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The Awake, The Aware, And The Conscious

The Shift to Spiritual Awakening: The future is in the skies.

Changes are occurring on Earth. Humanity is making a giant leap in
progress towards evolution and to be living in such an exciting time is
truly amazing.
The Cosmos
Although it is important to understand the changes that are occurring
around us, it is not as simple as learning something that is new. It
involves the questioning of our beliefs, beliefs that have been deeply
embedded within us since birth and there will be a shift in paradigm,
one in which will make you wonder in disbelief and also instill in you a
sense of excitement. It is a challenge for humanity to embrace and adapt
to the reality of the New Age changes by imparting knowledge and truths
of a higher nature.
The time has come for us to stop being preoccupied with only making
money or the pursuing of material wealth but to learn more about
ourselves, the meaning and purpose of life and to understand and embrace
spirituality like never before for that is where one can truly find
You might have become aware of the increasing number of natural
disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, occurring during this past
You might have noticed the increase in occurrences of strange phenomena
during these past few years, some of which are truly unbelievable.
You might have noticed the drastic increase in UFO sightings.
You might have questions left unanswered such as how did the United
States incurred such a huge debt, one that seems will never be repaid?
There are many questions, what exactly is going on in the world?
Here are more events leading to even more questions.
The winter seems to get exceptionally cold. The seasons are at times too
often happening out of synchronicity with established period.
In the animal kingdom, species that used to thrive are fast becoming
extinct! It's happening way too rapidly.
There is the problem of global warming, a disaster we were led to
believe we created by emitting too much carbon dioxide into the
atmosphere. How true is this?
There were rumors, prophecies and predictions of Doomsday and End of the
World occurring during 2012. What was the basis of such a claim?
There are many reports and coverage of extraterrestrials in the media
and in the news. Are aliens real? All these questions and topics are
being hotly discussed and debated throughout the world like never
But how true are these "supposedly" rumors and occurrence of strange
If you have been busy working and listen only to news shown on
television or on radio, you will be amazed at what you will find here.
Providing step by step in a non-religious manner, information that has
largely been disregarded or misinformed by mainstream media and will
provide you with reasoning that some of the things which have been
labeled "pseudo" and "conspiracy" actually contains truth.
Also will provide you with information and truth that can only be found
in the alternative media, where mainstream media, controlled by the
Powers That Be, do not want you to know.
To truly believe something that is new, or one that is a claim, requires
at least another independent source of evidence to support its validity.
The information here is to facilitate as such, to bring together the
work of others or to show you information from another independent
source, sometimes in the form of references, to provide an assertion or
a claim of truth. It is similar to a non-fiction book.
Embracing the New Age -Photo by Cheryl Empey
The goal is to help assist with and over-stand the truth, and also to
provide information pertaining to the changes as we progress more fully
into the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Golden Age or the Age of
Based on analysis and also by referring to the work of others to
illustrate different points. I will ensure that the information given to
you is as accurate as possible. However I do not guarantee that
everything contained herein is absolutely correct and factual.
As you go through the information you might encounter things that you do
not have any idea about for example the background of a person that you
have never heard of. You are encouraged to find out more about it
elsewhere on the web etc.
There will be occasions when you need to do more research on your own
pertaining to a particular subject.
Please use discernment while you read, accept only information that
resonates with you and keep an open mind to those that do not.
Do know that if the Powers That Be are still in control, not everything
presented to you in the mainstream news are showing you the truth. Also
know that not everything written in Wikipedia can be believed. Long
established scientific theories, even though they have been written in
textbooks and taught, can be incorrect or outdated. This includes
whatever that is in our education system.
The New Age is here and it is crucial that we expand our consciousness
by knowing what is going on, by knowing the truth and to understand the
higher nature of our reality so that we can better make decisions,
decisions that will truly set us free during this special and exciting
time in our galaxy.
