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Zaid Hamid
: Welcometo'TheDebatewithZaidHamid'. I amyour host, MohammedAzeem. TheMiddleEast is ina
horrific crisis. Muslims are engaged in combat. Iraq is now divided into 3 sections. Despite Israeli's brutal
attack on Gaza, the Muslim Ummah remains silent. What is going to happen in the Middle East and what
are the reasons behind the destruction we see today? We're going to discuss these issues today with Zaid
Hamid. First of all, pleaseexplaintous exactlywhat is happeningintheMiddleEast?
: We're going to travel back in history a bit. Whatever is happening today has also occurred
about 100 years ago. Around 1918, when WWI ended, the Ottoman Empire was being partitioned and
divided. At that time, the exact same things were happening, as we can see today. We never imaginedthat
we would also have to witness the same destruction, death and misery in the world that our elders
witnessedacentury ago. Duringthat time, our elders madeadua:
The Ottoman Empire had been dismembered. Muslim world was carved into the countries we see today.
Before that, these were not countries. They used to be provinces of the Ottoman Empire. They were
created after WWI, when the British Empire wrote a letter to Lord Rothschild, the Zionist Jew of the time.
After the Balfour declaration, the British Crown decided to create the Israeli state. Remember that this
letter was sent right after WWI. This was at least 30 years before Israel was officially established. But this
letter clearly stated the British Empire's policies for the future. And they divided the Muslim world map,
creating different countries. To complete this task, we must understand the most important diplomatic
tool that the Britishused. They used the Arabtribes of that time. Similar tothe way ISIS, FSAandTTPare all
being usedtoday. They createdandusedsimilar terrorist gangs groups inthe same manner, after WWI. For
that, they used the Arab tribes of Hejaz and Najaf, including the Governor of Mecca. Allama Iqbal wrote a
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This document is transcription of the program: The Debate with Zaid Hamid
Ep 106 Crisis in Middle East [12-07-2014] Din News.
very heartrending poem about the
Governor of Meccaat that time.
The Governor of Mecca was a Syed,
but he conspired with the British
against the Turks, leading to the
massacre of Turks. In fact Muslim
Turks were martyred in the curtains
of the Kaaba. And thousands of
Turkish soldiers of Hejaz were
surrounded and martyred. The Hejaz
railway that used to go from Medina
to Istanbul was destroyed with the
help of Lawrence of Arabia. Once the
railway was destroyed, the Turks
could not get in or out, and were
trapped. The Turkish commander of
Medina had a dream where he saw
the Prophet (PBUH), who ordered
himnot tosurrender. This dreamis an
actual part of Turkish history. And
despite the fact that the Ottomans
were defeated, this Turkish General
continued fighting to defend Medina
for several months.
Finally, his soldiers were so tired of
fighting, that they arrested their own
General and surrendered him to the
Balfour's Letter to Rothschild
British. So, the Arab tribes of the time, including Hussein, the Governor of Mecca were all complicit in
selling the souls of MuslimUmmah. At that time, Allama Iqbal saidthis painful poem, which is a sad part of
our history:
For his betrayal, the British awarded the Governor's two sons the Rule of Jordan and Iraq. King Abdullah of
Jordanis the great grandsonof theformer Governor of Mecca. Thesecountries were awardedas pay-off to
the Hashemite family for their betrayal of Muslim Ummah. The tribe of Najaf, Al Saud, conspired with
Lawrence of Arabia, createdchaos and
anarchy, ki l l ed the Turks and
ultimately brought down the Ottoman
Empire. For their betrayal, the British
awarded them rule of Hejaz, which is
present-day Saudi Arabia. This is a part
of history, which we cannot deny. This
is a reality. Look at the roles of
Lawrence of Arabia and General
Allenby. Even today, there is still a
bridge fromJordan to Israel, known as
the Allenby Bridge. It was later
revealedby the Britishthat their policy
was to instigate a conflict amongst the
Arabs through the Arabs themselves.
So the world would not blame the
Christianpowers or other countries for
their destruction. If Damascus falls or
is captured, it will be by the Arab
groups. If Baghdad is captured, it will
be by Arab groups. So, these Arab
tribes, Governor of Mecca, his sons
and their Arab guerrillas were all used
to conquer Syria and other areas.
