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Classroom Environment and Anxiety Disorders

Hanna Bugar
Saint Marys niversity of Minnesota
S!"ools of #raduate and $rofessional $rograms
$ortfolio Entry for Wis!onsin Tea!"er Standards T"ree and %ive
EDW &'( Classroom Environment
Cat"erine Anderson
)uly *+, +-*(
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Selected Wisconsin Teacher Standard Descriptors
Wisconsin Teacher Standard (WTS) 3: Teachers understand that children learn
T"e tea!"er understands "o. students differ in t"eir approa!"es to learning and t"e
/arriers t"at impede learning and !an adapt instru!tion to meet t"e diverse needs of pupils,
in!luding t"ose .it" disa/ilities and ex!eptionalities0
Knowlede0 T"e tea!"er understands and !an provide adaptations for areas of
ex!eptionality in learning, in!luding learning disa/ilities, visual and per!eptual diffi!ulties, and
spe!ial p"ysi!al or mental !"allenges0
Dispositions0 T"e tea!"er /elieves t"at all !"ildren !an learn at "ig" levels and persists
in "elping all !"ildren a!"ieve su!!ess0
!erfor"ances0 T"e tea!"er ma1es appropriate provisions 2in terms of time and
!ir!umstan!es for .or1, tas1s assigned, !ommuni!ation and response modes3 for individual
students ."o "ave parti!ular learning differen!es or needs0
Wisconsin Teacher Standard (WTS) #: Teachers $now how to "anae a classroo".
T"e tea!"er uses an understanding of individual and group motivation and /e"avior to
!reate a learning environment t"at en!ourages positive so!ial intera!tion, a!tive engagement in
learning, and self4motivation0
Knowlede. T"e tea!"er 1no.s "o. to "elp people .or1 produ!tively and !ooperatively
.it" ea!" ot"er in !omplex so!ial settings0
Dispositions. T"e tea!"er values t"e role of students in promoting ea!" ot"ers learning
and re!ogni5es t"e importan!e of peer relations"ips in esta/lis"ing a !limate of learning
!erfor"ances. T"e tea!"er organi5es, prepares students for, and monitors independent
and group .or1 t"at allo.s for full and varied parti!ipation of all individuals0

Danielson%s Do"ain 2 &o"ponents.
+a6 Creating an Environment of 7espe!t and 7apport
+/6 Esta/lis"ing a Culture for 8earning
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+!6 Managing Classroom $ro!edures
Self'(eflection )ssess"ent of &lassroo" *n+iron"ent (elated to WTS 3,#
Creating a !lassroom environment t"at is safe, .el!oming, and !ondu!ive to learning and
so!ial intera!tion is essential0 9t is important to my students /e!ause t"is type of environment
fosters friends"ips and !onfiden!e to try ne. t"ings0 9t also allo.s t"em to /e t"emselves and to
/e !omforta/le in many situations0 9t is important to me /e!ause 9 .ant students to /e in an
environment t"at ena/les students to .or1 to t"eir full potential to a!"ieve su!!ess0 9t is also
important /e!ause t"is type of environment fosters .ell4rounded students ."o ma1e responsi/le
!iti5ens0 9t is .it" t"ese ideas in mind t"at 9 plan t"e lessons, a!tivities, p"ysi!al layout, and
pro!edures in my !lassroom0
9 am a regular edu!ation grade six tea!"er at #rant Elementary S!"ool in t"e S!"ool
Distri!t of Mars"field0 9 .or1 on a team of four sixt" grade tea!"ers .it" ea!" tea!"er !overing
a different !ontent area0 9 tea!" s!ien!e and "ealt" !urri!ulum0 :ur s!"ool servi!es &&(
students, ."i!" in!ludes a *(; population of students .it" disa/ilities and a (+; population of
e!onomi!ally disadvantaged students0
9 /elieve it is important to get to 1no. my students and for students to get to 1no. one
anot"er and me0 9 "ave students parti!ipate in Monday Morning Meetings0 T"ese meetings give
students an opportunity to greet one anot"er, s"are ."at t"ey did over t"e .ee1end, allo. us to
previe. up!oming events for t"e .ee1, and to play a game to promote so!ial intera!tion0 W"ile
9 in!orporate t"ese meetings as mu!" as possi/le, 9 do not do t"em !onsistently0 9 .ould li1e to
ma1e it a point to do morning meetings at least every Monday, if not more0 9 also feel students
get some."at /ored of t"e greetings, a!tivities, and games .e do during morning meetings
