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1) Setting the alert levels for the PegaAlert log is done in which fle?

Choose one answer.

a. prog4|settngs.xm Incorrect
b. proggng.xm Incorrect
c. prsettngs.xm Incorrect
d. prcong.xm
Settng the aert eves for the PegaAert og s done n whch e?
Note: The prcong.xm e ncudes a of the settngs for the aerts. The proggng.xm record aows
you to set the ocaton and namng conventon of the og es.
2) Which of the following statements are true regarding skimming? (Choose two)
a. Rues are automatcay deeted once skmmng has been competed to reduce the tota number of
RueSet versons n the appcaton. Incorrect
b. Skmmng s ocated n Toos > Rue Management > Skm a RueSet.
c. When skmmng to RueSet 03-01-01, ony the hghest versoned rues from 02-01-01 and 01-01-01
RueSets are ncuded n the skm. Incorrect
d. Wthdrawn rues are ncuded n a skm.
Note: RueSets may be manuay deeted but are not automatcay deeted. Skms ony seect rues n
one ma|or verson
) !ou can create a "ule#Admin#Product#Patch with the same name $oth in the %&S "uleSet
and in the %'Co "uleSet(
a. Yes - the system w aow for two separate nstances of the rue f t s saved n dherent RueSets.
Ths practce shoud be avoded.
b. No - the system does not aow for mutpe nstances of a Rue-Admn- Product-Patch wth the same
name. Incorrect
Note: You can create a Rue-Admn-Product-Patch wth the same name both n the MLS RueSet and n
the MyCo RueSet. The standard system vadatons aow you to create the rues wth the same name
n two dherent
RueSets; however, snce ths can cause confuson t s not consdered a best practce.
)) *rue or +alse, When migrating a "ule#Admin#Product#Patch from one environment to
another- 'ou must frst have migrated a "ule#Admin#Product(
True Incorrect
Note: There s no edt when the zp archve s oaded n the system.
.) +or which /ur/ose can out of the $o0 activities $e used?
Choose one answer.
a. To route work Incorrect
b. To update the status of a work ob|ect Incorrect
c. To add work to a cover or foder Incorrect
d. A of the above
Note: There are many out of the box actvtes that can be used for work-reated processng, ncudng
routng to a work st or work basket, updatng work status based on an nput parameter, and addng
work to a cover or foder.
1) 2n which categor' would 'ou e0/ect to fnd activities under the "ules $' *'/e ta$?
Choose one answer.
a. Process Incorrect
b. Technca
c. Decson Incorrect
d. SysAdmn Incorrect
Note: Actvtes are ocated under the Technca category n the Rues by Type tab n Manage Rues.
3) When /rocessing a +or loo/ or iterating over a 4alue &ist or Page &ist- which standard
/arameter would 'ou ins/ect to get the value of the current iteration?
Choose one answer.
a. pyIteratonNumber Incorrect
b. pyForEach Incorrect
c. pyCount Incorrect
d. pyForEachCount
Note: The standard parameter pyForEachCount hods the ndex vaue of the current teraton. Note that
f the teraton s a For oop, the ncrement may be a vaue other than 1.
5) Which inde0 value would 'ou use when referencing the inde0 of the current /ro/ert'
within an iteration?
Choose one answer.
a. <THIS> Incorrect
c. <NEXT> Incorrect
d. <FIRST> Incorrect
Note: Use the ndex vaue of <CURRENT> to reference the current property wthn an teraton.
6) Which of the following statements is false?
a. Loca varabes can be passed between actvtes
b. You cannot vew oca varabes and ther vaues n the tracer too Incorrect
c. You cannot vew the contents of the parameter page n the cpboard vewer
d. You can vew parameters and ther vaues n the tracer too Incorrect
Note: Loca Varabes cannot be passed between actvtes and are vad ony wthn the actvty where
they are set. Ths s the prncpe dherence between oca varabes and parameters.
17) *rue or +alse, 2t is /ossi$le to comment out an activit' ste/ to /revent it from
Fase Incorrect
Note: To prevent an actvty step from executng, comment t out by puttng // n the Labe coumn.
Ths s very usefu n testng.
11) *rue or +alse, !ou must alwa's defne the /rimar' /age of an activit' on the Pages 8
Classes ta$(
True Incorrect
Note: If you do not dene the prmary page on the Pages & Casses tab, PRPC assumes the rues
"Appes To" cass as the cass of the prmary page (referenced usng the keyword PRIMARY).
12) 9sers need to make an ad:ustment to the case (cover) urgenc' and all the claims
(covered work o$:ects) $elonging to that case such that,
1( *he value entered $' the user- v- causes the new urgenc' to $e e;ual to the original
urgenc' < v-
2( *he urgenc' on the case and claims are =>&! u/dated if all claims can $e u/dated( 2f a
claim cannot $e u/dated- an error message dis/la's e0/laining what work o$:ect could not
$e u/dated and wh'- and
( 2f the issue is locking- include the user name who has the lock(
?ow do 'ou get the information for the user who has the lock?
