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Gazette Date: 13/06/2014

Last Date: 16/07/2014

Category No: 300/2014
Applications must be submitted online through the official website
of the Commission after 'ONE TIME REGITRATION'! Candidates who
ha"e alread# registered can appl# through their profile!
$! %epartment & Education
'! Name of (ost & )!(! chool Assistant
*Mala#alam medium+ *R for T onl#+
,! cale of (a# & ` 11620 20240/-
-! No! of "acancies & .a#anad / '0 1asaragod / $0
*%istrict wise+ 1ollam 2 $
Note& * $+The abo"e "acanc# is now in e3istence! eparate Ran4ed list will
be prepared for each districts in pursuance of this notification! The list of
selected candidates published b# the Commission shall remain in force
for a minimum period of one #ear and a ma3imum period of three #ears
pro"ided that the said list will not continue to be in force if a new list
after e3pir# of the minimum period of one #ear is published!
Recruitment will be made for the abo"e "acancies and also for the
"acancies reported for pecial Recruitment from T during the "alidit# of
the list!
*II+ The election in pursuance of this notification will be made on a
re"enue district basis sub5ect to the special conditions laid down in
G6 *M+ No!$7-89$8(% dated '92672$:9$! A candidate ad"ised for
appointment in one re"enue district from the Ran4ed list so
prepared is not eligible for transfer to another %istrict unless he8she
completes fi"e *7+ #ears continuous ser"ice from the date of
commencement of ser"ice in the former district! E"en if transfer is
allowed after fi"e*7+ #ears0 it will be sub5ect to the orders contained
in G!O *M+ No!-8;$8(% dated '!$!$:;$! Candidates alread# in
go"ernment ser"ice holding the post in one district restricted from
appl#ing for the same post in another district! <ut the# can appl#
for the higher posts!
7! Method of appointment & %irect Recruitment
*from among cheduled Tribes onl#+
Note:- Applications recei"ed from non T will be re5ected! Indi"idual
communications regarding the re5ection of their applications for the abo"e
reason will not be issued!

;! Age & $=2-70 onl# candidates born between 6'!6$!$:;: and
6$!6$!$::; *both dates included+ are eligible to
appl# for this post!
Note&2 In the absence of >ualified candidates within the age limit0 the upper
age limit shall be rela3ed upto 76 #ears! <ut in no case the ma3imum
age limit shall e3ceed 76 *?ift#+ #ears!
9! @ualifications &
*$+ A pass in !!A!C! E3amination conducted b# the Commissioner for
Go"ernment E3aminations0 1erala or its e>ui"alent!
A pass in (re2degree E3amination conducted b# an# of the )ni"ersities in
1erala or an# e3amination recogniBed b# an# such )ni"ersities as e>ui"alent to
the (re2degree E3amination!
A pass in Cigher econdar# E3amination conducted b# the <oard of
Cigher econdar# E3amination01erala or an# other e3amination recogniBed b#
Go"ernment as e>ui"alent thereto!
*'+ A pass in T!T!C! E3amination conducted b# the Commissioner for
Go"ernment E3aminations0 1erala!
A %egree in an# sub5ect and <!Ed!8<!T!8A!T! Conferred or recogniBed b#
the )ni"ersities in 1erala!
Note : Rule 10 (a) ii of part II of KS&SSR is applicable.
Special Note:-
*i+ Candidates who ha"e not studied the Regional Aanguage
DMala#alamE either under (art I or (art II or as medium of instruction of !!A!C!
are not eligible for appointment to the post! *G!O!*Rt!+No!7,-86'8G!Edn! dated
$:!6,!'66'0 G!O!*M+No!--8978G!Edn! %ated ':!6$!$:97+!
*ii+ @uestion paper for the .ritten test0 if an# will be in Mala#alam0 the
candidates should answer the >uestion in Mala#alam!
*iii+ Those who ha"e no training >ualification can also appl#! If
selected in the absence of candidates with training >ualification the# will ha"e
to ac>uire training >ualification within , *three+ #ears from the date of
appointment *G!O!*M+;,8='8Edn! %ated 6,!67!$:='+!
Special Concession
*$+ (reference will be gi"en as laid down in G!O!*M+No!768968(% dated
$'!6'!$:96 and G!O!*M+:89=8General Education dated '$!6$!$:9= to the
wi"es of Fawans in the matter of pecial Recruitment as teachers0 if the#
possess the prescribed >ualifications!
*'+ .i"es of Fawans should produce proper certificate *true copies+ from the
Officer Commanding stating the name0 Militar# ran4 and Militar# address of
their husbands and produce the same as and when re>uired b# the
Commission! *oldiers in acti"e ser"ice and those wor4ing in the <ase
Establishments are included under the term of 'Fawans'! *G!O!
*M+No!76:8;-8Edn! dated $:!6:!$:;-0 G!O!*M+No!;$-8;78 Edn! dated
$:!$$!$:;7 and G!O!*M+No!'-,8;;8Edn!+! .i"es of Fawans should note the
fact that the# are wi"es of Fawans in the application!
*,+ ?irst Class couts and Guides will be gi"en preference in the matter of
appointment as teachers GO*M+ No! $''8978G!Edn! %ated '9!9!$:97!

=! Method of submitting application&
Candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION' s#stem on
the official website of 1erala (ublic er"ice Commission 'www!4eralapsc! go"!in '
for appl#ing for the post! Candidates who ha"e registered shall appl# b# logging
on to their profile using their )ser Id and (assword! Candidates shall clic4 on to
the 'Appl# Now' button of the respecti"e post in the notification lin4 for appl#ing
for a post! No application fee is re>uired! Candidates can "iew0 rectif# defects
and ha"e a print2out of the details in the profile0 'if re>uired0 b# clic4ing the lin4
'Registration Card''! Candidates are responsible to ensure the correctness of
the personal information and secrec# of password and shall 4eep in mind the
)ser I% for further communication with the Commission! <efore appl#ing for a
post0 candidates must ensure the correctness of the information in their profile!
The# must >uote the )ser Id for further communication with the Commission!
Applications once submitted will be recei"ed as pro"isional and particulars shall
not be deleted or altered after submission! Applications submitted not in
accordance with the conditions of the notification will be summaril# re5ected!
%ocuments to pro"e >ualification0 Communit#0 age etc0 ha"e to be produced as
and when called for!
:! Aast date for receipt of applications& 16.07.201 .ednesda# upto
$'!66 midnight!
$6! Address to which applications are to be sent & www!4eralapsc! go"!in
$$! If a written test8OMR test is conducted as part of the selection0 Admission
Tic4et of eligible candidates will be made a"ailable on the website of the
1erala (ublic er"ice Commission! Candidates are instructed to download
their Admission Tic4ets as per the instructions on the website!
$'! (aragraphs two0 three and twent# fi"e *e3cept the conditions laid down
in the Rule ,*C+ of (art II of the 1erala tate and ubordinate er"ices
Rules+ are not applicable to this selection!
$,! Appointments are made on the basis of the ran4 secured in the ran4ed list
of candidates prepared in pursuance of this notification sub5ect to the
conditions laid down in G!O!*(+No!'$89;8(% dated $9!6$!$:9; and G!O!*(+
No!'78:-8GA% dated ''!6$!$::- allowing special reser"ations to
cheduled caste and cheduled Tribes in accordance with the procedures
made for this purpose from time to time and sub5ect to the rules under
sections ,*c+0 $9 *a+0 $9*b+ of (art II of 1erala tate and ubordinate
er"ice Rules0 $:7=!

*?or details including photo0 I% cards etc0 refer to the General Conditions+

!.C "INO#