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Description of Service

The Metamorphosis Inc. is a business firm that is specialized in upcycling old materials, from
furniture to clothe to machineries and even plastic bottles. We collect and buy your old household
materials and give them a new life and purpose by transforming and converting them into a new kind of
material. We can make cabinet from old doors; book shelves out of cable spools, candle holders from
bottles and even apron from old garments!
Office Supplies
Name of Product Specifications Brand Quantity
Office Supplies
Revolving chair 4
Desktop Monitor: wide LCD 19" with
integrated speaker Mini ATX
tower, Intel core
(2DIMM), 500GB 7500RPM
3.5" SATA, 3.0GB/s Hard
Drive with NCQ and
16MB cache, Internal
Speaker, Integrated video,
Intel GMA 4500, VGA,
Integrated wireless 1500
PCIe WLAN card, full height,
integrated audio, 16X
DVD-+/-RW with cyber link
power DVD. COM ports 2
Nos. Giga bit
network/USB key board
(English), optical mouse,
DVD+/-RW Genuine
Windows 7 professional ,
64 bit with media, English, 1
year warrant
Printer Epson Stylus SX425W 2
Printer HP 1
UPS APC 1100VA 10
32 GB USB 3
Scanner Docu print CM205FW 1
Cordless Phone 2
LCD Television 40 2
Fax Machine Panasonic M-KX FT98 1
Xerox Machine Speed 21-30 Copies per
minute, Original size: A3,

Resolution: 600x600 dpi,
Zoom range:
25% to 400% in 1%
increment, Duplex: Auto
Duplex Unit, Network:
Ethernet 100base: TX/10
basset, Paper tray: 2x250
sheet standard(500 sheets),
and multi sheet bypass, USB
Connectivity: USB 2.0
Compatible, Supported OS:
Windows XP/2000/windows
Windows server
2003/server 2008, Other
functions: GDI Print
Controller, color Scanner,
Sorting, user password,
Network printing & USB
printing, Scan to USB stock.
Telephone Set 4
PABX Machine 2
Money Counting
Machine (Small)
6u 1
Airconditioner 2

Ballpens (black) 3 boxes
Ballpen (Blue) 3 boxes
Ballpen (Red) 3 boxes
Gel pen 0.5 (Black) 3 boxes
Gel pen 0.5 (Blue) 3 boxes
Gel pen 0.5 (Red) 3 boxes
Gel pen 0.3 (Black) 3 boxes
Pencil 3 boxes
Mechanical Pencil 3 boxes
Rulers 5
T-Squares 5
Protractors 5
Drafting tables 4
Whiteboard marker
3 boxes
Whiteboard marker
3 boxes
Whiteboard marker
3 boxes
Permanent marker
3 boxes
Permanent marker
3 boxes
Permanent marker
3 boxes
Bond papers (Long) 3 boxes
Bond papers(Short) 3 boxes
Colored Papers 3 boxes
Parchment papers 3 boxes
Sticker papers 4 packs
Photopaper 4 packs
Stapler (large) 5
Stapler (small) 5
Staple (large)
Staple (small)
Clear book Black (Long) 8 pcs
Clear book Black
8 pcs
Folder (Long) 3 packs
Folder (Short) 3 packs
Tabbings 1 pack
Binders 5 pcs
Brown envelope (long) 3 packs
Brown envelope
3 pack
Money envelope 3 pack
Letter envelope
Label Printer
Cash Register
Receipt Paper
Paper clips (small)
Paper Clips (large)
Ink (Black) HP 10 packs
Ink (Magenta) HP 10 packs
Ink(Yellow) HP 10 packs
Ink (Cyan) HP 10 packs
Ink (Tri-color) HP 10 packs
Compatible High
Capacity 4 Colour
Epson T1295 Ink
Cartridge Multipack
Epson 15 packs
Utility supplies
Dishwashing Liquid Joy 2 bottles
Bathroom papers 12 packs
Bugspray 2 bottles
Hand sanitizer 5 packs
Air Freshner 3
Broom 4 pcs
Dustpan 2 pcs
Broomstick 2 pcs
Hand soap Safeguard 5 pcs
Production Supplies
Round wire nail
Oval wire nail
Lost head nail
Panel Pin
Annular Nail
Hardboard Pin
Corrugated fastener
Hammer 4
60-220 - 20-Piece
Versatile Screwdriver
Craftsman 8pc. Pliers
Cutting pliers 2
Pistol grip drill 2
Wood glue Elmers E7010
Carpenters wood
glue (8 gal.)
5 bottles
Mighty bond Mighty Bond 10 packs

Primer (4 liters)

Crosscut saw 2
Hack saw 2
Plywood saw 2
Glue gun 3 pcs
Glue stick Elmers 3 pcs
Blasting equipment 1
Scissors 4 pcs
Needles (1 set) 3 sets
Ribbon set Toastmasters 3 sets
Thread (1 set, various
6 sets
Cutter 4 pcs
Hammer and chisel 2
Gouge 2
Acrylic Paint - 1/2
Gallon - Set of All 9
White, black, brown, yellow,
orange, blue, violet, green &
red. gallons per color.
Acrylic Paint 2 sets
Aerolyte PSB 2342B
Bicarbonator Pressure
Blast Cabinet
Clemco 1
Thinner 2
Denatured alcohol 2
CCTV Camera 4