Afterwards, the British and French
mandates were established. On the
ground, the actual chaos and
destruction was all at the hands of the
Arabs themselves; killing the Turks and
destroying the Ottoman Empire. The
control, coordination and governance
remained under British and French
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The lord of Makkah (Hashemite) barters the honour of Makkah's faith
That the stubborn Turk, late convert, guards through war's agony
Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca
So, Ottoman Empire was destroyed, but who is behind the Caliphate today that is being created by
WhentheOttomanruleended, theBritishForeignSecretary, LordCurzon, said,
They vowed to never allow caliphate to be established again. Instead, they created borders with so much
distance between Muslim countries, so that the Muslims will not be able to even communicate. Today,
Pakistani Muslims are not communicating with Muslims in Turkey or Iran. It's hard to find a Pakistani
Muslimwho knows Persian, Turkish and Arabic. The difficulties andformalities of visas and passports have
kept Muslims disconnected. There are Turkish Muslims who have never seen a Pakistani Muslim. Same is
the case with Muslims in other countries. So all this happened after WWI. Before that, there were no
borders and passports. And they vowed to never let caliphate rise again. Middle East history is repeating
itself after 100years. Understandthat thefoundationof anIsraeli statewas announcedafter WWI withthe
letter fromtheBritishtoRothschild.
Today, after 100 years, Israel will greatly expandits borders. After WWI, the concept of a state of Israel was
declared, After WWII, Israel was created in 1948 and now, Israel is expanding. You can find the map of
Greater Israel on the Web, which is the area that Israel considers its promised land. This will span from
outskirts of Baghdad, through Kurdistan and Turkey and will include all of Israel, Lebanon and Jordan and
finally uptoMedina. It looks likea bigsnake that engulfs theMuslimworld. Youwill note that all thewars in
the Middle East today are in the Greater Israel region. And to destroy all the Muslimcountries, they are
using these alleged or so-called, Muslim groups, just like they used Arab tribes after WWI to destroy the
Ottoman Empire. It's the same strategy; same policy. It's impossible that an Islamic caliphate comes up in
Turkey is dead and will never rise again, because we have destroyed its moral strength, the Caliphate and
theheart of Greater Israel andAmerica, Israel andUKsupport it.
But whenAbuBakr Al Baghdadi announcedhis Caliphate, US, UKandIsrael expressedtheir concern.
The reality is that they have lied and deceived to create public perception, just like they used
thelieof WMDtoattackIraq. Wherewerethey?Or that 9/11was carriedout by BinLaden, but noevidence
was presented. Please try to understand the reality. They have hijacked the concept of Muslim caliphate.
They are hijacking our religion. They are not just taking over our lands. They are not just creating Greater
Israel. They are not just exploiting our women, daughters and sisters. They are not just burning our Quran
and libraries. They are not just destroying the tombs andgraves of Prophets. They are not just demolishing
the sites of our Islamic scholars. They are hijacking Islamas a whole; by creating a false caliphate, made by
Khawarij, whichis completely backedby CIA, RAWandMossad. That is why it's important for all Muslims to
understand what is happening in the Middle East. When the Ottoman Empire was being destroyed, the
Muslims of Indiasent helpandAllamaIqbal criedout:
Remember, it will always be our simplicity and others' cunningness. Sometimes, the enemies will 'tear the
cloak' of caliphate andsometimes they will bring vile terrorists and falsely claimto establishcaliphate. The
fact is that boththesethings happenduetothesimplicity of Muslims andcunningness of theenemies.
So, is this thesimplicityor ignoranceof Arabs?
This is what Iqbal referred to. Look at your own simplicity stupidity and ignorance and the
enemies' cunningness. It's a combinationof the two. The caliphate of ISIS, establishedin IraqandSyria is
a false caliphate and Israeli army supports it. Israel has field hospitals near Syria from where Israeli forces
enter the Muslim lands and work with ISIS to destroy Muslim countries. Israel couldn't have asked for a
better opportunity. In 1948, when Israel was established, Palestine was a collection of villages. There is a
term used by Palestinians, Nakba Day, which means the Day of Destruction. On this day, Israelis burned
completevillages likeDeir Yassinandthousands other toempty theland.
The Israelis sent terrorist gangs into the villages to commit atrocities, so they can clear the land. They have
to do this to empty out the land they need to destroy and terrorize. Then they go and build settlements
andexpandGreater Israel. Youcansee pictures onthe Webof Israeli hospitals treating woundedinSyria.
