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Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger.

This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.

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~The Age of Hastur~
Author: Djr
Release Date: March 2012
Rule Version: 2.5

This supplement has been written as part of the RPG Yellow
Dawn The Age of Hastur. It expands upon the concept of the
Cthulhu Mythos, introducing a raft of new entities for
characters to encounter. This is a living document, in the sense
it will grow as I expand the notes and backgrounds over time.
Theres a separate download that details the classic entities
of the Cthulhu Mythos, couching them in the system rules of
Yellow Dawn. Its called Classic Mythos and available (free) via
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THE COSMIC HORROR of the Mythos and the
insignificance that humankind has within it was first
described by the American writer, H.P.Lovecraft, best
known for his fictionalisation of the sanity-shredding
knowledge he received. The true nature of our reality can
never be fully defined or described because humans do
not have the innate ability or sensory organs to perceive
and comprehend it; a very simplistic analogy is to see our
reality as a bubble of form, structure and order within the
Outer Chaos of the Mythos.
We, as humans, share that bubble with all living things
of the Universe and every other universe - from the
animals of the sea and land on Earth, to the organisms that
pulse, crawl, fly, flutter and stampede through landscapes
and atmospheres of astronomically distant planets. We
also share it with the new minds that have formed
through computer evolution, true AIs that have gained
some of the Divine Spark that fuels and feeds all
Intelligence, and the subsequent robot Minds that those
AIs have engendered. Likewise, as humans we share our
reality with the things that are less seen and more felt and
feared: the entities of the higher-planes, spirits, ghosts and
elementals, and further, deeper into the recesses of human
reality, Demonic forms and Angelic beings part of the
God-complex that pervades all human thought, whether
we choose to accept it or not.
There are other Things, creatures and minds that have
nothing to do with the human condition, technically a part
of the Mythos from the Outer Chaos but not bound by
it and so able to penetrate, travel and occupy our reality;
some people know of these Things, some call them
monsters, others call them aliens or simply non-human
Inside this bubble the laws of physics, quantum
mechanics and overarching mathematical theories hold
true until stronger forces bend them out of shape.
And, within this bubble is the domain of the Occult.
This is where Magick is merely a science that humans do
not yet fully understand (although the advent of Road
Mages and Schools of Magick are drawing those dark
days of ignorance nearer to a close). The power of the
Mind is key to this, as is an understanding of elemental
systems (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) and the duality of Nature
and those forms that thrive off it: Angels and Demons.

The Occult allows you to shape thought into energy
that can be directed, either as a weapon, a tool or a shield.
It allows you to manipulate the fabric of space and time, to
warp it (but not permanently change it) to your Will
you can create illusions, starts fires, make howling winds
blow with freezing frenzy, call in giant Tsunami or flood
rivers to bursting point. You can detach your mind from
your physical body and travel via the Astral Plane. You
can sense the location of things far from physical sight by
tuning in to the vibrations. You can call upon Demonic
Circles for diabolical assistance and command these
dangerous forms with words of Angelic Power - at the
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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peril of your eternal life force, what some would call your
soul, for these are entities that excel in trickery and
Throughout human history these feats have been
available to all of us but very few have ever taken up the
mantle to do so. The reason is simple: fear.
Manipulating these energies requires great mental
fortitude, a strength of Will that most humans do not
posses, and the ability to transcend the fear of the pain
and mortal danger that comes from engaging with Occult
What is it then that separates the realm of the Occult
from the Mythos?
The answer is known as the Quantisphere.
To those who study these things it is an invisible
membrane; not the boundary of a bubble, but something
that exists between your thumb and forefinger when you
squeeze them together, wherever and when-ever you may
be. This is something hyper-dimensional.
Beyond, beyond lies the Outer Chaos, the often
formless, seething, sometimes mindless energies that exist
where even the notion of Time has no remit.
There is intelligence out there, but so alien, so awful
and jarring to our human senses, that to even perceive the
existence of such things can drive any normal man or
woman utterly insane.
The Mythos is an abomination to us, and to anything
born of the Quantisphere anything with that Divine
Spark as part of its mind. This includes the animals and
sentient machines. Even the Angels and the Demons.
To those Things that lurk and fester within our reality,
unhindered by the boundary that protects us, the non-
human species of the Mythos, the Quantisphere is nothing
more than a shift in terrain: like us going from land to sea,
or from a terrestrial atmosphere into Outer Space, there
are Travellers from the Void.
And then there are those gargantuan and terrible
entities of the Mythos; the Great Old Ones and the Outer
Gods, immortal, eternal, and yet for all their staggering
power, only capable of coming through into our reality in
rare and specific conditions: when the stars are right,
when the fabric of the Quantisphere is thin enough to
rip, or when their human and non-human worshippers
expend enough energy in gruesome ceremonies of blood
sacrifice to burn a hole right through, creating temporary
doorways from Beyond.
The energies of the Mythos are potent, dangerous,
infectious and can even have a Will of their own. To
dabble in the Mythos is to open yourself to the risk of
becoming ensnared by the lure of incredible power, and
tangled in tendrils of dream-like influence from utterly
alien and unfathomable intelligences.
Exposure to the Mythos leaves a taint, a stain upon the
physical and psycho-emotional construct that defines a
living mind whilst contained in a reality-sensing vessel.
Such a vessel being anything from a human tampering
with arcane techniques, or a dolphin streaming through
ancient temples on the sea floor, or a machine mind
tumbling through the distant rim of space where the Great
Old Ones have left their physical marks within the
Quantisphere. The taint is like radiation damage, burned
tissue and scarred thoughts, infused with an alien energy
that slowly burns like embers caught in the invisible
vortices of a cosmic breeze. A taint can never be removed
and lingers like a cancer, always threatening to spread and
increase its corrupting influence on the mind in question.
Outside the Quantisphere there are substances and
fibres of physical and non-physical matter that defy
human understanding, the rules of space and time
crumple like a tin can appearing at the bottom of an ocean,
or fly apart like a water when a drop of oil strikes the
surface. Nothing is certain. Nothing is consistent. Every
aspect of the Mythos can be the same but different.

Knowledge of all of these realms and entities, and of
the operations that allow an individual to wield Occult
and Mythos energies and to call upon Things greater than
themselves, can found and learned by those willing to
accept the risks and confront the Fears of their own
mortality and sanity.
All of us can trick ourselves into believing we are
brave, but how often has an unusual and isolated setting,
a disconsolate group of people or even just a strange and
inexplicable mood left you feeling unsettled and
vulnerable. Humans are by default fragile creatures; a
consequences of our mental agility where our emotional
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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state rides the edges of reason and metaphysics. Our
emotional state and our psychological will is the
powerhouse of our energy. They are our energy (our
POW) on the higher planes of Quantispheric reality.
Beyond the Quantisphere such forms of energy are
feeble compared to the cold yet furiously burning and
incomprehensible forms of the Mythos.
Only madmen go there.
With Mythos Magick an individual can permanently
change fragments of reality, sometimes whole bodies,
locations, even worlds, depending on the energy being
expended. And that is the lure, which is why some people
strive to engage with what lies beyond the Quantisphere
regardless of certain destruction.
The potential for madness and mayhem are at the
heart of any Mythos encounter.

GREAT OLD ONE Bulbous mass with multifarious
appendages and grotesque members; radiates a
microwave energy that cooks anything living.
STR: INT: 25 DEX: 6 Mass: 15 HP: 300
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 1d6/1d20
Move: 6 ooze up and through any physical structure, drift
through the air, push through any solid matter.
Physical skills: 24%
Intelligence skills: 100%
Immunity: Only magical attacks do normal damage. Any
other form of attack only has a 20% chance of delivering
damage because of Arcanathoas ethereal fabric.
Arcanathoa regenerates 10 hit-points per round.
Vision: 360, using a sensory apparatus that detects POW,
with a range of 200 metres and 80% effectiveness. It will
be attracted to beings with the highest POW first.
Ranged: attack skill 100%
Microwave, range visual sight (200 metres), any single
being within Arcanathoas vision will be subject to an
awful and all pervasive attack. Even if the victim is hidden
behind a solid wall they will feel the attacks effect. The
attack feels like an uncomfortable sun-burn all over their
flesh, and beneath it. Its a prickly, itchy kind of heat that
seeps through them. Every combat round, victims suffer
1d6 burn damage (internally); if a 6 is ever rolled, then
the victims fatty tissue self-combusts, causing the victim
to erupt in flames (3d6 burn damage per round all over).
Threat Zone: attack skill 18%
7 tendrils, range 30 metres, delivering a seed of
Arcanathoa that starts to eat through the victims POW at
1d6 POW per round; there is nothing that can stop this. As
the victim looses POW, their form morphs, becomes
transparent and sparkles with crackling energy.
Eventually their clothes fall to the floor, and the luminous
glowing monstrosity that devoured the person, drifts
towards Arcanathoa to merge with it (feeding Arcanathoa
the consumed POW).
Close Proximity: attack skill 24%, 1d8 hits
[1-7] tendrils
[8] body touch, the victim vanishes in flare of sparkling
energy, as they are entirely consumed by Arcanathoa.
Use of Magick: POW 50, does not tend to use Magick
although it knows all Conjure/Command spells.

