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Department of Education

Region III
Department of Elementary Education
Division of Pampanga
Detailed Lesson Plan in Arts
I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:
a. identify the color of objects being shown to them;
b. find things around them and name its color and;
c. color the pictures with the appropriate color;
d. value the beauty of different colors around them.

II. Subject Matter:
Different Colors
Math Integration: Different Shapes
References: Preschoolers Art page 19-31
Childrens Math Exploration page 27-28
Materials: cut-out pictures of shapes, a colorful box, things around the room, pictures,
textbooks, crayons and chalkboard.
III. Learning Activities
Teachers Activity Learners Activity
A. Preparatory Activities

1. Opening Prayer

Good morning children.
Let us stand and pray unto our
Almighty God and Maricris will
lead the prayer.

2. Checking Attendance

Children, who is absent today?
Very good, everybody is present.

3. Review

Before we proceed, let us recall
the things you have learned
Tell me what shape that has four
equal sides?
Okay, Karolyn.
Very good!

Good morning teacher.
Children will stand and pray

Teacher, no one is absent.

Children raise their hand.

Teacher, it is a square.

What do you call a shape that has
three sides?
Okay, Joanna
Yes, it is a triangle. Very good.
How about a shape which is a
close figure with no sides?
Yes, Jesselle.
Very good Jesselle!
Who can tell me the shape of the
this object that has four sides with
only two sides equal.
Okay lets see Ullyanne.
That is correct, very good

Now let us go to our circle time, to
start this new day.

4. Motivation

For today our circle time is singing and
dancing with the song of The Colors
Around Us

I have cut-out picture of shapes inside
this colorful box and we will play Pick
and Tell. I will call one of you, and you
will pick up cut out picture of shapes
from the box and you will going to tell
the shapes and its color

Are you ready children?
Let me see who wants to be the first
one to pick and tell.

Ok, let us see Michelle.

Very Good!

Now, lets call on the second one to
pick and tell.

Lets find if what shape and color can
Angelica pick up

Thats a good job!

This game continues until all the cut-
out shape (circle-yellow,square-
orange,triangle-blue, rectangle-red,
oblong-green and half-circle-violet) are
picked by the children.


Colors are around us like what we have
sung awhile ago.

It is a triangle.

Teachers, it is what we call a circle.

It is a rectangle.

The pupils will listen to the song and
watch how the teacher dance and they
will follow.

Yes teacher.
The pupils raise their hands.

Michelle picks up the cut out picture and
tells its shapes as well as its color.

The pupils raise their hands.

Angelica picks up the cut out picture and
tells its shapes as well as its color.

The pupils participate on this game.

This time I will show a picture to all of you and
tell me the colors that you can see.

What you can see in the picture?
Excellent! Yes, these are books
How many books we have?
Raise your hand.
Yes, Shella.
Excellent counting Shella.
Can you name one color that you can see?
Yes, Catherine
Very Good!
What else Jinky?
Yes, we have color blue.
Any color you can name Renmart?
Good observation Renmart.
Can you give more, Roschelle?
What if I ask someone to point the color
Violet? Anyone who wants to do it?
Yes, Loudz
Last one book, to name its color. Who can
figure it out?
Okay, Claire.
Yes, excellent Claire. You got it right.

I assume that you are familiar now with
different colors.

Who can give an object and identify its color?

Let us see Gem what object she can show to
That is a nice thing Gem, Very Good

Okay lets see Rem, she is raising her hand.
Beautiful notebook, yes its color is violet, Very
good Rem.

I can see Lourdz raising her pencil.Okay tell us
the color of your pencil.

Very good Lourdz.

Who else?
Yes, Jasmine

Oh yes, and all of the girls has red skirt same as
Yes teacher.

We can see books with different colors.

The pupils raise their hand.
There are 8 books.

There are two red colors of books.

Color blue.

Color yellow.

I can see color orange and green.

Lourdz will come close to the picture and
point the 6
Pupils raise their hand.

The 4
book is like light blue in color.

Pupils raise their hands.

Gem finds an object and she will tell the
color of it.

Teacher, my notebook is color violet.

Teacher my pencil has a color yellow.

all boys has red shorts.

Very good.

Let us call for one more.
Okay I see Rose wants to show something to

Very nice hairpin Rose.

Values Infusion

Imagine our surrounding without any color in
What will you feel?

Yes, all your feelings are indeed shown if there
will be no colors.

We have to thank God for all the things he has
created for they have all beautiful colors.

Do you agree with me children?

When we do coloring activity, we have to take
care of our crayons.

How do you take care of your crayons?
Yes, Janelle.
Very good, lets give her 3 claps.
How about the other?
Yes, Nicole
Excellent Nicole, Lets give her 3 claps also.
One more. Share to us how you take care of
your crayons.
Yes, Janine.

That is a good work Janine.
Lets give 3 claps for her.

Since you believe that colors can make our
world beautiful and you are all very good
children, give yourself five claps.

By showing the cut-out pictures of shape ask
them again the colors.
rectangle-red, oblong-green and half-circle-
What is the color of the circle?
Yes, correct
What is the color of the square?
What is the color of the rectangle?

Teacher, my skirt is red.

Yes teacher, this is my hairpin and its color
is green.

The pupils will respond and say their

Yes teacher.

I keep them in their box after using them

I use them carefully so they wont break.

I color my drawings correctly so my
crayons will last long.

Pupils will name the color.

You got it right.
What is the color of the oblong?
I agree with all of you.
How about the half-circle?
What is the color of the triangle?
Yes it is color blue.

Excellent Children!
Give yourselves five claps.


I have pictures of objects posted on the board
and you will write the color of it.

Who wants to write the color of the tomato?
Okay give it a try Joy.

How about for the carrots?
Aaron is raising his hand.

And for the Blueberry?
Okay Maggie.


Who wants to write the color of eggplant?
Yes, Jason is raising his hand.







The pupils will go to the board and write
the color of the object assigned to them.

Joy will go to the board and she will write

Aaron will go to the board and he will
write Orange.

Maggie will go to the board and she will
write Blue.

Jason will go to the board and he will write

Who can write the color of the banana?
Oh, this time Rosel is raising her hand.
Come on down Rosel!


This is a Guyabano fruit, who can write its
beautiful color on the board?
Okay Abby.

Rosel will go to the board and she will
write Yellow

Abby will go to the board and she will
write Green

Color the following pictures.
Apple Grapes Orange
Sun Cabbage Cloud

Key Answers:

Apple is red; Grapes are violet; Orange is orange; Sun is yellow; Cabbage is green and cloud is blue.


Draw Circle around the object if the color is Yellow, Square if it is Orange, Rectangle if it is Red, oblong if
it is Green, Half circle if it is Violet and Triangle if it is Blue.

Eggplant Orange Yellow Bell Rose

Ampalaya Ocean Tomato Star

Classify the colors into Primary and Secondary
Green Yellow
Blue Violet
Orange Red

Prepared by:
Mendoza, Ethel Joi M
Beed 2-C