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Comsab and Sabcom

Communication interfaces for Unisab II

All Sabroe Unisab II units feature a communication
interface as standard component. This allows the units
to exchange data with each other as well as to commu-
nicate with third-party systems. This is crucial for the
efficient control, monitoring and operation of refrige-
ration equipment and systems.
To ensure that Unisab II can be integrated seamlessly
into a wide range of industry-standard automation
systems, Sabroe provides standard, ready-to-use
communication interfaces.
The Comsab communication module and Sabcom
communication software are available to ensure the
problem-free exchange of information between Unisab
II and third-party computers and control systems.
The Comsab module is normally used for communi-
cation with PLC, BMS and similar systems, whereas
Sabcom is used for communication with PC/Windows
operating systems.
Easy to install
The Comsab module is fitted with connectors for the
Unisab II network, the desired computer system and
a power supply. Once the connections are in place,
the Comsab module automatically starts up and then
identifies the Unisab II units that are connected to the
A communication software program must be instal-
led on the computer in order to exchange information
with the Comsab module.
The Sabcom software is ready for installation on a PC
in order to establish direct communication between a
Unisab II and the PC. The installation procedure is the
same as for other Windows-based software.
A converter attached to the RS232 port on the PC and
also connected to the Unisab II network then makes
the Unisab II data available on the PC for any applica-
tion that needs it.
Maximum reliability
Comsab and Sabcom are designed to use very secure
technology. Both products have been installed and
used successfully, and with no special precautions, in
conjunction with many different applications.
Easy to operate
Once the Comsab communication module and the
Sabcom software have been installed and operation
has begun, no further intervention or maintenance is
If the system is expanded with one or more Unisab II
control units, the Comsab or Sabcom units automati-
cally detects these and begins exchanging data with
them. The corresponding applications will, of course,
have to be adapted to allow for the expansion.
Significant advantages
The advantages include
easy to install
no complicated setup or configuration
no maintenance or service needed
easy to extend with additional Unisab II units.
Comsab module
Sabroe product description
Christian Xs Vej 201 DK-8270 Hjbjerg Denmark
Customer benefits
The customer benefits include
very cost-competitive way to establish data exchange
low installation costs
system extension at low cost
no maintenance or service costs involved.
Technical information
Comsab installation
All information is subject to change without previous notice.
Sabcom installation