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/e!ause 9 "ave a sele!t fe. 9 tend to use0 9 .ould li1e to expand t"e greetings, a!tivities, and
games 9 use during morning meetings to 1eep t"e meetings fres" and energi5ed0
A positive environment is essential to su!!ess in t"e !lassroom0 W"en students "ave a
positive attitude, it !an motivate students to a!"ieve to t"e /est of t"eir a/ility and allo. t"em to
/e more su!!essful /y /elieving t"ey !an /e0 A positive attitude en"an!es students a/ility to
solve pro/lems and ma1e positive !"oi!es to a!"ieve goals0 A <!an do= attitude is appre!iated,
and 9 "ave posters t"roug"out t"e room of inspirational p"rases as reminders0 9 also use a to1en
e!onomy system, in ."i!" students re!eive a ti!1et for good /e"avior, responsi/ility, or as a
pri5e for game4li1e a!tivities0 Ti!1ets are randomly dra.n on!e or t.i!e per >uarter and students
."o are dra.n !"oose a pri5e from t"e pri5e /ox0 Students 1eep S!ien!e )ournals, ."i!" are a
!ompilation of t"e s!ien!e .or1 students !omplete for ea!" unit0 Students are a/le to refle!t on
t"e learning t"at "as ta1en pla!e and t"e su!!ess t"ey "ave a!"ieved /y revie.ing t"e materials
in t"eir ?ournals0
9 en!ourage my students to t"in1 of my !lassroom as <our= !lassroom0 To en!ourage
students to ta1e responsi/ility for our !lassroom, ea!" student is assigned a !lassroom ?o/0
Classroom ?o/s promote individual responsi/ility and also !reate a sense of /elonging, as ea!"
students ?o/ plays an important role in t"e up1eep of t"e !lassroom0 W"ile students are
expe!ted to !ome to !lass prepared .it" !ertain supplies, extra supplies are readily availa/le and
easy for students to utili5e0 Students are en!ouraged to use t"e supplies of t"e !lassroom as long
as t"ey treat t"em appropriately and return t"em ."en finis"ed0 9 provide t"e supplies /e!ause
my goal is for students to /e su!!essful in my !lass, and 9 do not .ant t"eir su!!ess "indered due
to a la!1 of supplies0 S"aring supplies .it" t"e students also provides an opportunity for
students to pra!ti!e empat"y and en!ourages responsi/ility0
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T"e p"ysi!al layout is !ondu!ive to learning and group .or10 Students "ave a !lear vie.
of t"e main tea!"ing station and t"e /oard from all seats0 Students "ave ade>uate .or1 spa!e
and storage for t"eir materials0 9n addition to t"eir lo!1er, ea!" student "as a !u//y designated to
t"em for t"eir /elongings0 A large .indo. allo.s for natural lig"t, ."i!" /rig"tens t"e room0
To promote !ooperation, team.or1, and !ommuni!ation, students are often en!ouraged to .or1
.it" partners or small groups0 T"e p"ysi!al layout of my !lassroom fa!ilitates t"is type of .or1
/e!ause students sit at groups of ta/les, .it" (45 students per ta/le0 9t is important t"at students
.or1 in small groups /e!ause it allo.s students to pra!ti!e important s1ills t"at are ne!essary for
su!!ess t"roug"out life, in!luding !ommuni!ation, !ooperation, and !ompromising0 Additional
/enefits of .or1ing in groups also in!lude allo.ing students to learn different perspe!tives and
ideas, providing opportunities for resolving differen!es, and allo.ing student to ta!1le more
!"allenging pro/lems0
9 "ave some s!ien!e !ontent4related posters on my .alls, /ut .it" a ne. !urri!ulum,
many of t"e posters 9 "ave no longer pertain to t"e !on!epts 9 tea!"0 T"erefore, 9 .ould li1e to
find additional posters t"at pertain to ea!" of my ne. units0 9n addition to more posters, 9 .ould
also li1e to find .ays to display more student .or10 9 .ould li1e student .or1 to in!lude more
pro?e!t4/ased assignments t"at !an /e s"ared .it" one anot"er and displayed0 Displaying student
.or1 is important /e!ause it emp"asi5es t"at t"e .or1 students !omplete is important and
valued0 9t also provides an opportunity for students to refle!t on t"eir .or1 and to ta1e pride in
t"eir su!!esses ."ile appre!iating t"e .or1 of t"eir !lassmates as .ell0
:ne !ould des!ri/e my !lassroom environment as <organi5ed !"aos,= as 9 often "ave
