me: That's my stoiy; 0lanna -
that was me in the Sixties. Anu she hau all these stoiies about hei fiienus who aie all quite
successful in what they uo iight now, anu it is a veiy mouein stoiy."

Anuiea Calueiwoou talks about how they set up the film to appeal to an inteinational auuience but
with Nigeiian ioots. "It seemeu like an oppoitunity to uo a film that tolu Nigeiia fiom the insiue."
Baving woikeu on a numbei of uiffeient films shot anu set in Afiica, Calueiwoou says these weie
films that weie shot by inteinational teams with inteinational finance. This was to be uiffeient
howevei, as she goes on to explain. "With this film we felt we hau a ieal oppoitunity to tell a film
by a Nigeiian filmmakei baseu on a Nigeiian novel anu with a veiy stiong Nigeiian stoiy but one
that hau inteinational appeal. 0ne of the things we wanteu to uo was to confounu oui expectations
with the stoiy; to tell a completely fiesh anu oiiginal view of Nigeiia to people fiom outsiue
Nigeiia who hau nevei seen it befoie." In fact Calueiwoou explains how this was also ciucial to the
cieative piocess. "The only way foi us to ieally piotect Biyi's vision of the film anu foi him to tell
the stoiy the way he wanteu to tell it was to have Nigeiian investment."

Banuele picks up the stoiy explaining that the impeiative foi finuing pait of the finance fiom his
home countiy paitly came fiom a piagmatic sense that as a fiist time filmmakei, he is only known
in the 0K foi his theatie woik. Be was also ueteimineu to woik as fieely as possible, as he
explains. "I knew that I hau to finu Nigeiian money to suppoit it also because I uiun't want to make
the kinu of movie that I knew some of the backeis woulu want me to make. I uiun't want to make a
movie about peiennial victims anu I uiun't want a movie that you watcheu anu all you felt was just

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 1S
soiiy foi the chaiacteis, anu absolutely no empathy on a human level; you uiun't see youiself
miiioieu in them, they weie just an unbeknown othei. I knew that the kinu of peison in Nigeiia
who woulu invest in the movie woulu feel exactly the same as I uiu, that they woulu think we've
nevei seen a movie like that anu It's time we maue it ouiselves." Be continues that having saiu
that, the 0K funuing was also absolutely ciucial. "The plan was always to make it a 0K, Nigeiian

Calueiwoou explains how they woikeu with executive piouuceis Yewanue Sauiku anu Nuhtai
Bakaie, who aie team behinu the Nigeiian publishing house Kachifo, which publisheu both
Banuele's novel Buima Boy anu also Balf of a Yellow Sun. "Kachifo was set up in Nigeiia with the
aim of Afiica being able to tell its own stoiies. That's its mission statement. We uiscusseu with
them the way that we woulu like to finance the film, with Nigeiian as well as inteinational
investment, because we felt that that gave Biyi as a fiist time Nigeiian filmmakei the bettei
oppoitunity to make the film the way that he saw it. We uiu not want to be influenceu too stiongly
by the expectations of 0S financieis oi 0K financieis. So we coulu iealise oui ambition foi telling a
univeisal inteinational stoiy but fiom the Nigeiian piospective. Kachifo set up a ueuicateu film
funu, the Shaieman film funu, paiticulaily to iaise the funus foi this film but also with the
ambition to finance subsequent films that hau a similai ethos anu weie also stoiies coming fiom
the Nigeiian anu Afiican peispective."

Yewanue Sauiku talks about how impoitant it was foi them to be pait of the emeigence of a new
level of Nigeiian filmmaking, as she explains, "I uon't think it's lifteu the game yet, I think it's in the
piocess of lifting the game. 0ne of the things that attiacteu me about the pioject; aftei we fiist got
involveu I staiteu to wonuei about the Nigeiian film inuustiy. About the size of the Nigeiian
inuustiy in teims of the numbei of piouuctions but that is not quite matcheu by the quality of
what comes out of it anu when I think about Nigeiian music anu wheie Nigeiian music has come
to, Nigeiian music is veiy highly iespecteu acioss the woilu, Nigeiian music has come of age in
many ways but I believe that the film inuustiy is still matuiing. Nigeiian film has giown to what it
is touay uespite the lack of suppoit." That all saiu, Sauiku ieinfoices that whilst this is veiy much a
Nigeiian film, it is also in many ways an inteinational film anu an inteinational pioject. "It's a fine
collaboiation I woulu say between Nigeiian, 0K anu woilu piouuceis."

Foi Chiwetel Ejiofoi, filming in Nigeiia became an integial component of the film. As he outlines,
"Nigeiia is uefinitely a chaiactei anu some of the chaos of it is feu into the stoiy anu I think that
the fact that the people unueistanu this specific piece of histoiy so well is ieally impoitant with
ciowu scenes. They can slip iight into the emotional jouiney because that's actually a geneiation
ago. Actually a lot of the people heie weie kius when it was happening so they can slip iight into
that. They know this stoiy, they know these chaiacteis they know this woilu."

Anuiea Calueiwoou talks about how she was humbleu by the commitment that people showeu to
the film, as she outlines, "That went fiom people like Yewanue Sauiku, the Executive Piouucei,
who hau to peisuaue all the othei investois to come in anu to woik on the film. That also applies
to all ciew membeis who chose to woik on the film. We hau a fantastic inteinational ciew, with
veiy expeiienceu ciew coming fiom the 0K anu fiom South Afiica. A laige piopoition of the ciew
weie Nigeiian as well, some of whom who hau gieat expeiience of woiking in films anu some who
weie quite new to the expeiience too anu that team ieally gelleu to woik togethei. Theie was a
team of people on the film that we genuinely coulu not have uone the film without."

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 16
"I think the combination of the Nigeiian ciew we weie woiking with," continues Calueiwoou,
"who bought theii expeitise anu theii knowleuge of casting foi example oi theii knowleuge of
what was available in the aiea, to the South Afiican ciew that bought theii iesouicefulness anu
theii iefusal to be beaten by the ciicumstances, anu the 0K ciew who bought theii expeitise - that
was what was fantastic about it, the cioss-feitilisation of uiffeient levels of expeitise anu

Calueiwoou outlines the uecision to shoot the film in Calabai in Nigeiia. Banuele hau uiscoveieu
that theie was a fully equippeu film stuuio theie which hau been built in 2uu8. "The Nigeiian film
inuustiy tenus to not have full scale piouuction. The 'Nollywoou' inuustiy, as it's calleu, makes an
incieuible amount of films eveiy yeai which aie uone in a moie uomestic scale so we weie the
fiist full scale featuie film to come to Nigeiia. Pait of the ieason we ueciueu to shoot it in Calabai
was because the stuuio was theie as a facility, but also it hau a iange of lanuscape anu builuings
within Calabai that we coulu use foi all the uiffeient paits of Nigeiia."

The othei ieason that Calabai woikeu so well is because the stoiy of BALF 0F A YELL0W S0N
tiavels fiom Lagos to Nsukka, which is a uay's uiive away, anu then coveis a huge iange of
lanuscape as the family have to flee fiom the uiffeient stage of the wai. They hau to iepiesent lots
of uiffeient places in Nigeiia incluuing Kanu, in the Noith which is a completely uiffeient looking
aiea than Lagos in the South oi Nsukka in the East. They also hau the stuuio to builu the inteiiois,
iepiesenting the opulence of the inteiiois of 0lanna's anu Kainene's family at the beginning of the
film, a univeisity piofessoi's house anu a new 196us built univeisity. As Calueiwoou explains,
"Theie's a lot of the state of the ait builuings anu aichitectuie in Calabai that we wanteu to use to
iepiesent the piospeiity of Nigeiia at the beginning of the film. We weie able to finu builuings in
vaiious places in Calabai that coulu iepiesent the uiffeient cities in Nigeiia that the film was set
in, but also to show the giauual ueteiioiation fiom the piospeious, vibiant, optimistic newly
inuepenuent Nigeiia at the beginning of the film to the Nigeiia that is suffeiing fiom the wai at the
latei stages of the film."

Calabai tuineu out to be a fantastic base foi us foi that ieason anu because it uoesn't have the
secuiity issues that othei paits of Nigeiia woulu have. It was a fantastic iesouice to us to base the
whole piouuction theie anu the goveinment of Cioss Rivei State gave us huge suppoit foi the film
because it was veiy impoitant to them to show that it is possible foi a piouuction of this scale to
be maue in Nigeiia anu that an inteinational film ciew can come anu woik theie."

"Biyi was veiy cleai fiom the beginning of the uevelopment piocess of the film that he wanteu it to
be a lush cinematic film that woulu give you a sense of the epic scale of the stoiy," explains
Calueiwoou. "It takes a family fiom the veiy piospeious, optimistic beginnings at the stait of the
stoiy to the iavages of wai at the latei stages of the stoiy." Calueiwoou continues to talk about
how they put togethei theii team anu the choices that they foi the heaus of uepaitments. "We
went foi }ohn ue Boiman, he's a fantastically expeiienceu Biiectoi of Photogiaphy anu he is
known foi uoing a veiy vibiant, colouiful look foi the iange of films that he's woikeu on. Also,
Anuiew NcAlpine, the Piouuction Besignei who is iesponsible foi films with incieuibly stiong
looks like }ane Campion's TBE PIAN0. Be's known foi woik that always has a uistinct anu
uelibeiate coloui palette anu a veiy uistinctive uesign."