Choose one answer.
a. You cant get the nformaton so you cant satsfy ths requrement Incorrect
b. Leverage the LockInfoPage to see who has the ock
c. DetermneLockStrng w ock the cam tems for you so ths stuaton w never arse Incorrect
d. Ths nformaton s stored n pxRequestor.pxUserIdenter Incorrect
Note: In case a ock faure occurs when you do an ob| -open or ob| -open-by-hande, you can use the
ocknfo text box on the method to specfy a page name. The ock nformaton for the ob|ect s stored
under the pxUpdateOperator on the ockpage.
1) Can a cover and a covered work o$:ect $elong to di@erent class grou/s?
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
Note: Covers and the work ob|ects they contan must beong to the same appcaton cassgroup.
1)) What is the di@erence $etween a data$ase lock and an o$:ect lock?
Choose one answer.
a. Ob|ect eve ocks persst for onger than database eve ock and prevent two users from makng
changes to the record smutaneousy
b. Database ocks are hed for a onger duraton than ob|ect ocks Incorrect
c. None - they are the same Incorrect
Note: An ob|ect eve ock prevents two peope from makng changes at the same tme, thus
protectng work ob|ect ntegrty. If you dd not have ob|ect eve ockng, t woud be possbe for person
A to overwrte person Bs changes wthout reazng that Person B had aready wrtten data to the
1.) What is the entit' relationshi/ $etween covers and covered items?
Choose one answer.
a. One-to-Many
b. Many-to-Many Incorrect
c. Many-to-One Incorrect
d. One-to-One Incorrect
Note: There s a one-to-many reatonshp between the cover and ts covered work ob|ects. Covered
work ob|ects can ony beong to one cover.
11) What is the entit' relationshi/ $etween folders and foldered items?
Choose one answer.
a. One-to-One Incorrect
b. Many-to-One Incorrect
c. One-to-Many Incorrect
d. Many-to-Many
Note: There s a many-to-many reatonshp between foders and work ob|ects. The same work ob|ect
can be added to mutpe foders.
13) Which sha/e allows 'ou to s/awn a Aow for each element in an em$edded list?
Choose one answer.
a. Spn-Oh Incorrect
b. Sub-Fow Incorrect
c. Swm Lane Incorrect
d. Spt-forEach
Note: The Spt-forEach shape aows you to spawn the same ow for each eement n a page st. Ths
aows mutpe assgnments to be created on the gven work ob|ect.
15) After a ticket is raised can 'ou resume /rocessing from the /oint where the ticket was
Choose one answer.
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
Note: A tcket s a true "goto" or "|ump" n the process and does not provde any functonaty to
resume back to where the ow was. The tcket breaks the norma executon of the ow and has no way
to resume from where t was rased.
16) What value does having multi/le end sha/es in a Aow /rovide?
a. None, because you cannot have mutpe end shapes n a ow. Incorrect
b. Heps to keep the ow cean and aso provdes a status at each end-shape that can be used from the
parent ow.
c. It ony keeps the ow cean. Incorrect
d. It aows you to run an actvty at each end shape. Incorrect
Note: Mutpe end shapes aow you to keep the ow cean and at the same set a status at each end
shape. Ths status can then be used by the parent ow to branch the ow down the approprate path.
27) *rue or +alse, Screen Aows have the same stencilBAow sha/es as an' other Aow?
True Incorrect
Note: Screen ows have a mted set of shapes avaabe. Ths keeps the ows smpe and at the same
tme mts the functonaty that can be done for a screen ow.
21) 2n a :ava ste/ inside an activit'- 'ou need to create an instance of the vector class(
What is the valid wa' to do this in P"PC?
Choose one answer.
a. Vector x = new Vector () Incorrect
b. |ava.ut.Vector x = new |ava.ut.Vector()
c. |ava.brary.Vector x = new |ava.brary.Vector() Incorrect
Note: You must ncude the |ava.ut.Vector brary.
22) What does the tools(getCata$ase () method do? (*ools is an instance of the Pu$licAP2
Choose one answer.
a. It connects to the database and creates a new page. Incorrect
b. It nds specc nformaton n the database that can be used for current processng. Incorrect
c. It assocates a database nstance wth the current processng. Incorrect
d. It gets a connecton to the PegaRULES database nstance assocated wth the current processng
Note: The toos.getDatabase() method enabes you to nterface wth other systems to compete current
2) ?ow do 'ou o$tain a lock on a row in the Pega"9&DS data$ase through the Pu$licAP2 ?
Choose one answer.
a. toos.ock() Incorrect
b. toos.getDatabase().ock(, fase).getLockManager(). - where s set as a strngmap n a cpboard page
c. toos.getDatabase().getLockManager().ock(, fase) - where s set as a strngmap n a cpboard page.
d. toos.getDatabse().ock() Incorrect
Note: You need to ncude the getLockManager() and ock() methods
2)) ?ow would 'ou refer to the ste/ /age of a :ava ste/ in an activit'?