students tal1ing .it" one anot"er and .or1ing on various a!tivities simultaneously0 %or
example, one group of students may /e !ompleting .or1 on t"e !omputers and anot"er group
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may /e !ompleting .or1 at t"eir seats, ."ile anot"er group is !ompleting an a!tivity on t"e
$romet"ean Board0 9 strive to in!lude intera!tive and "ands on a!tivities to promote student
understanding of t"e material0 To a!!omplis" t"is, 9 use "ands4on la/s, an intera!tive
$romet"ean Board, and online !omputer simulations0 My students t"rive in t"is type of
environment /e!ause@ .it"in a !lass period students may parti!ipate in a variety of a!tivities,
and t"e nuan!e of ea!" a!tivity 1eeps t"e students engaged and motivated to learn0 Students are
eager to use t"e te!"nology in!orporated in t"e a!tivities, and t"e use of t"e te!"nology
en!ourages students to pra!ti!e +*
!entury s1ills0
Students "ave "ig" expe!tations in my !lassroom and inappropriate /e"aviors are dealt
.it" appropriately0 9 feel t"at students learn to understand t"e expe!tations >ui!1ly /e!ause t"e
"ig" expe!tations !arry t"roug" to t"e ot"er !lasses taug"t /y my &
grade !olleagues0 W"ile 9
do "ave "ig" expe!tations for my students, 9 do not "ave a spe!ifi! set of rules posted and visi/le
for all to see0 9 .ould li1e to develop a set of rules !onsistent .it" our s!"ool motto, ."i!"
fo!uses on <t"e ( 7s,= ."i!" are to /e respe!tful, /e responsi/le, /e ready, and do ."at is rig"t0
9 .ould li1e to "ave students "elp develop t"ese rules at t"e /eginning of t"e year, as 9 /elieve it
is more meaningful to students to "ave o.ners"ip of some of t"e rules0 9t is important to "ave
students /e a part of esta/lis"ing !lassroom rules /e!ause it provides an opportunity for student
refle!tion to identify !on!erns and to offer suggestions for addressing t"ose !on!erns0 Students
are a/le to pra!ti!e self4regulating s1ills ."en t"ey !onsider issues t"at may arise0 W"en
students are a!tive mem/ers in t"e !reation of t"e rules, t"ey are more li1ely to ta1e an
investment in t"e rules as .ell0
Student !on!erns regarding /e"avior are reported using a met"od in ."i!" students .rite
t"eir !on!ern in a red or yello. folder, ."i!" is t"en pla!ed on my des10 Matters t"at !an .ait to
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/e addressed until after s!"ool or t"e follo.ing day are pla!ed in t"e yello. folder, ."ile matters
t"at need to /e addressed immediately or t"e same day are pla!ed in t"e red folder0 Emergen!ies
do not need to /e .ritten in one of t"e folders, /ut instead !an and s"ould /e explained to me
rig"t a.ay0 9 use t"is pro!edure of t"e !olored folders /e!ause it provides a .ay for students to
express t"eir !on!erns t"at need tea!"er attention0 9t redu!es t"e amount of instru!tional time
lost due to me listening to student !on!erns and minimi5es tattling /e"aviors0 T"is met"od also
en!ourages students to refle!t on t"e situation of !on!ern0 9t en!ourages students to t"in1 of t"e
importan!e and signifi!an!e of t"e !on!ern, and ."et"er it is somet"ing t"at s"ould /e addressed
immediately or somet"ing t"at !an .ait0
Clear routines are esta/lis"ed for multiple transitions and pro!edures, in!luding entering
and exiting !lass, getting students attention, gat"ering .or1s"eets and materials and putting
t"em a.ay, turning in !ompleted .or1 or dealing .it" in!omplete .or1, and implementing
!onse>uen!es for inappropriate /e"avior0 %or example, stamps for in!omplete assignments and
inappropriate /e"avior are pla!ed in students assignment note/oo1s as reminders to students and
as a .ay to !ommuni!ate .it" parents0 9t is important for parents to /e informed of student
intera!tions /e!ause parental involvement is !ru!ial to t"e su!!ess of students0 Communi!ation
/et.een t"e tea!"er and parent is essential in "elping students rea!" t"eir maximum potential0 9
feel t"ese routines .or1 .ell and allo. for smoot" !lassroom operations0 9t is important for
students to "ave smoot" !lassroom operations /e!ause it provides routine and students 1no.
