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Term 1

Commencement of Training

Conclusion of Training

Total duration

Note: Student may continue their training in December as well

Term 2

Commencement of Training

Conclusion of Training

Total duration 2 semester


2.1 Choice of firm

The Architect firm under whom you intend to undertake training with a
minimum professional experience of 5- 10 years.

2.2 Fixing of Training

1. Students are required to fix-up the training (keeping in mind the above
said guideline regarding the choice of firm.)
2. A student may also register herself/ himself for the University
Placement Policy 2012 for the fixing of his/her training. In case of any
query related to University Placement Policy student shall contact the
Placement Coordinator of the School / UMS.
2.3 Prior approval

1. After fixing the training student must apply to the
DOD/HOD/TRAINING COORDINATOR for the approval on the
prescribed firm (copy enclosed as Appendix-I).
2. Practical Training Committee reserves the right to approve the training
office. Committee may ask the student to change the office/firm if it
deems to be necessary.
2.4 Change of office and address

1. No change is generally permitted; any change if necessitated shall be
made only after stating valid reasons and submitting no objection
certificate from your previous employer.
2. Prior permission of Practical Training Committee shall be mandatory for
any change of office and change must be made within first five days of
calendar month.
3. In case the student submits the approval letter/conformation letter from
any design firm, but fail to join him/her. He must inform him in writing
stating the reasons for not joining and submit its copy to the School
Training Coordinator for record.

4. Change of address (official or correspondence), should be intimated to
the school within one week of change. (Change of official address
means shifting of the office with whom you are working).
5. Note: If a student changes the office without the permission of Practical
Training Committee his / her subsequent training reports will not be
accepted till he / she gets the official approval process completed,
though the interim progress reports (period for which student is not
having the official approval) will not be accepted and will not be
awarded any marks.

2.5 Schedule for sending progress reports.

1. You are required to send your joining report and the monthly progress
reports via email (copies enclosed as Appendix II & III) to the Training
Coordinator as per the following schedule, which should be strictly
adhered to as follows:
The last dates to receive the progress reports by the Training
Coordinator are:


Joining report

2. Progress report of July
3. Progress report of August
4. Progress report of September
5. Progress report of October
6. Progress report of November
7. Progress report of January
8. Progress report of February
9. Progress report of March
10. Progress report of April

2. All the above reports shall be sent on prescribed Performa only (copy
enclosed) Student shall email the soft copy of report with duly signed
and scanned Performa (copy enclosed) to Training Coordinator. A
confirmation email will be sent to the student by the Training
Coordinator when submission in soft copy will be received. If a student
has not received confirmation email, he/she must contact Training
Coordinator via phone regarding the issue.
3. Any dispute on account of submission of progress report will be
considered only on the production of confirmation email received by the
students. So students are advised to keep confirmation emails in their
2.6. Marking of Monthly reports
Monthly progress reports, completed in all respect, shall be received by
Training Coordinator by deadline (i.e. on or before 10th of every month).
However, this deadline can be extended up to 3 working days with prior
approval of Training Coordinator; otherwise any late submissions will not be


Students are required to do the following work during your training period.

3.1 Work During Office Hours

All design work done during the training period assigned to you by your
employer cover under following types e.g. working on sketch proposals,
presentation drawings, submission drawings/municipal drawing,
working/construction drawings, preparing estimates, project report, models,
writing specifications, site visits etc.
You are required to submit best of your work at the time of viva voce after the
completion of training. The number of prints to be submitted is restricted from
ten to fifteen preferable A3 size else A2 on legible scale. (Each print will be
accepted for evaluation only if signed by the trainee in the appropriate column,
and duly attested by the employer [stamp and signature].
3.2 Work after office Hrs.

In addition to the regular office work you are required to utilize your time in
preparing a Building study report. This report should comprise of multifaceted
architectural and interior aspects of any building or complex.
3.2.1 Choice of SITE

You may choose a building or a complex either it being a work of your
employer or any other designers work, which interests you in the city where
you are undertaking your training. The building should be at least 70%
3.2.2. Format for Study Report-

The aim of this report is to make you understand all aspects of interior design.
The suggestive headings of Building study report are layout planning,
concept/design, circulation system, zoning, space allocation services, wall
treatments, ceiling treatments, flooring treatments, furniture detailing,
construction techniques, materials used, cost analysis, specification used
interior design, landscape etc.
Note: Every student is required to present a seminar on the building studied by
him/her with the help of blue prints/ transparencies/slides to his/her fellow
students after joining the school which will be marked by the jury constituted
by the Practical Training in charge.
Every student has to submit two original reports & softcopy in CD attached at
the back of the Building study report after the completion of practical Training
programme and seminar presentation.
APPENDIX-II - Joining Report

Registration No. 11007596 Roll No.RA1002 A 13
Section:A1002 Group:2

Name (in block letters)
Address for correspondence during training period.
House no:4054, sector 23 A, Near ITM university ,Gurgaon.
Tel: 09873011668
Name and address of employer:
Ar.Sandeep Singh

Office Address: Arch 10 Architects, 569 pocket B, sector -22, Gurgaon.

Date of Joining

june 2014

(Trainees Signature with date)
Mobile Number: 09873011668

I certified that Mr.Manu chacko Roll No. RA1002 A 13
has joinied my office/firm as a student trainee and the information supplied by
him/her is correct.
I have received and read the Practical Training Brochure specially clause
no. 2.4, 2.5, 3.1

Date:____________ Employers Signature

Office seal/stamp
APPENDIX-III - Monthly Progress Report

Registration No: 11007596 Roll No.RA 1002 A13
Section: A 1002 Group:2
Monthly Progress Report
June 2014.
The Month for which report is being sent.
Name (in block letter)
Details of the projects handled during this month.
1. Sikka Kimaya group housing, Dehradun.
2.C 79, Susanth lok Residence,Gurgaon
3.Mr. Tarun Duggal Residence apartment (Interior)

Nature of work done by me (project wise)
1. Expantion joint and layout for Structural drawing, Re arrangement of
individual residential units, Revision of drawings for structural consultants,
2. Initial design of Susanth lok residence
3. 3d models of interior furnitures and working drawings for the same.

Signature) Official Contact No. 011244014569 Personal Contact No.
I certified that the information given by Mr. Manu Chacko is correct.
Further I want to bring to your notice my observation about students
(Kindly comment on his understanding, punctuality, Dependability etc.)

Date: ________________ Employers

(Office seal stamp)

APPENDIX-III - Monthly Progress Report

Registration No. _____________ Roll No.
Monthly Progress Report
January/February/March/ April - 2013.

The Month for which report is being sent.
Name (in block letter)
Details of the projects handled during this month.
Nature of work done by me (project wise)

Signature) Official Contact No.__________________ Personal Contact
I certified that the information given by
Mr./Ms______________________________________is correct. Further I
want to bring to your notice my observation about students performance
(Kindly comment on his understanding, punctuality, Dependability etc.)

Date: ________________ Employers
(Office seal