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Mission-Critical Salesforce.

com Integration
with Informatica Cloud
Presented by
Vijay Narayanan, Informatica
Susie Marshall, IT Manager, Qualcomm
Derald Sue, CIO, InsideTrack

May 13, 2014
Safe Harbor
The information being provided today is for informational purposes only. The
development, release and timing of any Informatica product or functionality
described today remain at the sole discretion of Informatica and should not be
relied upon in making a purchasing decision. Statements made today are
based on currently available information, which is subject to change. Such
statements should not be relied upon as a representation, warranty
or commitment to deliver specific products or functionality in the future.
Informatica Cloud Path at Informatica World 2014
2:15 ARCH111 PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud: A Hybrid Integration Environment CASTELLANA 1
3:30 PP111 Informatica Cloud 101: Fastest Path to Data Management in a Hybrid IT World CASTELLANA 1
4:45 IPaW133 Mission-Critical Salesforce.com Integration with Informatica Cloud CASTELLANA 1
11:30 IPaW134 Why You Should Consider a Shift to a Cloud Data Warehouse GRACIA 2
2:30 PP115 The Future of Cloud Data Management: Product Roadmap for Informatica Cloud GRACIA 4
3:45 DEV117 Journey to the Internet of Things with PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud GRACIA 7
5:00 IPaW146 Using Business Process, Mobile Apps and Real-time Integration for Great ROI GRACIA 7
9:00 ARCH112 How Embedded iPaaS Can Transform Your Business GRACIA 3
11:30 DEV116 Developing Advanced Integrations in the Cloud GRACIA 3
Informatica Cloud Overview
Informatica Cloud - Get it right. Go live. Grow flexibly.

Data Integration
Cloud Test
Cloud Master
Development Data
Leverage Existing
Bulk Data
Cleanse and
De-dupe Data
Consolidate and
Visualize Data
Instant Access to
Actionable Data
The Informatica Cloud Platform is the only complete solution for cloud integration and data management
that allows SaaS application administrators, architects, and developers to easily power optimal processes
connected with enterprise-ready data across cloud, on-premises, big data, social, and mobile environments.
Hundreds of Connectors
Mission-Critical Salesforce.com
Integration with Informatica
Susie Marshall
IT Manager, Qualcomm Incorporated
8 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
Largest fabless mobile chipset manufacturer
World leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless
For more than 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions
have driven the evolution of digital communications, linking
people everywhere more closely to information,
entertainment and each other.
All About Qualcomm
Fortune 500 global company headquartered in San Diego,
California with over 175+ locations
9 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
Salesforce customer for over 6 years
Multiple teams supporting Salesforce over several business units
Salesforce Center of Service (COS) supports 7 production orgs
200+ custom objects, 25+ sites, 30+ custom applications
Heavy Service Cloud user
4 Customer Portal
Various internal systems: QA, HR, Staffing, Export Compliance,
SF to SF
Salesforce Landscape
What we have going on
10 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
Team also supports Informatica Cloud for the Corporate side of the
Java, Groovy/Grails, jQuery development
New Product Reviews
Governance/Best Practice/Oversight Support
Additional Support
When Salesforce isnt enough, we also do
11 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
Mix of onsite, offshore and consulting
Consulting is typically in India as is the Offshore Qualcomm team
Type of Resources
How do we support all these groups?
12 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
Moving data from Salesforce to another instance of
Salesforce, provides more control over the existing SF to SF
Pulling in data from internal source systems, using tasks,
task flows
Pulling data out of Salesforce into back-end repository to
store data that we do not want to keep in Salesforce.
Informatica Cloud
How do we use Informatica Cloud?
13 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
High Level Overview Diagram
14 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
Detailed Informatica Process Flow
15 5/9/2014 Qualcomm Incorporated Confidential and Proprietary
Training - online training
Org Usage development, migration processes
User Creation access set up, groups
Best Practices documenting/sharing/collaborating
Project Vetting technical guidance
Resources providing support for groups that do not have resources
Informatica Cloud Governance
Center of Service
All data and information contained in or disclosed by this document is confidential and proprietary information of Qualcomm
Incorporated and all rights therein are expressly reserved. By accepting this material the recipient agrees that this material and the
information contained therein is to be held in confidence and in trust and will not be used, copied, reproduced in whole or i n part, nor its
contents revealed in any manner to others without the express written permission of Qualcomm Incorporated.
2013-2014 QUALCOMM Incorporated and/or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved.
Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries.
Other products and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners

References in this presentation to Qualcomm may mean Qualcomm Incorporated, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and/or other
subsidiaries or business units within the Qualcomm corporate structure, as applicable.