Choose one answer.
a. Toos.ndPage(myStepPage) Incorrect
b. Use of the mpcty avaabe nstance myStepPage (e.g. myStepPage.addMessage)
c. Toos.ndPage("pagename") Incorrect
Note: In actvty steps, myStepPage s the ob|ect of cass CpboardPage. It refers to the page that was
dened as the step page for that partcuar step.
2.) What should 'ou do to u/date an e0ternal data$ase?
a. Ca your Lead System Archtect and ask what you shoud do. Incorrect
b. Use the RDB-Save method.
c. Wrte a |ava step n an actvty that creates and manages the database connecton and executes the
SOL query. Incorrect
d. Wrte a |ava functon that can be caed n any actvty wthn the appcaton. More reuse than opton
A. Incorrect
Note: By usng an RDB-Save method, you are deveopng a system that s but for change. You do not
need to worry.
21) Which classes are histor' records created for?
Choose one answer.
a. Work Casses Incorrect
b. Data Casses Incorrect
c. Rue Casses Incorrect
d. A of the Above
Note: Hstory s created for work, data, and rue casses.
23) Which of the following are out of the $o0 routing algorithms?
Choose one answer.
a. Route to a baanced sked group Incorrect
b. Route to a sked workbasket Incorrect
c. Route to a specc user Incorrect
d. A of the Above
Note: PRPC oher out of the box routng actvtes that shoud aways be revewed when workng wth
routng. There are out of the box actvtes to push work to sked workbaskets, to an ndvdua, or to
an ndvdua who has the necessary sks and baance the work to the user wth the east amount of
25) Which conce/t is associated with Pull "outing?
Choose one answer.
a. Workst Routng Incorrect
b. Load Baanced Routng Incorrect
c. GetNextWork
Note: The GetNextWork concept s used wth Pu Routng. The system can determne how to pu work
and assgn the gven work to a user.
26) What drives the order in which work is /ulled $' the Eet>e0tWork algorithm?
Choose one answer.
a. It s drven by the access group. Incorrect
b. It s controed by the Operator ID tab.
c. It s controed by the appcaton rue. Incorrect
Note: The operator ID record aows you to dene for each operator how work shoud be pued. The
work can be pued from the workst rst or from workbaskets. When decdng how workbaskets shoud
be processed you can now have t pu from the order on the operator ID, or merge a workbaskets rst
then pu most urgent, or have t pu from a workbaskets for the workgroup.
7) *rue or +alse, Can 'ou defne S&AFs for assignments and also for work o$:ects?
Fase Incorrect
Note: SLA's can be dened at each assgnment and aso for a work ob|ect. The work ob|ect SLA s
dened by the pySLANAME whch s set n the mode for the work ob|ect.
1) *he calculation t'/es (e(g( Sum =f- 4alue =f- etc() availa$le in a "ule#Ceclare#
D0/ression are,
Choose one answer.
a. Dependent on the appes to cass of the rue. Incorrect
b. Dependent on f the expresson s context-free or context senstve. Incorrect
c. Dependent on the type of the nput propertes. Incorrect
d. Dependent on the type of the target property.
Note: Cacuaton types are ony dependent on the type of the target property.
2) Which of the following o/tions in the Change *racking feld ena$le $ackward chaining?
(Select all that a//l')
a. When used f no vaue present
b. When used f property s mssng
c. Whenever used
d. Whenever nputs change Incorrect
Note: The Whenever nputs change and When apped by a Rue Coecton optons enabe you to
forward chan, not backward chan.
) Which of the following rules cannot $e called $' an e0/ression in a manner in which
/ro/ert' changes are tracked?
Choose one answer.
a. Decson Trees Incorrect
b. Decson Tabes Incorrect
c. Actvtes
d. Map Vaues Incorrect
Note: Actvtes can ony be caed va utty functon and thus are not changed tracked.
)) *he sim/lest wa' to test a declarative e0/ression network that /erforms aggregate
functions (e(g( S9% =+) over a list of items is,
Choose one answer.
a. Create an actvty that does property-sets on a of the necessary vaues. Incorrect
b. Use a mode to preset the number of tems n the st. Incorrect
c. Use the standard expresson tester (the pay button from the expresson form) as t supports addng
pages to a page st.
Note: The standard expresson tester supports addng pages to page sts and aows you to qucky
test a number of dherent vaues.
.) All of the following rule t'/es are e0ecuted declarativel' e0ce/tG
Choose one answer.
a. Constrants Incorrect
b. Actvty
c. OnChange Incorrect
d. Expressons Incorrect
e. Decare Pages Incorrect
Note: An actvty s executed proceduray rather than decaratvey.