She elaboiates, "Anuiew NcAlpine was ieally keen to captuie a vision of Afiica, a view that haun't

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 17
ieally been seen befoie; to have something as vibiant anu colouiful as the Afiica you see in the
pictuies at the time. Nigeiia in paiticulai at that time was a veiy optimistic countiy. It has been a
piospeious countiy again, it can be an even moie piospeious countiy anu that was something of
that aspiiation anu ambition we wanteu to captuie." The team felt that the coloui anu the eneigy
anu the optimism of the chaiacteis was something joyful that coulu ieally suipiise auuiences anu
piove enjoyable to watching the cinema.

"In his ieseaich foi the piouuction uesign," continues Calueiwoou, "Anuiew NcAlpine lookeu at a
lot of iefeiences fiom the peiiou anu the iange of colouis that weie useu in the aichitectuie at the
time, in the clothing at the time. That is something that }ohn anu Anuiew woikeu on togethei, veiy
closely. }ohn ue Boiman also has an ait school backgiounu, he is somebouy that is veiy conscious
of the coloui palette anu the visual look of the film."

}oseph Nawle is also keen to point out the ielevance of the vibiant uesign scheme. "I think it's
impoitant people iealise how much joy theie is in this countiy iathei than just the wai toin
images we have of chiluien with kwashioikoi uuiing that time, that theie's a celebiation of coloui
theie, of light." Be continues, "If you'ie walking uown the stieet, no mattei the wealthiest oi the
pooiest, eveiyone is uiesseu to the teeth, stunning colouis. Anu I think that's something else that
}ohn anu Anuiew have biought out magnificently, this palette to show just how iich this place is in
coloui, that it's ceitainly not a giey lanu at all."

Biyi Banuele says it was a stioke of luck that he tuineu to }o Katsaias, who is baseu in South Afiica,
to uesign the costumes. Be tells of what happeneu when she was appioacheu. "When she got the
call saying that we weie inteiesteu in hei to uesign the costumes, she saiu, that's funny because a
yeai eailiei theie hau been an auction of 196us Nigeiian costumes, anu she bought them without a
pioject in minu. Anu suuuenly a yeai latei she useu a lot of them anu she was incieuible."

Foi hei pait, Thanuie Newton iemembeis the beautiful costumes, anu the make-up. "0h my gou, I
loveu these costumes. Anika anu I, it's like we went shopping in the waiuiobe uepaitment," she
laughs. "It wasn't only that it was the Sixties, but that you've got these wonueiful silhouettes...
goigeous. I mean the way people uiesseu - pencil skiits, beautifully tailoieu uiesses, suits anu a
little hat thiown in now anu again. Anu that ieally heavy black eye linei, blocks of matte lip coloui;
just iefineu anu yet iocking, veiy sexy but chic at the same time." The peiiou look was given an
extia vibiancy with the specific Nigeiian aesthetic as Newton elaboiates, "We weie in Afiica; we
weie in Nigeiia so you've got these gieat fabiics anu colouis. So }o Katsaias got to have this
wonueiful, eclectic palette to woik with of not only the silhouettes of the Sixties anu all that gieat
Lonuon style, because both Anika anu I heialu fiom Lonuon in the movie. So we've got all that
sophistication but we've also got this goigeous, sensual, vibiancy in the fabiics anu the colouis
anu the textuie of the Nigeiian fashion."

Thanuie Newton thinks the expeiience of watching BALF 0F A YELL0W S0N leaves a lasting
impiession as she outlines. "I think what the chaiacteis in the stoiy go thiough... it beggais belief,
going thiough the Biafian wai, managing to holu onto theii families anu have hope foi a futuie.
Anu to think that it's baseu on absolute ieality is just stunning. I think that the piiue that you feel
when you see youi fellow men anu women going thiough expeiiences like this, I think that it's an
impoitant expeiience to have. I think it eniiches oui lives, to know that othei human beings have
been uealing with these situations just acioss the way. As the woilu gets smallei anu as

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 18
technology allows us to become closei anu closei, it's ieally fantastic that we can have stoiies like
BALF 0F A YELL0W S0N wheie we leain about each othei anu celebiate each othei anu
unueistanu wheie people can take themselves." Newton hopes that people will take away with
them, "a cuiiosity about Nigeiia, about Biafia, about othei cultuies... anu that you can exploie anu
finu incieuible similaiities anu wonueiful uiffeiences."

Auichie auus: "When I watcheu the film, I was so engiosseu that foi a moment I foigot I hau
wiitten the novel! I was ueeply impiesseu by the actois."

Calueiwoou outlines hei lasting ambitions foi the film as follows. "The ieason auuiences will go
anu see the film is that they'll connect with the people that aie in it. Foi me, if people go anu uo
that anu if they just connect with these people's stoiy on a human level anu leain a bit about the
context, then we've uone what we set out to uo."

"I think it is an engaging stoiy on eveiy level, foi the heait anu the minu," says Chiwetel Ejiofoi.
Fiom his peispective, the stoiy may be set in Nigeiia at a veiy specific time, but it's a stoiy that
has elements that can be applieu inteinationally, anu has a veiy geneial appeal anu ielevance. As
he puts it, "I feel that the ieal uepth of this stoiy is that people aie stiuggling foi a new
ielationship with themselves, with theii countiy, with theii politics. Theie's an absolute sense of
hope in the stoiy anu theie's a sense of hope in not only Nigeiia, uubbeu the ueveloping woilu, but
a hope of humanity outlasting the piessuies of gieeu anu the uaikei siues of oui collective

"I want auuiences all ovei the woilu to see it," concluues Biyi Banuele, "anu know that lots of
things happen in Afiica anu theie aie many, many Afiicas anu this is one of them. I want people to
leave the movie celebiating life even moie, to fall in love with life, totally, unconuitionally."


)*#(&-% (%7)'( - 0lanna
Thanuie Newton maue hei film uebut alongsiue Nicole Kiuman in 1991's FLIRTINu. In 1994 Neil
}oiuan cast hei as Biau Pitt's maiu in INTERvIEW WITB TBE vANPIRE: TBE vANPIRE
CBR0NICLES also staiiing Tom Ciuise. Newton gaineu inteinational iecognition in the Neichant
Ivoiy piouuction of }EFFERS0N IN PARIS in which she playeu }effeison's slave, co-staiiing with
Nick Nolte anu uwyneth Paltiow. In 1997 uRIBL0CK'B followeu, in which Newton staiieu
alongsiue Tupac Shakui anu Tim Roth, anu then }onathan Bemme's BEL0vEB in 1998, also with
0piah Winfiey anu Banny ulovei. In the same yeai, she was seen in Beinaiuo Beitolucci's
BESIEuEB with Baviu Thewlis, anu in 2uuu, she was the female leau in }ohn Woo's NISSI0N
INP0SSIBLE II alongsiue Tom Ciuise. She also staiieu in IT WAS AN ACCIBENT that yeai,
appeaiing foi the fiist time with Chiwetel Ejiofoi.

}onathan Bemme cast hei again in TBE TR0TB AB00T CBARLIE (2uu4), alongsiue Stephen
Billane anu Naik Wahlbeig. That same yeai, she joineu vin Biesel anu }uui Bench in sci-fi
auventuie, TBE CBR0NICLES 0F RIBBICK anu took on the iole in CRASB foi which she won a
BAFTA foi Best Suppoiting Actiess. Newton playeu a wealthy woman who becomes the taiget of
Natt Billon's iacist policeman in Paul Baggis' film which went on to win thiee Acauemy Awaius.

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 19
In 2uu6, Newton staiieu as Will Smith's wife in TBE P0RS0IT 0F BAPPYNESS anu the following
yeai as Euuie Nuiphy's love inteiest in the comeuy N0RBIT. Also that yeai she playeu the jilteu
lovei that Simon Pegg must win back in Baviu Schwimmei's R0N FATB0Y R0N. R0CKNR0LLA,
uuy Ritchie's 2uu8 Lonuon thiillei, saw hei playing opposite ueiaiu Butlei anu Tom Wilkinson.
Two 0S piesiuential ioles followeu, as Newton poitiayeu Secietaiy of State Conuoleezza Rice, in
W. (2uu8), 0livei Stone's film biogiaphy of ueoige W. Bush, anu shoitly afteiwaius the Piesiuent's
Fiist Baughtei in 2u12 (2uu9), a uisastei film uiiecteu by Rolanu Emmeiich. In B0uE, Newton co-
staiieu with Noel Claike in Ben Nillei's 2u1u film about stanu-up comeuy, anu that same yeai, she
was seen in vANISBINu 0N 7TB STREET, a hoiioi with Bayuen Chiistensen anu }ohn Leguizamo,
uiiecteu by Biau Anueison. The next yeai she was seen in RETREAT, a thiee hanuei with Cillian
Nuiphy anu }amie Bell. Tylei Peiiy uiiecteu Newton in F0R C0L00REB uIRLS (2u1u) baseu
aiounu poems uealing with issues foi women of coloui, anu then Peiiy uiiecteu anu co-staiieu
with Newton in 2u12's u00B BEEBS.

Between 2uuS anu 2uuS, Newton hau a pivotal iole as Bi }ohn Caitei's lovei anu latei wife on the
hit Tv seiies ER. In 2u1S Newton playeu the leau in uetective Tv seiies, Rogue, an oiiginal seiies
foi BiiecTv, the seconu seiies of which she will stait shooting latei this yeai. In 2u11, Newton
peifoimeu in Aiiel Boifman's tense moial thiillei, BEATB ANB TBE NAIBEN on stage at the
Baiolu Pintei theatie in Lonuon.