Nature of Reality
It is not quite possible for the mind from the third dimension, which is
our world of physicality to fully comprehend the true nature of our
multidimensional universe. However, we can understand it to a certain
extent with the use of our imagination.
The whole universe is vibration in one form or another. The things that
we see and experience in our daily lives are all vibrations in some
When there is a vibration, there will be the speed, frequency and
wavelength in which we can attribute to the oscillation of the
vibration. Knowing that there can be no end to the different speed in
which a vibration can vibrate, we can deduce that the universe is
infinite in size.
To elaborate, we perceive our world with our senses and what we
previously understood about our world is that the environment is made up
of solid, liquid, gas and also those of the electromagnetic spectrum
such as light, colors and radio waves.
Solid, liquid and gas are made up molecules vibrating at different
states. Solid vibrates at a slow rate closely together while liquid
vibrating faster than solid with a greater distance from one another and
gases vibrate quickly with a large distance from one another as compared
to liquid.
These molecules in solid, liquid and gas are made up of different kinds
of atoms coming together and atoms are generally made up of subatomic
particles namely electron, proton and neutron. Even smaller particles
called quarks are found in proton and neutron. The smallest particles
have been identified and they are called elementary particles. Here is
the important part, in quantum physics, experiments were conducted on
electrons, one of the smallest elementary particles and the result was
astonishing. In the famous Double Slit Experiment, it was found that
electrons behave like a wave when not observed and behave like a
particle when observed with a detector. When behaving like a wave, wave
interference pattern will form.

The fact that the result became different, with the presence of an
observer looking at which slit the electrons went through, if any at
that point of time, does not make sense at all. Why would the mere
presence of an observer affect the result? Subsequently experiments were
also conducted with photons, atoms and molecules with similar results.
Which-path information is the information that is derived from knowing
which slits, if any, the particle that was shot went through.
What if observing the which-path information was to be done only after
the wave or particle pattern were formed (Delayed choice)? That means
that the information is recorded but saved to be observed later.
What if the which-path information was recorded but erased without
observation after the phase in which the particles passing through the
slits is completed (Quantum Eraser)? Will it affect the result?
Several experiments were proposed and conducted such as the Wheeler's
delayed choice experiment, quantum eraser experiment and the delayed
choice quantum eraser experiment.
In 2007, a team in France completed the Wheeler's delayed choice
experiment with photons and concluded that the act of observation
eventually decides whether the photon will behave as a particle or a
wave. In the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment, the ability to
obtain which-path information even if it is observed indirectly will
result in no wave interference pattern. If the which-path information
was erased there will be wave interference pattern. This means that as
long as the which-path information is available, it will be considered
as being observed and therefore there will be no wave interference
pattern. Niels Bohr was right when he conceived the principle of
complementarity and talked about wave-particle duality. There are three
very important implications that can be derived from the findings of
quantum physics discussed here. Firstly, all matter has wave properties.
This is supported by string theory where it proposes that fundamental
particles are like strings vibrating and the different modes of
vibration determine their properties and the way they interact.
Secondly, when a wave interference pattern is formed despite that the
particles were fired one at a time, does not make sense. The particles
can enter either of the slits, neither of the slits, or even enter into
both slits at the same time and combine again to cause interference.
The possibility of having one particle enter two slits at the same time
when no one is able to determine which slit the particle enter, if any,
tells us that our reality is not what it seems to be. This gives
credence to the existence of multiple parallel universes. Thirdly, the
delayed choice quantum eraser experiment generally shows us that the
choice that we make now can affect the past. To clarify this briefly,
the experiment showed that if we erase the recorded which-path
information, information recorded but not seen, and look at the result,
which should already been determined in the past, it will always be a
wave interference pattern.