GREAT OLD ONE A yellow-white, more or less viscid
mass, beyond which float tiny globules of gelatinous
matter, suspended in the invisible fabric of Brilnash that is
beyond the Quantisphere. The putrid stench of Brilnash is
known to be so bad people have died from it.
STR: 45 INT: 25 DEX: 30 Mass: 5 HP:
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 1d3/1d10
Move: none, Brilnash does not move.
Physical skills: none
Intelligence skills: 100%
Notes: Brilnash spends most of its existence in a state of
latent contemplation, and is used to being visited by
worshippers bringing sacrifices. Any time it is
encountered there is a 20% chance it is alert and hungry;
otherwise it has a 1% chance per hour of rousing.
Deliberately waking up Brilnash is not a good idea as
there is a 20% chance it will simply eat you for disturbing
Immunity: Brilnash can only take damage via magical
attacks; if this happens, then the total damage delivered in
one round (from Magick) is the % chance Brilnash is
forced to retreat, seeping away through cracks in the floor.
Vision: 360, astral
Ranged: None
Threat Zone: attack skill 90%
Proboscis, range 10 metres, lashes out from within the
gelatinous mass, Grabs and Feeds mouth.
Close Proximity: none
[] Mouth, Brilnash can pull-in and swallow anything
with a Mass of 2 or less whole. Once inside, a victim will
be digested by powerful acids within seconds.
Use of Magick: POW 50, all Conjure/Command spells.

Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Bromach na
GREAT OLD ONE Resembles an ink cloud in water,
emerging as a single spot of darkness that expands as a
swirling, rotating cloud of darkness. Within this, countless
beads of red light emerge, split open, glow a hateful red,
and then fade and submerge back into the dark mass:
these are eyes.
STR: INT: 21 DEX: 25 Mass: 60 HP: 200
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 1d6/1d20
Move: 5 metres per round, surging forward and stopping
in spurts.
Physical skills: NA
Intelligence skills: 84%
Notes: Because of the insubstantial nature of Bromachna,
it can pass through any solid surface (up to Mass 600).
Immunity: only fire and explosive weapons (any) can
harm Bromachna. Magick attacks will deliver damage.
Vision: 360, astral
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: attack skill 50%
20 tendrils, range 120 metres, they reach out as the whole
mass of the swirls round, and suddenly snap forward at
their target like a whip, passing through any solid
substance; they deliver a freezing/burning sensation that
sucks away 1d3 points from STR & CON (same value for
both stats) essentially vaporizing vital fluids and fatty
tissues. Any strike leaves grey, waxy and ridged welts
across the body location that was struck.
Close Proximity: attack skill 75%, 1d20 hits
[1-20] freeze/burn, sucking away 3d6 STR and CON (same
value for both stats).
Use of Magick: POW 50, does not use Magick.

Bud of Brilnash
NON-HUMAN SPECIES Sickly yellow goo,
luminescent, with the look and consistency of shiny
melting plastic, yet the abrasive texture of a million shards
of broken glass. They are extremely resilient and very
difficult to dispatch. Buds of Brilnash can take any shape,
have the same flexibility as molten plastic and can flow
into a room through the smallest of cracks.
STR: INT: 16 DEX: 22 Mass: 2 HP:
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 1/1d6
Move: 10 metres per round, squirming, flowing, sliding,
Physical skills: 88%
Intelligence skills: 64%
Notes: Buds of Brilnash are usually found in temples
dedicated to Brilnash, conjured and placed there by the
high priests. Sunlight, or artificial UV light burns them
and if exposed long enough will die (evaporate).
Immunity: only magical attacks and sunlight (UV) can
harm these things. Any physical attack simply slices
through them, after which they reform, even after an
explosive concussion wave. Each point of magical damage
delivered in 1 round, has a 5% chance to destroy them.
The smallest ray of sunlight, or UV light has a 20% chance
to destroy them per round, for this reason, Buds of
Brilnash will shrink away from any source of light. Do not
use Devastating Damage table.
Vision: 360, astral, up to a range of 80 metres.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: attack skill 44%
2 tendrils, range 4 metres, delivering 2d6 knife damage,
reducing any SP by a similar amount; it rips and tears
through anything except rock or metal.
Close Proximity: attack skill special, 1 hit
[1] Engulf, the Bud of Brilnash smothers any head area to
cause suffocation, but also attacks any other exposed body
part, thick tendrils of yellow goo sliding over limbs and
around torso, shredding through clothes and flesh
delivering 1d3 knife damage to each body area, per turn
(potentially up to 6x1d3).
Special attack skill. To-hit, the Bud of Brilnash must
win an opposed DEX roll against the victim.
Use of Magick: POW 10, Quantispheric Touch, kinetic
force; typically used when protecting a location sacred to
the worship of Brilnash.

Chu Chi Ku
GREAT OLD ONE It appears as a huge block of roughly
eroded grey volcanic rock, creating the suggestion of
warped features and folded tentacles, although it is never
seen moving. Quite often the surface features will appear
to subtly change between the blink of an eye, nobody will
ever witness the actual change taking place. Chu Chi Ku
does not operate on the physical planes, but has a great
presence on the Astral Plane; it is worshipped by blood
cults for its ability to perform Raise Corpse (with
permanent duration).
STR: INT: 35 DEX: 0 Mass: 35 HP: 1,400
D/b: na THSP: 10 ANX: 1d10/1d20
Move: none
Physical skills: none
Intelligence skills: 140%
Immunity: None. However, Chu Chi Ku regenerates 10
hit-points per round. Any damage done manifests as grey
brown particles like rock dust, that hangs in the air as if
suspended in water; if ever destroyed it simply remains as
a cloud of particles and slowly reforms (taking 3d6
minutes), during which time it is unable to do anything
except observe.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: None
Close Proximity: None.
Use of Magick: POW 50, Raise Corpse; Clutch Heart;
Quantispheric Touch.
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Jyn yk
OUTER GOD Appears as a tiny bubble with a greasy,
iridescent surface; it can replicate over a million times in a
second, filling a confined space, or dispersed over vast
distances. The arrival of Jynyk creates a temporary split in
local space-time: the area surrounding Jynyk is sliced out
of the normal continuum and exists as a separate time and
place all on its own; the size of this area can vary widely,
but is usually 1d20x50 metres in radius.
Beyond this radius is nothing. Quite literally and
absolutely nothing. There is not even darkness, or any
colour any human approaching the edge will not be
able to perceive the edge, and in fact, will simply emerge
into the same area from a random point along the edge.
Jynyk can do whatever it wants to anything and
everything within this isolated slice of reality; and for as
long as it wants, because Jynyk is not bound by the rules
of the Quantisphere here, it will not be forced out after the
magick points that brought it here run out.
Jynyk could conceivably torment characters until they
die of old age within this slice. Jynyk will eventually
return the slice, seamlessly, back into the space-time
continuum; people beyond the slice will be totally
unaware of the disappearance / reappearance, however, if
a large number of years elapsed within the slice, then a
strange phenomenon will be witnessedas vegetation,
people and even buildings will have grown, aged and
even decayedseemingly in the blink of an eye.
The only way to force Jynyk to return a slice earlier
than it is intending, is to hit it with magickal damage.
STR: INT: 45 DEX: Mass: HP:
D/b: THSP: ANX: 1d10/1d100
Move: NA. Jynyk can move one, some or all of its bubble-
self any distance in a single combat round.
Physical skills: none
Intelligence skills: 180%
Ranged/Threat Zone & Close Proximity: attack skill
100%, delivering either a glancing blow with one bubble (1
hit), or swarming a dense conglomeration of rapidly
replicating bubbles around the target, smothering them
(3d6 hits x the targets Mass). Each hit delivers 1 HP
damage, and drains 1 STR, 1 CON, and 1 APP, leaving the
victims whole body withered, dehydrated, with suffering
veins to bulge painfully near the surface (scale these
effects proportionate with the amount of damage
Immunity: Jynyk can only take damage via magical
attacks; if this happens, then the total damage delivered in
one round (from Magick) is the % chance Jynyk vanishes
and the slice of reality is returned to the space-time
Tactics: Jynyk seems to enjoy observing living an
inanimate things degrade through time; sometimes it will
systematically drain everything through its attacks
before replacing the slice back within the space-time
continuum. As a rule of thumb, every week there is a 01
on 1d100 chance that Jynyk returns the slice to where it
came from.
Use of Magick: POW 50, it does not use any overt Magick.