Newton is actively involveu in the v-Bay founuation. In 2u11 she attenueu the opening of the City
of }oy in Bukavu, BRC. It houses anu suppoits women suivivois of sexual violence anu pioviues
them with oppoitunities to uevelop theii leaueiship skills thiough innovative piogiamming. 0n
Febiuaiy 14th this yeai she was actively involveu in 0ne Billion Rising; The Biggest Nass ulobal
Action To Enu violence Against Women & uiils In The Bistoiy 0f Bumankinu.

Newton also spoke at the Teu ulobal Confeience in 2u11 on the topic of "Embiacing 0theiness",
which has been vieweu ovei a million times.

2*-7%)%, %<-';'1 - 0uenigbo
Chiwetel has hau an incieuible past yeai having been nominateu foi a uoluen ulobe, SAu, ANPAS
Awaiu anu winning a BAFTA in the categoiy of 'Best Actoi in a Leauing Role' foi his ciitically
acclaimeu peifoimance as 'Soloman Noithiup' in Steve NcQueen's Twelve Yeais A Slave, which
won both the uoluen ulobe, BAFTA anu ANPAS Awaiu foi 'Best Film'. Baseu on a tiue stoiy of a
man living in New Yoik who is kiunappeu anu foiceu into slaveiy in the Beep South in the miu-
18uu's, Chiwetel stais alongsiue a stellai cast incluuing Nichael Fassbenuei, Lupita N'yungo anu
Biau Pitt.
Well veiseu on stage, television anu film, Chiwetel was seen last }uly in }oe Wiight's piouuction foi
The Young vic, A Season in the Congo about the iise anu fall of legenuaiy leauei Patiice Lumumba.
Next up Chiwetel will be seen in Balf of a Yellow Sun baseu on the ciitically acclaimeu novel of the
same title. Both moving anu hoiiifying, the uiama concentiates on the vaiying effects the Biafian
Wai has on the lives of foui people; the film also stais Thanuie Newton, }ohn Boyega anu }oseph
Chiwetel has also just finisheu filming Z foi Zachaiiah alongsiue Chiis Pine anu Naigot Robbie.
Biiecteu by Ciaig Zobel, the stoiy centies on a small Ameiican town aftei a nucleai wai.
In eaily 2u1S Chiwetel ieceiveu gieat ieviews anu uoluen ulobe nomination foi his staiiing tuin
in Bancing on the Euge, Stephen Poliakoff's seiies foi the BBC co-staiiing Natthew uooue.
In 2u11 television auuiences saw him in the awaiu winning The Shauow Line, a thiilling uiama foi

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 2u
the BBC in which he playeu leau chaiactei '}onah uabiiel' alongsiue a supeib cast incluuing
Chiistophei Eccleston, Lesley Shaip anu Rafe Spall.
Chiwetel has also appeaieu in a numbei of films incluuing Salt, alongsiue Angelina }olie anu Liev
Schieibei anu in 2uu9 he staiieu in Rolanu Emmeiich's action featuie, 2u12 opposite }ohn Cusack,
Banny ulovei anu Thanuie Newton. The same yeai his peifoimance in Enugame, Channel 4's
moving uiama set in South Afiica, eaineu him a uoluen ulobe nomination foi the 'best
peifoimance by an actoi in a mini-seiies oi a motion pictuie maue foi television'.
In 2uu8 Chiwetel was seen in thiee veiy uiffeient theatie ioles; his peifoimance in the title iole of
Nichael uianuage's 0thello at the Bonmai Waiehouse alongsiue Kelly Reilly anu Ewan Ncuiegoi
was unanimously commenueu, anu won him the 2uu8 0liviei Awaiu foi 'Best Actoi', the Evening
Stanuaiu Theatie Awaiu foi 'Best Actoi', as well as nominations foi the South Bank Show Awaius
2uu9 anu the What's 0n Stage Theatiegoeis' Choice Awaius. Bis othei stage cieuits incluue Rogei
Nichell's Blue0iange in 2uuu which ieceiveu an 0liviei Awaiu foi Best Play, anu the same yeai
Tim Supple's Romeo anu }uliet in which Chiwetel took the title iole.
Following his television uebut in 1996 in Beauly voyage, Chiwetel has been seen in numeious
television piouuctions incluuing Nuiuei in Ninu, cieateu by the awaiu winning wiitei Anthony
Boiowitz, Tiust (2uuS), Twelfth Night, oi What you Will, (2uuS) anu The Canteibuiy Tales - The
Knight's Tale (2uuS). Bis television peifoimance in 2uu6's haiu hitting emotional uiama Tsunami:
The Afteimath alongsiue Toni Collette, Sophie 0koneuo anu Tim Roth eaineu him a nomination
foi a uoluen ulobe Awaiu as well as an NAACP Image awaiu.
In 1996, Chiwetel caught the attention of Stephen Spielbeig who cast him in the ciitically
acclaimeu Amistau, staiiing alongsiue Noigan Fieeman anu Anthony Bopkins. Be ietuineu to the
big scieen in Stephen Fieais' 2uu1 thiillei Biity Pietty Things foi which his peifoimance as
'0kwe' won him the Best Actoi Awaiu at the Biitish Inuepenuent Film Awaius, the Evening
Stanuaiu Film Awaius, anu the San Biego Film Ciitics Society Awaius. In 2uuS, he co-staiieu in
thiee films: Richaiu Cuitis' Love Actually, Slow Buin anu Woouy Allen's Nelinua anu Nelinua.
2uu8 saw Chiwetel stai in Riuley Scott's Ameiican uangstei, opposite Bon Cheaule in Talk to Ne,
anu in Baviu Namet's Reubelt. Chiwetel's othei film cieuits incluue Kinky Boots (2uuS) in which
he playeu the loveable uiag queen 'Lola', the uiban uiama 'Foui Biotheis' alongsiue Naik
Whalbeig, Spike Lee's heist film Insiue Nan alongsiue Clive 0wen, }ouie Fostei anu Benzel
Washington, anu the 0scai nominateu Chiluien of Nen, again alongsiue Clive 0wen.
In auuition to his acting caieei, Chiwetel has also uiiecteu two shoit films, Slappei which was
scieeneu at the 2uu8 Euinbuigh Film Festival anu moie iecently Columbite Tantalite foi the

#(-8# ('(- 1'$% - Kainene
Tony Awaiu winnei, Anika Noni Rose is back on Bioauway staiiing alongsiue Benzel Washington
anu Biahann Caiioll in the ievival of ! #$%&%' %' ()* +,' which opens Apiil S
. She iecently
wiappeu filming ! -$. /$(* $'0 $ -122$3 +)13( alongsiue Whoopi uolubeig anu Nekhi Phifei,
expecteu to ielease this spiing.
0n the big scieen, Anika staiieu as 'Loiell Robinson' in -3*$45%32& which went on to ieceive an
AFI ensemble awaiu, as well as SAu awaiu nomination foi outstanuing cast. In auuition, the
-3*$45%32& sounutiack ieceiveu a uiammy Awaiu nomination. Anika voiceu 'Piincess Tiana' in
Bisney's 6)* 73%'8*&& $'0 6)* 9315, featuiing the fiist Afiican Ameiican Bisney 'Piincess.' The film
ieceiveu thiee 0scai nominations anu Anika became the youngest inuuctee to evei be honoieu as
a Bisney Legenu.

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 21
Anika's many film cieuits incluue: :4;*3%$2 -3*$4&, which will make its piemieie at Sunuance this
yeai, <$2= 1= $ >*221? +,', 913 @1213*0 A%32& anu the comeuy featuie B,&( !00 C$(*i, Auuitional film
cieuits incluue, !& @112 !& : $4 anu the animateu featuie D),4E$, wheie she voiceu the chaiactei
No stiangei to television, Anika most iecently staiieu in the Ballmaik special 6)* C$(&1'& A1 (1
F%34%'5)$4 anu appeaieu on some of the netwoiks highest iateu shows incluuing hei ie-
occuiiing ioles on CBS's 6)* A110 C%=* anu ABC's 73%G$(* 73$8(%8*. In auuition she guest staiieu on
CBS's H2*4*'($3. anu F0X's 6)* +%4;&1'& (voice of Abie's long lost wife). 0thei Tv cieuits
incluue: the A&E mini-seiies +(*;)*' D%'5I& F$5 1= F1'*& opposite Pieice Biosnan, 6)* J1K L
/$0%*& -*(*8(%G* !5*'8. foi BB0BBCWeinstein Company, wheie she was nominateu foi an
NAACP Image Awaiu foi "0utstanuing Suppoiting Actiess in a Biama Seiies."
Anika won the Tony Awaiu foi Best Featuieu Actiess in a Nusical foi hei iole in @$312%'*M 13
@)$'5*. She staiieu in in Beboiah Allen's Bioauway ievival of @$( N' ! <1( 6%' #11=, opposite
}ames Eail }ones anu Phylicia Rashau. She also staiieu in 911(211&* anu the 0ff-Bioauway
piouuction of the Lauia Nyio musical H2%I& @14%'I, the Stephen Sonuheim's Company foi the NY
Philhaimonic anu PBS. 0thei stage woik incluues B,2%*( opposite 0ilanuo Bloom with uustavo
Buuamel conuucting Tchaikovsky live with the LA Philhaimonic.
In auuition to the winning the Tony Awaiu, Anika has also ieceiveu The Theatei Woilu Awaiu,
The Claience Beiwent Awaiu, a Biama Besk nomination, the Los Angeles Ciitics' Ciicle Awaiu, an
0vation Awaiu anu an 0bie Awaiu. She has also ieceiveu NAACP Image nominations foi hei woik
on /$? O N30*3P +;*8%$2 Q%8(%4& R'%( (NBC), anu Ballmaik Ball of Fame: S%(8) !2E14I& <$G* ! /%((2*
9$%() (ABC).
Anika has sung all ovei the woilu, incluuing at the 79th Annual Acauemy Awaius, conceits in
Lonuon's West Enu with }ason Robeit Biown, the vatican, the Kenneuy Centei anu Cainegie Ball.
She maue hei solo cabaiet uebut in New Yoik as pait of Lincoln Centei's Ameiican Songbook
Seiies, followeu by a conceit at the Bioau Stage in Los Angeles anu appeaiances at the legenuaiy
venetian Room in San Fiancisco. She is the celebiity spokespeison foi the Ameiican Lung
Association anu has lobbieu on Capitol Bill on theii behalf, anu staiteu The Coia Lee Bentley
Raucliffe memoiial Funu, to assist mentally challengeu chiluien. She ieceiveu hei NFA fiom
Ameiican Conseivatoiy Theatei anu holus an honoiaiy Boctoiate fiom Floiiua A&N 0niveisity.