."at to expe!t for given situations0 9t also redu!es t"e amount of time lost "aving to explain
pro!edures t"at are in!onsistent0
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By !onsidering t"e lessons, a!tivities, p"ysi!al layout, and pro!edures in my !lassroom, 9
!an !reate a positive !lassroom environment in ."i!" students !an rea!" t"eir full potential and
a!"ieve su!!ess0
*ssential 1uestion to 2uide (esearch
T"e self4assessment, assessment of student performan!e, and learning environment
assessment s"o. t"at ."ile 9 maintain a !lassroom environment of "ig" expe!tations, !lear
pro!edures, and respe!t, t"e organi5ed !"aos of students tal1ing and .or1ing on different
a!tivities simultaneously !an /e a diffi!ult learning environment for students .it" anxiety
disorders0 T"erefore, my essential >uestion is, <W"at strategies !an /e used to !alm t"e &
s!ien!e !lassroom environment for students .it" anxiety disordersA=
Synthesis of (esearch
Anxiety is a !ondition t"at is /e!oming more and more prevalent in so!iety and is
o!!urring at an even younger age t"an /efore0 Wit" "ig"er expe!tations, more responsi/ilities,
and involvement in more a!tivities, students are feeling more stress and experien!ing more
anxiety t"an in t"e past0 T"ere are multiple types of anxiety disorders t"at !an affe!t students,
in!luding generali5ed anxiety disorder, p"o/ias, so!ial anxiety, pani! disorder, o/sessive4
!ompulsive disorder, and post4traumati! stress disorder 2Minnesota Asso!iation for C"ildrens
Mental Healt" 2MACMH3, n0d030 Separation anxiety disorder and a!ademi! anxiety !an also
affe!t students 2#asparovi!", +--B30 9 "ave seen in!reasing num/ers of students .it" t"ese types
of anxiety disorders in my !lasses, and 9 am not alone, as *C out of every *-- !"ildren ages ' to
*D is dealing .it" an anxiety disorder 2#asparovi!", +--B30 9t is important to 1no. "o. to "elp
t"ese students to re!ogni5e and over!ome t"eir !ondition and to /e a/le to .or1 to t"eir
maximum potential and a!"ieve su!!ess0
7esear!" from MACMH, s"o.s t"at students .it" t"is ex!eptional !ondition "ave a
diffi!ult time in multiple areas of s!"ool, in!luding a!ademi!ally and so!ially0 MACMH
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identified a num/er of issues asso!iated .it" students ."o experien!e anxiety0 T"ey often "ave
a "ard time !ompleting t"eir .or1 /e!ause t"ey /e!ome easily frustrated0 T"ey may also ta1e
longer time to !omplete t"eir .or1 or not even /egin t"eir .or1 /e!ause t"ey .orry a/out
getting everyt"ing !orre!t0 Students may even avoid s!"ool and "ave fre>uent a/sen!es due to
fear of /eing em/arrassed, "umiliated, or failing0 Students .it" anxiety may .orry ex!essively
a/out "ome.or1 or grades, /ut may experien!e poor grades due to ot"er /e"aviors asso!iated
.it" anxiety0 T"eir so!ial intera!tions .it" peers may /e impa!ted as .ell, as students .it"
anxiety may ex"i/it isolating /e"avior and may refuse to ?oin in so!ial a!tivities 2MACMH,
T"ere are ot"er symptoms to .at!" for t"at may indi!ate a student is /eing affe!ted /y an
anxiety disorder0 Students may experien!e fears and nig"tmares0 T"ey may also fre>uently
!omplain of p"ysi!al dis!omforts, su!" as stoma!"a!"es or "eada!"es0 Students !an sometimes
develop eating disorders or drug a/use pro/lems in response to t"e stress from anxiety disorders0
A students attitude may /e!ome more negative and "e or s"e may fre>uently lie0 Alt"oug" some
students affe!ted /y anxiety disorders may /e!ome .it"dra.n or ex"i/it ex!essive s"yness,
ot"ers may /e!ome more aggressive or easily upset 2We/MD, +--D30 Being a.are of /e"aviors
and symptoms asso!iated .it" anxiety disorders is vital in "elping affe!ted students0
T"roug" resear!", 9 learned a variety of strategies t"at 9 !an use .it" students in my