Grom (crabs)
NON-HUMAN SPECIES A little smaller than a human
fist, these diabolical parasites resemble a translucent grey
crab, with horribly long spider-like legs (dirty brown), a
segmented carapace (milky white) with hard black
chitinous pincers.
STR: 1 INT: 16 DEX: 30 Mass: 0.1 HP: 1
D/b: 0 THSP: 0 ANX: 0/1
Move: 8 metres per round scurrying and leaping (can leap
up to 3 metres height).
Physical skills: 120%
Intelligence skills: 64%
Notes: The Grom roam different worlds building empires.
Upon arriving in a suitable location, they build a hive-like-
temples, dedicated to their god, Murg, incorporating the
flakes of crystal they excrete through their appendage,
from time to time (Resonators). Grom themselves are
rarely encountered outside of a larger host creature;
they are often accompanied and served by mutated-beings
known as Groth,
Immunity: none, however because of the partially ethereal
nature of their matter, any physical attack only has an 80%
chance of delivering any damage.
Vision: when outside a host - 180, heat, sound, smell and
vibrations, up to a range of 300 metres with 80%
effectiveness; when inside a host, they are hard-wired
into the senses of that being.
Ranged: attack skill 60%
Nerve Sting, range 6 metres; this is effected by a set of
semi-visible tendrils that can lash out; made of an alien
matter that can slice through flesh, bone, clothing and
armour (up to 40 SP+DP), to reach into the nervous system
of any living thing and deliver a crippling, paralysing
attack. Any living organism can be affected. The effects
are instant, target becomes paralysed, all muscles cease to
function. The primary use of this attack is to allow the
Grom crab to crawl into any cavity near the brain (usually
the mouth), and burrow into a suitable resting place, from
which to occupy and control the host.
A secondary use of this attack is not to take direct
physical control of another being, but to punish and
control them through fear. With just one attack/touch, the
victim can be left paralysed and suffering unbelievable
agony; the target can roll 1d6 every round, on a 6 they
regain the use of their body but all skills are at -40% for
the next 10 minutes. Also, the absolute agony of the
experience forces the target to make a COOL roll (with -
40% penalty) or become a quivering, gibbering, frightened
idiot who simply asks please dont hurt me again and
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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will do nothing to attack or defend (until placed in mortal
danger). A Grom crab can use this attack once per round;
they can even use it on a target whilst embedded in the
head of a host (semi-visible tendrils lash out from the head
of the host and strike the target).
Threat Zone: none
Close Proximity: attack skill special, 1 hit
[1] brain meld, possible on anything with Mass 0.5 or
more. The Grom burrows and crawls right into the targets
head, interfacing with the brain through tendrils and
proboscis. The Grom can quickly absorb the targets
knowledge and memories, and control the target like
driving a car. A person taken over by the Grom will have
all their memories and skills, but will be at DEX, and -
40% to all physical skills. Anybody getting a glimpse
inside the targets mouth has a chance of seeing grotesque
slug-like appendage hanging down from inside the roof of
the mouth.
Use of Magick: POW 10, Render/Dismiss Murg,
Quantispheric Touch, a modified version of the spell
which only delivers a maximum of 1d3 COOL loss, but,
affects everyone within a 10 metre radius. Grom use this
as an area effect weapon.
Further Information: following Yellow Dawn, the Grom
have established a significant foothold in Cornwall and
Devon, spreading towards Glastonbury, Wells, Bristol.
There are a growing number of reports of attacks by
things resembling the Groth in remote forests.
At certain points during their lifecycle, Grom crabs
will excrete a hard crystalline flake, usually about 3 cms
in diameter. These are known as Resonators and are
revered by all Grom. Incorporated within temples of
varying sizes; the more Resonators added, the bigger the
temple. Temples normally consist of stones, pebbles, mud,
but can be made from masonry if particularly significant.
Resonators form an integral part of the worship of
Murg. They represent a physical dump of all memories
and experiences of the Grom up to this point, and a
variable amount of POW (1d6 points, a form of oblation
and sacrifice). The Resonators form a vital record of Grom
history, knowledge and culture that is accessible by all
Grom across the universe, through the worship of the
collective mind, their god, Murg.
Resonators on their own are very powerful artefacts.
Any sentient being, clutching a resonator in direct
physical contact, will be subject to almost direct contact
with the Great Old One, Murg. This has a number of
o Distortion of local space/time: resulting in the ability to
move and act much faster than those around you.
After each action (or movement) roll 1d6, on a 2 to 6
you get to go again; on a 1 the time distortion effect
ends. It can be tried again after 24 hours, or
immediately if you have another Resonator at hand.
o You have an immediate chance of experiencing
commune with Murg. This chance is equal to the
POW embedded within the Resonator x 5%. If this
happens, use the standard rules for Commune with
Great Old One. Much of the experience consists of a
frightening amount of psychic chatter, pouring in
from millions of temples across the universe.
o If the Commune was successful then the very close
presence of Murg, and the thinning effects of the
Resonators on the local Quantisphere, allows Murg to
crush anything within 300 metres of your position
(effectively folding the fabric of the Quantisphere into
a vice), it can do this almost at your command,
against anything you select, once per round, so long
as the space/time distortion effects continue. This
damage is equivalent to 6d20 stun, crush, ram
damage, and can be applied to anything up to Mass
o If the Commune was successful, then any Mythos
Taint actually manifests as a crystalline deposit
around the pituitary gland (similar to the Grom
process of creating a Resonator). These particular
Mythos taint points gained from Murg should also be
noted separately, as Murg-Points.
o Murg Points will continue to have an influence and
effect even after a person has stopped clutching the
Resonator crystals. These consequences are
o The permanent consequences are: the character has a
chance to read the mood and surface thoughts of any
person they focus on (within 20 metres range); this
chance is equal to the Murg Points x 5%. Each attempt
lasts for 5 minutes; failure means they get nothing for
5 minutes after which they can try again.
o Further permanent consequences are: at any vital
moment in a characters existence (GMs decision),
there is a chance Murg will manifest through the
characters consciousness. The chance this happens is
the current Murg Points x 1%; if it happens then Murg
has full control of the character for the next 5 minutes
(the character will have no recollection of this period,
a complete memory hole). How Murg will behave is
up to the GM.
o Finally, Resonators can provide magic points, daily,
without actually sacrificing their embedded POW.
They can provide a number of magic points equal to
their POW, once per 24 hours.

NON-HUMAN SPECIES A mass of grey mould that
can cling to a surface, or rise up as a solid mass; this can
even be slightly man shape, as Groth were once a living
being, hit by the goo-spit of a Grom crab at some point in
the past and turned into a loyal and monstrous servant.
STR: 45 INT: 06 DEX: 09 Mass: 3 HP: 66
D/b: Na THSP: Na ANX:
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Move: 1d10 metres per round, flying off a surface as a
mass of grey spores, flowing across the floor as rippling
bubbling carpet of grey stuff. However, on the 1
they always move 10 metres (if required) in an explosive
cloud of grey spores.
Physical skills: 36%
Intelligence skills: 24%
Notes: Groth are the slaves and servants of Grom crabs;
useful thanks to their lack of intelligence, their massive
strength and physical nature, Groth make excellent
labourers and fearsome bodyguards. Since Yellow Dawn
happened Grom crabs have developed a significant
teleportation temple in Englands Severn Valley, and this
area is now heavily infested with Groth. The Groth can be
used to simply immobilise a target, it doesnt always have
to drain them of vital fluids.
Immunity: their physical nature (a collection of spores)
means their central mass is always difficult to isolate; any
projectile weapon always does minimum damage, and
bladed weapons always have damage divided by 3.
Vision: 360, detecting through movement, colour and
smell, with 40% effectiveness out to 200 metres.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: none.
Close Proximity: attack skill 36%, 1 hit
[1] Smother, on the 1
round of a successful, the Groth will
be coalescing around the target, not delivering any
damage; armour has no effect, unless it is an airtight and
hermetically sealed unit, currently running on internal
life-support. No more to-hit rolls are required; the target is
most likely doomed. On the 2
round, the Groth will have
covered the entire creature which is when the attack
begins: the target suffers incredible pain, similar to a
thousand simultaneous giant-wasp stings, the target will
need to make a COOL check (Nearly Impossible) to be
able to do anything other than thrash around writhing
and screaming; they also experience:
o Loss of 1d6 STR & CON as their vital fluids are
drained, leaving a dried and withered husk, twisted
in a posture of utter agony. This damage is not
permanent if the Groth can be driven off before either
STAT reaches zero. Once STR or CON reach zero the
victim is dead. If the victim does survive, these stats
will regenerate at 1 point (each) per day.
o The victim will start to suffocate
o The victim will be effectively grappled by the Groth,
held in place by its STR.
Tactics: they tend to be placed on guard-duty, where they
are very good at remaining silent and unmoving,
concealed as part of a surface, and then explode forward
always getting surprise attack.
Use of Magick: POW 10, do not use Magick.

