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————eE= °° -e oe YOR [ADVANCED RUSSIAN STUDIES THE WILSON CENTER Experiment ond Order in the Russian Revolution ~ BOLSHEVIK CULTURE Edited by Abbott Gleason, Peter Kenez, and Richard Stites INDIANA UNIVERSITY PRESS Bloomington Contents INTRODUCTION Abbot Gleason ‘The capes in ts book were origi pesca at 0-day cofetece the Kennan lst for Advance Ruslan Stas ofthe Woodrow Wikon Center, Sith Insation, om May 1 and 2,19. Paripans in he enferace aed canine th psd ound the Rusian Revolution 1917 inan efor explain ow inthe oure of elely fw month wd ens shat we cll "Rusan cle” began wo change ino smething elated, Yt “lively diferent, eval eee, ally peer, 8 "Soviet fare" This complex and subtle change entailed both the aon of new tlements andthe svbection of of ones—and every kind of permutation of eth, Inthe Rois Rvoion the sail groups tha ad donate per Rusia adhe store fess, aus abd isin tht they had ted er he centri, were agely sep avy. They were ele Hy ies, ads, aetna stuns whch wer uiatel eed Russ's pos but were ao prof condoned hy te revasonary bal ad Experiences ofthe ew ete Duel Orlvakys est exams 3 elimiary se of his proses by fcsing ote steps of the Provo Gove Pet—aosuripy ther nate to ih Worse leno lad te crag is few mots in power. Shela Fear comibures anes 0 realy of Russia's leadership. That waunatc experince lesa cone ‘tape and coloring tothe apcatons wich Rober C. Ther alee by tlsng Boies 1 be, ang th higs cle nthe making Frm ourratage pit inthe ies, we can eth ore of alc sl pas of ew which appeared to be Den Shed Oi 1917 ‘eremore abe than ingen roped ares id thea ofthe ‘ctl groups it niall pt hr forward For example, tes decade us mae ar tone des at een paral gent) i ore fo ave 2 rerrence of Savoie plitcal romantic. Nox ina smb leet ‘ein, beth expt itemaonalm of the Bobvk pit of view inhibited ‘he meaty growth of Crest Runen nationale, mote te ak of he