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Suit / Appeals No. JURISDICTION of 200

In re: -
Piff /Apptt. / Petitioner / Coplainant
Def!t. / Respt. /A""use!
#NO$ A%% to &'o t'ese present s'all "oe t'at I / $e
T'e a(o)e nae! !o 'ere(* appoint
+'erein after "alle! (* a!)o"ate/s, to (e */our A!)o"ate in t'e a(o)e-note! "ase aut'orise 'i:-
To a"t- appear an! plea! in t'e a(o)e-note! "ase in t'is "ourt or in an* ot'er Court in &'i"' t'e sae a*
(e trie! or 'ear! an! also in t'e appellate "ourt in"lu!in. /i.' Court su(0e"t to pa*ent of fees separatel* for ea"'
"ourt (* e/us.
To si.n file- )erif* an! present plea!in.s- appeals "ross-o(0e"tions or petitions for e1e"utions re)ie&-
re)ision- &it'!ra&al- "oproise or ot'er petitions or affi!a)its or ot'er !o"uents as a* (e !eee! ne"essar* or
proper for t'e prose"ution of t'e sai! "ase in all its su(0e"ts to pa*ent of fees for ea"' sta.e.
To file an! ta2e (a"2 !o"uents- to a!it an! /or !en* t'e !o"uents of opposite part*.
To &it'!ra& or "oproise t'e sai! "ase or su(it to ar(itration an* !ifferen"es or !isputes t'at a* arise
tou"'in. or in an* anner relatin. to t'e sai! "ase.
To ta2e e1e"ution pro"ee!in.s.
T'e !eposit- !ra& an! re"ei)e one*- "'e3ues- "ase an! .rant re"eipts 'ereof an! to !o all ot'er a"ts an!
t'in.s &'i"' a* (e ne"essar* to (e !one for t'e pro.ress an! in t'e "ourse of t'e prose"ution of t'e sai! "ase.
To appoint an! instru"t an* ot'er Pra"titioner aut'orisin. 'i to e1er"ise t'e po&er an! aut'orit*
'ere(* "onferre! upon t'e A!)o"ate &'ene)er 'e a* t'in2 fit to !o so an! to si.n t'e po&er of attorne* on our
An! I/$e t'e un!! !o 'ere(* a.ree to ratif* an! "onfir all a"ts !one (* t'e A!)o"ate or 'is
su(stitute in t'e atter as */our o&n a"ts- as if !one (* e/us to all intents an! purpose.
An! I/$e un!! t'at I/$e or */our !ul* aut'orise! a.ent &oul! appear in "ourt on all 'earin.s an!
&ill infor t'e A!)o"ate for appearan"e &'en t'e "ase is "alle!.
An! I/$e un!! !o 'ere(* a.ree not to 'ol! t'e a!)o"ate of 'is su(stitute responsi(le for t'e result
of t'e sai! "ase. T'e a!0ournent "osts &'ene)er or!ere! (* t'e "ourt s'all (e of t'e A!)o"ate &'i"' 'e s'all
re"ei)e an! retain for 'iself.
An! I/$e un!! !o 'ere(* a.ree t'at in t'e e)ent of t'e &'ole or part of t'e fee a.ree! (* e/us to
(e pai! to t'e a!)o"ate reainin. unpai! 'e s'all (e entitle! to &it'!ra& fro t'e prose"ution of t'e sai! "ase until
t'e sae is pai! up. T'e fee settle! is onl* for t'e a(o)e "ase an! a(o)e Court. I/$e 'ere(* a.ree t'at on"e t'e fee
is pai!- I/$e &ill not (e entitle! for t'e refun! of t'e sae in an* "ase &'atsoe)er an! if t'e "ase prolon.s for ore
t'an 4 *ears t'e ori.inal fee s'all (e pai! a.ain (* e/us.
IN WITNESS WHERE OF I/$e !o 'ereunto set */our 'an! to t'ese presents t'e "ontents of &'i"'
'a)e (een un!erstoo! (* e/us on t'is !a*
of 200
A""epte! su(0e"t to t'e ters of t'e fees
A!)o"ate Client Client