Israel claims that the hospital is created for the Syrian civilians that are leaving. But they are covering and
blurring the faces of the wounded. Why? If it is for civilians women, children elderly, then why are you
hiding the faces? They are all Israeli army officers. Everyone there knows why Israel has made a field
hospital there. Onthe other hand, UKsays it will prepare100,000 terrorists tosendtoIraqandSyria. Think,
for God's sake, If ISIS is establishedandBritishknowthat that theseareterrorist groups, thenWHYare they
sending an additional 100,000 terrorists? To fight the terrorists or to join the terrorists, so ISIS gain more
power? UK, like a terrorist state itself, is openly saying it will train and send 100,000 terrorists. UK has
alreadyfooled, brainwashed, trainedandsent 10,000-15,000terrorists totheMiddleEast.
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
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LM<$ ?LF ;,"<# ?9 H(,(3 LM<$ ?9 NO+> ?Q$"+

The imprudent Turk has torn the cloak of the Divine Khilafah
Look at Muslims' simplicity at other's cunningness also look
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
: Will theUK-trainedterrorists support ISIS?
Of course. That is exactly
what is happening. All the ISIS videos
feature British boys from various
cities. They're being recruited right
under the nose of MI6 by an
organization called, Al Muhajirun.
Omar Bakri is the leader, an MI6
agent. Anjum Chaudry is another
agent. They are openly recruiting in
the UK. They are openly cursing the
West and calling for slaughter of
Westerners. They are inviting boys to
fight Shias, Bashar Al Assad, etc.
Hence, they're creating a terrorist
concept and view of Islam in front of the world. In the UK, no one is stopping them or challenging them.
They freely and openly spread flyers and pamphlets outside of mosques in the UK. They are openly
recruitingandexportingterrorists. What is thebenefit for theUK?
But this is not staterecruitment, is it?
It is state-permitted recruitment because UK is allowing them. UK is not insane. Can't the UK
government see what is happening? It is so extreme, that the Americans have complained to the UK,
warning them that the game will be exposed and that they should be more discreet. The CIA has actually
complained to the MI6 and asked them to keep it quieter. The UK will greatly benefit from this strategy.
They have been able to identify and weed out the Muslims whom they suspected to have militant
Israeli field hospital in Syria
mentality. They sendthemwith1-way ticket toSyria. These boys will spreadterror inSyria. UKwill riditself,
of extremist and militants and instigate Shia-Sunni battles in Muslimcountries. They will helpthe Greater
Israeli objectives. The world will perceive that Muslim men are terrorists because in the videos, these
boys say they usedtoliveinManchester andBirmingham, but nowthey are fighting withISIS. So, this is the
big game plan. Now, let's see what the Americans are doing? ISIS terrorists are driving aroundthe desert in
brand new SUVs, with 400-car motorcades. Have you seen any air strike or any drone strike to take them
out? ISIS shows off their scud missiles like a public parade. Any American helicopter or bomber could take
them out in a minute. What is America doing? It is giving them $500 million in aid, under the label of
supporting Syria's 'moderate resistance'. Cansomeone please tell me, what is 'moderate resistance'? Who
is the moderate? The one who is decapitating or the one who is eating people's livers or the one
desecrating graves? Who are the 'moderates' that the Americans will support? The term moderate is
used so US does not appear to openly support terrorists. So they decided to support moderate terrorists,
So, how do you view the report that ISIS has its hands on uranium? The UN and the world have
expressedconcerns. Will ISIS actually beabletousethis?
They have deliberately placed uranium into the hands of ISIS. ISIS has its hands on chemical
weapons. ISIS has its hands on long-range scud missiles and they have their hands on uranium now. In
other words, now ISIS can easily launch a dirty bomb. Dirty bomb does not mean that it is an explosive
bomb. Evenif they releasethe uranium, theentireareawill becomeradioactive. Or if they addchemicals, a
chemical attack canbelaunched. ThelaunchcouldbeonIsrael or near Israel, as afalseflagoperation. Then
Israel would say, we have been attacked or targeted, so we are going to enter Syria with full force to stop
ISIS. Israel has already offered to enter Jordan to protect it from ISIS. In other words, Israel will take over
Jordan without firing a single bullet. The Americans played the same strategy with Saudi Arabia. They said
Zaid Hamid:
that SaddamHussein was coming to attack, so we will help protect you by creating American bases inside
Saudi Arabia.
So, US, UKandIsrael shouldnot bethreatenedby ISIS?
ISIS are useful idiots. They will be used, just like Arab tribes were used after WWI. The
Governor of Mecca, Hussein, was promised rule of Syria. But after they used him, they did not give him
Syria. British gave him rule of Jordan because Syria was under French mandate. So, this is the way such
assets areusedanddisposed.
But aren't US, Israel andUKpotentially committingsuicideby armingISIS?
