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A Brief Look In the Puranas (Origin of planets) Appreciate Indian Astrology

Astrology or Jyotish is an integral element with the Vedas. Although in the Vedas the emphasis is extra
on Astronomy, there was hardly any distinction among Astrology and Astronomy in the Vedic period.
Each were studied to ascertain the auspicious timings for creating offerings to propitiate the Gods. The
Vedas, hence, made detailed research from the stars as well as the movement of planets across the sky.
Eclipses had to be timed since they signified evil portents. The obliteration of your luminaries,
nevertheless temporary, could not be great for the mere mortals.

The stories relating to the birth of planets are discovered inside the Puranas, that are of a later vintage.
There are 18 Puranas. They deal with the story of creation, the tussle in between the Gods and demons,
the many types and reincarnations of Lord Vishnu and often even the genealogy of kings on earth. The
identical story appears in numerous Puarnas and predictably, the versions differ from 1 a further.

Inside the early stages, Puranas had been also an oral tradition. Whilst elaborate care was taken to
preserve the integrity on the Vedas so that distortions could possibly not creep into them by means of
repeated retelling, no such precaution was believed necessary for the Puranas. The Vedas were
sacrosanct. The Puranas weren't very as sacred.

Procedures of memorizing the Vedas have been really intriguing. Let us assume that we have a sentence
inside the Vedas - "God is good". (Essentially, Vedas do not dish out such uncomplicated sentences. We
have cooked up an instance to illustrate a point). One student would memorize it as "God is good". That
is certainly standard. All of us go through a equivalent workout the night just before our exams.

But a second a single would do it in a strange type:

"Doog si dog" - memorizing it backwards. There would be a third who would do some thing much more

"Go od di is sg go oo od".

This gobbledygook could be very easily unscrambled to discover the original message. There had been
lots of a lot more methods; all have been simultaneously practiced to ensure that if corruption took
place in 1 it will be rectified by comparing it using the other people.

In a single technique two sentences would be mixed up within a manner not entirely as opposed to
sending scrambled digital packets across the broad bandwidth.

But enough of that! Let us go back towards the story in the planets as offered in some of the Puranas.
These were subsequently changed, modified, expanded till they became aspect of a rich folklore of India
with all its sectarian bias and regional garnish.

So the stores we bring to you right here originated inside the Puranas but got extensively revised by way
of successive retelling!

Appreciate your appear into Indian Mythology!

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