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Hells Angels from Northern Uruguay ride in and help the German Army destroy the walls of Jerusalem,

but are driven off by the Baby Jesus coming down from heaven.
!emp. "ule# !ies mean the tied players ta$e turns stating what happened, according to the power.%
&alls get turned into all &'s by persuade the cat, then into roc$ sugar by ma$e it sweet, drin$s are
handed out for swearing during the slap phase and saying that Justin hadn't grabbed any dice.
Justin () * "oast the nuts, candy has macadamia nuts, roasted, carameli+ed, they're sturdy. Also
carameli+ed filthy peasants.
Nat * , # -rain the vein, sugar vein is drained, macadamia nuts falling from midair
.hange, the baby# Baby Jesus appears. A change is occurring# !he baby Jesus appears
!wo losses# /teal the ob0ect# crowd1mob steals their true loves# Justin's true love is actually stolen, nat
is stolen himself because apparently he's his own true love. .hange the baby1Nat# Baby Jesus turns
into the Antichrist as a baby
No dice for me.%
Nat# .hange the babyagain% Antichrist baby becomes adult Jesus, is used to persuade crowd to give up
their true loves1Nat, Justin# /teals the ar$ of the covenant to 0oin !eam Jesus and use it to barter1bargain
with the pacified mob for his true love
Accidentally say gunning, "oman army that was after Jesus now is steampun$ and has guns while
charging towards Jesus across the open land.
(2 Justin, 3 Nat, John 4
5il$ the cow 6 Jesus the metaphorical cow# 5il$ing the cow for all it's worth, getting all of he can out
of Jesus1mil$ing Jesus for all he's worth, uses Ar$ of the .ovenant to force Jesus to send the "oman
army away. 7ill them all%
-rain the 8ein# cutting all their steam tubes, run out of steam, can't move their arms
!ime is dilated
Justin# 5a$e it sweet# Justin, his lady, and peeved adult Jesus 9ma$es it sweet: with adult Jesus.
Nat# ;ersuade that cool cat Jesus to stic$ around with us because we're cool dudes
!wo losses after < dilate time with my own, single die.
5a$e it rain# .ocaine rains down on the city of Jerusalem, and everyone gets really fuc$ing
high, e=cept for Jesus, who 9dodges the blow: and is now the only person who isn't high in Jerusalem
after having a threesome with Justin and his lady love
&e now roll a change card, because this is weird as fuc$
!imeline splits, Justin and Nat describe their timelines
Justin# &hen their was no Baby Jesus, roll didn't wor$ out, pseudo german and northern Uruguayan
army too$ over Jerusalem right before steampun$ romans came, so Uruguayan and pseudo german
army are fighting the steampun$ roman army. As they're rolling in, the Uruguayans cavalry boards
their motorcycles, and ta$e off their ramps over the walls, they're currently midair, flying towards the
roman army.
Antichrist baby blin$s into e=istence and stic$s around, and the agents of the antichrist, the roman
army, bac$ him up. !hey enslave Jerusalem.
&hose timeline are we stic$ing with>
/tic$ing with Antichrist and the satanic steampun$ roman army
!ime &i+ards are now# Justin is about to be dragged in front of the Antichrist, Justin's fair lady and Nat
are in the hands of the mob1resistance
5y <nfinitely ?ovely @air ?ady 5<?@?%
Justin is now the !ime 5aster, bitches.
Nat rolled a die even% and John is now a normal person in this weird6ass timeline.
John is recruited to be a guard and is called to resuscitate Justin's body, which fell fell lifeless upon his
!ime &i+ard powers being lost.
John's timewi+ard name# ?atei6sh &hich is super overpowered.%
.haos A John's is 4%#
John A(% Justin (B% Nat C%
John * "eplace the .hair * /uccess * !he body is dead and useless, thus 'chair'. "eplaced by
Justin's true love what a bastard...%. He is also married to Justin's true love with !ie the 7not.
Nat * ;ersuade the .at * @ailure * As Nat attempts to persuade the 'cat', he reali+es her body is
lifeless and goes in a little closer to go in for the $iss. <t's also Justin's lifeless body%
-<A?A!D B<!.HD/
Nat ()% Justin A(% John 2%
Nat * .hange the baby * @ailure * Justin's lifeless body is now a baby, and Nat attempts to
persuade the 'cat' by changing the baby into a girl. Justin's lifeless body is now a a baby girl.
John * 5a$e a goal * @ailure * John attempts an inopportune time to ma$e a homerun with
5<?@?, but as he tries to do so, guards rip him away from her and carry him to the Antichrist as
"esistance arrests Nat for attempting to 9persuade: the baby girl's 9cat:. John E 5<?@? ta$en to
antichrist. 8ast crowd. /ilent crowd. Antichrist wobbily stand up and says, 9Bwing me the topping
bwoc$F: /teampun$ "omans get off and fetch a brighty6colored chopping bloc$. John declares a !ime
John CC% Justin (3% Nat (B%
John let Nat go first because he got an overwhelming victory.
Nat * .hange the Baby * @ailure * <n a pit thrown in by the resistance, Nat grabs +ombie baby
female !uesday Afternoon /lightly After !hree and attempts to change his life situation his baby%. Nat
rolls A dAB die, one for him and one for a baby (3 and AB on the roll%. He successfully barrels out of
Jerusalem, but he is relentlessly pursued by the steampun$ "omans for the rest of his life unless John
changes him%
John * "e0ect the .all * /uccess * "e0ects the call of evil. Antichrist and his massive steampun$
army throws off the the chains of evil and embraces the lights 9Gtay, < be good #%%
5a$e it /weet * /uccess * !he entire world is now 9totally rad and bitchin':. B5H is the sole mode of
transportation, the world is now ruled by cool. Named 9Newcoolia:. !here are roller6coasters involved.
John is now the most sweet being in the world, 9God:.
John raises up 5<?@? as a demigod.
Justin dilates. /hit 0ust got real.
Justin had d, and a d2, Nat had a d,.
Nat C%off (d,% Justin A% off two die% John B%
Nat * .hange the Baby * /uccess * !he +ombie baby girl !uesday Afternoon /lightly After
!hree is changed into baby Jesus who denounces ?atish as the true God and raises Nat up to John's
level demigod1master wi+ard% and baby Jesus casts out demons in the greater Jerusalem area and turns
Jerusalem into a super theme par$. Now the 'holy shit land' rather than the 'holy land'
John * 5a$e a goal * @ailure 6
5a$e a goal * @ailure 6
Justin gives us the two demi6gods% a chance to defeat him# !wo (d(B's vs. His (dAB.
John and Nat rolled a combined (, and overthrew the !ime &i+ard who rolled a (C Ad(B vs (dAB% and
now co6rule the !ime6space continuum, as Justin is now the Baby Jesus, the !ime &i+ard. Justin is
o$ay with this.
!he end.