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Week 2 Journal

1- Determine the primary manner in which ORION has increased your business knowledge in the
related subject area.
This week Orion increased my business knowledge in micro and macroeconomics area. It allows
the student to study their proficiency in understanding the different factors involving the overall
and small business economics. In the subject area of economic challenges, it is important to
understand how the U.S economics functions. For instance the GDP factors which contribute to
determine the U.S economic performance is the key factors required to study a countrys
performance. The CPI is an instrument which allows the measure of inflation in one nations
economics, it fluctuate in accordance to the financial variation associated with expansion and
contraction. Orion showed the performance in responding to the question then creates a general
percentage to allow me to review the chapter. In this way, Orion was able to allow me to focus
on researches about macroecomics which increase my business knowledge in such area.
2- Discuss specific challenges that you may have experienced with any of the subject matter
presented, and point out the areas for which you would like more information
Challenges I experienced in during this weeks Orion learning remains various. The first one was
the ability to understand international trade factors such as trade deficit. The second challenge is
related to the discussion of the development of strategies for international business which was
31% of the overall answers. The third challenge was to explain the decision to go global. The
latter one is an important area where students need more information. Thus, since most
companies are doing businesses in the international arena, it becomes important to understand
how companies should have a worldwide business method to achieve the profit while being
challenged by the ethical factors.
3- Suggest at least two (2) possible applications of this weeks material to the company that you
currently work for or hope to work for in the future.
Multidomestic business strategy is important for most companies. The world market is
becoming important and companies need to be concerned about culture adaptation. Also,
companies should understand that other countries have different factors which regulate markets.
Internet is not the most popular portal of business in developing countries, thus business should
consider whether or not they must focus on internet versus physical retails.
The demand and supply theory is an important factor of profit. It is necessary that any
companies rely on these factors to determine prices and consumers behaviors. In reality, the
demand curve can allow a company to keep track of any item performance thereby pulling the
historic purchase of one item and decide appropriate ways to implement corrections.