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Camel Trophy 1985 was the largest event to date with sixteen teams from eight different

countries taking part, including three teams new to the event, Japan, ra!il, and the
Canary "slands# This time, Camel Trophy took participants to the world$s second largest
island, orneo and the vast expanses of unexplored territory in its hinterland#
The selected route started at %amirinda on the east coast of "ndonesian orneo
&'alimantan( and )y way of a long anti*clockwise sweep ended in the oilfield city and
port of alikpapan#

+ain once again proved to )e a formida)le o)stacle to progress during the event, creating
perilously slick trails and fast flowing swollen rivers# ,rogress was even slower across
the mountains of -ast 'alimantan.s /ungle regions, at times reducing the convoy.s speed
to a mere two or three kilometres per day#
0hat made orneo .85 particularly memora)le for many was the improvised helicopter
airlift of the complete convoy of 1and +over 92$s across miles of flooded rainforest# The
vehicles had )ecome marooned on a low rise within the flooded forest where, without
this piece of ingenuity, they would undou)tedly have remained until the next dry season

The other significant event element, first introduced during orneo $85, was the inclusion
of the 3Team %pirit 4ward3, presented to the team who, in the opinion and /udgement of
all the other teams participating, most epitomised the fellowship and camaraderie of the
Teams, /udged for their capa)ility and their compati)ility, awarded the first 5Team %pirit6
pri!e to the likea)le ra!ilian team of Carlos ,ro)st and Tito +osen)erg
7verall victory on Camel Trophy went to the 8ermany 1 team of 9ein! 'allin and ernd
Vehicles: Land Rover Defender 90
Distance: 1500 kms by road
Number of Teams: 1
!artici"atin# $ountries:
%el#ium 1 ,hilippe 8o)let : 9u)ert Callens
%el#ium &
Jean*Claud ;ecraene : 0ilfried van der
%ra'il 1
7smar -ugenio 'retschek : 1uis 4ylton
%ra'il & Carlos ,ro)st : Tito +osen)erg Team %pirit 4ward
$anary (slands <ernando +e)ull : Jose 4ntonio +eyes
)ermany 1 9ein! 'allin : ernd %trohdach 0"==-+%
)ermany & 8eorg >ichael ;iehl : Jurgen >einig
*olland 1 4rie ,lugers : 0ill 0alters
*olland &
Jouke -ikel)oom : 8errit
(taly 1 <lavio ;ematteis : %tefano 8asi
(taly & +o)erto "ve : eppe 8ualini
+a"an 1 'unio Takagi : <ukumu ?!uta
+a"an &
9irotaka %himamura : 8entaro
Javier Casasus 1attore : Jaime
>asferrer 7rdis
,-it'erland 1 runo Camen!ind : ?rs eer
,-it'erland & 0erner -hrsam : 0erner ,aul uhrer

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