Jentog Manes
NON-HUMAN SPECIES Thin, black, and faceless
humanoids with long powerful leg limbs ending in
cloven-hooves, and wiry arms with broad hands and long
webbed fingers. Theyre incredibly fast, can go rigid and
utterly motionless within a microsecond and move in
sudden spurts, stopping to observe then moving off again.
Their skin has a smoky, dust-like quality that leaves a
shimmering echo when they abruptly move away.
With low intelligence, no language or culture, they
make ideal servants within the Mythos.
STR: 25 INT: 3 DEX: 25 Mass: 1.8 HP: 18
D/b: +1d8 THSP: 4 ANX: 0/1d6
Move: 12 metres per round sprinting on muscular lower
limbs; 20 metres jump (possible once per 3 rounds). They
can run through any wall up to 40 (combined SP & DP),
vanishing on one side in a puff of evaporating black
granules, emerging on the other side leaving the wall
Physical skills: 100%
Intelligence skills: 12%
Notes: They dislike sunlight but are not harmed by it.
They are a nomadic race, easily impressed by powerful
sorcerers and bound into service as thugs and assassins.
Immunity: impaling weapons only do minimum damage.
Vision: 180, through sub-dermal sensory organs that
allow it to see/hear in all spectrums, with a range of 500
metres and 40% effectiveness.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: attack skill 75%
Shout darkness: sends out a high-velocity spray of black
evaporating granules. Covers 1d3 body areas, each
affected body area suffers 1d6 HP damage from a
shotgun style wound worsened by an acidic burning.
Any armour is damaged by the rolled damage.
Close Proximity: attack skill 100%, 1d4 hits
[1-2] strike with hands; if the target is not protected by
enclosed armour, then the hands appear to plunge in and
then out of the victims flesh, in the same action the victim
loses 1d6 Hp, and permanently loses 1d3 CON & POW.
[3-4] body bash, delivering 1d3+d/b stun.
Use of Magick: POW 10, they do not use Magick.

GREAT OLD ONE A large black (within the
Quantisphere it appears as a polychoron) crystal similar to
a triskaidecagon (13 sided). It emerges through the 1
, 2
and then 4
dimensions, from a triangular pattern
drawn onto any flat surface, where the measure of the
internal angle is 152.308 degrees.
Jhomadjon is often worshipped by people with very
high intelligence, or a desire for greater knowledge,
seeking to probe the furthest and darkest corners of the
universe. Many things can be seen within the multifaceted
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
Visit davidjrodger.com for more free downloads, and to preview or buy his books of cyber fiction and mythos horror. 7 of 19
surface of Jhomadjon, as Jhomadjon can read your
thoughts and provide fantastic insightshowever,
looking at Jhomadjon can cause great discomfort and
dizziness because you can see all 13 sides at once, even
though youre looking at it from only one direction. This
visual distortion increases the longer you look, and as
your mind sinks deeper through the 4
, then 5
, 6
more extreme dimensions. The longer you look, the more
you see, the less youre able to look away, and the more
uncomfortable you become.
In game terms, every 1 minute spent looking at
Jhomadjon provides you with +1d6 skill points, that you
can allocate to any scientific / historical /mathematical skill
(its your choice because in a way you control what youre
seeing revealed in the facets of Jhomadjon). This also
forces a ANX roll otherwise you lose 0/1d6 from the
experience of entering deeper and more extreme
dimensions; if you lose 6 COOL, then this indicates you
have also witnessed something hideous as Jhomadjon
reveals distant and alien aspects of reality, add another
1d6 to the COOL loss, and repeat for every 6 score.
Finally, being able to look away again requires you to
make a COOL check; this might seem paradoxical, but the
reason is people gazing at Jhomadjon begin to fear
returning to normal realitythey fear what might happen
to their minds when the great revelations come to an end.
This is why Jhomadjon can be so dangerous: the longer
you look, the more insane you become, the less able you
are to stop yourself.
Jhomadjon rarely launches any direct attack, and so is
seen as somewhat passive; the affect of suffering anxiety
appears to feed Jhomadjon in some way. If it does get
involved in combat, Jhomadjon can relocate to anywhere
in the universe and back again in a single combat round;
in other words, unless you have a very high DEX, it will
be able to vanish before you can launch your attack, and
probably reappear directly behind you to drain you of
STR: Na INT: 45 DEX: 21 Mass: 6 HP: 480
D/b: Na THSP: 10 ANX: 1d3/1d20
Move: infinite.
Physical skills: Na
Intelligence skills: 180%
Immunity: It regenerates 5 hit-points per round.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: none
Close Proximity: none
Use of Magick: POW 50, Conjure/Command Servitor of
Outer Gods; POW drain (only used if being attacked),
make an opposed POW roll, if Jhomadjon wins, then the
victim loses 3d6 POW (and a similar amount of STR,
CON, and APP resulting in withered, petrified

GREAT OLD ONE A gigantic, greenish-brown squid-
like monstrosity with a glare capable of vaporising vital
fluids and dehydrating flesh into tough leather.
STR: 100 INT: 35 DEX: 25 Mass: 25 HP: 1,200
D/b: +3d10 THSP: 10 ANX:
Move: 10 metres per round slithering along on slime-
coating tendrils beneath its vast bulk.
Physical skills: 80%
Intelligence skills: 150%
Immunity: None. However, Jubb regenerates 10 hit-points
per round. If ever destroyed it simply forms a large spray
of greenish-brown viscous matter that slowly congeals
and reforms (taking 20 minutes), during which time it is
unable to do anything except observe.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged: attack skill automatic
Glare, range of 200 metres, allows Jubb to look at a victim
in a certain way that forces an opposed POW roll; if Jubb
wins, the victim suffers 1d3 HP damage, and loses an
equal value of DEX, CON and APP, as their flesh is
permanently withered.
Threat Zone: attack skill 75%
4 body tentacles**, range 50 metres, delivering 1d6+d/b
Close Proximity: attack skill 100%, delivering 1d6 hits
[1-4] tentacles**, if not already used in Threat Zone.
[5] body crush, delivering 1d6x25 stun damage.
[6] mouth, consumes anything up to Mass 5 in one go,
resulting in death; anything larger takes 2d6+d/b stun
Use of Magick: POW 50, although it knows all
Conjure/Command spells it does not normally use
Magick, except when using Nightgaunts to bring specific
victims to it.

GREAT OLD ONE Also known as the Tower, The
Fountain, and The Mental Fist. Murg has no real
appearance. It is a conglomeration of sentient energy
beyond human perception or comprehension.
Worshipped exclusively by Grom (crabs), its existence is
possibly only possible as a direct result of the collective
mind created by their temples and deposits of
Resonators. In this sense, it is possible to glimpse a vague
understanding of Murg, as the combined result of millions
of Grom temples, loaded with Resonators, deposited POW
and stored memories of experiences. Yet Murg has an
autonomous existence, not bound to being a passive store
of Grom knowledge.
STR: Na INT: 45 DEX: 21 Mass: Na HP:
D/b: Na THSP: Na ANX: 1d6/1d20
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Move: infinite.
Physical skills: Na
Intelligence skills: 180%
Notes: Murg is usually encountered through commune
by sorcerers clutching Resonators (direct physical contact),
with the Quantisphere still in place. When Murg is
experienced directly, it is only perceived through a
scrambled white-noise distortion of all senses, creating a
general sense of something being present.
Immunity: Only magical attacks can hurt it; the chance of
driving it away is equal to the total damage delivered (in
one round) x 1%.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: none
Close Proximity: none
Use of Magick: POW 50. Brain-mush, victim must make
an opposed POW roll, otherwise their thoughts are
overwhelmed by sensory input, leaving them reeling and
utterly incapacitated until they roll 20 on 1d20, one roll
per round (if they ever roll a 1 then they also suffer
permanent brain damage of -1 INT, and -5% lost from all

Mu Sral
GREAT OLD ONE Primarily invisible, its presence is felt
rather than seen. It is known as the Vortex of the Chaos
Stream. Those unable to see it directly will experience a
numbing sensation creeping through their head as
memories and thoughts are sucked from the organic fabric
of their brain. In game terms, every round spent within
100 metres of MuSral, forces a roll of 1d20; any round that
a character rolls a 20 then they loose 1d6% from all skills,
as their knowledge and experience is drained from them.
Feeling the presence of MuSral without seeing it forces a
ANX roll costing 1/1d6.
However, people with a POW of 15+ have a chance of
see MuSral directly. For people with such a high POW,
anybody within 10 miles of MuSral gets a chance to score
35+ on 1d20+POW. They may try again, once every
minuteuntil they see it.
MuSral appears as a shimmering point of brilliant
light, surging and fluxing around itself, in a colour that
resembles whitebut is in fact nothing a human being
could ever describe. Being able to see MuSral is the only
way to receive a Gift from the God.
STR: INT: 40 DEX: Mass: 0.5 HP:
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 1d6/1d20
Move: 0
Physical skills: none
Intelligence skills: 160%
Immunity: MuSral can only take damage via magical
attacks; if this happens, then the total damage delivered in
one round (from Magick) is the % chance MuSral
Vision: 360, astral
Ranged: attack skill automatic success.
Psychic Boom, range 10 miles; anybody within this range
must roll under a score of 25, on 1d20+POW, otherwise
they are struck by a thunderclap of psychic noise that
delivers 3d6 Stun damage to the whole being. MuSral
cannot do this every round; after the first use, it can only
do it when it rolls a 6 on 1d6, one roll per round.
Threat Zone: none
Close Proximity: none
Use of Magick: POW 50, clutch heart, kinetic force.