1) *rue or +alse, Hackward chaining e0/ressions alwa's lead to worse /erformance than
forward chaining rules
True Incorrect
Note: Ths statement s fase because n some stuatons, such as takng the sum over an aggregate
st, backward channg can mprove performance.
3) Which of the following statements regarding naming and $est /ractice is true?
Choose one answer.
a. Decaratve page names and oad actvtes can be named usng the norma namng rues of PRPC.
b. Load actvty names must start wth the strng "Load." Decare Page rues must start "Decare_."
c. Decare Page rues must start "Decare_" as a best practce. Load actvtes must have an Actvty
Type of LoadDecaratvePage.
d. The name (key) of a Decare page s ts Cass foowed by ts name (purpose), such as DP1-
Products.ProductLst. Incorrect
Note: The name of the Decare Page rue denes the name of the page t creates. Ony actvtes
abeed as LoadDecaratvePage are referencabe from a Decare Pages rue.
5) Which of the following statements are *rue for When rules in Ceclare Pages? (Select all
that a//l')
a. The page s refreshed when the When condton evauates to True. Incorrect
b. The When rue denes the ogc for refreshng a Node scope Decare page.
c. The page s refreshed when the When condton evauates to Fase.
d. The When rue denes the ogc for refreshng a Thread scope Decare page.
Note: Thread scoped decared pages can be condtonay refreshed. The When rue that governs ths
process tests the queston, "Is ths page fresh?" If fase, the page s stae and s refreshed.
6) Which o/eration is valid on Ceclare Pages in the cli/$oard?
Choose one answer.
a. Executng the Page-Remove method n an actvty.
b. Executng the Property-Set method n an actvty. Incorrect
c. Usng the Deete Page acton n the cpboard Vewer too. Incorrect
d. Usng the Update Page acton n the cpboard Vewer too. Incorrect
Note: Decare Pages n the cpboard are protected from beng atered manuay to mantan data
ntegrty. Remova, however, |ust forces the system to recreate the page when next requred.
)7) Which of the following is a di@erence $etween a declarative /age defned as
>ode level versus *hread level?
Choose one answer.
a. Node eve pages are read-ony, and Thread eve are not Incorrect
b. Thread eve pages can use a When rue to determne f the page needs to be refreshed; Node eve
c. Node eve pages must be named Decare_Node_. Incorrect
d. Node eve pages are oaded when PRPC starts up, and Thread eve pages are oaded when the user
ogs n. Incorrect
Note: Node eve rues can ony be refreshed perodcay. They cannot use When ogc to determne
when to refresh.
)1) *rue or +alse, *hread level declarative /ages can $e designed so that the'
alwa's hold data related to the current work o$:ect(
Fase Incorrect
Note: Usng a When rue you can assocate the decaratve page wth the work ob|ect and refresh the
decaratve page when the work ob|ect changes.
)2) *rue or +alse, !ou can include a section on a harness that refers to a
CeclareIJ/agenameK /age as long as all felds are marked read#onl'(
Fase Incorrect
Note: Decaratve pages can have sectons but on them and dspayed on a work ob|ect
)) Which of the following is true a$out de$ugging declarative /ages?
Choose one answer.
a. You can use the Fush Page button on the rue form to force a page to be ushed. Incorrect
b. The Decare Page Tracer event type aows you to see the oadng of decaratve pages. Incorrect
c. PAL contans a number of counters specc to decaratve pages. Incorrect
d. A of the above.
Note: A of the above optons can be used n debuggng decaratve pages.
))) Which of the following statements is false?
Choose one answer.
a. Decson tabes can ca other decson tabes wthout havng to use a utty functon. Incorrect
b. Decson trees can ca other decson trees wthout havng to use a utty functon. Incorrect
c. Decson trees can ca other decson trees, decson tabes, or map vaues wthout havng to use a
utty functon. Incorrect
d. Decson tabes can ca other decson tabes, decson trees, or map vaues wthout havng to use a
utty functon.
Note: Decson tabes can ony ca other decson tabes usng the Ca syntax; to ca a
dherent rue type woud requre the executon of a utty functon.
).) Which of the following rule t'/es can take advantage of function aliases to im/rove
the reada$ilit' of $usiness rules?
Choose one answer.
a. Map Vaues Incorrect
b. Decson Trees
c. Decson Tabes Incorrect
d. Decaratve Pages Incorrect
Note: Ony decson tree forms utze functon aases.
)1) Which of the following rule t'/es would normall' >=* $e delegated to $usiness users?
Choose one answer.
a. Rue-Decare-DecsonTabe Incorrect
b. Rue-Ob|-MapVaue Incorrect
c. Rue-Ob|-Actvty
d. Rue-Decare-DecsonTree Incorrect
Note: Actvtes are normay not deegated to the busness as they requre a deeper technca
knowedge and often do not contan pure busness ogc.
