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[You] "Thank you Officer {Jones} for being here today. You are properly sworn in?

[Yes] OK, please tell this court, did you file a valid cause of action against me?"
[Officer] "Yes."
[You] "OK, please tell this court just how many elements are in a valid cause of action."
You may hear, from prosecutor, something like, "Objection, calls for a legal conclusion,
witness is not competent to testify."
Then you may, from judge, hear something like, "Objection sustained."
Then you say, "OK, then I move to strike the witnesss testimony." [testimony includes
the ticket] "...and I move this matter dismissed."
[You] Smile ;)]
(Of course this entails the officer actually showing up (the prosecutor may try bluffing
you on this, [you] just want to go on and have 'your day in court') -- if he or she doesn't -
well they don't have a case then do they? {You} Smile ;) and say, "I want this matter

Questions for Police Officer in traffic court:
[You] "In order to be a policeman you had to swear an oath to support both State and
Federal Constitutions didnt you?"
[Officer answer] "Yes."
[You] "On the day and time you approach me you were armed were you not?"
[Officer answer] "Yes."
[You] "Having sworn an oath to the constitution you attacked me by force of arms in an
attempt to compel me to be a witness against myself in felony breach of your fiduciary
duty pursuant to the oath you sworn."
[Officer answer] "Yes."
[You] "I move to dismiss because the officer just impeached himself under oath."