N Sagoth
GREAT OLD ONE Rises up out of any reflective surface,
this can be a mirror, a sheet of polished metal, or even a
calm surface of water. NSagoths true form is one of a
dark-light energy that has a tangible nature, however
when it appears through a Render ceremony, its
appearance will usually reflect the subconscious desires of
those who have brought it forth. On Earth, this is
generally in-line with the Sect of NSagoth, and his chosen
form is that of an impossibly thin, hairless man, with long
skeletal limbs, and a tall, bony skull, a broad brow with
large baleful eyes. NSagoth admires intelligence, and
considers the majority of its worshippers as ignorant and
redundant, good-for-nothing except to provide POW, or
act as a host for its pleasures. It normally rewards
intelligence with a modicum of respect.
STR: 28 INT: 25 DEX: 11 Mass: 2 HP: 25
D/b: +1d8+1 THSP: 0 ANX: 1d3/1d20
Move: 15 metres per round, sprinting.
Physical skills: 44%
Intelligence skills: 100%
Notes: The risk of COOL loss only occurs when
witnessing NSagoth in its true form of dark-light energy.
NSagoth can choose to take-possession of any
individual by touching them, succeeding in an opposed
POW check (may only attempt this once per person). If
successful, NSagoth is able to push his hand into the
victim, and then reach further inside and finally climb into
the person. There is no blood; no ripping of clothes. At
this point, NSagoth becomes this person, with all their
skills and memories, and no longer needs a pool of magic
points to remain within the Quantisphere. The mind of the
victim is shredded by this process and will be forever lost.
In human form, NSagoth will complete whatever
actions suit its current agenda.
Immunity: none. If the human form is ever killed, then
NSagoth is forced to appear, momentarily, in its true
form, before being dragged out of the Quantisphere.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: none
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Close Proximity: attack skill 44%, brawling.
Use of Magick: POW 50, Conjure/Command Byakee,
Nightgaunt as steeds; Wither Limb, Strike Blind for the
sheer sadistic pleasure of doing it to people; Scorch;
Clutch Heart; Kinetic Force; Quantispheric Touch; Eat
Soul; Capture Gaze; Memory Wipe. Memory Wipe comes
in handy when somebody sees something they shouldnt

Nurlwarq Vapour
NON-HUMAN SPECIES An invisible gelatinous mass
that is visible only on the Astral Plane; it bristles with
numerous tube-like appendages that end in jagged barbs
and hooks.
STR: 30 INT: 12 DEX: 9 Mass: 3 HP: 45
D/b: +1d10 THSP: 0 ANX: 1d3/1d10
Move: 12 metres floating, tumbling, flailing through any
medium (air, water, gas, space, etc)
Physical skills: 36%
Intelligence skills: 48%
Notes: the risk of COOL loss applies when a Nurlwarq
Vapour is free roaming, even when people cannot see it;
there is no risk of COOL loss when they have occupied
a victim.
Nurlwarq vapours are attracted to combinations of
living POW and Intelligence. When free floating they
select a target, preferably alone, grab them and drain them
of all POW and INT, leaving a living shell which the
Nurlwarq vapour is then able to occupy and control
(similar to possession).
Although invisible, a target will always get an
Awareness skill check to be able to sense the rushing
breeze of something large descending to attack.
Once a Nurlwarq Vapour has taken control of a victim,
it is able to make that being move and function as if still
alivealthough it has no ability to make conversation
beyond familiar phrases and sounds used by other
members of the victims species. The motive behind this is
so the Nurlwarq Vapour can covertly feed from other
living and intelligent beings around it.
Anybody spending a few minutes with the occupied
victim, stands an 80% chance to be used for feeding by the
Nurlwarq Vapour: this results in the loss of 1 POW and 1
INT. It occurs through the Nurlwarq vapour throwing out
invisible feeding appendages that punch through armour,
clothing and flesh. This can happen once every 4 hour
period a person remains within the general company of
the occupied victim.
When no longer free-floating, and inside of a victim,
the Nurlwarq Vapour innately projects a sort of astral
smog that has several consequences: conceals its existence
on the astral plane within a 10 metre radius cloud of
alien colour; it creates an atmosphere of mild confusion
and forgetfulness, similar to having a woolly head from a
bad hangover; people caught in this smog must roll 25+ on
1d20+INT to be able to realise something is not quite right.
Immunity: none, although they are unaffected by heat or
cold. Also any successful attack has 20% chance of not
doing any damage because the Nurlwarq Vapour has
shifted its protoplasmic mass at that moment.
Vision: 360, powerful sense of smell, can detect food up
to 3 miles away, with 80% effectiveness.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: attack skill 27%
Barbed-hook clusters on the end of 3 x long muscular
appendages, range 6 metres, delivers no damage but
restrains a victim ready for suckers to attack next round.
Close Proximity: attack skill 45% (+20% if victim already
grappled by barbed-hook clusters), delivering 1d6 hits
[1-6] razor sharp appendages can punch through any
armour up to SP20, plunging into body and head/brain.
These attacks do not leave gaping holes in flesh and
clothing, but they do leave some signs: in clothing these
attacks leave a singed, blackened and frayed circular mark
roughly 3 cm across; on flesh they leave a heavy circular
bruise. Each hit to the body drains 1 POW, each hit to the
head drains 1 INT. These losses are permanent. Each point
of lost INT reduces all skills by 5% points, and creates a
5% chance of erasing important memories, such as I
know this person; This is where I live; this is who I
am; etc. If and when INT and POW both reach Zero, the
victim is dead, and becomes an empty vessel for the
Nurlwarq Vapour to occupy, and then roam around
feeding in a more subtle manner.
Use of Magick: POW 10, Kinetic Force, Quantispheric
Touch. It will use Quantispheric Touch on a victim who is
hiding inside a building, forcing the victim to leave their
sanctuary and go running in a wild panica perfect and
easy victim for the Nurlwarq Vapour.

GREAT OLD ONES Self Consuming Twins.
STR: INT: 25 DEX: 30 Mass: HP:
D/b: na THSP: na ANX: 1d6/1d20
Move: does not move per se; Ommm affects an area
covering 1d20 x 30 metres, and Gaaa consumes an area
that expands at 1 metre per round, until removed from the
Quantisphere again.
Physical skills: Na
Intelligence skills: 100%
Notes: rendering Ommm-Gaaa requires the use of a spike,
forged from a very rare metal not found on Earth. As
Ommm fully emerges within the Quantisphere, invisible
pulses of microwave and gamma-ray energy leap out,
seemingly at random, and only noticeable by the
consequences of any living thing touched by them: deep
internal burns, radiation and large bonuses of POW
deposited within them.
Once Ommm has fully arrived the GM starts rolling a
1d20 every round; on the same round the GM scores a 1,
then Gaaa will begin to emerge.
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Gaaa is Ommms terrifying twin; what Ommm gives,
so Gaaa takes away.
The round that Gaaa starts to emerge, then everything
within 1 metre of the metal spike rapidly turns black, as if
burned and drained of all life, and becomes a coarse black
ash. Every round that Gaaa continues to emerge, so this
destructive effect expands another 1 metre radius.
Immunity: na.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged / Threat Zone / Close Proximity: anybody within
Ommms area of effect has a 1% chance to be randomly
struck by an energy tendril, this delivers 3d6 HP damage,
internally, through microwave burns; it also delivers
1d100 Rads of radiation exposure and provides a bonus of
3d6 POW. Once Gaaa arrives, it utterly consumes
everything at a rate of 1 metre radius per round.
Use of Spells: POW 1d100 at any given moment, knows
all Conjure Command, and Render Dismiss operations.

GREAT OLD ONE A mass of liquid darkness that has
infinite mass and can pull light towards it, dwells in the
spaces between the spheres.
STR: 80 INT: 21 DEX: 20 Mass: 8 HP:
D/b: +4d6 THSP: 0 ANX: 1/1d20
Move: 20 metres per round, flowing across any surface.
Physical skills: 80%
Intelligence skills: 84%
Notes: Rhin-Salthugga is commonly worshipped by
sorcerers, primarily due to the low risk of Anxiety from
exposure to it.
Immunity: only magical attacks and a specially filtered
red light (create the correct filter with a physics skill
check) can harm Rhin-Salthugga. Any physical attack
simply slices through it, after which it reforms, even after
an explosive concussion wave. The total damage delivered
in one round (from Magick) is the % chance Rhin-
Salthugga vanishes. Any blast of correctly filtered red
light has an immediate 40% chance to repel Rhin-
Vision: 360, astral, with a range of 300 metres and 80%
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: attack skill - special
Anybody & everybody within 16 metres is struck by an
explosion of thin black tendrils, exuded by Rhin-
Salthugga, each person takes 1d6-1 hits, each hit
delivering 2 hp damage (only armour with SP 20+ can
defend against these attacks). The tendrils shrink back as
quickly as they formed.
Close Proximity: attack skill special, 1 hit
[1] engulf, anything with a mass of 4 or less is dragged
into the flowing crushing body of the thing, at which point
Rhin-Salthugga will then flow away, receding through
cracks in space-time, taking its victim with it to dispose of
later in some horrible manner. Any physical weapon
striking Rhin-Salthugga at this point has a 40% chance to
deliver half damage to the trapped victim. Special
attack skill. To-hit, Rhin-Salthugga must win an opposed
DEX roll against the victim.
Use of Magick: POW 50, Create Gate, Wither Limb, Strike
Blind, Clutch Heart, Quantispheric Touch.

