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November 2009
advancing racial justice through research, advocacy and journalism

publisher of
The national newsmagazine on race and politics

A Letter from the President and

Executive Director, Rinku Sen Awards and Accolades
North Star News Prize.
With your help, ARC can
ARC’s executive director, Rinku Sen, along with
become the home for Racial
Ellis Cose, contributing editor and columnist for
Justice that our country urgently
Newsweek, have been selected as the 2009-
needs. We’ve developed a strat-
2010 recipients of the North Star News Prize.
egy to reach that goal, and we’ve
Inspired by the life and work of Frederick
made progress. To carry out our
Douglass, the North Star Fund is New York
most ambitious plans, we need
City’s leading community foundation and a
to build a more complex, more
fierce supporter of grassroots movements that
powerful organization in 2010.
bolster struggling neighborhoods and fight
With funding from foundations
against the root causes of poverty, racism,
decreasing in this economy, we
homophobia and gender discrimination.
rely even more on you, ARC’s al-
The North Star News Prize recognizes
lies and supporters, to recognize
journalists, mediamakers and communications
the critical importance of this political moment and to give us the
professionals of color who have made a signifi-
financial capacity to do more of the work you know only ARC does.
cant contribution to the public’s understand-
ing of the struggle for social justice. The work
The political landscape is shifting daily, with voices for equity
of North Star News Prize winners inspires us
fighting against those who would keep the status quo. It’s more
to craft a world by the principles of fairness,
important than ever that we popularize the idea of racial justice
inclusion, peace and justice.
and produce the tools needed to make it a reality. Everyone
The News Prize comes to Rinku at a particu-
who started this year hoping for change is now looking for a
larly crucial time in ARC’s organizational his-
way to make a real impact, and ARC can help the racial justice
tory, as we transition to a more media-focused
movement to take the lead.
organization in order to broaden our reach and
audience, and enhance our ability to popularize
In 2009, we have been preparing to fill this need by distributing
racial justice concepts.
our media projects widely, producing new research and trainings,
You can learn more about the News Prize
and dramatically expanding our audience base. Loyal supporters
and read Rinku’s blog post about what winning
like you have responded by using ARC’s reports, participating in
the News Prize means to her at www.arc.org/
our conference and national phone calls, and sharing RaceWire
and ColorLines with your communities. Our 2008 Facing Race
Conference was our biggest yet, and our web products are more
popular than ever, reaching up to 100,000 people monthly.

Our successes are cause to celebrate but not to rest easy. The
DONATion levels
challenges ahead—from new strategies by the right wing to the $25 will support the distribution of a new ARC report.
label of a “colorblind” society—require even more from us. We
must grow as an organization so that we can grasp all the political $50 will pay for one grassroots organization’s staff
opportunities to fight for equity. This is crunch time. member to participate in a workshop/training.

There is no way for us to expand ARC without your help. Any $100 will help defray the cost of sending one
amount you give will be extremely useful at this critical moment. intern to our Facing Race conference.
I know I can count you in as we develop our programs to ensure
that racial justice is among our nation’s top priorities. $250 will support the creation of a video blog.
$500 will help us send a researcher to report on
location, gathering original information for stories.

Applied Research Center 900 Alice Street, Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94607 PH: 510-653-3415 FAX: 510-986-1062 www.arc.org
CALL FOR INTERNS arc updates
ARC works closely with ARC has released Changing
interns and values their the Race: Racial Politics and
contributions to our orga- the Election of Barack Obama,
nization. Volunteer intern- edited by Linda Burnham,
ships are currently available cofounder of the Women of
in marketing, research and Color Resource Center.
media/journalism in both This election reader comes
New York and Oakland offices. The New York office just as the nation debates
is also looking for a fundraising intern. Please visit whether the aggressive criticism
our website for more information, www.arc.org of President Obama over the
past few months is rooted in
The ARC Midwest office in racism, and it offers a nuanced
Chicago is accepting applications critique of his role in our
for a Facing Race conference ongoing struggles for justice.
intern, who will be responsible Changing the Race features essays by 20 prominent
for assisting with event planning, A N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E thinkers and activists with decades of commitment to those
grassroots fundraising and outreach for our struggles, as the writers identify the trends, the lessons, the
Facing Race conference to be held at the Hyatt facts and the lies surrounding the 2008 election.
McCormick place in Chicago from September Get your free copy online or purchase a hard copy for
$9 at www.arc.org/changingtherace.
23-25, 2010. Interested applicants should submit
a résumé and letter of interest to Donna Hernández [ARC updates continued on next page]
via email, dhernandez@arc.org.

