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Flexsteel DFM & GD&T Training
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Design for Manufacturability and Assembly Training
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Design for manufacturability (also know as design for manufacturing) and assembly
(DFM/DFA) is the application of process, method and art of creating cost effective product
The design stage is very important and ultimately influential in the end-product cost, quality,
and time to market. Overall product lifecycle characteristics are committed at design stage.
The product design is not just based on good design or engineering factors but it should
consider the through-put or manufacturing as well.

Course Overview and Objectives:
Engineers Edge Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Assembly (DFA):
Concurrent engineering practices and integration.
Design & manufacturing processes review, analysis and cost reduction.
Component manufacturing process selection (MPS).
Component design optimization for manufacturing.
Design for Assembly (DFA) practices and analysis.
Analysis, optimization methods, and functional tradeoffs techniques.
All in-house DFM seminars and workshops are customized to organizational end item products as determined
through interviews and surveys. This is how we ensure the best training program and value for our customers.
Additionally, culture and process practices of some of the most successful organizations in the world are presented and
All participants receive Volume I & II reference and training manual:
Engineering Design for Manufacturability Reference and Training Manual
Reference Manual Front matter ---> DFM DFMA Reference Manual
This course is recommended for anyone involved in product design, manufacturing
engineering, and manufacturing management. This includes drafters, designers, engineers,
manufacturing engineers, process engineers, quality engineers, mechanical engineers and
others who are involved in design, engineering and manufacturing activity.
"For what I thought was going to be a boring seminar I sure got a lot out of the
Craig W.
Mechanical Engineer
Robins AFB
"This class was helpful for evaluating and establishing component design guidelines."
Christine P.
Chemical Engineer
Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
"Good job at changing the agenda on the fly and getting us what we needed - thanks again."
Jeff H.
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"I hope you enjoyed Japan and had a good flight back to the US. I loved your DFM training last week. The class
will help us get the new DFM role started here at SKK."
Robert D.
Schlumberger, SKK
"The instructor provided great detail explanation of individual processes. The assembly design optimization
workshop was most helpful"
John V.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Geometric Boundaries II, ASME Y14.5-2009, Interpretation & Application of GD&T
Geometrical Boundaries, ISO 1101-2004, Interpretation & Application of GD&T Using SI Units
Design for Manufacturing, Engineering - DFM Reference Book
Geometric Boundaries, ASME Y14.5M-1994 - Interpretation & Application of GD&T Using Customary Inch Units
Geometric Boundaries SI, ASME Y14.5M-1994 - Interpretation & Application of GD&T Using Metric Units
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