At this time, UK and US are too far from ISIS' dirty bomb. The dirty bomb can only reach 250
kilometers, with the missiles it currently has, unless ISIS carries it themselves, which is more dangerous. It
is not easy to carry uranium. They need Israeli advisors to help them and the Israelis will help them by
preparing the plans and even making the dirty bomb for ISIS. Israel will do all this for ISIS. When they are
giving 500 million dollars, they can also send a couple of nuclear advisors, which they've given. If such a
bombis usedagainst USor Israel, it will beafalseflag. It will beafalseflagbecausethey will blamePakistan,
saying. They will say that the bombis usedagainst them, but they will not state that ISIS didit. They will say
that the bomb came from Pakistan. Then Pakistan will be attacked. They will blame Iran and it will be
attacked. They canalsoblameTurkey. Howwill anyoneprovewherethebomboriginated?
SoPakistanwill feel theheat fromthefireragingintheMiddleEast?
: Pakistan is already feeling the heat. It is already surrounded. But the current objective of the
Middle East is to create Greater Israel, for which Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi have to be
Will the dream of a Greater Israel ever become a reality? How will the Muslim world resist and
where will Russia stand? You explained how US, UK and Israel are responsible for the current crisis in the
MiddleEast but whichArabcountries arehelpingtheseplayers andhow?
Unfortunately, all Arab countries. Not just one. As Iqbal said, others' cunningness and one's
ownsimplicity. Our ownstupidity, ignoranceandbetrayal haveplayedabigrole.
Whereis Iranstanding?
All countries are complicit inthis crime, including IranandSaudi Arabia. Jordan, Syria andIraq
are sadly finished. This war startedinIraq, but the conflict was plantedin1979, whenthey startedthe Iran-
Iraq war. The war has been going on since then and youwill see that the war has never ended for Iraq since
'79. In 1979, they threw Iraq into a war to stop Iran. And when the Iraq-Iran war ended in 1989, the First
Gulf War was launched in '91 and '92. Iraq invaded Kuwait, Americans set up camp in Saudi Arabia, scaring
themwiththethreat of anIraqi invasion. All of Saudi ArabiabecameanAmericancolony. Americanmilitary
fleets came and stayed permanently. They used Iraq to instill fear, after that to 'free' Kuwait, and then the
US destroyed Iraq with 10 years of sanctions. Then they bulldozed Iraq, after 9-11. They decimated and
dividedIraqinto3parts. Oncethey weresatisfiedwithfinishingIraq, it was Syria's turntobedestroyed.
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
This war startedin '79. And all Arabcountries since the Iran-Iraqwar until
today are all involved. Not one is innocent. Not a single Muslim Middle
East leader is saved from this sin. Where are we today? Jordan has
basically become anIsraeli colony. Tothe extent that it has a defense pact
with Israel. The situation is so bad, that Israel is openly offering military
support to protect Jordan from ISIS. So ISIS will attack Jordan and Israel
will say, Look ISIS is coming. We will come to save you. Like the
Americans said to the Saudis about Saddam and captured Saudi land in
the process. The same is about to happen to Jordan, which they will
capturewithout asinglebullet seewhat will happeninthecoming days.
Then they are planning the same game with Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are
terrified. They have completely collaborated with the Americans and
Israeli in Syria against Bashar Al Assad. Remember that Bashar Al Assad is
the biggest terrorist in the Middle East. All the terrorism of Al Zulfiqar in
Pakistanwas fundedby Bashar Al Assad's father, Hafez Al Assad.
Don't forget history. When the PIA flight was hijacked by Al
Zulfiqar and taken to Kabul, Several hundred Pakistan
People's Party thugs were put on a plane and sent to Syria
Because Hafez Al Assad was friends with Benazir Bhutto. He
was the patron of Al Zulfiqar, and a godfather to Murtuza
and Shahnawaz after Bhutto's death. Yasser Arafat, Qaddafi
andSaddamHusseinand Assadwere all related throughthe
Ba'ath party. Ba'ath party is a Communist party; it is not a
Muslim party. Right now, Assad is playing the Shia card
because he needs Iran's support since Saudi is standing
against him. The reality is that he is a Ba'athist. Don't forget
this part of history. Ba'athists are Communists. A Muslim
cannot be Sunni and Shia and a Communist at the same
time. They play the right cards to protect themselves. So to
say that Bashar Al Assad or his father is Shia yes they have
Alawite dominance, but their beliefs and loyalties are
towards CommunismandBa'athist party.
What cards cantheArabcountries play toprotect themselves now?