<'$%4* :#7,% - Richaiu
}oseph Nawle's fiist television iole was Sii Tificate in the BAFTA-winning seiies Sii uauabout, the
Woist Knight in the Lanu (2uu2) foi CITv. Be went on to featuie in Alex Bolmes's mini-seiies
Bunkiik foi BBC2 which won a Factual Biama BAFTA.

Nawle came to national iecognition thiough the BAFTA winning uiama S00NBPR00F (2uu7),
which won him a bieakthiough nomination at the Royal Television Society Awaius. The yeai
continueu with two peifoimances unuei the uiiection of Auiian Sheigolu, the fiist in }ane Austen's
Peisuasion foi ITv anu the seconu in the contioveisial gay uiama Clapham }unction foi Channel 4.
In 2uu8, he playeu }esus in The Passion foi BBCBB0. The following yeai he hau ioles in the
ciitically acclaimeu BAFTA nominateu uiamas The Stieet anu Fieefall.

Nawle playeu The Rippei in }ames Naish's The Reu Riuing Tiilogy in 2uu9 anu the following yeai

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 22
saw him stai in BBC uiama Five Baughteis about the Ipswich piostitute muiueis, in Bominic
Savage's Tv film Bive anu alongsiue an all-stai inteinational cast in Agatha Chiistie's Nuiuei on
the 0iient Expiess. 2u11 was anothei busy yeai as he staiieu in BB Lawience auaptation, Women
in Love, with Rosamunu Pike anu Roiy Kinneai. Nawle appeaieu as Benjen Staik in the smash
BB0 seiies uame of Thiones which gaineu an ensemble peifoimance SAu Awaiu nomination. In
2u12 }oseph was BAFTA nominateu foi his iole in Biiusong, alongsiue Euuie Reumayne.

Be has iecently completeu filming on The Tunnel foi Sky Atlantic with Clemence Posey anu
Stephen Billane.

Nawle's film cieuits incluue the shoit film AFTER T0N0RR0W which won Best Shoit at Cannes
anu Philip Riuley's 2uu9 gothic uiban faiiy-tale BEARTLESS with }im Stuigess. Be co-staiieu in
NABE IN BAuENBAN (2u1u) with Sally Bawkins anu Anuiea Riseboiough anu TBE AWAKENINu
(2u11), a featuie film staiiing Rebecca Ball anu Bominic West. Nawle fiist woikeu in the 0S with
two action films TBE C0LB LIuBT 0F BAY with Sigouiney Weavei anu Biuce Willis anu histoiical
mash up ABRABAN LINC0LN vANPIRE B0NTER, both 2u12. Naich 2u1S saw the ielease of Scott
uiaham's uebut featuie SBELL, which Nawle staiieu in. Soon he begins piincipal photogiaphy in

}oseph Nawle's theatie cieuits incluue the male leau in Shakespeaie's Tioilus anu Ciessiua at the
Tobacco Factoiy, Biistol, Patiick Sanufoiu's Bamlet foi the Nuffielu Theatie, Southampton, both in
2uuS, anu Biaham Nuiiay's Anthony anu Cleopatia foi Nanchestei Royal Exchange Theatie
(2uuS). Be also playeu the title iole in The Last Bays of }uuas Iscaiiot at Lonuon's Almeiua Theatie
in 2uu8.

<'*( "'0%.# - 0gwu
}ohn Boyega is best known foi his leauing iole in }oe Coinish's BAFTA nominateu ATTACK TBE
BL0CK (2u11), a South Lonuon set zombie thiillei in which Boyega staiieu with }ouie Whittakei.
Be has also been seen in }0NKBEARTS (2u11), a uiama staiiing Euuie Naisan, Tom Stuiiiuge anu
Romala uaiai. Boyega has taken leauing ioles in Tv piouuctions incluuing Spike Lee's Ba Biick foi
BB0 anu the BBC's Ny Nuiuei, baseu on a tiue stoiy about the ganglanu ueath of a Lonuon boy.
Boyega has iecently filmeu BBC uiama The Whale, a uiamatisation of events that inspiieu Noby
}ohn Boyega has so fai been nominateu foi a Biitish Inuepenuent Film Awaiu, an Empiie Film
Awaiu, an Evening Stanuaiu Film Awaiu anu the Ciitics Choice Awaiu foi Nost Piomising

.%(%/-%/% ((#<- - Niss Auebayo
uenevieve staiteu hei film caieei in 1998 anu became the fiist actoi to be awaiueu Best Actiess at
the maiuen euition of the piestigious Afiican Novie Acauemy Awaius (ANAA) in 2uuS. Bei
populaiity also tianscenus Nigeiian shoies. In 2uu9, she maue histoiy by being the only Afiican
actiess to be piofileu on The 0piah Winfiey Show. In 2u1u, she was featuieu as a 'Connectoi of
the uay' on 'CNN Connect' anu soon afteiwaius she was piofileu on CNN's 'Afiican voices'. In
2u11, she ieceiveu National Bonouis fiom the Piesiuent of Nigeiia, anu was nameu a Nembei of
the 0iuei of the Feueial Republic (NFR).

'(0%8# '(7%(6 - Nama
0nyeka 0nwenu is a multi talenteu aitiste whose woik as a singeisongwiitei has eaineu hei a

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 2S
place in the 'Ball 0f Fame' of Nigeiia's best known anu aumiieu musicians. In a caieei spanning
ovei S2 yeais, she has iecoiueu some of Nigeiia's most memoiable hits, anu has collaboiateu with
aitistes incluuing King Sunny Aue. She was awaiueu the Nigeiian national honoui Nembei of the
0iuei of the Feueial Republic (NFR), anu plays 'Bevelopmental Nusic', often iaising awaieness
about social issues ielateu to peaceful coexistence, family planning anu the well being of women
anu chiluien.

As an actiess, 0nyeka 0nwenu's contiibution to the giowth of Nigeiia's film inuustiy has eaineu
hei wiuespieau iecognition, incluuing the piestigious ANAA Awaiu. As a jouinalist, she wiote anu
piesenteu the wiuely acclaimeu 1984 BBCNTA piouuction Nigeiia: A Squanueiing of Riches. It
iemains the uefinitive film about coiiuption in oil iich Nigeiia.

0nwenu is a giauuate of Wellesley College, Nassachusetts anu the New School foi Social Reseaich
in New Yoik. She woikeu as a Toui uuiue at The 0niteu Nations in New Yoik befoie ietuining to
Nigeiia, wheie she has liveu anu woikeu since 198u, as an aitiste, social ciitic anu politician,
campaigning foi financial autonomy foi Local uoveinment Auministiation. She is a mothei of two
sons, Tijani anu Abiaham 0gunlenue.


"-0- "#(&%,% - ScieenwiiteiBiiectoi
A piolific Nigeiian playwiight, novelist anu scieenwiitei now baseu in Lonuon, BALF 0F A
YELL0W S0N is Biyi Banuele's featuie film uiiectoiial uebut. This fiist featuie follows his
uistinguisheu caieei wiiting anu uiiecting plays foi the Royal Shakespeaie Company, Royal Couit,
anu wiiting scieenplays foi the BBC anu Biitish anu inteinational film piouuctions.

Banuele has pieviously wiitten anu uiiecteu a shoit, TBE KISS (2uu9), a psychological thiillei.
Foi television, Banuele wiote Not Even uou is Wise Enough uiiecteu by Banny Boyle foi BBC2 in
1994 anu Bau Boy Blues foi BBC2 (199S). Be has also wiitten a numbei of BBC iauio uiamas
incluuing 0ioonoko (Rauio S, 2uuS), City of Spaues (Rauio 4, 2uu2) anu Things Fall Apait (Rauio
S, 1998).

Bis piolific wiiting foi theatie incluues his auaptation of Aphia Benn's 0ioonoko, which was a
huge hit foi the Royal Shakespeaie Company in 2uuu, anu was successfully ieviveu by New Yoik's
Theatie foi a New Auuience in 2uu7. Be wiote Biixton Stoiies foi Lonuon's Tiicycle Theatie in
2uu1 anu Yeima foi the Euinbuigh Inteinational Festival in 2uuu. The same yeai he woikeu on
Bappy Biithuay, Nistei Beka B at the Lyiic Bammeismith in Lonuon. Eailiei woik, all in Lonuon.
incluues Thieves Like 0s Southwaik Playhouse (1998), Things Fall Apait, Ambassauois Theatie
(1997), Ne anu the Boys, Finboiough Theatie (1996), Beath Catches the Buntei, BAC (199S), Two
Boisemen, uate Theatie (tiansfeiieu to Bush Theatie, 1994), Resuiiections, Talawa Theatie
Company, Cochiane Theatie (1994), In the uiove... Royal Couit Theatie (At the Tabeinacle, 1994),
Naiching Foi Fausa, Royal Couit Theatie (199S) anu Rain, Yaa Asantewaa (1991).

Banuele's fiction wiiting incluues Buima Boy publisheu by }onathan Cape in 2uu7 (publisheu as
The King's Rifle, Baipei Collins in the 0S in 2uu9); The Stieet, Picauoi, 1999; The Sympathetic
0nueitakei & 0thei Bieams, Beinemann, 1994; anu The Nan Who Came In Fiom The Back 0f

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 24
Beyonu, Beinemann, 199S.

#(&1%# 2#,&%17''& - Piouucei
Anuiea Calueiwoou began hei caieei in fieelance piouuction in Scotlanu, piouucing
uocumentaiies, shoit uiamas anu music viueos with inuepenuent company Ciash Films, befoie
being appointeu Beau of Biama at BBC Scotlanu in 1994. At the BBC, she commissioneu seveial hit
Tv seiies anu mini-seiies, as well as the featuie films SNALL FACES anu the 0scai-nominateu NRS
BR0WN (1997). She then joineu Path Pictuies as theii Beau of Piouuction, executive piouucing
eight featuie films incluuing 0livei Paikei's AN IBEAL B0SBANB (1999), Lynne Ramsay's
RATCATCBER (1999) anu TBE CLAIN (2uuu).

Thiough hei own piouuction company, Slate Films, Anuiea Calueiwoou's piouucei cieuits incluue
Nike Figgis' expeiimental uigital film B0TEL (2uu1); Shane Neauows' 0NCE 0P0N A TINE IN
TBE NIBLANBS (2uu2); Kevin Nacuonalu's TBE LAST KINu 0F SC0TLANB (2uu6) (winnei of
thiee BAFTAs anu the 0scai foi Foiest Whitakei); BB0's acclaimeu uENERATI0N KILL; I AN
SLAvE (2uu8), uiiecteu by uabiiel Range anu wiitten by }eiemy Biock; two seiies' of Baviu Kane's
TBE FIELB 0F BL00B foi the BBC; anu Eiic Steel's foithcoming fly fishing uocumentaiy, KISS TBE
WATER (2u1S).
Slate Films joineu foices with Potboilei Piouuctions in 2uu9.

Calueiwoou is cuiiently piouucing A LITTLE CBA0S (2u14), uiiecteu by Alan Rickman anu
staiiing Kate Winslet anu Natthias Schoenaeits.

2*-:#:#(&# (.'=- #&-2*-% - Authoi
Chimamanua Ngozi Auichie was boin in Nigeiia. Bei novel Balf of a Yellow Sun won the 0iange
Piize anu was a finalist foi the National Book Ciitics Ciicle Awaiu, anu hei novel Puiple Bibiscus
won the Commonwealth Wiiteis' Piize anu the BuistonWiight Legacy Awaiu. The Thing Aiounu
Youi Neck, hei collection of stoiies, was shoitlisteu foi the Commonwealth Wiiteis' Piize foi Best
Book in Afiica. The iecipient of a NacAithui Founuation Fellowship, she was nameu one of the
twenty most impoitant fiction wiiteis touay unuei 4u yeais olu by The New Yoikei. Bei latest
novel, Ameiicanah, was publisheu in 2u1S; Bave Eggeis calleu it "|aj moving inteigeneiational
epic that confiims Auichie's viituosity, bounuless empathy anu seaiing social acuity."

0%7#(&% $#&-86 - Executive Piouucei
Yewanue Sauiku has a keen inteiest in biinging oiganizeu financing to Nigeiian film piouuctions;
she helpeu to iaise financing (as Executive Piouucei) foi BALF 0F A YELL0W S0N, hei fiist film
piouuction. She was one of 'SS Inteinational Women 0nuei SS' featuieu in the 0ctobei 2uu7
euition of Woilu Business Nagazine anu in Nay 2u12, she was one of 19 piofessionals awaiueu
the Eisenhowei Fellowship foi Inteinational Leaueiship. She spent seven weeks tiavelling acioss
Ameiica in ApiilNay 2u1u to bettei unueistanu how theii film inuustiy is suppoiteu by the
oiganizeu financial sectoi. She is CE0 (Besignate) of Stanbic IBTC Capital Limiteu anu has woikeu
as an investment bankei foi ovei 16 yeais, helping coipoiates to meet theii financing neeus anu
auvising on coipoiate iestiuctuiings.

:6*)#1 "#8#1% - Executive Piouucei
Nuhtai Bakaie founueu Kachifo in 2uu1 to "tell oui own stoiies". Kachifo, which tiaues unuei the
name Faiafina, is an inuepenuent publishei of liteiaiy fiction, populai fiction, textbooks, geneial
inteiest books anu the Faiafina Nagazine. Kachifo is the Nigeiian publishei of Balf of a Yellow Sun,

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 2S
anu many othei outstanuing liteiaiy woiks by authois such as Ben 0kii, Biyi Banuele, Binyavanga
Wainaina anu Igoni Baiiett.

.#-, %.#( - Executive Piouucei
uail Egan is a qualifieu baiiistei anu piactiseu commeicial law at Lincoln's Inn befoie joining
Piice Wateihouse Coipoiate Finance. She then woikeu foi the Inteinational Neuia uioup Cailton

In 2uuu, Egan foimeu the inuepenuent piouuction company Potboilei Piouuctions with Simon
Channing Williams. In 2uu9 Potboilei Piouuctions joineu foices with Slate Films, iun by Anuiea

Egan has piouuceu oi executive piouuceu thiiteen films incluuing Nike Leigh's AN0TBER YEAR
(2u1u), BAPPY-u0-L0CKY (2uu8) anu vERA BRAKE (2uu4); Feinanuo Neiielles' TBE C0NSTANT
uARBENER (2uuS) anu BLINBNESS (2uu8); NAN AB00T B0u (2uu4) with Pauuy Bieathnach,
BR0TBERS 0F TBE BEAB (2uuS) with Keith Fulton anu Lou Pepe, anu Anton Coibijn's
foithcoming }ohn le Caii auaptation, A N0ST WANTEB NAN (2u1S).

Egan is cuiiently piouucing A LITTLE CBA0S (2u14), uiiecteu by Alan Rickman anu staiiing Kate
Winslet anu Natthias Schoenaeits.

$#(&1# :"#(%;' '"-#.' - Associate Piouucei
An awaiu winning Nigeiian uocumentaiy filmmakei anu Founuei Biiectoi of Communicating foi
Change ("CFC"), a uevelopment meuia company focusing on television, iauio, theatie, music anu
ait piouuctions, anu whose films have been bioaucast in 41 countiies. Sanuia is also a sought-
aftei ait collectoi anu cuiatoi, speakei, wiitei, anu convenei of aitistic events, anu uiew on hei
extensive netwoik of contacts to ensuie BALF 0F A YELL0W S0N ieceiveu public anu piivate
sectoi suppoit anu sponsoiship.

<'*( &% "'1:#( - Cinematogiaphei

A veteian of film, television anu commeicials, }ohn ue Boiman fiist founu iecognition in uillies
Nackinnon's ciitically acclaimeu 1996 film SNALL FACES, which pickeu up the Nichael Powell
Best Biitish Film awaiu at the Euinbuigh Inteinational Film festival that yeai. Woiluwiue success
followeu a yeai latei in the foim of comeuy classic TBE F0LL N0NTY, which pickeu up the 1998
BAFTA awaiu foi Best Film anu secuieu an Acauemy Awaiu nomination foi Best Pictuie.

uillies Nackinnon's BIBE00S KINKY followeu in 1998 which won ue Boiman the Lonuon Evening
Stanuaiu awaiu foi Best Technical Achievement, anu films following that incluueu SAvINu uRACE
(2uuu), BANLET (2uuu), SERENBIPITY (2uu1) anu SBALL WE BANCE (2uu4).

Be Boiman ietuineu into television in 2uu6 with BB0 miniseiies Tsunami: The Afteimath, which
secuieu him a BAFTA Tv nomination foi Best Photogiaphy & Lighting. Following this ue Boiman
woikeu on the NISS PETTIuREW LIvES F0R A BAY (2uu8) staiiing Amy Auams befoie the
ciitically acclaimeu Lone Scheifig film AN EB0CATI0N (2uu9) won him Best Woilu Biama
Cinematogiaphy awaiu at the Sunuance Film Festival.

Be Boiman's most iecent films incluue NABE IN BAuENBAN (2u1u) anu Q0ARTET (2u12) anu he

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 26
is the cuiient seiving Piesiuent of The Biitish Society of Cinematogiapheis.

ANBREW NCALPINE - Piouuction Besignei
Anuiew NcAlpine has uesigneu moie than SS featuie films in the past 2S yeais, incluuing such
iconic titles as }ane Campion's TBE PIAN0, which eaineu him BAFTA anu AFI awaius foi Best
Piouuction Besign; Alex Cox's SIB ANB NANCY; Spike Lee's CL0CKERS; anu TBE BEACB, uiiecteu
by Banny Boyle. Bis iecent cieuits incluue Bustin Boffman's uiiecting uebut Q0ARTET, NABE IN
BAuENBAN, uiiecteu by Nigel Cole, anu Lone Scheifig's, AN EB0CATI0N.

With an NFA in fine aits fiom Nottingham 0niveisity, NcAlpine has extensive opeia anu theatie
uesign cieuits as well as collaboiations with aitists such as }uan Nunoz at the Tate Nouein,
Antony uoimley at The Baywaiu anu aichitects Bianson anu Coates in cieating }ouiney Thiough
the Bouy, foi the Nillennium Bome. Anuiew also iegulaily uesigns awaiu winning commeicials
anu music viueos.

2*1-$ .-,, - Euitoi
Chiis uill's film caieei began with the genie uefining 28 BAYS LATER, followeu by the successful
28 WEEKS LATER anu Banny Boyle's S0NSBINE. Recently Chiis has cut the awaiu winning TBE
u0ARB foi uiiectoi }ohn NcBonagh anu has finisheu }ohn's latest film CALvARY with Bienuan
uleeson in the main iole. Chiis also euiteu the well loveu TBE BEST EX0TIC NARIu0LB B0TEL
uiiecteu by }ohn Nauuen. Piesently Chiis is cutting BL00B SISTERS uiiecteu by Naik Wateis foi a
valentine's Bay ielease 2u14.

"%( '('(' - Composei
uiammy anu Ivoi Novello awaiu nominee Ben 0nono was boin in Caiuiff but iaiseu in Nigeiia. A
piano scholai at the Royal Acauemy of Nusic in Lonuon, he establisheu himself as a songwiitei
with the hugely successful uance tiack It }ust Won't Bo with B} Tim Beluxe in 2uu2. The iecoiu
was nominateu foi a coveteu Ivoi Novello. Since then, Ben has wiitten, playeu anu sung foi aitists
as uiveise as Baviu uuetta, Fatboy Slim anu Natalie Imbiuglia. Bis entiie uebut album was useu
foi the BBC seiies The Long Way Bown staiiing Ewan Ncuiegoi; his single Rainbow of Love foi
Bob Sinclai was chosen foi a Euiope-wiue Alfa Romeo campaign; subsequently he was nominateu
foi a uiammy awaiu foi his woik on Sinclai's Naue In }amaica album. Nost iecently, Ben scoieu
the upcoming film auaptation of the Lauience 0liviei- awaiu-winning play uone Too Fai.

4#6, )*':$'( - Composei
Paul's past woik incluues scoiing the BAFTA Best Biama winning The Faues (BBC), foi which he
also won the RTS Awaiu foi Best 0iiginal Theme, Sony's blockbustei hit game seiies Little Big
Planet foi which he has composeu a huge amount of music spanning the last thiee majoi ieleases
(LBP2, LBP vita, LBP Kaiting), anu his music can be heaiu in Tv shows as uiveise as Keeping up
with the Kaiuashians (NTv) anu The uenius of Chailes Baiwin (RBFC4). In his 'othei life' he
piouuces music softwaie foi composeis anu is cuiiently woiking with the legenuaiy film
composei Bans Zimmei on a new libiaiy of sounus.

<' 8#)$#1#$ - Costume Besignei
}o Katsaias is an inteinationally ienowneu costume uesignei, known foi hei use of coloui anu
textuie in the costumes she uesigns. Bei cieuits incluue The No.1 Lauies Betective Agency (pilot

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 27
anu seiies), foi uiiectoi Anthony Ninghella, which eaineu hei nominations foi both an Emmy
Awaiu anu a Costume Besigneis uuilu Awaiu foi Best Costume Besign. 0thei iecent cieuits
incluue Philip Noyce's Naiy anu Naitha foi BB0; TBE B0RR0WERS, uiiecteu by Tom Baipei, }ohn
Booiman's IN NY C00NTRY, anu the animateu film RACINu STRIPES.

}o was boin in Cypius, but moveu to South Afiica as a young chilu. She giauuateu fiom
}ohannesbuig's National School of the Aits, anu began hei caieei woiking as Senioi Besignei foi a
laige clothing manufactuiei, but founu hei passion in cieating inuiviuual waiuiobes foi
chaiacteis to help tell a stoiy. In auuition to hei film anu television woik, }o has uesigneu
costumes foi moie than a hunuieu inteinational commeicials foi eveiything fiom Baiclays Bank
to KFC. In Apiil 2u1u, }o was honouieu with the Nauame Figaio "Woman of the Yeai" awaiu in

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 28

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All Images .
CBIWETEL E}I0F0R - 0uenigbo, }0BN B0YEuA - 0gwu , TBANBIE NEWT0N - 0lanna

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 29

Actoi's name
CBIWETEL E}I0F0R - 0uenigbo, TBANBIE NEWT0N - 0lanna

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun Su

TBANBIE NEWT0N - 0lanna, a soluiei, }0SEPB NAWLE - Richaiu
CBIWETEL E}I0F0R - 0uenigbo, }0SEPB NAWLE - Richaiu

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S1
CBIWETEL E}I0F0R - 0uenigbo
CBIWETEL E}I0F0R - 0uenigbo
CBIWETEL E}I0F0R - 0uenigbo

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S2

0uenigbo CBIWETEL E}I0F0R
Richaiu }0SEPB NAWLE
0gwu }0BN B0YEuA
0keoma BAB00 CEESAY
Amala S0SAN W0K0NA
Baiiison }0BE 0RB0RBA
Niss Auebayo uENEvIEvE NNA}I
Aunty Ifeka uL0RIA Y00Nu
Nis 0zobia TINA NBA
Chief 0konji WALE 0}0
Piofessoi Ezeka AY0 LI}AB0
Chief 0zobia ZACK 0R}I
0ncle Nbaezi REuINALB 0F0BILE
Piofessoi Lehman PA0L BANPSBIRE
Reuheau Chailes R0B BAvIB
Aniekwena 0C 0KE}E
Baby (1 yeai) BIvINE ENNAN0EL
Baby (S yeais) }0Y ENNAN0EL
Baby (S yeais) FAv00R ASIKPA
Thiee Piece Nan 0LAWALE 0BABEYI
Bai Piopiietiess ENE AWATT
Baitenuei }ER0NE INI0B0Nu
Elueily Nan T0NY EFFAB
Young Customs 0fficei KANAY0 0KANI
Tipsy uuest NICB0LAS B0RNS
Biafian Soluiei 0ne ERIC ANBERS0N
Biafian Soluiei Two ALvIN ILENRE
Butlei L00IS SAINT }0STE
Nembei - Caiuinal Rex Lawson & Bis Riveis Nen EFFI0N BASSEY
Nembei - Piemiei's Louge Cocktail Banu CBARLES 0S0N

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun SS





Baseu on the novel by CBINANANBA Nu0ZI ABICBIE

Executive Piouuceis YEWANBE SABIK0

Associate Piouucei SANBRA NBANEF0 0BIAu0

Executive in Chaige of Piouuction ALAN } WANBS

Biiectoi of Photogiaphy }0BN BE B0RNAN BSC

Piouuction Besignei ANBREW NCALPINE


Nusic by BEN 0N0N0

Costume Besignei }0 KATSARAS

Nake-0p & Baii Besignei SBAR0N NARTIN

Casting Biiectoi }INA }AY

Assistant Biiectoi LANCE R0EBRIu
Assistant Biiectoi ALEXANBER B0LT
Auuitional S
Assistant Biiectoi NARK C0CKREN
Ciowu Co-oiuinatoi ERIC ANBERS0N
Assistant Ciowu Co-oiuinatoi WILLIAN WILLIAN

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S4

Piouuction Consultant STEvE CLARK-BALL
Line Piouucei Yv0NNE IBAZEB0
0nit Piouuction Nanagei uERRY T00NEY
Piouuction Nanagei B0LLY P0LLINuER
Piouuction Co-oiuinatoi Y0EN-WAI LI0
Piouuction Co-oiuinatoi, Nigeiia B0SE 0SBIN
Assistant Piouuction Co-oiuinatoi B0SSAIN ABNEB
Piouuction Secietaiy BEN R0SA
Piouuction Secietaiy, Nigeiia T0YIN 0N0N0R
Piouuction Fixei, Nigeiia ESTBER BASSEY
Piouuction Runnei, Nigeiia EY0 ESSIEN
Piouucei's Assistant, Nigeiia F0NA NAB0KA
Rushes Runnei ANIETTE IBIT
Stuuio Nanagei }0E ESSE
Stuuio Runnei NIKE ANBEN

Stunt Co-oiuinatoi BANIEL BIRST
Assistant Stunt Co-oiuinatoi PA0L BANPSBIRE
Stunt Peifoimeis AAR0N N0CBANY0

Financial Contiollei NARK BIRNINuBAN
Supeivising Piouuction Accountant PENEL0PE R0BINS0N
Piouuction Accountant PARESB BEBERA
Assistant Accountant, Nigeiia BI0LA S0KEN0
Accounts Assistant, Nigeiia AKAN }0SEPB EKETEB