)3) *rue or +alse, Cecision trees and decision ta$les allow 'ou to set a num$er of di@erent
/ro/erties for each result that is returned(
Fase Incorrect
Note: You can set mutpe propertes per rue usng the Take Actons feature on decson
trees and the Addtona Acton Coumns on a decson tabe.
)5) Which of the following statements is true a$out "ule#Ceclare#*rigger e0ecution?
Choose one answer.
a. Decaratve trggers run drecty n the database. Incorrect
b. Decaratve trggers aways run n a separate requestor from the user's sesson. Incorrect
c. By defaut decaratve trggers run n the user's current requestor but can be congured to run n a
chd requestor.
d. Decaratve trggers run ony n the current user's requestor. Incorrect
Note: Trggers provde the optons to run the trgger actvty n the current requestor (defaut) or 'In
Background On Copy'.
)6) 9nlike "ule#Ceclare#*rigger instances- "ule#Ceclare#=nChange instances,
Choose one answer.
a. Can ony run once per user nteracton. Incorrect
b. Can programmatcay revew the changes that caused the rue to re. Incorrect
c. Can see the prevous vaue of any changed property. Incorrect
d. Can be executed by PRPC runnng a property-set.
Note: OnChange rues can be executed by the smpe act of changng a property's vaue.
Trggers requre some type of persstence operaton to occur.
.7) "ule#Ceclare#=nChange rules are di@erent from "ule#Ceclare#D0/ressions in that,
Choose one answer.
a. OnChange rues can execute an actvty drecty, rather than set a snge property.
b. OnChange rues requre a front end user to make a change. Incorrect
c. OnChange rues can ony track top eve propertes. Incorrect
d. OnChange rues ONLY use backward channg to track changes whereas expressons can use ether
forward or backward channg. Incorrect
Note: Expressons can ony set a snge property at a tme.
.1) Which of the following allows 'ou to create a Li/ archive containing rules?
Choose one answer.
a. Rue-Admn-Product Incorrect
b. Choosng Fe > Export Archve from the Deveopers Porta Incorrect
c. Choosng Toos > Rue Management > Deete a RueSet Incorrect
d. A of the above Correct.
Note: Each of the sted processes has an output of a zp archve e. The Deete a Rueset opton
creates a zp archve for recovery purposes.
.2) When selecting work from the Work&ist the out of the $o0 (==*H) functionalit' will $e
ranked on which of the following? (Choose one)
Choose one answer.
a. Work Ob|ect urgency vaue dened by the pySLAName property of your work ob|ect and dependng
on the assgnment urgency. Incorrect
b. Both WorkOb|ect and Assgnment Urgency are consdered n rankng. Incorrect
c. Assgnment urgency ony
d. Nether - t works on the FIFO prncpe Incorrect
.) =n the Securit' *a$ of an Activit' there is a M%a' StartM check$o0( 2n which
circumstance would it $e a//ro/riate to leave this $o0 unchecked? (Choose one)
Choose one answer.
a. You don't want the actvty to be used yet as t s st under deveopment Incorrect
b. Ths actvty s to be mted n ts scope and s not to start other actvtes. Incorrect
c. You woud ke to promote the securty of your appcaton and want to mt what actons can start
ths actvty. Correct,
.)) What is the onl' declarative rule that can use $ackward chaining?
a. Constrant Incorrect
b. Expressons
c. Index Incorrect
d. OnChange Incorrect
e. Trgger Incorrect
Note: Backward channg s used ony by decare expresson when the change trackng opton has one
of the foowng:
When used, f no vaue present.
When used, f property s mssng.
Whenever used.
When apped by a Rue coecton.
..) A conte0t#free Ceclarative D0/ression allows 'ou to defne and e0ecute e0/ressions on
em$edded data
casses. True or Fase
Choose one answer.
a. True
b. Fase
.1) ?ow would 'ou delegate a rule to a s/ecifc grou/ of users? (Choose two)
a. By addng ths rue to System-User-MyRues through the Favortes and specfyng the access group
b. By creatng a nk to that rue n the porta Incorrect
c. By makng sure securty and porta conguraton for ths group of user s approprate
d. By provdng deveoper access to restrcted set of users n that group Incorrect
Note: We have to add the rue n the Favortes; we aso have to make necessary changes to that Roes
securty settng so those users can actuay save these rues.
.3) Which ;uer' will re;uire more memor' in the P"PC cli/$oard memor'? Please choose
one answer(
Choose one answer.
a. Seect count (*) from pc-work Incorrect
b. Seect pzINSKEY from pc-work where pzINSKEY = '1234' Incorrect
c. Seect * from pc-work Correct!
d. Seect PVZSTREAM from pc-work where pzINSKEY = '1234' Incorrect
.5) A /roduction s'stem is suddenl' running ver' slow( &ooking at the P"PC Alert log fle
'ou see thousands of MNuer' time e0ceeds limitM alert messages for the same ;uer' with
long ela/sed time(
Which one of the following is the correct answer to resolve the /ro$lem?