They don't have any moves. Nowthe gameis out of their hands. As far as Syria was concerned,
Russia and Iran were aggressively involved; Americans had decided to invade Syria, after they had created
extensive chaos, but the Russian and Iranian pressure made the Americans back off. Then the Americans
changedthepolicy. After that, they launchedISIS. Youdidn't hear this namebefore because the Americans
were going to invade Iraq themselves. Where was ISIS at that time? You only heard of ISIS after the
Americans resorted to Plan B, after the Russians stopped the Americans from attacking Syria. Iran also
added pressure and this became a block. There was a joke in Syria that you are either a NATO Sunni or a
Sadam Hussain's Ba'ath Party Flag
Russian Shia as the Muslims were split into two camps because Russia got so involved. But you will note in
Iraq, the way ISIS is getting full American, British and Israeli support and funding, even Russia cannot get
openly and aggressively involved to stop it. Russia has sent some aircrafts to help stabilize the Maliki
government becauseIranandRussiacanseethat Americans areaggressively usingterrorists tocompletely
takeover Iraq.
If Greater Israel is beingcreated, will Russiaquietly sit andwatch?
Russia is not sitting quietly at the moment. To release the pressure, it is annexing Ukraine; do
not forget that war which is happening side by side. Every day, Russia is taking over more territory from
Ukraine and the Americans are in panic because they tried to launch a revolution in Ukraine, but it
backfiredontheAmericans. Nothingworkedandthesituationis soout of Americancontrol, they arelosing
Ukraine andRussia is annexing it. Russia is actively trying tobuildrelations withall the countries that it had
strained relations with. It is also building relations with Pakistan by selling us helicopters, which has upset
India. Russiais aggressively engagingChinaandIranandit has sent helicopters toIraq.
AndPutinhas calledNetanyahuabout theIsraeli bombardment of Gaza?
Even in Syria, American policy was check mated by the Russians, so it is not just a question of
Russian and American roles. The point is that foreign superpowers are fighting their vicious wars, using
Muslim lands as their battlefields. Internally, the Muslim world is imploding through terrorist groups and
idiotic rulers. Both are working together to get Muslims slaughtered. It gives me chills to hear that Hazrat
Younis's (AS) grave has been decimated by the Khawarij; they have even harmed the grave of Hazrat Noah
(AS). They are talking about destroying all the graves of all the Prophets buried in Syria and Iraq. Such a
horrific act has never occurred even by the most tyrannical non-believers, like this disgusting vile Kharji,
Baghdadi is committing. His terrorist gangwhichincludes Israeli armyofficers, is carryingout suchacts.
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
An ISIS terrorist demolishing Prophet Yunus's (A.S) grave
Zaid Hamid:
Youhave establishedtherelationshipof ISIS withUS, Israel andUK, but if youlook at thebackground,
AbuBakr Al-Baghdadi has alsobeenfightingagainst theAmericans inthepast.
This is an old American strategy. Abdullah Mehsud, creator of TTP in Pakistan, was in
Guantanamo Bay for three years and Americans have acknowledged it. Their heaviest recruitment was in
Guantanamo Bay; they got the guys, recruited them, and told them to work for the Americans, and they
would give them respect, money, fame,
power, arms, influence and would create
organizations for them, as long as they
launch and fight wars for the Americans. In
2004, when Abdullah Mehsud was released
fromGuantanamo Bay, TTP was created. Do
not forget this history; the Americans have
admitted it. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is a
similar example. He was released from
Guantanamo Bay, after he was hired; ISIS
was created for him so he could carry on
doing exactly what he's doing today. Ayman
Al Zawahiri is another example. Heworks for
the Egyptian intelligence to date. He was
arrested after Anwar Sadat's murder and
spent many years in jail and he was released
on the condition that he would work for
them. That has beenhis jobever since.
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
In the Middle East's past scenarios, which group is right and which is wrong? Where are they all
The Prophet (PBUH) has told us about the signs of the Day of Judgment 1400 years ago. Brace
yourself for the fact that the Prophet (PBUH) has also warned us about ISIS! A valid hadith fromNuaimbin
Hamad's book andnot one, but several ahadithwithstrong andacceptedreferences proveits authenticity.
The Prophet (PBUH) said the following about Iraq that a group of Khawarij will rise and they will create a
daulat. The word daulat is used in hadith and ISIS also calls itself Daulat-E Islami. The hadith uses the
same word. The Prophet (PBUH) said that they will call themselves by their 'kuniyat' (teknonym) and
associate themselves with cities. Abu Bakr is his kuniyat and Baghdadi comes from his city, Baghdad. Abu
Musab Zarqawi Abu Musab is the kuniyat and Zarqa is his city. The Prophet (PBUH) said that their hearts
will be like rocks and steel and they will keep their hair long like women. He also warned that when such
groups come out, we should stay in our homes and not confront them because they will be vicious and
brutal and the common man cannot stand up to them. Muslims will face such conditions, so the average
civilian is being warned here. And then the Prophet (PBUH) tells us that Allah will create conflict within
these groups and Allah will decide about them. Another hadith tells us that they will take over Damascus.
