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Virtual Lab: Dependent and Independent Variables

1. ECB refers to:
a. A genetically engineered plant that is resistant to insect pests
b. Edible corn byproducts
c. An insect pest that reduces corn yield
d. European corn borer
X e. c and d
2. How many days are required for a corn seed to become a mature plant with maimum weight !ernels
ready to be har"ested#
a. about 2$
b. about %&
X c. about 1'(
c. about 1)(
$. *B+ Corn, refers to corn that:
a. Has been infested with insect pests
b. Has been infected with bacteria
X c. -s resistant to ECB
c. -s not affected by pesticides
'. B+ is:
a. A stomach poison produced by bacteria
b. A genetically engineered corn product
c. A bacterium carried by the European corn borer
X d. A bacterium that has a gene for producing Cry proteins
&. Creation of B+ corn requires genetic material from all of the following ecept:
X a. European corn borer
a. Bacillus thuringiensis
b. a corn plant
c. all of the abo"e contribute genetic material to the production of B+ corn
Table 1: Average ield !or ea"h seed variet# at no$ lo%$ and high in!estation levels
&eed Variet# Level o!
*ot 1
*ot +
*ot ,
B+ 12$ .one 1%(.1 1%'.) 1%'.2 1%$.(
/ow 1%'.( 1%2.% 1%).$ 1%&.(
High 1&&.1 1%$.( 1%$.0 1%(.1
B+ '&% .one 10(.( 1)$.2 1)'.) 1)%.(
/ow 11).) 112.% 110.% 111.(
High 1&1.$ 1&1.( 1&0.( 1&1.)
2olden .one 1)1.% 1)2.) 1)0.) 1)'.1
/ow 111.0 111.2 11(.% 11$.2
High 1$&.' 1$0.% 1$).$ 1$1.)
3uper Har"est .one 1%'.1 1%'.$ 1%1.0 1%$.'
/ow 1&0.1 1&&.( 1&1.& 1&1.2
High 12&.& 120.( 1$(.( 12).2
Table +: - .edu"tion in #ield !or ea"h seed variet# at high levels o! in!estation
4transfer data on a"erage yield with no infestation and high infestation from +able 1 to +able 25
3eed 6ariety A"g. 7ield with
.o -nfestation
A"g. 7ield with
High -nfestation
8 9eduction
-n 7ield
B+ 12$ 1%$.( 1%(.1 1.'8
B+ '&% 1)%.( 1&1.) 1&.28
2olden 1)'.1 1$1.) 2&.'8
3uper Har"est 1%$.' 12).2 21.&8
%. <or each seed "ariety= why did you need to collect data from $ pots for each infestation le"el to obtain
reliable data#
Because to get a more accurate amount on how many seeds you can get from each eperiment
1. >hich seed "ariety has the highest yield under conditions of no infestation#
B+ '&%
). >hich transgenic seed "ariety was most resistant to the ECB at high infestation le"els#
B+ 12$
0. >hich non?transgenic seed "ariety was most resistant to the ECB at high infestation le"els#
1(. Compare the yield of 3uper Har"est seeds and B+ 12$ seeds under conditions of no infestation. -s there
any difference in the a"g. yield#
7es by .'
11. -f you compared one pot of 3uper Har"est and one pot of B+ 12$ with no infestation= would you epect
the yield of each pot to be within (.&g# Eplain your answer.
.o because there is a little bit of difference on how many seeds are in each plant
12. A farmer decides to plant 0(8 of one field with B+ 12$ seeds and the remaining 1(8 of the field with a
different seed "ariety. He hopes this will slow the e"olutionary de"elopment of B+ resistant insects. >hich
seed "ariety should he use the 1(8 of his field that is not planted with B+ 12$ seeds# Eplain your answer.
B+ '&% because it will not attract as many insects to the plant that he is trying to ma!e in the