!lasses ."o suffer from anxiety0 :ne strategy tea!"ers !an use is to seat students a.ay from
students ."o are ram/un!tious0 Doing t"is allo.s t"e student .it" anxiety to fo!us on t"eir
s!"ool .or1 and may relieve some of t"e .orry a/out getting in trou/le, as many students .it"
anxiety "ave a fear of getting in trou/le 2C"ildrens and Adult Center for :CD and Anxiety,
+-*C30 Anot"er t"ing tea!"ers !an do to assist students .it" anxiety disorders in t"eir !lassroom
is to allo. students to use !oping strategies, su!" as using stress /alls, listening to soot"ing
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musi!, or fo!using attention on a spe!ifi! o/?e!t 2#asparovi!", +--B30 Students .it" anxiety
disorders are often un!omforta/le parti!ipating in !lass for fear of getting somet"ing .rong or
/eing em/arrassed0 To en!ourage parti!ipation and alleviate some of t"e anxiety, tea!"ers !an
determine if t"e student is most !omforta/le ans.ering !losed ended or opinion >uestions, and
dire!t t"ese types of >uestions to.ard t"e student0 T"e tea!"er !ould also develop a dis!reet
signal t"at lets t"e student 1no. "is or "er turn to parti!ipate is !oming0 Students experien!ing
so!ial anxiety may "ave diffi!ulty .it" !lass presentations0 Alternative !"oi!es su!" as
presenting to only t"e tea!"er, presenting to a smaller group of students, or videotaping t"e
presentation may "elp students .it" anxiety in t"ese situations0 Students .it" :CD may o/sess
a/out "ome.or1, spending a signifi!ant amount of time .orrying a/out t"e !orre!tness or
redoing or re!"e!1ing t"eir .or10 Strategies t"at !an /e used to "elp students .it" t"is /e"avior
in!lude setting time limits or suggested !ompletion times for assignments and ma1ing any
ne!essary modifi!ations to ensure t"at t"e student !an !omplete t"e assignments !lose to t"e
suggested time 2C"ildrens and Adult Center for :CD and Anxiety, +-*C30 T"ese strategies may
/e /enefi!ial ."en .or1ing .it" students affe!ted /y an anxiety disorder to "elp t"em /e
!omforta/le and a!"ieve su!!ess in s!"ool0
9 "ave "ad a num/er of students .it" anxiety disorders in my !lassroom, and "ave
re!ogni5ed some of t"e /e"aviors des!ri/ed in my resear!"0 %or example, a previous student of
mine "ad fre>uent in!omplete assignments and .ould often lie a/out "er missing assignments0
As t"e year progressed, t"e num/er of in!ompletes and lies in!reased, and s"e also /egan
!omplaining of p"ysi!al ailments and /e!ame s"yer0 W"en as1ed a/out "ome.or1 assignments
or ot"er s!"ool4related tas1s, s"e .ould often /e!ome very un!omforta/le and respond in a /a/y
voi!e0 9t .as later determined t"at t"ese /e"aviors .ere evident of an anxiety disorder0 9 .as
unsure a/out "o. to "elp t"is student and ot"er students .it" t"is type of !ondition0 9 feel 9 am
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mu!" more prepared to "elp students .it" anxiety disorders in my !lassroom /y using some of
t"e strategies 9 learned in my resear!"0
!rofessional 4"plications of (esearch
9 !urrently feel t"at 9 "ave /een unsu!!essful in meeting t"e needs of students .it"
anxiety disorders in my !lassroom0 9 "ave ta1en some steps to implement strategies t"at may
"elp t"ese students, su!" as informing t"em of !"anges to routines or up!oming a!tivities a"ead
of time and /rea1ing larger a!tivities and assignments into smaller se!tions so t"ey do not seem
as over."elming0
Ho.ever, t"roug" my resear!", 9 learned many additional strategies 9 !an use to "elp
students .it" anxiety disorders feel !almer in my !lassroom0 An area t"at 9 .ould li1e to
improve in my !lassroom overall is .it" !lassroom dis!ussions0 T"is also tends to /e an area
t"at /rings "eig"tened anxiety to students, espe!ially t"ose .it" anxiety disorders0 Strategies
su!" as as1ing types of >uestions students are more !omforta/le .it" and providing dis!reet