They haven't conquered Damascus, yet but in the future, ISIS may take control of Damascus. The hadith
also says that Allah will lift his mercy for some time; there will be so much slaughter, killing and butchery
that Allah's mercy will be lifted. We have never seen such killing and savagery like we see today. We
remember Hindafromour history whoateHazrat Hamza's [RA] liver after the Battleof Uhud. Weseethese
militants today killing people and eating their organs. Their videos are available on internet. They are such
beasts and terrorists that when they take over Syria and Baghdad, they will not see if the person is a Sunni
or aShia. TheSunnis of Iraqhaveissuedfatwas against ISIS, sayingthat ISIS is aKharji terrorist outfit.
Sowhatever is happeningwas destinedtohappen?
TheProphet (PBUH) has toldus about events until Qayamah.
So, thereis noremedy for this?
We have been told about the remedy and the solution. We have been given signs, so that the
Muslim leaders of the time take the wisdom and accordingly devise policies. We are also told that these
terrorists will get caught upinaninternal conflict.
Sowhat is theremedy now?
There is a saying from Hazrat Ali (RA) that governments can survive under a system of 'Kufr'
but not under a system of injustice. Saddam Hussein's rule can be categorized as a system of kufr and he
was very harsh, but Iraq had some level of lawand order. It was not like today. Is today's Iraq better or was
Saddam's Iraqbetter? Bashar Al Assadis aterrorist andananimal, without adoubt, but was his Syriabetter
or is today's Syria better, with the Israelis, the Khawarij, ripping out the graves of the Prophets and having
martyredmore than200,000 innocent people to date? What is better? We needorder anda system. As far
as SyriaandIraqareconcerned, nothingcanbedonefor themnowunfortunately.
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
Howcanwesavetherest of theregion?
Evenif IranandRussia enter armies to push back ISIS, the wars will be fought withinthe cities.
The cities will still get destroyed and Muslims will still be killed. ISIS is not the only organization working in
Iraq. There are at least 4 or 5 more outfits and they are also fighting each other. The Prophet (PBUH) had
already foretoldus that they will fight amongst themselves so, hetoldpeople tolock their doors andstay in
their homes. It is no point in going outside because we will not be able to do anything. The hadith also says
that Allah will decide about them. In the near future, Allah will reveal what happens to these terrorist
What is theroleof `Turkey intheMiddleEast crisis?
On one hand, Turkey is scared because they do not want these problems to enter Turkey,
especially since Israel has completely separated Kurdistan. In a few days, you will hear Kurdistan being
announcedas aseparatecountry anewcountryandit will beunder Israeli control.
Will therealsobeaShiastanandSunnistan?
There is no such thing as a Shiastan and Sunnistan; under Daulat ISIS, they only have Khawarij
rulewithkillingandterror, as Prophet (PBUH) has foretold.
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
They arecallingtheISIS rule, 'Sunnistan'
As far as the South (of Iraq) is
concerned, there are very sacred monuments
and places for all Muslims. Whether it is the
tomb of Hazrat Ali [RA] or Karbala or Najaf, they
are sacred for both Sunnis and Shias. What kind
of a Muslim would say that the tomb of Imam
Hussein [RA] or Hazrat Ali [RA] should be
destroyed? It is not possible. These are such
places and monuments that would justify
Iranians entering their forces. ISIS is not strong
enough to fight the Iranian forces. The Iranians
have already arrived in Iraq. Iranian army has
landed and Iranian casualties are already being
reported. Iranian troops are fighting, getting
wounded and their bodies are being sent back to
Iran, so the situation has evolved into a full-
blown war. The enemies' saving grace is to give
this war Shia-Sunni branding. First we have to
take steps to ensure that the Shia Sunni issue does not flare up in Pakistan. What we need to understand is
that there are three major Muslimcountries left onthe Iraqissue. They are Turkey, IranandPakistan; there
is no more Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Egypt left. They are all the countries that are about to come
into the range of Greater Israel. Whether it is done through ISIS, civil war, or Israeli forces entering
themselves, anarchy will belaunchedinthesecountries. This is a miserabletimeuponMuslimUmmahand
wecanonlypray for mercyfromAllah.
