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1. What is shallow copy/clone and deep copy/clone of an object?

2. What is singleton class?

3. What are factory methods?
4. What is an abstract factory pattern?
5. What is Comparator and Comparable interfaces?
. What is late initiali!ation of a ser"let?
#. What are synchroni!ed methods and synchroni!ed statements?
$. What is scalability?
%. Why &a"a does not s'pport pointers?
1(. What are m'table and imm'table objects?
11. What are daemon threads?
12. )ow do we implement single threaded model in ser"lets?
13. *+plain the concept of ,-repared .tatement ,statement interface?
14. *+plain conc'rrency and loc/ing?
15. What are different types of loc/s?
1. What are the different types of le"els of reso'rce on which loc/s can be placed?
1#. 0efine loc/ escalation?
1$. What is 1able le"el and 2ow le"el loc/ing?
1%. What is a Web .er"ice?
2(. What are design patterns?
21. Can yo' list down all patterns and their classification?
22. What is the difference between 3actory and 4bstract 3actory -atterns?
23. What is 56C pattern?
24. )ow can we implement singleton pattern in &464?
25. )ow do yo' implement prototype pattern in &464?
2. Can yo' gi"e a practical implementation of 34740* patterns?
2#. )ow can we implement obser"er pattern in &464?
2$. What is 8n"ersion of control?
2%. What is 92 mapping?
3(. Can yo' e+plain different software de"elopment life cycles?
31. What is a project baseline?
32. What is blac/ bo+ testing and White bo+ testing?
33. What:s the difference between ;nit testing< 4ssembly testing and 2egression testing?
34. What is 6 model in testing?
35. )ow do yo' start a project?
3. )ow did yo' do reso'rce allocations?
3#. )ow will yo' do code re"iews?
3$. What is C558?
3%. What are the fi"e le"els in C558?
4(. What are the differences between &81 and )ot.pot?
41. What are the ad"antages and disad"antages of reference co'nting in garbage collection?
42. )ow wo'ld yo' implement a thread pool?
43. What are the different ways in which a thread can enter into waiting state?
44. 0raw a architect'ral diagram of the project inwhich yo' are/were wor/ing now/pre"io'sly?
=>i"e proper e+planation of that project.?
45. 4re constr'ctors inherited? Can a s'bclass call the parent@s class constr'ctor? When?
Ao' cannot inherit a constr'ctor. 1hat is< yo' cannot create a instance of a s'bclass 'sing a
constr'ctor of one of it@s s'perclasses. 9ne of the main reasons is beca'se yo' probably
don@t want to o"eride the s'perclasses constr'ctor< which wo'ld be possible if they were
inherited. By gi"ing the de"eloper the ability to o"erride a s'perclasses constr'ctor yo'
wo'ld erode the encaps'lation abilities of the lang'age.