Shadow Shifter
NON-HUMAN SPECIES A short, broad, vaguely
humanoid-shaped creature that is only ever glimpsed, as
if always hugging the peripheral vision of the viewer,
never-fully seen; its physical presence is semi-solid, like
dark smoke that can coalesce at any given moment to
create a firm grip or blow.
STR: 21 INT: 7 DEX: 13 Mass: 2 HP: 20
D/b: +1d6+1 THSP: 0 ANX: 1/1d6
Move: 6 metres per round, darting along, leaping with
powerful semi-visible back legs and landing on muscular
semi-visible front arms.
Physical skills: 52%
Intelligence skills: 28%
Notes: Shadow Shifters have the ability to slip into a
shadow-realm at will and is done via a cognitive
command. The time this takes to complete varies, from the
moment it starts the process, the air around it begins to
shimmer and buzz, the keeper should roll 1d6 every
round, on a 6 the shift takes place.
The round immediately before a Shadow Shifter
appears it has a full view of whats beyond (as if looking
through a glass wall) and so can avoid stepping into a
dangerous situation. Meanwhile, in this pre-arrival round,
the air around their entry point shimmers and vibrates
all electronics in a 5 metre radius die; soft metals melt and
fuse together, all equipment must make a malfunction
check to suffer only Simple Malfunction, otherwise its a
Complex Malfunction).
Immunity: All projectile weapons only do minimum
Vision: they see via extra-sensory organs, with a range of
100 metres, in light and in darkness, IR, UV, thermal, with
an 80% effectiveness.
Ranged: none.
Threat Zone: none.
Close Proximity: attack skill 52%, 1d3 hits
[1-2] Nerve-grip, delivering 1d4+2+d/b stun damage, or
used to Grapple (in preparation to shift into the shadow
realm) Either way, armour has no effect, and the victim
must roll 25+ on 1d20+CON after being struck otherwise
they are left paralysed for a number of rounds (until they
can roll a 1 on 1d10, one roll per round).
[3] Body bash, delivering 1d6+d/b stun.
Tactics: Shadow Shifters like to lurk on the edge of an
entry point them step through as a surprise attack,
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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striking with Nerve-grips until victim stops fighting, then
carrying body away (through a shadow shift). The only
time they dont attack to kill, is when theyve been bound
by a sorcerer to return a victim alive. In which case they
grapple, then shift.
Use of Magick: POW 10, kinetic force; only used if
desperate to kill or acquire a certain target.

Sinai Worms
NON-HUMAN SPECIES - A vast worm-like creature.
Incredibly tough and hard to kill, they range in length
from 200 metres to nearly a kilometre long. Sinai Worms
are greyish, with no visible eyes. Their mouths contain
multiple jaws with powerful muscle flaps that can be
pushed outwards and retracted to burrow through earth
and rock
STR: 800 INT: 9 DEX: 2 Mass: 70 HP: 2,800
D/b: (1d100x2)+60 THSP: 15 ANX:
Move: 20 metres per round above ground, 5 metres per
round below ground burrowing.
Physical skills: 8%
Intelligence skills: 36%
Notes: Sinai Worms feed off of any organic matter. They
riddle a world with tunnels, devouring anything and
everything unlucky enough to be in their path. It is
thought that Sinai Worms originate in the Dreamlands,
and then fall through dimensional space to land on
various planets that brush up against the Dreamlands.
They are known to be at war with other subterranean
races such as Dholes and Cthonians.
Immunity: None
Vision: they can detect any rhythmic movement and noise
up to 10 miles away; their senses are 40% effective.
Ranged: none.
Threat Zone: none
Close Proximity: attack skill 8%, 1 hit
[1] body bash, the Sinai Worm raises its head-section and
drops it down on the target, delivering 1d6x70 blunt
impact damage.
[] Another option is the Sinai Worm simply eats
everything in a 30 metre diameter (including earth, rock,
vehicles). Un-entangled victims get one chance to jump
free by making an opposed DEX, otherwise theyre
devoured whole and crushed amongst the swallowed
Use of Magick: POW 10, they do not use Magick.
Further Information: They leave behind 3d6+3 finger
sized flakes of the cinnamon tasting spice melange.
Anybody trying to collect these must roll 1d6 for every
one the pick up, on a 6, they have attracted the attention
and outrage of another Sinai Worm, which rises up to
attack 1d100x30 metres away.

Snargth Hound
NON-HUMAN SPECIES A lean, hairless, skinless
hound-like form that emerges from a greasy grey bubble.
The hound radiates a malevolent energy and its semi-solid
substance, a sickly black and ultra-violet colour, is
poisonous to the touch.
STR: INT: 21 DEX: 11 Mass: 2 HP: 21
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 1d6/1d20
Move: 6 metres per round oozing and squirting forward,
trailing a dense cloud of fetid smoke or mist.
Physical skills: 44%
Intelligence skills: 84%
Notes: These predators lurk between the spheres. They
can sense the aura of any living being in any universe, or
in any place between universes, within the Quantisphere
and beyond it. Locked doors and walls are of no
consequence to them; the first sign of their arrival is a tiny
grey dot that blips into existence and then rapidly
expands into a greasy grey bubble that is 2 metres across
(takes 1 round); the bubble burst and the hound rushes
forth trailing a dense cloud of fetid black mist.
To even be able to attack one, requires a COOL roll,
otherwise a person is frozen by an unearthly terror
radiating from its being.
Immunity: No physical weapon can harm this thing; only
magical attacks.
Vision: 360, astral, with a range of 500 metres and 80%
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: attack skill 22%
Tongue, range 4 metres, punches through any armour into
the very soul of a living being and drains 1d6 POW.
Close Proximity: attack skill 33%, 1d3 hits
[1] Tongue, if not used in Threat Zone this round,
otherwise body touch.
[2-3] Body touch, coats the affected body location in a
black mist. If it hits clothing or armour, then there is no
effect. If it hits bare skin then the victim suffers contact
Contact poison has a target number of 30.
Onset Time: when you roll 20 on 1d20, one roll per
Full effects: the poison turns the victims vital fluids
into acid, when a 20 is rolled, the victim stops doing
anything but drops to the ground, screaming and
retching, their flesh rapidly melts away, hissing into a
bluish vapour that drifts harmlessly away. Within 10
seconds there is nothing left but clothes and bones.
Default effects: victim suffers violent cramps and fever
like symptoms. They are at stats and half skills for the
next 24 hours; after which they lose 2d6 Hp.
Tactics: Once a Hound has set itself on a target it never
stops, and never gives up pursuing until driven off or the
target is dead. If the target gets beyond the 500 metre
vision of the Hound, then they must make a LUCK roll
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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to avoid the Hound picking up a scent and pursuing; if
they make the LUCK roll they have escaped.
Use of Magick: POW 10, does not use magick.

NON-HUMAN SPECIES Small points of black light that
can expand to the size of a fist, increasing the range of
their radiance; everything caught within the radiance
appears in a polarized negative, with subtle distortions
that create an uncomfortable alien sight. They are
ferociously intelligent, feed on pain, and worship
STR: INT: 21 DEX: 17 Mass: 0.1 HP:
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 0/0
Move: 20 metres per round, whizzing through the air
Physical skills: 68%
Intelligence skills: 84%
Notes: Soldari are a frighteningly independent and cruel
species; they come from a world of a black sun, casting
white shadows on clusters of ice, orbiting a vast gas giant.
The cycle of life in this world revolves around the slow
melting of sections of ice, to mine globules of basic organic
matter, and then nurture these globules into becoming
more complex systems of life for the sole purpose of
causing them pain, maintaining a fine balance of care and
torture, keeping these tragic suffering things alive in order
for the Soldari to feed.
How they came to worship Solindara is unknown, but
it is through the direct interest of this god that Soldari
have been able to travel and explore beyond the
boundaries of their home.
They are highly intelligent and will follow the
commands of sorcerers who conjure them (and can control
them); however, to remain within this world for any
significant amount of time, Soldari require a source of
sustenance; sorcerers who are familiar with Soldari, and
so typically worship Solindara, will allow the Soldari to
nestle somewhere on their body, burrowing into the top
layer of flesh, causing intense pain through burning,
which the sorcerer will simply accept as ritual suffering.
Finally, in normal form, Soldari are a pin-prick of
intense black light, with an alien radiance of 1 metre; they
can expand to a fist-sized nugget at will, with a radiance
of 100 metres. Anybody who obverses the appearance of
the everyday terrain, cast in the Soldari radiance, must
make a ANX roll or lose 0/1d3 COOL.
Being within the light creates extreme physical and
psychic discomfort; anybody caught within the radiance
will feel their flesh prickle with a mild burning sensation;
the top layer of their POW is also in danger of being
stripped away in a sort of metaphysical evaporation,
each living being must roll over their POW on 1d20, or else
lose 1 point of POW (the more POW you have, the more
likely you are to lose some).
Being within the light creates acute disorientation, as
your vision is distorted.
Immunity: the only way to harm them is with fire-fighting
equipment, water, sand, co2, etc. Damage to fire monsters
is listed with this equipment. Each point of damage done
has a 5% chance of killing the Soldari instantly. Also,
because of their intense and alien brightness, trying to
attack them without protective eye-wear creates a -20%
penalty on attack checks.
Vision: 360, astral, with a range of over 500 metres.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: none
Close Proximity: attack skill special, 1 hit
[1] touch, causes 2d6 stun damage (cold burning pain) to
one body location.
Special attack skill. To-hit, the Soldari must win an
opposed DEX roll against the victim.
Tactics: use Magick to entrap a victim in a location to
torture of murder themfeeding from their pain.
Use of Magick: POW 20, Secret Statue used to hide
doorways or windows from people trying to flee; Confuse,
Strike Blind, these latter two are used to ensure victims are
unable to flee far.