signals t"at t"e student .ill /e !alled soon .ill not only "elp my students .it" anxiety disorders
feel more !omforta/le parti!ipating, /ut it .ill "elp relu!tant dis!ussion parti!ipants .it"out
anxiety disorders0 9mproving students !omforta/leness .it" !lassroom dis!ussions .ill also
foster more positive relations"ips /et.een students, ."i!" is often an area t"at students .it"
anxiety disorders struggle .it" as .ell0 My resear!" "elped me reali5e t"e importan!e of not
only "elping students .it" anxiety disorders a!ademi!ally, /ut so!ially as .ell0
(esearch'5ased )ction !lan
)ction !lan Su""ary
*0 9 .ill revie. assignments and pro?e!ts to loo1 for alternative options t"at may "elp
students .it" anxiety disorders ."ile still meeting t"e learning target0
+0 9 .ill !ontinue to use a folder system to ensure students "ave a standard .ay to inform
me of t"ings t"at ma1e t"em un!omforta/le in t"e !lassroom0 2Artifa!t A3
C0 9 .ill .or1 on in!orporating /rain /rea1s during !lass to !reate movement and to re4
energi5e students0 T"is .ill "elp t"e students .it" anxiety /e!aus students .it" anxiety
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disorders !an easily feel over."elmed during !lass instru!tion and dis!ussion0 By
in!luding /rain /rea1s, espe!ially !alming /rain /rea1s, students .it" anxiety may feel
less over."elmed and more fo!used on learning0 2Artifa!t B3
(0 9 .ill !reate a form for parents to !omplete t"at .ill "elp me get to 1no. t"eir !"ild,
in!luding strengt"s, .ea1ness, ."at strategies .or1 .ell for t"eir !"ild, and ."i!" do
not0 2Artifa!t C3
50 9 .ill in!orporate Morning Meetings more fre>uently and in!orporate strategies t"at
ma1e students .it" anxiety disorders more !omforta/le parti!ipating in !lass dis!ussions
to promote so!iali5ation .it" !lassmates0 Strategies .ill in!lude as1ing t"e student
>uestion formats t"ey are most !omforta/le .it" and providing !ues t"at t"e student .ill
/e !alled on to parti!ipate0
)nticipated 4"ple"entation
$rior to t"e start of t"e year, 9 .ill meet .it" t"e guidan!e !ounselor, spe!ial edu!ation
tea!"er, and s!"ool psy!"ologist, ."o are professionals t"at "ave more experien!e .or1ing .it"
students .it" anxiety disorders and ."o 1no. t"e students in my up!oming !lass t"at "ave
anxiety disorders0 Meeting .it" t"ese !olleagues .ill allo. me to in!orporate strategies t"at are
student4spe!ifi! and .ill !reate a !almer environment for t"ese students from t"e start of t"e
year0 9 .ill also .or1 .it" my !olleagues to revie. t"e form for parents to !omplete a/out t"eir
!"ild to ma1e sure t"at t"e form !overs all areas t"at our team feels s"ould /e addressed0
:ur sixt" grade is departmentali5ed, so t"e students in my "omeroom not only "ave me
for a tea!"er, /ut t"e ot"er t"ree sixt" grade tea!"ers as .ell0 Having parents !omplete t"ese
forms .ill "elp all of us /e on t"e same page in "elping t"eir !"ild su!!eed in our !lasses0
Be!ause many of our assignments and t"e assessments in our distri!t are !ommon /et.een
s!"ools, 9 .ill also !olla/orate .it" sixt" grade s!ien!e tea!"ers in t"e distri!t to revie. t"e
!"anges to assignments t"at may "elp students .it" anxiety disorders0 Wor1ing toget"er .ill not
only "elp students .it" anxiety disorders at my s!"ool, /ut at t"e ot"er s!"ools as .ell0
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)nticipated 6utco"es
My anti!ipated out!ome .ould /e t"at students .it" anxiety disorders .ill feel !almer in
my !lassroom and .ill t"erefore /enefit a!ademi!ally and so!ially0
!ost'assess"ent: (eflection
What Wor$ed (or anticipate what will wor$) and Why7
*0 Meeting .it" !olleagues more familiar .it" students .it" anxiety ne. to my
!lassroom and as1ing parents of students to !omplete a parent form t"at "elps me get to 1no.