Qualcomm Incorporated includes Qualcomms licensing business, QTL, and the vast majority of its patent portfolio. Qualcomm
Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, operates, along with its subsidiaries, substantially all of
Qualcomms engineering, research and development functions, and substantially all of its product and services businesses,
including its semiconductor business.
Thank you
Derald Sue, CIO
18 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Our idea in 2001: Coaching is widely accepted for
top athletes, executiveswhy not students?
No one coaches themselves to Olympic levels of success. They
all had a coach to structure their practices, to correct their
trajectories and to the keep them motivated.
Dr. Angela Duckworth
Assistant Professor of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania
19 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Fast forward to today: 100s of studies show that
coaching improves student outcomes
The results are clear: coaching had a clear impact on retention
and completion rates, and the results do not change when we
control for key demographic factors. Also, expenditures on
coaching are much smaller than the costs of other methods to
encourage persistence in college.
Professor Eric Bettinger, Stanford University
20 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Thanks to smart investments in our people, data
and technology, we can do it at scale
700K+ students coached
Adding 125K+ students
per year
10K+ coach-student
Generating rich data on the
student experience and the
operational effectiveness of
scalable IT
21 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Technology is the foundation that allows us to
excel in delivering results and insights at scale
Our systems and expertise simplify data management, optimize
service delivery and generate valuable strategic insights
22 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Student Facing Portals/Apps
ITK Data Center SAN
Ad-hoc Research
Portrait, SPSS, SAS, Tableau
ITK Data Center SAN
Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse
Microsoft SQL DB
ITK Data Center SAN
Data Repository
Informatica: SQL DB
ITK Data Center SAN
Ad-hoc Research
ITK Data Center SAN
3rd Party Client Systems
Phone & technology based
service delivery Over 80% of calls
outbound, utilize predictive models
to ascertain risk & impactability

Force.com / Salesforce Service
Cloud & Console Used as our
coaching platform with both out-of-
the-box and custom
Apex/Visualforce components with
UI/UX design by Redshift and
development support from Nimbly

Hybrid Premise & Cloud based
environment Okta for
SSO/provisioning across

Data integration Utilize Informatica
Cloud to integration disparate data
sources/systems and for BCP/DR
Technology is the foundation that allows us to
excel in delivering results and insights at scale
23 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Catalyst coaching platform changes since
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
(rosters & notes)
Catalyst 1.0
(SaaS platform build uniform
data capture)
Catalyst 2.0 (early
reporting & workflows)
Catalyst 3.0-4.0
(reporting & user interface
coach efficiency)
Catalyst 5.0
(Mostly out-of-box functionality)
Catalyst 6
(New UI focus on service delivery
24 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Move mission critical operations from internally
developed on premise .net app to cloud CRM
35% increase in coach productivity through better
up-time, performance, and workflow alignment
Premise-based custom app
Shift from insular approach were
different so must build ourselves
We have end-to-end control of the
environment (but need to maintain
entire stack, average 1x release
Simplified data integration (all in single
Salesforce.com platform
Leverage best-in-class CRM
functionality, security & scalability and
3x annual release cycle
Focus custom development on
education/company specific
features/functionality (4-6x releases
Leverage best-in-class cloud data
integration tools to manage disparate
data sources
25 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Leveraging Salesforce.com Platform for custom
development of Catalyst, our coaching platform
26 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Catalyst is a mission critical application that has
performed better than our .net on-premise app
> 750K transactions occur on a daily basis within Catalyst
> 10M transactions handled daily via Informatica Cloud platform
System of record for managing portfolio of students
High availability requirement
Compliance with FERPA, PCI and other applicable regulations
SSAE16 SOC1 Type II reporting around security and audit controls
Substantial investment/resources around platform availability, security, and
privacy (more than we as a single company could implement)

27 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Data integration a key problem solved via
Informatica Cloud platform
Synchronization between client Student Information System data and Catalyst, our internal
coaching CRM on the force.com platform

Replication/synchronization between Catalyst and Data Warehouse, including populating
externally computed algorithm values back to SFDC (solves SFDC compiled character
formula limit)

Business Continuity Planning/Disaster recovery solution & roll-back capability (solves SFDC
feature gap)

Significant reduction in manual processing/headcount solved via ETL job automation (100%
ROI on annual investment in 30 days)
28 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Informatica allows us to optimize service delivery and
generate valuable strategic insights by having all the
information in a single place
29 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Having real-time information in a single place
allows for a complete picture of a student
30 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Dashboards take large amounts of data and
represent them via actionable data visualizations
Activity x Quality = Performance
What is my contact rate for students
on my roster in the last 30 days?

How many meetings have I had

What is my projected vs actual
retention of students this term vs my
campus/individual goal?

What students should I be contacting
now, and why?

What has been my average quality
score for call observations?

Role based views allow for displaying
individual, team, campus, and regional
31 Confidential InsideTrack, 2014
Our technology and analytics investments are
driving profitability at scale
Expert at leveraging best-in-class technology to scale while also driving efficiency,
productivity, and impact

Proprietary applications and workflows are built on an industry leading platform
and stack, integrated to provide a single interface for users

Demonstrated growth in profitability though our technology platform

Q & A
IT Manager,

Principal Cloud
Product Manager,

Derald Sue

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