Sol indara
GREAT OLD ONE Also known as the Spirit of the
Flame. It emerges from the presence of fire, expanding the
flames and growing the fire with interstellar gasses into a
lethal inferno. The act of Rendering Solindara is normally
associated with worshippers offering the ultimate
sacrifice: their life.
STR: INT: 25 DEX: 20 Mass: 1-100* HP: 10-
D/b: THSP:
Move: Solindara does not move, but simply grows in size
and intensity.
Physical skills: 100%
Intelligence skills: 100%
Notes: *When Solindara first arrives it grows to a mass of
1, rising up like a man-sized rush of flames; its mass then
increases by 1 every round until reaches Mass of 100; the
HP score has a direct correlation with this. Solindaras
presence within a flammable area will start an inferno that
does not spread until the god chooses to allow it to, or
until the god departs.
Immunity: nothing can harm Solindara except water and
magical damage. It regenerates 1 Hp per round.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: none
Close Proximity: attack skill 100%, 1d6 hits
[1-6] flicker and touch, delivers 3d6 burn damage.
Use of Magick: POW 50, it does not use Magick.

Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Storm Spores
NON-HUMAN SPECIES Enormous floating creatures
with long fibrous-tentacles that lash outwards, multiple
eyes and numerous amorphous mouths, all constantly
shifting in shape, as different parts pulse in and out of
visibility at random moments; visible parts also inflate
and deflate at random, excreting a foul yet invisible gas
that is extremely explosive.
STR: 55 INT: 16 DEX: 16 Mass: 5 HP: 137
D/b: +3d6 THSP: 0 ANX:
Move: 15 metres per round tumbling, squirting forward,
floating, and flying truly frightening to behold.
Physical skills: 64%
Intelligence skills: 64%
Notes: the explosive gas they produce is non-toxic and
cannot be ignited by a flame, or by another explosion. The
gas can only be detonated by the Storm Spore through
squirting out a chemical catalyst.
Immunity: Only magical, fire and any explosive /
fragmentation weapon delivers normal damage.
Otherwise, any successful hit only has a 40% chance of
delivering any damage, because various parts of the Storm
Spore constantly shift in and out of reality. Any hit from
physical weapons only delivers minimum damage,
including damage bonus.
Vision: 360, through a combination of sight, sound,
vibration, smell, and other alien senses, with a range of
500 metres, and 40% effectiveness.
Ranged: attack skill 100%
Concussion & fragmentation wave, created by detonating
the gas outside of its body. Blast Phase A delivers 2d20
explosive damage (decreasing 5 points per 1 metre), and
Blast Phase B is 3 x the range of Phase A (as tiny fragments
of dust, etc, are picked up and thrown outwards at 200
miles per hour).
The Storm Spore can detonate this gas any time it
likes, but can only try again in 20 rounds.
Threat Zone: attack skill 48%
10 tendrils, range 10 metres, deliver shocking 1d6 hit-
point damage and ignore all armour. This is because the
tendrils can shift in and out of reality, reforming within the
target, causing internal damage. These tendrils are never
used like tentacles**.
Close Proximity: attack skill 64% 1d12 hits
[1-4] engulf & crush, delivering 2d6+d/b stun damage.
[5-12] tendrils, if not used in Threat Zone, otherwise
ignore these hits.
Tactics: soften targets up with an explosive blast, and then
move in with tendrils to mop up and kill any survivors.
Use of Magick: POW 10, they do not use Magick.
Further Information: The Storm Spores came to Earth out
of an alternative dimension 200 million years ago. They
built small solitary settlements from volcanic rock with
low vaulted domes; many of these are now buried beneath
the sands of vast deserts, or hidden by dense jungles in
South East Asia, and South America, but the settlements
are still there and still occupied. They can operate in any
medium, including water, vacuum, hot, cold, etc.
Storm Spores became an isolated self-sufficient race
and prefer to be left alone in their cities of charred
volcanic rock; they become very aggressive with any
living thing trespassing into one of their cities.

The Great Magi
NON-HUMAN SPECIES Formidable sorcerers from a
time on Earth predating the evolution of Modern Man.
They are anthropomorphic, walking upright, with a
humanoid head that resembles a cross between a
chimpanzee and a cheetah.
They are renowned for their use of potent illusionary
magick to walk amongst humans as if one of them;
although their energy (passive state) on the Astral Plane
highlights they are not human.
STR: 16 INT: 16 DEX: 16 Mass: 1.2 HP: 16
D/b: +1d3 THSP: 0 ANX: 0/1d6
Move: 10 metres per round sprinting, 7 metres per round
running. Or can use any human vehicle.
Physical skills: 64%
Intelligence skills: 64%
Their skeletons have occasionally been discovered by
scientists and mistaken as the missing link, these people
are normally silenced and the evidence removed (by the
Order of the Amber Eye) before the truth ever comes close
to the surface.
The Great Magi came to Earth after the Elder Things
had retreated beneath the oceans and for a while came to
dominate the proto-human savages that had evolved from
the Elder Thing experiments.
In their ancient culture they wore ceremonial robes
and carried weapons (typically daggers).
The Great Magi warred heavily with the far older race
of Serpent People. Through this war, only a few remain in
existence at this time on Earth. The Order of the Amber
Eye is based in a sandstone city on a remote planet, a
temple held up by vast ape-like statues, surrounded by
alien jungle; any Great Magi will have access to this place
via a magical gateway.
Immunity: in any given combat they will have 3d6 points
of protection from each and every attack and all kinds of
damage; this comes from various magickal operations in
place at the time.
Vision: 90, advanced visual system, they have low-light
vision but cannot see in total darkness, can see clearly up
to 400 metres away. They have an incredible sense of
smell and can detect living beings, with a range of 1,600
metres, and 40% effective.
Ranged: attack skill 32%
Any human weapon.
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Threat Zone: attack skill 48%
Any human weapon
Close Proximity: attack skill 64%, 1d3 hits
In human form
[1-3] punches, kicks, any brawling type attack, 1d3+d/b
In true form
[1-2] claw, delivering 1d4+3+d/b knife damage
[3] bite, delivering 1d6+d/b HP damage and 80% of
poisonous saliva entering victims blood stream: treat as
standard Nerve-Toxin attack.
Tactics: they prefer to Capture Gaze an isolated target,
then pounce.
Use of Magick: POW 20, they have an 80% chance of
knowing any spell in existence.
Further Information: Djr note 1
March 2012; additional
notes exist but these need to be formally written up.
Check back later for updates.

NON-HUMAN SPECIES A human-like race that
resemble swarthy East Europeans with Asiatic eyes but
are actually from a parallel alternate universe dominated
by a warrior race (who have been infected by Grom-
Groth-Murg). They are hardy people, capable of enduring
life on a terrifying world; they have the ability to briefly
stutter their existence within space-time, and this ability is
often used when theyre under attack.
Technologically lagging, they use machines based on
working-animals and slave labour, their weapons are all
based an alien metal that resembles brass but is harder
that diamond.
Tribesecha have also developed a mild psionic ability,
known as Aura Flash, that is used to stun attackers giving
the Tribesecha a window of opportunity to escape.
STR: 14 INT: 21 DEX: 22 Mass: 1 HP: 18
D/b: +1 THSP: 0 ANX: 0/0
Move: 10 metres sprinting, 8 metres running.
Physical skills: 88%
Intelligence skills: 84%
Notes: a Tribesecha can move and observe whilst
invisible but cannot interact on the physical plane (they
can remain invisible for up to 5 combat rounds at a time,
with 5 rounds required in between). When invisible their
energy (passive state) can still be seen on the Astral plane.
Immunity: none, but any hit only has a 40% chance to
deliver damage before the Tribesecha dematerialises.
Vision: 360, astral, with a range of 300 metres, and 80%
Ranged: attack skill 44%
Throwing knife, range 50 metres; provides +/-1 bonus on
general to-hit table, delivers 1d6+2 impale damage.
Tribesecha always carry 6 of these.
Threat Zone: attack skill 66%
Aura Flash, range 5 metres radius. Can be used once per
24 hours. Delivers 2d6 stun to whole body like a
shockwave, armour has no effect.
Close Proximity: attack skill 88%, any melee style
weapon, typically Old World, but delivering an extra +1d6
damage due to the hardness of the alien metal.
Use of Magick: POW 10, Reanimation, Capture Gaze,
Stop Heart, Kinetic Force.