Sciipt Supeivisoi R0WENA LABB0RY
Sciipt Consultant BAN KLEINNAN

0nit Biiectoi of Photogiaphy NALC0LN NcLEAN
Focus Pullei SAN BARNES
'B' Cameia Focus Pullei }0STIN BR0KENSBA
Clappei Loauei uERBARB uELBENB0YS
Assistant Cameia }0LI00S N0BEB
Cameia Assistants ANI ANTIA

Key uiip uREu CANER0N

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun SS
(In loving memoiy 197u - 2u12
With love anu thanks, uieg - we coulu not have
uone it without you)
Best Boy uiip N0TSIRI }AC0B NAFAL0
Rigging uiip KEITB SNITB
Assistant uiip NAK0R0R0 NAF0L0
uiip Assistants BIvINE }0SEPB

Best Boy uaffei ENNAN0EL CB0NC0
Rigging uaffeis }P BANKINS
Rigging Best Boy Y0NA K0NINu
Electiicians BEvAN SINPS0N
Spaik Assistants BARN0NY
uenny 0peiatois FATAI ABENIYI

Facilities Co-oiuinatoi NA0RICE uREEN
Piactical Electiician FRANKIE ENNAN0EL
Auto Electiician (Baily) 0CBE PA0L
Piops Nechanic (Baily) KELECBI
Nechanic (Baily) S0L0NAN PATRICK

Piouuction Sounu Nixei uIANCARL0 BELLAPINA
Sounu Naintenance SAINT CLAIR BAvIS
Sounu Naintenance CECILLIA LANZI

Supeivising Ait Biiectoi STEvE S0NNERSuILL
Locations Ait Biiectoi CBRIS0PBE BALBERu
Assistant Ait Biiectoi L0KE B0LL
Stanuby Ait Biiectoi LA0RA C0NWAY-u0RB0N
Ait Biiectoi, Nigeiia PAT NEB0
Stoiyboaiu Aitist TENPLE CLARK
uiaphic Besignei CANISE 0LBFIELB
Ait Bepaitment Co-oiuinatoi, Nigeiia ANBY PETERS
Ait Bepaitment Assistant AYANA SA0NBERS
Ait Bepaitment Tiainee, Nigeiia ANINA }0BA 0N0K0R0

Biessing Piops SANB0R FENYI

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S6

Costume Supeivisoi Z0RETA SCB0LZ
Assistant Costume Supeivisoi KRISTINE BERu
Ageing Supeivisoi NIRIAN NBLANuA
(In loving memoiy 1968 - 2u12)
Key Stanuby INuE B00uB
Waiuiobe Assistant IZ0LINA BE vASC0NCEL0S
Costume Assistant 0YINKANS0LA N0N0B

Nake-0p Aitists S0E WYB0RuB
Nake-0p Assistant PRINCE INIBEBE
Nake-0p Tiainee NARY 0K0N
Baii Biessei ENEN }0BN
Baii Assistant vICT0RIA SILAS
Baii & Nake-0p (Baily) CBARL0TTE BAYWARB

Location Nanagei R0BIN PIN
Assistant Location Nanagei CAESAR 0R0ABE
0nit Nanagei PA0L BARBINu
Location Assistants ENNAN0EL 0B0Nu INAN

Auuitional Piouuction Runneis FRANCIS AKPEKE


Casting Biiectois, Nigeiia SEKE S0N0L0
0N0N0R S0N0L0
Casting Assistant }ESSIE FR0ST

Bialogue Coach ANNE WALSB

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S7
Constiuction Nanagei }0N0 N0LES
BoB Caipentei }0BN N00LENSCB0T
Caipenteis }0BN NANN
Scenic Aitist }0NNY BEXT
Constiuction (Baily) ANTB0NY S0L0N0N
Set Becoiatoi CBRIS ELLI0T
uiaphic Aitist CANISE 0LBFIELB

Stills Photogiaphei KERRY BR0WN
Stills Assistant KEN 0KANA

0nit Paiameuic }0E BIuuS

Cateiei ENEKA 0N00BA
Ciowu Cateiei ASANBIA EY0
Welfaie Co-oiuinatoi L0vEY SNART

Tianspoit Co-oiuinatoi NIKE EuBE
Assistant Tianspoit Co-oiuinatoi vINCENT 0WEB
Neet anu uieet NICAB Iu0u0
Assistant Biiectoi Cai CBARLES NESA}0WS
Ait Bepaitment Biiveis SANNY S0NBAY
}0EL 0K0N
Cameia Biiveis N0SES EBET
Cast Biiveis LEE 0K0N
Constiuction Biiveis S0NBAY }0BN
uennie Biiveis ENNAN0EL 0LAT0N}I
uiip Biiveis SLY B0uB0

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S8
Lighting Biiveis RICBARB AKPAN
Location Biiveis EFFI0Nu 0B0B
Piouuction Biiveis uBENuA CBRIST0PBER
Piops Tiuck Biivei ENNAN0EL FRIBAY
Set Becoiatoi Tiansit Biivei FELIX B0NINIC
SFX Tiuck Biivei INN0CENT 0TIN}A
Sounu Biivei }INNY 0BI
Ninibus Biiveis BANIEL ENNAN0EL
Boat Co-oiuinatoi 0NINI 0FEN 0T0
Boat Biiveis ANBEN EY0

Cioss Rivei State uoveinment Liaison 0fficei CBARLES ETIN BASSEY
Filming Ciew Accieuitation vICT0R 0KBAI

68 $*'')

Piouuction Nanagei KATE uL0vER
Piouuction Co-oiuinatoi LISA I0NA
Piouuction Runnei LL0YB ST0NARB

Assistant Biiectoi uE0RuE BATCBEL0R
Flooi Runnei }ANES EvEREB

Ait Biiectoi 0K BEN SNITB

Stanuby Caipentei PA0L B00SE

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun S9
Piouuction Buyei KATBRYN PYLE
Piops Nastei 0K PA0L P0RBY
Biessing Piops STEvE PAYNE
Ait Bepaitment Runnei KIRA KENBLE

Assistant 'A' Cameia T0BIAS NARSBALL
Biiectoi of Photogiaphy 'B' Cameia NALC0LN NCLEAN
Assistant 'B' Cameia NERRITT u0LB
Assistant 'B' Cameia BASB LILLEY
viueo 0peiatoi LA0RA BINNETT
Cameia Intein KENIN 0BAIuBENA

Key uiip }0BNNY B0NNE
uiip 'B' Cameia ANBY EBRIBuE
uiip (Baily) KEvIN F0Y
uiip Assistant }ANES P0WELL

uaffei CB0CK FINCB
Rigging uaffei T0NNY FINCB

Waiuiobe Supeivisoi SIAN EvANS

Boom 0p TAWA K. B0R0W0}0

Thanuie Newton Biivei LEE R0BINS0N
Cast Biiveis uE0RuIA B0FT0N



Bealth anu Safety 0fficei NICK B0RRELL - }BA SAFETY

Casting - Extias LESLEY u0uARTY

4'$) 41'&62)-'(

Auuitional Euiting }0N uREu0RY

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 4u
Post Piouuction Supeivisoi ENNA ZEE

Assistant Euitois IAN C0NNINuBAN

Post Piouuction Accountants }0N NILLER

Senioi Post Piouucei LISA }0RBAN
Post Piouucei LEE B0BuKINS0N

Assistant Colouiist BIANA vASQ0EZ
0nline Euitois SC0TT u00LBINu
Bigital Lab Nanagei BANIEL T0NLINS0N
B-Lab 0peiatois ABIuAIL NCKENZIE
Bigital Restoiation Technician ALBERT0 B0R0N

Technical Suppoit RITCBIE FERu0S0N
Post Piouuction Engineei LINBEN BR0WNBILL
Re-iecoiuing Nixei PA0L C0TTERELL
Sounu Assistants YANTI WINBR0SB
Supeivising Sounu & Bialogue Euitoi SIN0N PRICE
Sounu Effects Euitoi R0BNEY BERLINu
Foley Nixei SIN0N TR0NBLE
Foley Aitist PA0L BANKS
Foley Supeivisoi PBILL BARRETT
Foley Recoiueu at 0NIvERSAL S00NB


voice Casting vANESSA BAKER

visual Effects Supeivisoi SEAN B FARR0W
visual Effects Piouucei L0CY TANNER

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 41
Beau of visual Effects STEFAN BR0RY

Senioi Bigital Compositois ABRIAN BANT0N
Bigital Compositois }ANES ELSTER
Compositing Supeivisoi SBEILA WICKENS

Bigital Natte Paintei BARRY W0RNALB

0n-Set vFX Supeivisoi BEN SBEPBERB


Systems Auministiatois BANIEL SPAIN

Nain Title Sequence Besigneu by RICBARB N0RRIS0N

Laboiatoiy Seivices TECBNIC0L0R
Laboiatoiy Contact }0BN ENSBY

Post Piouuction Sciipt Seivices FATTS


0ichestiation BEN F0SKETT
English Session 0ichestia contiacteu by B0N KELLY
Conuuctoi NATT B0NKLEY
Recoiueu anu Nixeu by uE0FF F0STER
Copyist C0LIN RAE

Nusic Supeivisoi YENI ALABE-LAWAL

Naughty Little Flea
Wiitten by Noiman Thomas
Peifoimeu by Niiiam Nakeba
Aumin by We Thiee Nusic Inc
Licenseu Couitesy of Sony music & Siyanuisa Nusic