Iranis playingits part bysendingforces intoIraq, but weseethat Iranalsohas Americansupport?
: Iran does not have American support. Whenwe didour first showonISIS, many people raised
the argument that America says it will attack ISIS. At that time, I said America would never do that. I said
that about a month and a half ago, and you can see whether America and Israel are supporting ISIS or
Sowill Iranenter its forces intoIraqagainst America's will?
Iran has already entered its forces into Iraq against US will. There is a big Shia presence in the
South; it is not necessary toenter Iraqinmilitary uniforms. Thousands of pilgrims, visitors andtourists that
come to pay respects in these cities include Iranian troops. They are going there and fighting because
Ayatollah Al Sistani has issued a fatwa calling all Muslims to arrive in Iraq to defend the sacred landmarks.
Even, peoplefromPakistanwent thereandwerekilledfightinginIraq.
The Muslim countries are quiet on Israel's brutal attack on Gaza. Will this be a catalyst to unite the
MiddleEast against Israel?
Israel has noticedthat their accomplices (ISIS) are eating people's organs in Syria andIraq and
Shrine of Hazrat Ali (R.A)
theMuslimworldremainedsilent, sothis timewas ideal for Israel. It createdafalse-flagtoattack Gazawith
such viciousness that F16s are bombing densely populated neighborhoods and the world remains silent.
BBC is reporting that Palestinians are attacking Israel, who is only defending itself. This is the type of
propaganda being created. Here, I want to make a clear and harsh statement, especially for the rulers of
Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. It is not possible for Israel to stand against any of these countries. Israel cannot
stand against a single Muslimcountry; not against Turkey, Iran, or Pakistan and this is the time to threaten
Israel. When Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish flotilla that was taking goods for the
Palestinians, this incident damagedTurkey-Israeli relations. Thetensionwas sohighthat Israeli andTurkish
aircrafts came face-to-face, and the Turk fighter pilots that were flying against Israel included Pakistani
fighter pilots as well. The world does not knowthis but Pakistan Air Force was flying with the Turks against
Israel. If a war broke out, we would have been involved. We need to do this now! For God's sake, show
some dignity! Pakistan and Turkish Air Force should go and bomb Israel and see what will happen. We
should threaten them! The Jews are dishonorable and cowardly! They can only bomb children and
women! Pakistan's presence andthreat is enough! If they donot stopbombing the Palestinians, we should
droptwobombs onTel Aviv andset themstraight! Muslimforces arefullycapableof doingthis.
Pakistanis busywithits ownwar, sowhy wouldit gointoaforeignwar?
It is not a foreign war! This is our war! No war of Ummat-e-Rasul [PBUH] is foreign. We
Muslims are like one body. If only we had the right leadership and if our leaders could showsome bravery,
courage and dignity! These rulers should die of shame! Let me tell you something about Pakistan Air
Force's character. One time, we received a threat that Israelis are coming to attack Kahuta plant. All of
Pakistan Air Force was put on high alert and a contingency plan was quickly pulled together, in the event
that Israel should attack Kahuta, what would our response be? It was decided that we would also go for an
attack on Israel's nuclear plant in Dimona, but Israel is far away from us. If our F-16s flew from Pakistan,
they could only do a one-way flight to bomb Dimona after which they would have to crash because they
would run out of fuel. Our pilot would either be martyred, taken as a prisoner by the Israelis or drown
himself into the sea. At that time, Pak Air Force asked for pilot volunteers. They were told, it is a one-way
mission, weneedvolunteers, thethreat is genuineandnot war games. Our air Forcewas onredalert, it was
1984 and we were under a serious threat. Would you believe that we had only 40 F-16s and all 40 pilots
raised their hands to volunteer for this one-way mission? This is the character and resolve of our fighter
pilots and the Israelis are scared to death of our fighter pilots! We are the world's only air force who has
shot down Israeli jets in air combat. The way the Israelis are butchering and massacring Muslims and the
Muslimworld remains silent. We have the biggest complaint with Pakistan and Turkish Air Forces. We can
make a base in Turkey, we can threat Israel, and our pilots are present there already. If Pakistan has a
leadership with an ounce of dignity and honor, they should talk to Turkish leaders. If Israelis and Turks can
havea faceoff becauseof the Israeli attack onMavi Marmara, thenwe canalsothreatenthose Zionist Jews
tostopthis brutal massacreof Palestinians.
But PakistanandTurkey cannot independently conduct suchamission?
Why not?