Choose one answer.
a. Remove the "Where Cause" from the query. Incorrect
b. Verfy that the database tabe contans an ndex on the coumn name used n the query "where
c. Increase the aert threshod number of the "Ouery tme exceeds mt" aert message to a hgher
number to avod the oggng n the aert og e. Incorrect
.6) 2dentif' the two statements that are true in the conte0t of the S%A? (Choose two)
a. The SMA s avaabe n both the prweb.war and prpc_|2ee14.ear depoyment es. Incorrect
b. Usng SMA you can get the PegaRULES bud nformaton. Correct
c. Usng SMA you can manage the |DBC connecton poo sze. Incorrect
d. Usng SMA you can see a the ntegraton servce steners and ther ndvdua status Correct
e. Sze of the Rues Assemby Cache and Database Cache can be seen n the Memory Management
opton. Incorrect
f. SMA cannot be congured to access mutpe nodes. Incorrect
17) What is the $est wa' to re/ort on em$edded data structures? (2(D( data that lives
within a /agelist)
a. Bud a st vew whch reports drecty on the embedded data Incorrect
b. Bud a decaratve ndex that maps to the embedded data structure and bud the report n the
ndex cass
c. Expose as many coumns as needed so you can bud the stvew report Incorrect
d. Use a custom actvty to wrte the data to an externa tabe and then bud a stvew to report on the
data. Incorrect
Note: b s the best opton as t uses PRPC to map the embedded data to the ndex cass and your
reports can run on the exposed coumns n the ndex tabe.
11) Which of the following are true a$out Summar' 4iew $ut are not true for &ist 4iew?
(Choose three)
a. Can have mutpe crtera Incorrect
b. Can dene threshod. True, we can ony dene threshod n summary vew.
c. Can have pagng. Incorrect
d. Can have charts. True, ony summary vew can have charts.
e. Can have trend reportng. True, ony summary vew can have trend reportng.
12) We can im/rove the reusa$ilit' of a rule in P"PC in which of the following wa's?
(Choose *hree)
a. By usng Appcaton Proer Incorrect
b. By foowng namng conventons and Documentaton Correct.
c. By usng Avaabty feature n the Rue form Incorrect
d. By usng parameters n the rues where possbe Correct.
e. By competng the hstory tab
1) Please com/lete the following sentence( Access When rulesG
Choose one answer.
a. Are nstances of Rue-Ob|-When referenced that determne whch users have access to a gven
appcaton. Incorrect
b. Are used to dynamcay grant prveges and dene roe enttements based on the speced crtera
c. Can ony refer to propertes on the prmary cpboard page. Incorrect
d. Are the same as Rue-Ob|-When rues except that they can ca utty functons. Incorrect
1)) Which four statements are true a$out roles? (Choose four()
a. A roe denes the eves of access to rues that appy to a cass and nstances of that cass
b. Roes can be created and moded usng the Roe Edtor
c. A roe denes varous eves of access to RueSets and RueSet versons Incorrect
d. A roe denes a st of prveges a user has on a cass eve
e. Rue-Access-When rues provde condtona grants of prveges.
f. An access group can ony have one roe dened Incorrect
1.) 2n the conte0t of P"PC Services and Connectors- identif' the statement(s) that are
true? (Choose two)
a. Servce Package s used to generate the WSDL e for an end cent that wshes to use a SOAP
WSDL es are used ony n the context of web servce ntegraton.
b. The |MS ntegraton nterface supports both pont-to-pont and pubsh/subscrbe messagng modes.
The |MS ntegraton nterface supports nteractons between your Process Commander appcaton and
other systems through the |ava Message Servce (|MS). Process Commander supports |MS through both
servces and connectors. |MS servces can receve (consume) messages from a |MS topc or queue and
produce responses to those messages. Ths facty supports both pont-to-pont and pubsh/subscrbe
messagng modes. It supports durabe subscrptons, automatc acknowedgment and, f Process
Commander s depoyed as an enterprse appcaton, transacton-based processng.
c. The servce package ocates the servce rue and then assembes a response message from the nput
propertes. Incorrect
d. Connector rues are used wthn PRPC to provde servces to externa systems. Incorrect
11) An e0tremel' cost#conscious client uses *omcat servers $ut need services e0/orted
from P"PC( Can 'ou im/lement "ule#Service#DOH?
Choose one answer.
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
Note: Tomcat s not a fu appcaton server and cannot support ths
13) Which of the following is >=* a P"PC /rovided tool that assists in creating rich and
d'namic user interfaces?
Choose one answer.
a. A Stye Wzard that asssts n creatng and mantanng CSS styes that are apped to screens.
b. A st to st contro that aows users to smpy drag and drop tems from one st to another. Incorrect
c. Seectabe stvews, that aow users to vew report stye data and nteract wth t by seectng one or
many rows Incorrect
d. A carouse stye wdget for dspayng reated work ob|ects
15) Which of the following is not true a$out /ortals?
Choose at east one answer.
a. An operator can have mutpe portas. Incorrect
b. In PRPC v5.5 deveopers must use Composte Porta type No, t s not a requrement, tradtona
porta can aso be used.
c. Porta s rue resoved Incorrect
d. Porta s speced n Data-Admn-Operator ID No, portas are speced n the access group not n the
operator record.
e. Skn of the user porta s speced n Porta Rue Incorrect
16) "uleSet /rere;uisites are /art of rule resolution and enforced during run#time( *rue or
True Incorrect
Note: Correct, RueSet prerequstesare enforced at deveopment tme, not durng run-tme.
37) !ou can defne a circumstance of a rule if a $ase rule does not e0ist( *rue or +alse
True Incorrect
Note: Fase s the correct answer. A base rue must exst before a crcumstanced verson can be
31) Can 'ou create an agent in &egac' %ode in P"PC v.(.?
Choose one answer.
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
Note: Legacy Mode was been deprecated n PRPC v5.
32) When 'ou create a Standard Agent to ;ueue work- under which access grou/ does the
agent /rocess a work o$:ect?
Choose one answer.
a. Its own speced on the securty tab. Incorrect
b. The requestor who queued the work.
c. The access group speced under Data-Admn-Requestor:Batch Incorrect
d. It doesn't need an access group as the system gures out how to process the queue. Incorrect
Note: Standard agents that use Auto Oueue management are context based. They use the same
Access Group to run as the requestor who queued the work.
3) What are the three modes in which an agent can run in P"PC v.(.?
a. Legacy
b. Advanced
c. Standard
d. Deprecated Incorrect
Note: Deprecated s not a mode.
3)) Can 'ou ena$le Auto Nueue %anagement for Advanced agents?
Choose one answer.
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
Note: Auto Oueue Management s avaabe ony for Standard Agents.
3.) Co 'ou have to e0/licitl' create Schedule instances for the Agent on ever' node?
Choose one answer.
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
Note: Schedue nstances are auto created by PRPC.
31) What is the Agent %anager
Choose one answer.
a. An out of the box agent that manages PRPC requestor sessons and tmes them out. Incorrect
b. A master agent that creates schedue nstances from Agent dentons.
c. An out of the box agent that manages the queue for standard agents. Incorrect
d. A master agent that bypasses actvty authentcaton for agents. Incorrect
33) Are Agent Schedule instances created if the Dna$le this Agent check$o0 on the Agents
Cefnition is disa$le?
Choose one answer.
a. Yes Incorrect
b. No
35) What kind of a cache is the looku/ list cache?
Choose one answer.
a. Database eve cache for propertes and metadata about propertes Incorrect
b. App Server dsk based cache
c. App server memeory based cache Incorrect
d. The ony way to cache comped rues Incorrect
Note: Lookup st cache s a mechansm to store the resuts of a query aganst the database on the
appcaton server n the PRPC temporary drectory.
36) ?ow do 'ou utiliLe the looku/ list cache?
Choose one answer.
a. By cang @basecass.ookupst or one of ts subcass varants n an actvty step
b. By cang toos.retreveLookupLst() n a |ava step Incorrect
c. By cang out of the box supped Rue Utty Functon stLookup Incorrect
Note: @basecass.ookupst forms the bass for a ookupst cas. Ths actvty aows you to specfy
two parameters for dong ookups.
57) What will ha//en if the S'stem Pulse does not run in an multi#node environment?
Choose *wo(
a. Rue changes made on one node w not be vsbe on other nodes
b. Statc content caches wont be synchronzed. Incorrect
c. Lucene ndexes for fu text searchng wont be synchronzed
d. Property concuson cache wont be synchronzed Incorrect
Note: genera, the foowng four events are pubshed to the pr_sys_updatescache tabe:
Cache (changes to the rues)
DELLC (Lookup st cache changes)
Index (Lucene Index)
RFDEL (Rue Fe Deetes)
The puse runnng on each node w wake up and pck the records that were not created by t wthn
the wndow of tme startng wth the ast puse run whch n turn woud nvadate the cache entres on
the node and cause RA Cache and possbe Rue Instance Cache to be refreshed after compaton of
that rue occurs.
51) What is the advantage of "ule Assem$l' Cache?
Choose one answer.
a. No advantage, databases are superfast and so s code generaton ths s an overhead Incorrect
b. Generated and comped code ensures that there s no further database actvty to retreve rues and
makes the system fast
c. Even though the code s generated externa systems can update the rues thereby forcng the
system to regenerate the rues so there s no advantage Incorrect
d. Frst Use Assemby forces the system to regenerate the code every tme the system restarts thereby
ensurng that the atest rues are aways avaabe to the user Incorrect
Note: The process of generatng |ava code, compng t and storng |ava comped cass es on dsk
ensures that once a system s prmed further database actvty s mnmzed thus ensurng faster
52) What ha//ens if the e0tract marker fle is deleted from the tem/orar' director'?
a. Ony Rue-Utty-Functon rues are recomped Incorrect
b. Prevousy generated code s moved to the backup drectory and fu code regeneraton occurs
c. The usage of the e s deprecated and t makes no dherence f the e s deeted Incorrect
d. The e s created every tme you reboot the appcaton server and tes the system to regenerate
the code Incorrect
Note: Contrary to what the contents of the extract marker e says, deetng the e w cause code
regeneraton and compaton.
5) What is the "ule 2nstance Cache?
Choose one answer.
a. In Memory Cache of the XML of a frequenty accessed rue
b. Dsk based cache of the XML of a frequenty accessed rue Incorrect
c. Frst Use Assemby cache Incorrect
d. Cache of the generated and nstantated rue nstance Incorrect
5)) What ha//ens if 'ou delete the :ava fle for a rule and restart the s'stem?
Choose one answer.
a. Code s regenerated and comped agan Incorrect
b. Nothng as the cass e st exsts
c. Code s retreved from the PRGenBackup drectory and recomped Incorrect
d. Cass e s deeted and code s regenerated and recomped Incorrect
Note: The rue executon process s hghy optmzed f a cass e s present t uses that to prevent
5.) 2 am tr'ing to fnd out who is holding the lock on a given work o$:ect( What is the $est
wa' to do this without tr'ing to lock the o$:ect?
Choose one answer.
a. Use Ob-Open-By-Hande and use the LockInfoPage Incorrect
b. Run a RDB method aganst the database to see who hods the ock Incorrect
c. Use the toos.getLockManager().sLocked method n a |ava step
Note: The pubc API has powerfu factes that can be everaged to nd nformaton about ocks
wthout ockng the work ob|ect.
51) 2 am entering m' e0/ense re/ort into P"PC and it alwa's crashes due to $ad active
controls( 2 log $ack in as the same /erson and 2 am /rom/ted to release a lock( 2f 2 am the
same /erson- wh' 2 am /rom/ted to release the lock?
Choose one answer.
a. PRPC ocks are hed at the requestor eve
b. Someone ese ocked the ob|ect whe your browser crashed. Incorrect
c. The ock went soft and someone stoe t. Incorrect
d. The Expense Report system has speca code n t that aways asks you to reease a ock. Incorrect
Note: A PRPC ocks are hed at the requestor eve. There can be mutpe requestors for a gven user,
whch means you can open two IE wndows to do work on the same ob|ect. Requestor eve ockng
prevents you from openng two wndows to work on the same ob|ect.
53) When 'ou select +ile K =/en K Portal K Work9ser and a new /ortal o/ens in a window-
is this a new re;uestor- thread- *hread?
Choose one answer.
a. New Requestor, New Thread, and New thread Incorrect
b. New Requestor, New Thread, and Od thread Incorrect
c. Same Requestor, New Thread, and same thread
d. Same Requestor, same Thread, and same thread Incorrect
Note: One Requestor, one underyng Operatng System thread and mutpe Thread namespaces.
55) 2f 2 /erform the tasks listed $elow in the se;uence shown in an Activit' on an 2nteger
Pro/ert' P- what is the fnal value in the data$ase?
1. Property-Set (vaue = 5)
2. Ob|-Save
3. Property-Set (vaue = 10)
4. Ob|-Save wth Wrte now
5. Commt
Choose one answer.
a. 10 Incorrect
b. 5
c. 0 Incorrect
d. 15 Incorrect
Note: The rst ob|-sav puts the vaue of 5 on teh deferred ops st. The second ob|-save wrtes the
vaue of 10 to the database drecty. The na commt ushes the deferred ops st whch means the at
the vaue of 5 w overwrte the vaue of 10.
56) 2f 2 /erform the tasks listed $elow in the se;uence shown in an Activit' on an 2nteger
Pro/ert' P- what is the fnal value in the data$ase?
1. Property-Set (vaue = 5)
2. Ob|-Save
3. Property-Set (vaue = 10)
4. Ob|-Save
5. Commt
Choose one answer.
a. 10
b. 5 Incorrect
c. 0 Incorrect
d. 15 Incorrect
Note: Ony one update statement w be on the deferred ops st so 10 w overwrte 5.
67) 2f 2 /erform the tasks listed $elow in the se;uence shown in an Activit' on an 2nteger
Pro/ert' P- what ha//ens?
1. Property-Set (vaue = 5)
2. Ob|-Save
3. Property-Set (vaue = 10)
4. Ob|-Save
5. Roback
Choose one answer.
a. A Ob-Saves are roed back and Deferred Ops st s empty
b. Ob-Save #4 s roed back Incorrect
c. Ob|-Save #2 s roed back Incorrect
d. Nothng happens as there s no commt Incorrect
Note: PRPC ros back the entre deferred operatons st.