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Malinao, Narra, Palawan
+63 9264942987

Virginia G. Gubantes
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Executive Summary 2

Company Description 3

Description of the Products 3

Marketing Plan 4

Financial Management Plan 5


Guinderick Food Products have been involved with Espasol production and other
native delicacies (kakanin) for several years. It is a single proprietorship managed by Mr. & Mrs.
Samuel and Virginia Gubantes. They started their business sometime in 1997. At first, they
started making espasol but due to requests, they added maja and biko. With the support of DTI
and their program OTOP (One Town, One Product), espasol became known not only in Narra
but also province-wide.


Virgie and Samuel have developed several flavors for espasol. When in season,
they include langka and ube but most of the time they use sweetened young coconut (minatamis
na buko).The estimated shelf life of the product is 3 days in normal temperature and up to 7 days
in refrigerated temperatures.


Guinderick Food Products intends to market the products not only in offices and
terminals but also to restaurants, cafeterias and canteens.

Since there are several native delicacies in the market such as cashew products,
we are improving the quality of our products from the ingredients use up to the label to make it
more competitive to the market.

The strengths of these products aside from being delicious is that it is made of the
freshest and finest ingredients to make it more palatable to taste and no preservatives and food
enhancers added. Special attention was also given to develop attractive label as well as the