OIC is non-existent and has no significance. We can do it. When the Mavi Marmara was
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
attacked, wedidn't asktheOIC. TurkAir Forceflewagainst Israel, andwewerewiththem.
WhenPakistancomes under threat, whichMuslimcountries wouldcometodefendus?
Even if none of themcomes, it is our responsibility to protect the children of Palestine! Every
Muslimcountry has their army, navy andair forceandthey areprotectingthemselves. What does Palestine
have? Think for one moment; if your women and children were there and this was happening to them,
what would you do? Would you give this same argument? At least from Pakistan Army and Pakistani
government, weshouldsendastrongthreat tothat Israeli scum. They areour enemy, whether wethreaten
them or not. They will come to attack us at every opportunity they get. They will even come with the
Indians to attack us. Such an open enemy, so far away, who cannot even directly attack us, without India's
help or without sending Khawarij or terrorists, why should we be afraid to threaten them? We should talk
to Turkey openly. Saudi Arabia will not give us bases; Jordan will not give us bases. When we first hit Israel,
wehadabaseinEgypt, Syria, JordanandIraq.
Whowill givesuchathreat, our government or Army Chief?
Either one can, but we feel that the Head of the Armed Forces should do it. General Raheel is
an extremely honorable and brave officer. We will draw his attention here; fulfill the responsibilities of a
Muslim General and threaten Israel that Pakistan Army will not sit quietly. We have defeated and
humiliated Israel in the past; we can still do it. When Quaid-e-Azam sent 500 Muslim troops to fight in
Indonesia during its war of independence, why cannot we? Today, Indonesia teaches about the 'Brave 500
Pakistani Soldiers' as part of their national history in their schools. Pakistan was not even created and
Quaid-e-Azam sent 500 brave men to help Indonesia fight for its independence. For Palestine's freedom,
Quaid-e-Azam threatened England that we will set the Muslim world on fire if Israel was created. We are
theheirs of Quaid-e-Azamanddefenseof Palestineis obligatory onus.
But therewill bearesponsetoPakistan's threat.
So, we will answer that
response. Are we not men? Can't our
missiles reach there? What response
can they give us? We can also respond,
of course. We must threaten the enemy
Israel. Remember that India was
aggressive messing with us. This is a
signature characteristic of filthy
enemies. At that time, General Zia went
to threaten India through his cricket
diplomacy. When he told the Indians
that we will ruin you, after that, India
was brought down to its level. Right
now, we absolutely have to threaten
Israel. Saving the Palestinian children is
our responsibility. If we fail to do so, we
will have to answer in front of Allah and
his Messenger (PBUH).
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
Zaid Hamid:
shame war
At this time, Pakistan is fighting an internal war with terrorists. If we open an additional front, will it
not causecomplications?
There will be no increased complications. What extra complications did Israel face when it is
running loose and destroying the Middle East? We must make alliances and defense pacts; engage Russia
and China. Problems and complications arise only for the losers and cowards; not for the brave and lion-
hearted. Thebraveones resolveissues.
We are going to fight the Arab world's war, but we should engage Russia and China? Why don't the
Arabcountries joinus?
Weshouldmakealliances wherever possible, but whichArabcountry is left?Nameone. This is
what I am saying. You have to do this to SAVE the Arab world. We have done the same to save the Arab
worldinthepast andPakistanArmy will havetodothis againor Arabworldwill get destroyedinsuchaway,
that it will be Saudi's turn, God forbid. It will not take long. Pakistan Army will be called very soon because
Saudi Arabia cannot defend itself. If we can go to defend Saudi Arabia, then why can't we threaten Israel to
saveour Palestinianchildren?
Will weuseAmericanaidandAmericanF-16s tothreatenIsrael?
Why can't wedoit? This is thebeauty. WedefeatedtheRussians withtheRussianKalashnikov.
This is what you call a masterpiece. That is exactly how we defeated the Russians. Who created the
Kalashnikov?TheRussians! What didwekill themwith?Their ownKalashnikov! Remember this:
Thereis afamous quote: "Youaccepted toavoid . Nowyouhave both. Thenations whowant to
survive must stand for their honor, or their destiny will be filled with shame, loss and death. Whatever is
happening intheMiddleEast, for that, Pakistanwouldhavetomake asolidpact withIranandTurkey! Now,
today, immediately! Or theMuslimUmmahwill not survive.
Thank you for joining us, Mr. Zaid Hamid. The Middle East is presenting a horrific crisis and Muslim
Ummahmust thinkandact sensibly, or theywill faceasimilar fateas Iraq.
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To suffer death is nobler far
Than bread that clogs your upward flight.