If there is the which-path information somewhere no matter if it is
being observed or not, and the result were determined, there will always
be no wave interference pattern. If you erase, there will be wave
interference pattern, if you do not erase, there will be no wave
interference pattern. Note the name of the experiment - delayed choice
quantum eraser. This tells us that time is not the way we thought them
to be, progressing in a linear manner. This finding contributes to the
possibility of time travel and also support the existence of multiple
parallel universes. Continuing with the first implication, we can see
that everything that is in our environment has wave properties. This
includes everything that we know of in the electromagnetic spectrum. It
is known that the universe is full of cosmic rays and these rays are all
vibrations with wave properties. We can say that the universe is made up
of vibrations and the movement of these vibrations in one form or
another. We can understand these by first visualizing solid matter which
is made up of molecules, and these molecules is made up of atoms, the
atoms is made up of subatomic particles and these particles are made up
of elementary particles all having wave properties, in their own mode of
vibration. We know that inside an atom, it is full of space and this is
the same in molecules.
Certain cosmic rays are able to pass through solid matter. Therefore,
solid matter is actually not impenetrable and is simply made up of
vibrations vibrating so fast that it is beyond the comprehension of our
senses. As the vibration gets faster and faster, we have liquid state
followed by the gaseous state followed by whatever is in the
electromagnetic spectrum such as light and rays. We perceive the world
with our five senses and the information collected by our senses are
transmitted to our brain as a form of electric signals. These signals
are electricity, which is made up of the flow of electrons. Knowing that
an electron is made up of vibrations, our senses are just a program
operating with various forms of vibrations with different frequency
levels. Our five senses are limited to what it can perceive. For example
sound and light are vibrations but we can only hear a limited range of
sound and see a limited range of light and colors.
The range of light that can be perceived by our eyes makes up only a
small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. The limited range in the
spectrum shows only what we have discovered so far. However, we have to
understand that the frequency and wavelength extend infinitely below and
above the spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum that we know of is
limited in range because we are limited by our senses and our equipment,
which is mostly made up of solid matter. For example, more than 90% of
matter in the cosmos is unknown. This dark matter is identified by
gravitational measurement and calculations on known "visible" substance.
But they are not detectable by any means or do they emit any forms of
electromagnetic radiation and therefore its properties are unknown.
Dark matter is not in the range of electromagnetic spectrum because they
are in a form of vibration that goes beyond what we have discovered so
far with our limited senses and equipment. Our universe is made up of
different forms of vibration. This can be better understood by using
sound as an example. Sound is a wave and therefore it is a form of
vibration. The characteristics of sound can be used to portray the
similar characteristics that made up the universe. Imagine the
vibrations in the universe are sounds of different frequencies. In the
harmonics of sound, when a note is played, the movement of the
vibrations is in such a manner as to create infinite overtones of lower
and higher octaves that sound together. This is an important aspect in
our over-standing of the universe. We rarely emphasize on the
infiniteness because our hearing is limited to a range of sound
frequencies. What is found in the cosmic background is the
electromagnetic radiation that makes up the electromagnetic spectrum.
These waves of vibrations carry energy as well as momentum and exhibit
both electric and magnetic field components. The study of these
properties and the physics at work are known as electrodynamics or
The universe is an electromagnetic frequency grid where frequencies in
octaves cross and affect one another. There is no such thing as a
vacuum. It will at least have the presence of electromagnetic waves.
Magnetic fields cause gravity and mass follow as a result. When fields
are crossed, when energies intermingle, which can also be described as
when the chords harmonize or cause dissonance, new forms of energy are
created. The result is what we call creation. What we understand about
sound can also be applied in light and matter for they are the same
thing existing on different frequency octaves, matter being denser in
nature. Matter can be calculated in the form of energy as is evident in
Einstein's famous equation E=mc^2 (Energy = Mass X Speed of light
squared). This adds to the notion that the nature of solid objects is
also part of an underlying system and that mass can be converted into
energy. Examples are nuclear fusion and fission. Therefore matter is not
really as substantial as most people would thought them to be.