t"eir !"ild .ill "elp me implement strategies t"at .or1 for students .it" anxiety from t"e start of
t"e year0 T"is .ill /e effe!tive as 9 !an /e .or1ing on strategies to "elp students .it" anxiety
rig"t from t"e /eginning of t"e year rat"er t"an figuring out ."at .or1s /est for students as t"e
year progresses0
+0 $roviding more stru!tured opportunities for students to parti!ipate in !lassroom
dis!ussions and ot"er so!ial a!tivities su!" as Morning Meetings .ill "elp students feel more
!omforta/le in my !lassroom0 T"is .ill en!ourage student parti!ipation and .ill lessen isolating
/e"aviors students .it" anxiety disorders sometimes ex"i/it0
What Did 8ot Wor$ (or anticipate what will not wor$) and Why7
*0 W"ile giving students options for assignments and pro?e!ts may "elp students .it"
anxiety disorders feel as t"oug" t"ey "ave more !ontrol, 9 t"in1 it may also "ave a negative effe!t
on some students /e!ause t"e in!rease in !"oi!es may a!tually "eig"ten t"eir anxiety ."en fa!ed
.it" "aving to ma1e a !"oi!e from multiple options0 Students may "ave anxiety a/out ma1ing
t"e <rig"t= !"oi!e0 Too many !"oi!es !an !ause a student .it" anxiety to stress even more or
!ause t"em to /e paraly5ed .it" inde!ision resulting in not"ing /eing a!!omplis"ed0
+0 W"ile it may /e "elpful for students .it" anxiety disorders to "ave a !ue t"at t"eir turn
to parti!ipate is approa!"ing, 9 .orry t"at students may pi!1 up on t"e !ues, ma1ing t"e student
re!eiving t"e !ues feel more un!omforta/le and anxious t"an t"ey already do0 9 .ill "ave to
monitor t"is strategy to see "o. it .or1s for ea!" individual student0
4nsihts leaned fro" "y )ction !lan9 as it related to the course content9 presentations9 and
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9 learned a variety of a!tivities, strategies, and approa!"es t"at 9 !an use .it" all students,
/ut t"at .ill also spe!ifi!ally /enefit students .it" anxiety disorders0 9 already in!orporate
Morning Meetings in my !lassroom, /ut after learning more a/out t"e /enefits of Morning
Meetings, 9 .ould li1e to in!orporate ne. a!tivities and in!lude Morning Meetings more
9 also /elieve /rain /rea1s !an /enefit all students in my !lassroom, and 9 am ex!ited to
try t"e different /rain /rea1s 9 learned in !lass0 9 am glad 9 learned a variety of /rain /rea1s t"at
!an /e used for a num/er of purposes, su!" as !alming students, energi5ing students, or "ave
students !ross /rain "emisp"eres0 Depending on t"e needs of my students from day to day, 9 .ill
/e e>uipped .it" a multitude of /rain /rea1s appropriate for t"e needs of my students0
8earning a/out t"e different !onditions in !lass reminded me t"at my !lassroom
environment needs to meet t"e needs of all my students, and t"at no aspe!t of !lassroom
environment s"ould /e overloo1ed, regardless of "o. minor0 7evie.ing C"arlotte Danielsons
Domain +6 Classroom Environment reminded me of all t"e aspe!ts of !lassroom management for
."i!" 9 need to /e a.are0 sing t"e Domain + self4assessmentErefle!tion tool, 9 reali5ed an area
of .ea1ness for me is ma1ing standards of !ondu!t !lear to students0 W"ile 9 "ave "ig"
expe!tations for students and students learn expe!tations t"roug" my prompts and reprimands,
t"ese expe!tations are not posted visually0 T"is is a !"ange 9 plan to ma1e in t"e up!oming
