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Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and
drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living ater ill flo from ithin him! "Jn #$%#, %&'.
On Tuesday Muslims will end their month of fasting with a great feast and celebration. Many will also questiondid the
devotion they demonstrated during the fast suffice? Is Allah pleased with them? et!s pray that they will find the One who
deserves their true devotion and who assures them of salvation."
Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries
GAA! PA"#$TI%#: #A$ wor%ers in the Middle &ast report that two children from the ighthouse 'chool in $a(a
were %illed when a missile struc% their home yesterday )*+ ,uly-. .lease pray for their families/ their fellow students/
the school0s faculty and administration and for all those in this region who are suffering.1 "(.S. )ssemblies of *od
World +issions'
MA"I: A missionary wor%ing with garibu boys 2who beg in the service of imams3 requests prayer for an **4year4old
who has run away. 'he writes/ #5e was a steady/ good natured boy who was always at the center. They even got him
an apprenticeship with a metal wor%er...so he could gain s%ills.... 5e didn!t want to do certain things/ and so he!s
returned to the streets to beg full4time.1 .lease pray that this boy will return safely and find a relationship with $od.
.ray also for this missionary as she see%s the ord concerning the direction of the center and her ministry.
In the News
A ceasefire agreement was signed on 6ednesday by representatives of the &entral African Re'u(lic!s Muslim
'ele%a and the 7hristian anti48ala%a groups. 9ighting began in March :;*< when 'ele%a rebels too% power and have
since demanded that 7A= be divided into a Muslim north and 7hristian south. They have now dropped this demand.
Thousands have died and more than a million have been displaced/ both Muslims and 7hristians. .lease pray that
peace will holdand especially that $od!s peace will reign in the hearts of 5is people. More than half the population
claim 7hristianity/ but most are nominal and have little understanding of 8ible doctrine. .ray that the 'pirit will draw
them into a true relationship with 5im/ so that they may in turn show Muslims and others the 6ay to true peace.
World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**
Mali/ in 6est Africa/ ran%s <<
on the list of the countries where 7hristians suffer the most persecution. >early ?@A
of its *B.@ million people are Muslims. Most are moderate/ but in the last two years eCtremists have caused upheaval
in the north. Only recently have pastors who were forced out been able to return and reopen churches. .lease pray that/
as people have seen the face of Islam/ they will be more attracted than ever to the $ood >ews of love. .ray for
wisdom for pastors and believers as they rebuild and reach out.
For Muslim Women***
.lease pray that atin American 7hristian women will find favor with their Muslim neighbors/ for the sa%e of
friendships that will bring the $ood >ews to Muslim women everywhere. Islam is groing in ,atin )merica, bringing
in ne neighbors. )t the same time, many -entecostal ,atinos are ansering the call to go to +uslim lands. -ray for
open doors of ministry for believing omen ho connect ith +uslimas in or outside their home countries.
Prayer Resources
.-raying for +uslims$ ) *uide for /ffective Intercession offers many insights concerning Islam and a different prayer subDect
each 9riday. This wee% we pray for Muslims as they end their fast and hope for salvationE httpEFFtinyurl.comFp(lsDqy.
""Open Goors publishes an annual list ran%ing the @; nations where persecution against 7hristians is most severe. 'ee the full
:;*H 6orld 6atch ist at httpEFFbit.lyF*mcm:fu. 7lic% on a country on the map or list to read its profile and prayer requests.
"""Muslim women need your prayersI Jou can Doin a prayer networ% and receive regular requests at httpEFFsayhelloinfo.comF.
9or a list of resources for prayer groups/ see httpEFFtinyurl.comFwaastDumaa.
9ind information and prayer requests concerning Muslims around the world at httpEFFwww.<;4days.netF.
5ow should we pray for those imprisoned for their faith? =ead httpEFFwww.elam.comFarticlesF5ow4to4pray4for4those4in4prisonF.
9or news updates concerning persecuted 7hristians/ visit httpEFFmorningstarnews.orgF and httpEFFwww.releaseinternational.orgF.
9or prayer requests/ visit httpEFFwww.opendoorsusa.orgFprayF and httpEFFwww.persecution.comFpublicFpray.aspC.
To help you answer Muslims! questions about ,esus and the 8ible/ eCplore httpEFFansweringislam.orgF.
Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
25 July 2014 West Africa Advanced School of Theology