thank you ARC’s ability to play its unique role in making new paths toward racial justice has
always depended in no small part on the expertise, commitment and sacrifices
FUNDER of our board members. At the end of this year, three women who have helped to
shape ARC will be leaving the board. We will miss the great energy and dedication
THANKS LIST that Susan Colson, Esmeralda Simmons and Carol Pencke bring to the fight for ra-
In addition to you, our deep cial justice. Susan has been board chair for most of ARC’s history and has lent her
gratitude goes out to our recent organizational development experience to guide us through numerous leadership
institutional funders who have and growth transitions. Esmeralda has contributed her experience and leadership
given us the tools to build in many ways, especially in the areas of voting rights, public policy and redistrict-
a home for racial justice. In ing. Carol has generously shared her expertise in organizational
2009, they included: development and fundraising at both the staff and board levels,
successfully strengthening ARC’s individual donor efforts. Thank
• Akonadi Foundation
you all for your endless contributions, and we look forward to
• Arcus Foundation your future involvement as ARC continues to renew itself.
• The California Endowment We are confident that our new board members will make
equally vital contributions: ARC is pleased and proud to welcome
• Marguerite Casey Foundation
Deepa Iyer and Deanna Zandt. Deepa is the executive director
• Ford Foundation of South Asian Americans Leading Together Deepa Iyer

• Mitchell Kapor Foundation (SAALT) and has been an advocate of civil and
immigration rights for over ten years. Deanna is a media technolo-
• W.K. Kellogg Foundation
gist who specializes in social media and women and technology.
• Open Society Institute
• Surdna Foundation

• Unitarian Universalist Veatch Rinku Sen, President Victor Goode

Dorian Warren, Chair Deepa Iyer
Program at Shelter Rock
Deanna Zandt Ellen Gurzinsky, Vice-Chair Christopher Rabb
LeeAnn Hall, Secretary/Treasurer Deanna Zandt
Andrea Batista-Schlesinger Gary Delgado, Emeritus
2 Applied Research Center
Check out our blog at RaceWire.org

[ARC updates continued]

torn apart series
GREEN ECONOMY TOOLKIT Against a backdrop of a
The first phase of ARC’s Green Economy Toolkit was re- national debate on immi-
leased in November and includes core equity principles, gration reform, ColorLines
equity goals and success indicators for grassroots orga- magazine went on the road
nizations to use to promote racial, gender and economic from New York to Jamaica
equity in their communities. It is accompanied by a to investigate the human
promotional video, as well as by a case study on green costs of deportation on
jobs in Los Angeles. The release will be followed by an immigrant communities.
ARC-sponsored webinar introducing the toolkit and its ColorLines journalists
uses to grassroots organizers. found that harsh immigra-
tion policy, compounded
by systemic inequities
ARC releases coming soon: in the criminal justice
system, might not be
thwarting terrorists or making our country safer. Instead, they
are increasingly breaking up families of color through height-
While some are trying
ened enforcement that punishes families twice, first through
to keep hope alive
incarceration, and second by deportation. The resulting “Torn
in the White House,
Apart” article series and multimedia project featuring video
ARC allies are making
and photo essay is online at www.colorlines.com/tornapart.
racial equity happen
at the statehouse.
Five years ago, ARC MEDIA PROJECTS
released the first leg- ARC is deep into a productive Fall lineup for media projects.
islative report card on We’re putting together a pilot TV show with LinkTV about race
racial equity in Cali- and recession to air in mid-December; ARC board member
fornia. Fast-forward and founder of afronetizen.com Chris Rabb will be host-
to 2009: groups from ing the show. The RaceWire and ColorLines websites will be
Nevada, Washington, relaunched as a single website in January. We are making im-
Idaho, Minnesota, provements to ARC’s technical and media infrastructure with
Illinois, New York, California, Connecticut and Georgia major upgrades to our databases, server technology, video
have now formed a national Racial Equity cohort. production techniques and much more. A key 2010 project
This year, the Organizing Apprenticeship Project in ARC’s effort to popularize racial justice is innovating and
of Minnesota and Citizen Action of New York have testing new media products geared towards young, politically
released state-level racial equity reports. California, engaged people who use media to make change. If you are
Illinois and Minnesota have released their fifth, second interested in being part of our product testing program in
and third reports, respectively. And, allies at Colorado 2010, please contact Nayana Sen at senn@arc.org
Progressive Coalition and the Progressive Leadership In addition to all the ARC websites having an upward trend
Alliance of Nevada released legislative racial equity in traffic in the past year, our video content is getting good
report cards this year. At ARC, we’re working to release pickup. The “Word” video series has gotten noticed and
an interactive mapping website for the Illinois Legisla- played on a variety of blogs. You can watch them online at:
tive Report card on Racial Equity. By Spring 2010, youtube.com/racialjustice.
Idaho and Washington Community Action Networks
and the United Congress of Community and Religious
Organizations of Chicago will release their state reports.
In April, ARC organized a special training for the
groups, after which they formed the National Racial
Equity Report Card Cohort. The formation has devel-
oped a peer consulting structure that allows them to
share best practices. And there is more to come—
more groups, more action and more equity.

Applied Research Center 3

SAVE THE DATE 2010 • September 23-25, 2010
facing race
a National conference

Hyatt Regency
McCormick Place
2233 S Martin L King Drive
Chicago, IL 60616


define justice.
make change.
for more information:
visit www.arc.org/facingrace or email facingrace@arc.org

F: 510/ 653-3427
P: 510/ 653-3415

Address Service Requested

Oakland, CA 94611-5221
4096 Piedmont Avenue, PMB 319