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Dot Net Training Institute

SSDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Dot Net Training in India Helps Develop Your Programming Skills
Get professional training on Dot Net and become one of the eligible programmer and
developer. Many institutes are ready to train you.
Microsoft .NET is a fundamental offering from Microsoft. It is a significant programming
language prevalent across the web world these days. This language has many usages and is
preferred by the programmers to a great extent. With the help of .NET Framework, you can
build several applications which can function in the way you wish, in programming
language you select and across devices, services and software. This framework is applicable
to majority of the new applications developed for Windows platform. Therefore, many Dot
Net training institutes in India have emerged recently.
Registering for this Microsoft .NET training course can help you to
advance in your career. Among some of the best institutes, SSDN
Technologies in Gurgaon has earned a good name. Their training
courses are designed to ensure good placement after the training
session. Dont you think this is a great assistance? To be successfully
placed in todays job market after graduating is not an easy task. It is
one of those training centers where you can enroll for getting the best
quality Dot Net training.
What to check before joining a Dot Net training institute?
Prior registering with any training institute, it is essential that you check certain things so that
you receive the real output from what you invest in the institute.
Clearly speak with the organization about the course details, experiences of academics, their teaching strategies and
so on.
Check whether the course design and training is capable of meeting your preferences to assure that you are hugely
benefitted from it.
The curriculum of the course should be comprehensive and must cover all the relevant topics related to your
respective field.
SSDN Technologies is one of those Dot Net training institutes in India which fulfils all these criteria. Their course
delivers both classroom and practical training and provides projects much like the ones students are to face in the
real IT industry. This is indeed a great assistance since during the training itself students get insight of the real
Dot Net Training Institute
Who can enroll for the course?
No minimum eligibility criterion is there for joining Microsoft .NET training courses. However, to get
training on the advanced subjects of Dot Net, for instance, dot net Enterprise Application Design and
Development or dot net Smart, you need to have prior knowledge of programming and basic concepts of Dot
Net. So far as the span of the training course is concerned, it varies from institute to institute. For example,
SSDN Technologies offers a considerable amount of flexibility with regard to schedules of the training
There are endless opportunities for Dot Net programmers and developers in the market. So, if you are able to
complete the training successfully, there will be always a good option open to you in small, medium or large
enterprises. Therefore, wait no further, seek admission to some reputed training institute and build up your
future. If you are staying in Gurgaon, SSDN Technologies, one of the reputed Dot Net training institutes in
India, will be a great choice for you.
SSDN Technologies help students get professional certification on Microsoft .NET. It is one of the famous Dot
Net training institutes in India.
Dot Net Training from SSDN
Dot Net Training from SSDN - Become the Developer of the Future
The Dot Net (.NET) framework is not unknown concept in the present world. What is it? It is a
software framework that Microsoft has developed primarily to run on Windows OS. The first
beta version of Microsoft .NET was introduced towards the end of the year 2000. Currently,
.NET is highly popular across the IT industry.
Dot Net trained professionals can develop a huge array of applications using this framework.
That is why the demand of such professionals is increasing day by day. As a result, huge number
of students is aiming at seeking .NET training from a reputed Dot Net training center in India.
This has what brought SSDN Technologies of Gurgaon into the limelight.

Now, you might ask what kind of applications you can develop after being trained from such well known institutes.
Well, seeking the training from a proficient and reputable institute like SSDN makes you capable of developing a
series of applications. They are
Web services
Windows control
Console applications
GUI based on Windows
Client application based on Windows
Web based apps that can drive dynamic data
So, take .NET training from SSDN Technologies in Gurgaon, a professional Dot Net training center in India, and
become the developer of web and windows based applications.
SSDN Technologies Specializes in Dot Net Training in Gurgaon
Microsoft .NET has become fundamental in the IT industry in the modern times. Big, small or
medium enterprise, every company has the demand for Dot Net programmers and developers.
That is why, training institutions have also started focusing more on this training course. SSDN
Technologies is one such name in the list of Dot Net trainers in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.
A Brief Idea about the Company
SSDN is a prominent training industry in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. It consists of a team of talented,
experienced and proficient trainers having the right knowledge about the advanced technologies of
todays world. The updated knowledge of the trainers in this institute enables them to train the
students in the most effective way. Receiving training of this institute assures a good job
placement of the students.

Microsoft .NET Training in SSDN Technologies
SSDN Technologies offers high standard training and is known for its worthy training courses in Dot Net.
This institute is famous for its expert qualified trainers who offer both practical and theoretical knowledge
in equal parlance.
The different Frameworks included in the Dot Net Training course of SSDN are
SQL Server 2008/2012
The Diverse Kinds of Training Programs Available Here
Dot Net Corporate Training
Dot Net On-Campus Training
Dot Net Classroom Training
Eligibility Criteria for getting Admission to SSDN Technologies
Since SSDN houses an excellent team of Dot Net trainers in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, they can provide
training to students having the basic knowledge of programming language. Individuals who can seek
training from this institute are
Graduates (B.E. or B. Tech, BCA, B.Sc. etc.)
Post-graduates (M. Tech., MCA, M. Sc. Etc.)
Software Engineer/ Sen. S/W Engg./ Team Lead/ Project Manager

Specialty of SSDN Technologies
The flexibility of training schedule is the first special feature that students enjoy in this training center.
They receive training according to their convenience. It offers 2 months, 6 months and also 6 weeks
Microsoft .NET course. Summer training is also available on ASP.NET. Students get the privilege of
working in real projects and receive insight and experience of working in the highly competitive IT
The corporate training facility of SSDN Technologies makes it stand out of the other Dot Net trainers
in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. They deliver training at their client side in India.
Get in touch with the experts to receive the best Dot net training in Gurgaon.
SSDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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