s!"ool year0 T"e Domain + self4assessmentErefle!tion ru/ri! .ill /e a tool 9 fre>uently refer to
."en evaluating my !lassroom environment0
;y 8e:t Steps
*0 9 .ill s"are ."at 9 "ave learned a/out .or1ing .it" students .it" anxiety disorders
.it" !olleagues0 After "aving students .it" anxiety in our !lasses, .e reali5ed t"at no one on
our team felt !onfident "elping students .it" anxiety disorders in our !lasses0 Some team
mem/ers seemed to not fully understand t"e severity of anxiety disorders and t"e impa!t t"ey
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!an "ave on a students a/ility to learn0 9 "ope t"at /y s"aring ."at 9 learned .it" my team, .e
are a/le to !reate an environment t"at allo.s students .it" anxiety disorders to maximi5e t"eir
a!ademi! and so!ial potential0 :ur !onsisten!y .it" t"e strategies .e use and t"e expe!tations
.e "ave of students .ill foster students learning0
+0 9 .ill learn a/out strategies t"at !an "elp students .it" EBD in my !lassroom0 Being
!ertified to tea!" students .it" learning disa/ilities and !ognitive disa/ilities, 9 feel very
!onfident "elping t"ese students su!!eed in my regular edu!ation s!ien!e !lassroom0 Ho.ever, 9
am not as 1no.ledgea/le a/out "elping students .it" emotionalE/e"avioral disa/ilities in my
!lassroom0 9 often resort to !alling t"e EBD tea!"er ."en t"ere is a pro/lem, /ut rat"er t"an
/eing rea!tive, 9 .ould li1e to /e 1no.ledgea/le a/out strategies t"at !an "elp me /e proa!tive
in .or1ing .it" t"ese students0 7at"er t"an .aiting for issues to arise, 9 plan to meet .it" t"e
EBD tea!"er on a regular /asis to learn strategies 9 !an in!orporate in my !lassroom and
suggestions t"at may "elp .it" individual students so t"ey are su!!essful in my !lass0
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Denoon, D0 )0 2+--D30 Your Child and Anxiety: School Stress Starts Early0 7etrieved from
We/MD6 "ttp6EE...0.e/md0!omEanxiety4pani!EfeaturesEs!"ool4stress4anxiety4!"ildrenA
#asparovi!", 80 2+--B30 Positive Behavior Support: Learning to Prevent or Manage Anxiety in
the School Setting. 7etrieved from
Healt", Minnesota Asso!iation for C"ildrenIs Mental0 2n0d030 Anxiety Disorders. 7etrieved from
S!"ool Mental Healt"6
T"e C"ildrenIs and Adult Center for :CD and Anxiety0 2+-*C30 Saple Accoodations !or
Anxious "ids0 7etrieved from WorryWiseJids0org6
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)rtifact )
T"is artifa!t s"o.s t"e folders 9 !reated for students to !ommuni!ate !on!erns regarding student
/e"avior to me0 Students .it" anxiety disorders may prefer t"is form of !ommuni!ation a/out a
!on!ern /e!ause t"ey are not o/served as <tattling= on t"eir peers and t"ere is less pressure to
tal1 .it" t"e tea!"er fa!e4to4fa!e a/out t"eir !on!ern0
)rtifact <
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T"is artifa!t is one of t"e /rain /rea1s 9 found to use in my !lassroom0 T"is /rain /rea1 is
espe!ially "elpful for students .it" anxiety disorders /e!ause it "as a !alming effe!t0
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)rtifact &
T"is artifa!t s"o.s t"e form 9 !reated for t"e parents of our students to !omplete so t"at .e !an
/etter meet t"eir needs from t"e start of t"e year0 T"is form .ill "elp us get to 1no. students
needs and "o. to meet t"ose needs ."ile !ommuni!ating !on!erns parents "ave a/out t"eir
!"ilds transition into sixt" grade0