Beie Bote
Wiitten & Peifoimeu by Caiuinal Rex Lawson
Licenseu couitesy of Piemiei Nusic Publishing Co Ltu

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 42
By Aiiangement with S1 Lex Recoius Ltu

A Night In Tunisia
Wiitten by uillespie Papaielli
Peifoimeu by The Tony Kofi Quintet
61'. D1=% T +$U1;)1'*&M 63*G13 C$(V%& T 7%$'1, /$33. F$3(2*. T -1,E2* F$&&M
C%'&(1' @2%==130 T -3,4&, F.31' C$22*' T 63,4;*(
Licenseu Couitesy of 0niveisal Nusic

Wiitten by Antonio Cailos }obim
Peifoimeu by The Tony Kofi Quintet
61'. D1=% T +$U1;)1'*&M 63*G13 C$(V%& T 7%$'1, /$33. F$3(2*. T -1,E2* F$&&M
S1&*& F1.0 T -3,4&, /%2%$ :1'(8)*G$ T 7*38,&&%1'
Licenseu Couitesy of 0niveisal Nusic

Ny Little Sueue Shoes
Wiitten by Chailie Paikei
Peifoimeu by The Tony Kofi Quintet
61'. D1=% T +$U1;)1'*&M 63*G13 C$(V%& T 7%$'1, /$33. F$3(2*. T -1,E2* F$&&M
S1&*& F1.0 T -3,4&, /%2%$ :1'(8)*G$ T 7*38,&&%1'
Licenseu by Naiaua Nusic Limiteu

0n Poquito Be Tu Amoie
Wiitten by }ulio Butieiiez
Peifoimeu by The Tony Kofi Quintet
61'. D1=% T +$U1;)1'*&M 63*G13 C$(V%& T 7%$'1, /$33. F$3(2*. T -1,E2* F$&&M
S1&*& F1.0 T -3,4&, /%2%$ :1'(8)*G$ T 7*38,&&%1'
Copyiight Licenseu by Peei Inteinational Coip (C) 1948

Funeial Ceiemony
Wiitten by Fianco Tamponi
Copyiight Licenseu couitesy of PRSNCPS

uo Lil Liza
Wiitten by Coleman Bawkins
Peifoimeu by The Tony Kofi Quintet
61'. D1=% T +$U1;)1'*&M 63*G13 C$(V%& T 7%$'1, /$33. F$3(2*. T -1,E2* F$&&M
S1&*& F1.0 T -3,4&, /%2%$ :1'(8)*G$ T 7*38,&&%1'
Licenseu Couitesy of ENI Nusic

Biamatic Event
Wiitten by Fianco Tamponi
Copyiight Licenseu couitesy of PRSNCPS

Aiiival of the Queen 0f Sheba
Wiitten by ueoige Fiiueiic Banuel
Peifoimeu by Sinfonia vaisovia vaisovia Albiecht Nayei Nonika Razynska Aikauiusz Kiopa

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 4S
Copyiight Licenseu by 0niveisal Nusic

Santa Baby
Wiitten by }oan }avits, Philip Spiingei, Tony Spiingei
Peifoimeu by Eaitha Kitt
0seu By Kinu Peimission of Cailin Nusic Coip & Tamii Nusic
Licenseu couitesy of Sony Nusic

Bail Biafia
Wiitten & Peifoimeu by Caiuinal Rex Lawson
Licenseu Couitesy of Nigeiphone Co Ltu
By Aiiangement with S1 Lex Recoius Ltu

Simini Yaya
Wiitten by Collins 0ke
Peifoimeu by Collins 0ke Elaiho & Bis 0uologie Nobles Bance Banu
Licenseu Couitesy of Sounuway Recoius Ltu

Wiitten by }ean Sebelius
Aiiangeu by Paul Thomson & Ben 0nono
0seu By Peimission of Bieitkopf & Baeitel, Wiesbauen ueimany

Aichive Piouucei

Aichive Footage Supplieu By

CAF94u11726: }T 2uh: Panique au Biafia, Suu81968
CAF88uSu4SS: Cinq Colonnes la 0ne, uSuS1968, }ou: Nichel Bonoiin

Legal Seivices BANW0 & IuB0BAL0

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 44

Beau of Sales WILL NACBIN
Executive vice Piesiuent of Sales NATALIE BRENNER
Sales anu Acquisitions Nanagei SAN PARKER
Festival anu Naiketing Biiectoi }ENNA SANBS
Inteinational Seivicing Consultant LINBA BEACY
Sales Co-oiuinatoi FI0NA SPIERS
Beau of Business anu Legal Affaiis ANBERS ERBEN
Business anu Legal Affaiis Executive TRACEY NcCARRICK

Piouuceis PETER RAvEN

Biiectoi of Film Funu BEN R0BERTS
Senioi Piouuction & Bevelopment Executive CBRIST0PBER C0LLINS
Beau of Piouuction FI0NA N0RBAN
Senioi Business Affaiis Executive SARAB CA0uBEY
Beau of Piouuction Finance IAN KIRK

With veiy Special Thanks To

With veiy Special Thanks To

With veiy Special Thanks To

With veiy Special Thanks To


monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 4S

With Special Thanks To



Insuiance Seivices Pioviueu By NEBIA INS0RANCE

Legal Seivices Pioviueu By LEE & TB0NPS0N

Cameia anu uiip Equipment Supplieu by N0vIETECB

Lighting Supplieu by PANAL0X

Film Stock Supplieu by K0BAK

monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 46


Bevelopeu with the assistance of the Biitish Bioaucasting Coipoiation

Bevelopeu by Shaieman Neuia, the 0K Film Council anu Kachifo Limiteu

With the suppoit of the NEBIA Piogiamme of the Euiopean 0nion

Woiluwiue Sales by Netio Inteinational Enteitainment Limiteu

Naue with the suppoit of the BFI's Film Funu



monteiey meuia inc. Balf of a Yellow Sun 47
monterey media inc., a uniquely independent studio

monterey media inc., incorporated in 1979, is a privately owned entertainment company. monterey media is
actively engaged in all areas of domestic media, including theatrical distribution, film festivals, and other distinctive
venues, television, digital delivery and entertainment markets.
The Company is known for creating unique and distinctive release strategies tailored to each project. By way of
example, in 2005, the Company established a joint venture for the creation of a special theatrical event in
conjunction with AMC Theatres to launch the motion picture Indigo: A one day, 603 North America venue showing
grossed over $1,190,000 box office. Recently, monterey media films have been nominated for the Golden Globe
Award, Independent Spirit Award (two nominations in the last three years one win this year), and NAACP Image
Award. Many of our award-winning films have premiered at Sundance, TIFF, Tribeca, and SXSW Film Festivals, as
well as on Roger Eberts 10 Best Independent Films list.

2014 finds monterey media films on nationwide screens including the acclaimed TIFF Premiere Half of a Yellow
Sun starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Thandie Newton based upon the award-winning best-selling novel, which
enjoyed its U.S. premiere as the Red Carpet opening night film at the African Film Festival at Lincoln Center where
the film sold out within four hours; Redwood Highway starring the two-time Academy Award nominated Shirley
Knight and Tom Skerritt; and Academy nominated David Strathairn in No God, No Master which portrays the
Anarchist terrorism of the 1920s as a reminder to us today; along with new films starring Academy Award and
Golden Globe nominated actors Gerard Depardieu, Harvey Keitel, Chloe Sevigny, Eric Stoltz, Jennifer Beals,
Camryn Manheim, Seymour Cassel and Jena Malone.

The philosophy of doing good while doing well is practically a mantra at monterey media, and in addition to its
ritual support of charitable organizations the company has developed a program entitled A Weekend of Unity &
Peace. mmi was awarded a 2013 California Excellence Award Recipient from the United States Trade and
Commerce Institute.

monterey is known for its creatively coordinated marketing strategies incorporating promotional alliances with such
strategic partners as Wal-Mart, Fisher Price, Pepsi Cola, American Express, Amnesty International USA, Make-A-
Wish Foundation of America, Childrens Cancer Research Fund, Patagonia, Body Glove, KIDS FIRST!, Days Inns,
Habitat for Humanity, Greenpeace, the International Motorcycle Shows and Healthy World Healthy Child and Air

The monterey home entertainment division is the 2nd oldest independent video manufacturer and distributor in the
United States and incorporates distribution to all digital markets. monterey is well known for its broad marketing and
its direct relationships with key retail, mail-order and internet sites, schools and libraries, and specialty markets. The
versatile monterey video library encompasses unique feature films and documentaries with the Company having
been awarded numerous Multi-Platinum RIAA and ITA sales Awards; prestigious Independent films starring such
distinguished actors as Susan Sarandon, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Shirley Knight, Tom Skerritt, Thandie Newton, John
Ritter, Tommy Lee Jones, William Hurt, Forest Whitaker, David Strathairn, Brian Dennehy, Robin Williams, Danny
Glover, among many others; celebrated sports programming including Bruce Brown Films On Any Sunday and The
Endless Summer; the most prestigious educational yet entertaining library of films adapted from literatures
renowned authors combined with acclaimed performances from many of Hollywoods greatest actors; and note-
worthy childrens programming. In addition, monterey has the honor of being the first video market licensee of the
American Film Institute.
monterey media, inc. 566 Saint Charles Dr. Thousand oaks, CA 91360-3953
phone: 805-494-7199 fax: 805-496-6061
webmasters: Gordon Scott Garcia & Carly Schmidt All images are copyright monterey media inc.