Energy is defined as the capacity for a system to do work. It can be
converted from one form to another. All electromagnetic radiation
contains energy because energy in a way is the motion of vibrations or
vibrations in motion.
It is absolutely possible to tap into the energy of electromagnetic
waves to harness free energy. It is a matter of know how. We have done
something similar with the use of solar cells, solar panels and solar
arrays. We use certain band of frequencies for radio and television
broadcasting. These frequencies are part of the electromagnetic
spectrum. We can switch radio stations or TV channels by changing the
band of frequencies we tune into. All these other radio stations and TV
channels are available simultaneously at the same time. We just need to
tune into whatever station or channel we want. Each station or channel
is unique in the sense that they broadcast their own program whenever we
tune into any of them. It is as though each broadcast has a world of its
own. This can also be applied to our vision. The visible spectrum takes
up only a small portion of our electromagnetic spectrum. If we were to
compare our visible spectrum to the infinite range of the
electromagnetic spectrum, it would appear that what we can see is only a
very small portion of an infinite range of possibilities. There are many
animals and creatures that we know of that can see beyond our visible
spectrum. It is normally an inbuilt advantageous characteristic that is
part of their survival instinct. Their world as they see it is equally
as real as the one we see with our eyes. Even humans have the ability to
see beyond the visible spectrum. There are many people who are able to
see auras, which are also known as energy fields.
With the possibility of seeing beyond the usual visible spectrum, we
cannot dismiss the fact that there are entire worlds of existence that
we cannot perceive that has its reality based on different bands of
frequency than ours.
The extended electromagnetic spectrum is infinite. If a world such as
ours that can be seen in the visible spectrum exists, why can't there be
the existence of other worlds that are perceivable on different portions
of the electromagnetic spectrum? It would be just like different TV
channels existing on different bands of frequencies.
These other worlds would be the other dimensions of existence, not the
dimension as we know it in science but dimension in terms of worlds in
other range of frequencies. In my consciousness article, I will go on to
elaborate that there is indeed life in other dimensions.
If we are to experience the realities of other dimensions, the
technology that we use will have to have the ability to adjust and tune
in to different kinds of frequencies.
See: http://youtu.be/Vnf3d7Zyjsk (words and music by Maurice White)
Master told me one day
I'd find peace in every way
But in search for the clue
Wrong things I was bound to do
Keep my head to the sky
For the clouds to tell me why
As I grew and with strength
Master kept me as I repent and he said
Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
You gave me the will to be free
Purpose to live is reality
Hey and I found myself never alone
Chances came to make me strong
Step right up, be a man
'Cos you need faith to understand
So we're saying for you to hear
Keep your head in faith's atmosphere, ooh
(Keep your head to the sky)
Keep your head to the sky so the clouds
(Keep your head to the sky)
So that the time you are alone
Keep your head to the sky
Surely, the clouds are gonna tell you why
You give me the will to be free
Purpose to live is reality
When I found myself never alone
'Cos chances came, they came to make me strong
Hey, step right up, be a man
You need faith to understand
Or someone just saying for you to hear
Keep your head in faith's atmosphere
(Keep your head to the sky)
(Keep your head to the sky)
Don't walk around with your head hung down
(Keep your head to the sky)
(Keep your head to the sky)
(Surely, surely, surely, surely the clouds are gonna tell you why)
Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
When the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace shall guide the planets, and love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ....
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more forces of derision
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelations
And the mind's true liberation
How clear, how lovely bright,
How beautiful to sight
Those beams of morning play;
How heaven laughs out with glee
Where, like a bird set free,
Up from the eastern sea
Soars the delightful day.
To-day I shall be strong,
No more shall yield to wrong,
Shall squander life no more;
Days lost, I know not how,
I shall retrieve them now;
Now I shall keep the vow
I never kept before.
Ensanguining the skies
How heavily it dies
Into the west away;
Past touch and sight and sound
Not further to be found,
How hopeless under ground
Falls the remorseful day.