GREAT OLD ONE Its arrival is heralded by a incredible
manifestation of cockroaches (or at least they look like
cockroaches); the numbers grow and grow until there are
hundreds of thousands of them; then Tur-Shaak itself
emerges, a slithering mass of fetid whiteness, oozing up
like gelatinous milk between the filthy carapaces of the
cockroaches; each bloated tendril is covered in millions of
bristling white cilia; small sections randomly collapse
inwards and then swell outwards with dark grey
spheroids that are some kind of sensory organs. The main
bulk always remains beneath the scuttling carpet of
STR: INT: 21 DEX: 21 Mass: 8 HP:
D/b: THSP: 0 ANX: 0/1d6
Move: 6 metres per round, as a churning wave of
cockroaches and white slithering tendrils.
Physical skills: none
Intelligence skills: 84%
Immunity: none, although the physical attacks will more
often destroy the cockroaches rather than damage Tur-
Shaak itself. The total damage delivered in one round
(from Physical and Magick) is the % chance Tur-Shaak
itself destroyed; this has a dangerous side-effect, the
massive spread of cockroaches now surge outwards, like
an angry swarm of wasps, attacking anything and
everything living. They move at 2 metres per round. Every
round there is a 1 on 1d20 chance that the metaphysical
existence of the entire mass within the Quantisphere
comes to an end, they vanish over the next few moments
in flaring sparks of black light.
Vision: 360, astral.
Ranged: none
Threat Zone & Close Proximity: attack skill - special
Anybody within 50 metres of Tur-Shaak will be
surrounded by cockroaches. Except they are not earthly
insects, but are an intelligent race of devout worshippers
of Tur-Shaak. If they attack they swarm over a target in
their hundreds; each round (3d6 of them x target mass)
will be able to deliver a bite with their razor sharp incisors
and begin to burrow into the victims flesh; armour has no
effect and each body area is damaged by 1d6 SP as they
chew through it; each bite delivers 0.2 HP damage, and
drains 2 magick points, tapping into the victims life force
(these attacks will autoburn POW to supply the required
magic points).
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Use of Magick: POW 50; Scorch; Clutch Heart; Kinetic
Force; Quantispheric Touch; Eat Soul; Capture Gaze;
Memory Wipe.

Urg Kry Hath
OUTER GOD a mass of sentient matter that occupies a
wormhole existing between several distant star
constellations, only part of it is ever visible beyond the
rim of the hole.
STR: 45 INT: 21 DEX: 1 Mass: 8 HP: 176
D/b: +1d12+3 THSP: 0 ANX: 1d3/1d20
Move: none
Physical skills: none
Intelligence skills: 84%
Notes: the presence of UrgKry Hath breaks down the
normal rules of physics within space-time. Living beings
and objects can age, or grow younger in its presence.
There is also exposure to radioactive contamination, equal
to 3d6 Rads per round.
Immunity: none, but UrgKry Hath regenerates 10 Hp per
round. If UrgKry Hath sustains damage, then every 10
points creates a 1% chance of driving it back, where it
withdraws into the safety of the wormhole, probably to re-
emerge somewhere else (far away).
Vision: 360, Astral
Ranged: none
Threat Zone: attack skill 3%
8 tentacles**, range 16 metres, damage: 1d6+d/b stun, also
drains 1d6 POW and physically ages you by 1d6 years
Close Proximity: attack skill 4%, 1d8 hits
[1-4] tentacles** grapple & feed (drains 2d6 POW, CON
and STR, and ages you 2d6 years ); [5-8] absorb, instant
Use of Magick: POW 100, does not use Magick.

Zstinebruc Vector
NON-HUMAN SPECIES Three metres tall and three
metres wide, composed of a semi-transparent milky
substance, with numerous spikes and irregular nodules,
they resemble a crystalline mineral deposit with very little
about them to suggest theyre intelligent or capable of
STR: 45 INT: 25 DEX: 12 Mass: 6 HP: 135
D/b: +1d12+3 THSP: 10 ANX: 0/1d6
Move: 4 metres per round, gliding along in any direction,
as if floating.
Physical Skills: 48%
Intelligence Skills: 125%
Notes: The Zstinebruc Vector have the unique ability to
transport themselves through space-time (although they
cannot jump forward in time), so that to them it is as if it is
the world that moves around them whilst they remain
forever still. What documentation has been recorded
about them suggests there is very little reason to consider
them malign; they have a large interest in understanding
the culture, science and technology of other beings they
encounter. Although they look to be made of a hard
immovable substance, their physical fabric is soft and
Immunity: None
Vision: 360, various sensory modes, with a range of 500
metres, and 80% effective.
Ranged: attack skill 24%
Energy beam, range 500 metres, delivers 2d6 burn damage
per attack, delivered to one body location; the Zstinebruc
Vector can use this attack once, per round, up to 30 times
before needing time to recharge (typically 3d6 hours).
Threat Zone: attack skill 36%
2 manipulation nodules, range 2 metres, deliver 1d6+d/b
stun, or be used to deliver knife damage, or quite often to
grapple and hold an opponent.
Close Proximity: attack skill 48%, 1d2 hits.
[1-2] Manipulation nodules, if theyve not been used in
Threat Zone.
Tactics: none.
Use of Magick: POW 10, they tend to not use Magick but
will have access to any spell if required.

Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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About the Author
David J. Rodger (born 1970 in Newcastle Upon Tyne) is a British
science fiction & fantasy author and game designer best known
for his novels set in a near-future world of corporate and political
intrigue. So far he has published six novels; five that are set in the
same world: God Seed; Dantes Fool; Iron Man Project, Edge and
Living in Flames, and one, Dog Eat Dog, set within the world of
Yellow Dawn.

Rodger's contributions to H.P.Lovecrafts Cthulhu Mythos
include the creation of new Great Old Ones in his novels Edge,
Dog Eat Dog and Living in Flames; and the use of the Outer God
Nyarlathotep in the novel God Seed. Rodger has published
Shadows of the Quantinex, a large-scale campaign expansion for
the Yellow Dawn game.

Rodger has also written Cloudy Head, a Mythos inspired
childrensstory illustrated by Kenn-Ole Moen, and Murder at
Sharky Point, a murder mystery game.

Rodger spent 8 years working for a non-departmental
government agency, developing a virtual communications service
within the IT Division, before moving into commercial project
management for a UK media company. In 2000 Rodger's presence
on the Internet got him a place in the BBC documentary Through
The Eyes of the Young, directed by Chris Terrill. Rodger now
lives in Bristol, England, with a Braun coffee-maker, writing from
a house on a hill with a view of Earth's curve. He can be found on
the web at: www.davidjrodger.com

About Yellow Dawn
The Earth has been ravaged by viral pathogens. The death of
billions was observed by the orbital colonies and deep-space
habitats largely unaffected by the Outbreak. Terrified of infection,
nobody came to help. Less than 30 percent survived the first few
weeks. Then came the 2nd Wave of infection, spreading steadily
outwards from the impact points, and that was when the horror
really began...

It's been 10 years since Yellow Dawn happened and you're part of
this world. A survivor. You've seen a handful of cities bounce
back; you've seen settlements spring up across the New
Wilderness and you've seen the dead things that come shrieking
out of the ruins at full sprint. Rumours of alien monsters and
Satanic ceremonies filter out from the deep wilderness on the
tongues of travellers; you've seen recorded footage, fuzzy and
badly shot, purporting to be evidence of a new threat to
humankind. Some people believe, most do not. There's a hundred
different stories hitting the satellite feeds every day, of people
carving a niche for themselves in this Brave New World:
adventurers, entrepreneurs, engineers, mercenaries and story
tellers. It's been 10 years and now you've got a chance to join
them. A chance to become a hero. Post an advert on-line fishing
for clients, or stuff your possessions into a backpack and head off
into the New Wilderness to test your skills.

FEATURES: Narrative examples of key themes The Influence of
Hastur Medical theories on the Infection Zombie surges
Dead Cities Wilderness Survival Comprehensive scavenging
system and how to repair or build things with resources
Backgrounds and motivations of government bodies and
corporations Computer hacking and drug abuse High-tech
immortality options Non-human characters Enhancements
through cyberware and bioware Weaponry, equipment and
armour Complete character generation and development
system Complex political, corporate and quasi-religious
tensions Schools of Elemental Magick, occultism, demonology,
and the alien horrors of the Outer Chaos the Cthulhu Mythos.

Primary Rulebook: everything you need to create characters and
run a Yellow Dawn game. More info:

Shadows of the Quantinex
Shadows of the Quantinex is a major campaign for Yellow
Dawn. It allows the characters to discover the truth behind this
event: the machinations of an individual obsessed with The King
in Yellow, and his desire to bring his God into this world. It
also plunges the characters into a desperate race to stop the next
catastrophe a major conspiracy building up to deal another
blow to humanity, except this time the King in Yellow has been
usurped by a far more powerful Mythos entity, and the
consequences will be far reaching (not just Earth).

Shadows of the Quantinex: reveals the secret behind what
caused Yellow Dawn and gives characters a chance to stop the
next Mythos-inspired catastrophe against Humankind. More info:
Yellow Dawn (The Age of Hastur) is a creation of David J Rodger. This document is Copyright 2012 David J Rodger, all rights reserved.
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Yellow Dawn Novels

Dog Eat Dog: the first novel to be set within the post-apocalyptic
world of Yellow Dawn. More info: