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Project Z-2080:

Unable to close the project no. Z-2080 as system throws an error message stating
that there is open commitment. This commitment is due to a purchase reuisition
which is created against a material assigned to an acti!ity. " #$ is also created
against this #% and &% is made and the &% document got re!ersed at a later point
o' time. Then the user has deleted material 'rom the #$ and also 'rom the #roject.
(ow the system is not allowing deleting the #% and the commitment still e)ists e!en
a'ter technical completion o' the project.
%esolution 'ollowed in the *uality +lient:
The 'ollowing steps were 'ollowed to delete the #% commitment.
,. -)ecuted the report RLORD035 to delete the purchase reuisition
Use transaction 0-/8 and enter program name
-nter #urchase reuisition no. .0000,//8, 'or which the deletion 1ag is
reuired. 0elect all the chec2 bo)es and e)ecute the transaction.
&ot the output as shown below:
Then once again e)ecuted the transaction in update mode 3unchec2 4Test
5ode67. 0ystem updated the deletion indicator in #urchase reuisition and the
output o' the program was shown below:
2. (ow8 the open #% commitment is not shown in +9I. report. #lease chec2 +9I.
/. (ow e)ecuted the report RKANBU01 'or the project Z-2080. This is to
update any incorrect commitments.
:. "'ter running the reports abo!e8 e)ecuted the report RKACOR04 as this will
correct any problems between the line item tables and the total record
3These two programs i.e. %;"(<U0, and %;"+$%0: are a!ailable up to
*uality +lient and need to be transported to #roduction client7
.. "'ter running the abo!e reports8 transaction code +9-( 'or the project Z-2080
is e)ecuted as this is !ery important so that the database gets updated.
=. >inally e)ecuted the report +9<( 'or the project Z-2080 which rebuilt the
a!ailability control 'or the project.
?. (ow the system allowed technical completion and closing o' the @<0.
Project no: Z-2076
#%e +ommitment still e)ists but the purchase reuisition is not getting displayed.
Aowe!er8 the #% number is being shown in +9I. report and the reuisition does not
e)ist in the Table.
Reo!"t#on $o!!o%e& #n '"(!#t) C!#ent:
In +9I. report a #%e commitment line item is shown with re'erence to #urchase
%euisition 800,0B2.82
Aowe!er8 when double clic2ed on the re'erence document number i.e. #% number8 a
message C #urchase reuisition does not e)istD appeared on the screen as shown
+$$I table entries 'or the purchase reuisition were there:
-)ecuted the program Z;"$IE-0 in 0-/8 transaction:
(ow once again chec2ed 'or commitment line items in +9I. transaction. Aowe!er8 no
open commitments were displayed.
In +$$I table 30-,= transaction78 the commitment !alues are changed to 406 as
shown in the below screen print.
"'ter this8 another program Z;"$IE-2 was e)ecuted.
The abo!e program deleted the commitment line item in +$$I table.
(ow go to 0-,= transaction to see the line item in +$$I table:
Note: Program ZKAOIDE0 and Program ZKAOIDE2 are available up to Quality Client
and need to be tranported to Produ!tion Client"
"'ter running the abo!e programs8 transaction code +9-( was e)ecuted 'or the
project Z-20?= as this is !ery important so that the database gets updated.
>inally e)ecuted the report +9<( 'or the project Z-2080 which rebuilt the a!ailability
control 'or the project
(ow the system will allow closing o' the project.