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Malik Jackson
ENG 111-54
Mrs. Boyd
12 June 2014
What Is Physical Fitness?
Physical fitness is defined as being in a state that your body is at its greatest, also
healthiest, form and shape. The meaning of having good physical fitness means to be able to
experience life to the fullest without being hindered by poor physical conditions. Physical fitness
can be divided into many different subcategories but the three most important include strength,
endurance, and lastly cardiovascular fitness (Ashe-Edmunds). To be physically fit a person has to
be dedicated to hard work and have plenty of determination, without it life cannot be lived at its
full potential. Physical fitness also has many benefits to the human body which include heart
improvement, increased focus, and also has been known to reduce stress/depression.
The first important category of physical fitness is cardiovascular fitness is one of the
three types of physical fitness that is most important to the body because it preserves the heart.
Cardiovascular fitness includes running, swimming, and really any exercise that involves you
being active for long periods of time (What Is Aerobic). Over time if a person was to continually
work on cardiovascular type exercises it would reduce the amount of work that the hear has to
put out, in other words your heart does not have to be overexerted.
Endurance is the second category of physical fitness because without endurance the body
cannot withstand or "endure" life. Endurance is the ability to withstand certain amounts of stress

and most endurance exercises include being pressed for long periods of time. The benefits of
having good endurance include a healthy heart, it gives you more energy, and just like strength it
creates focus. One of the most common endurance workouts is running, because it is simple and
it does not require anything but the body itself unlike strength.
The final category of physical fitness is strength, because strength goes hand in hand
directly with your muscles. Strength can be defined as the power to resist force and it is measure
by lifting. Lifting weights happens to be the most common form of building strength (Waehner).
When a person lifts weights they are essentially tearing down muscles and once the workout is
complete the body starts repairing itself however the muscles that were torn come back stronger
therefore building up resistance. To determine ones strength is to basically see how much
resistance or force they can take. Building strength has been proven to help prevent heart disease,
develop strong bones, and increase focus; also strength has been known to be beneficial for
looking younger (Robinson).
Physical fitness has always been a part of my life ever since I was a pre-teen. At about
the age 12 I was introduced to strength and endurance building. Cardiovascular fitness has
always been there because of all the walking, running, and playing any child would do. A
specific life event where all 3 types of physical fitness come into play in my life was during my
last year of high school, more specifically last year of wrestling in high school. Without being
trained to endure or have strength anyone surely would have found wrestling difficult. Physical
fitness means to be in a way to improve oneself and as a person who practices good physical
fitness, I believe in its benefits. Physical fitness should be a part of everyones life because
without being in shape, or rather healthy, there is a chance for the body to become obese. Obesity

is a condition that is associated with having an excess of body fat, defined by genetic and
environmental factors that are difficult to control when dieting. (Obesity)


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