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VITAMIN C has been known to cure over 30

major diseases for over 50 years

So why haven't you heard more about it? Why haven't more doctors used Vitamin C as
Progress takes time, unfortunately. resh fruit was known to cure scurvy by !"#$, yet
governments ignored the fact for nearly !%% years. Countless thousands died in the
meantime. &he !'th century doctor, who first advocated washing one's hands between
(atients, died ignored and in disgrace with the medical (rofession, &o)ic mercury was
used as medicine into the twentieth century. *nd so it has been.
&he first (hysician to aggressively use vitamin C to cure diseases was rederick +.
,lenner, -... beginning back in the early !'/%'s. .r. ,lenner consistently cured chicken
(o), measles, mum(s, tetanus and (olio with huge doses of the vitamin. While vaccines
are now available for these illnesses, (lease remember this was not the case in the
The fo!!owin" is a !ist of the conditions that #r $!enner successfu!!y treated with
a""ressive vitamin C thera%y in the ear!y &'(0)s0

2er(es 3oster 4shingles5
2er(es Sim(le)
6ladder 7nfection
Some Cancers
+u(tured 7ntervertebral .isc
2igh Cholesterol
Corneal 9lcer
6urns and secondary infections
2eat Stroke
+adiation 6urns
2eavy -etal Poisoning 4-ercury, 8ead5
Venomous 6ites 4insects, snakes5
-ulti(le Sclerosis
Chronic atigue
Com(lications of Surgery
&his seems like an im(ossible list of vitamin C cures. *t this (oint, you can either dismiss
the sub<ect or investigate further. .r. ,lenner chose to investigate. &he result? 2e used
massive doses of vitamin C for over /% years of family (ractice. 2e wrote do;ens of
medical (a(ers on the sub<ect. * com(lete list of them is in the Clinical Guide to the Use
of Vitamin C, edited by 8endon 2. Smith, -..., 8ife Sciences Press, &acoma, W* 4!'==5.
7t is difficult to ignore his success, but it has been done. .r. ,lenner wrote0 "Some
physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid (Vitamin
C) because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin."
Vitamin C is remarkably safe even in enormously high doses. Com(ared to commonly
used (rescri(tion drugs, side effects are virtually none)istent. 7t does not cause kidney
stones. 7n fact, vitamin C increases urine flow and favorably lowers the (2 to hel( kee(
stones from forming. William >. -cCormick, -... used vitamin C since the late !'/%'s to
(revent and treat kidney stones. Vitamin C does not significantly raise o)alate levels, and
uric acid stones have never resulted from its use, either. Said .r. ,lenner0 ?&he ascorbic
acid@kidney stone story is a myth.?
2ow much vitamin C is an effective thera(eutic dose? .r. ,lenner gave u( to $%%,%%%
milligrams 4mg5 (er day. :enerally, he gave $#% to "%% mg (er kilogram body weight (er
day. &hat is a lot of Vitamin C. 6ut then again, look at that list of successes.
.r. ,lenner em(hasi;ed that sma!! amounts do not work.
2e said, *If you want resu!ts+ use ade,uate ascorbic acid -Vitamin C.*
7f you want to learn more about the thera(eutic uses of vitamin C, the following books are
!. 2ow &o 8ive 8onger and eel 6etter, by 8inus Pauling, Ph..., 4reeman, !'=A5
B. &he 2ealing actor0 Vitamin C *gainst .isease, by 7rwin Stone 4Putnam, !'"B5
$. &he Vitamin C Connection, by 1manuel Cheraskin, -... et al 42ar(er and +ow,
/. Clinical :uide to the 9se of Vitamin C, by 8endon 2. Smith, -... 4cited above5
-any readers have long been hunting for co(ies of these ama;ingly valuable books.
Cour wishes have been answered.
#r $!enner)s Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C is now %osted in its entirety at
&he com(lete te)t of Irwin 7tone)s book The Healing Facto is now %osted for free
readin" at htt(0@@vitamincfoundation.org@stone@
Physicians and other health (rofessionals may wish to read (a(ers by William >.
-cCormick, -..., 8inus Pauling, Ph.., *bram 2offer, -..., and recent articles by +obert
. Cathcart 777, -... he !ournal of "rthomolecular #edicine is es(ecially recommended.
Co(yright C B%%# and (rior years *ndrew W. Saul.
Andrew 7au! is the author of the books FIRE !OUR DOCTOR" 5ow to #e
Inde$endentl% Health% -reader reviews at
htt%899wwwdoctoryourse!fcom9reviewhtm! . and DOCTOR !OUR&ELF' Natual
Healing that (o)s* -reviewed at htt%899wwwdoctoryourse!fcom9sau!bookshtm! .
Vitamin C #rink
&his the best way to get a (leasant -ega dose of Vitamin C into the system.
*scorbic acid has a half life of B.# hours. &hat means that there is only #%G of our intake
left after that time. Stress and chemical e)(osure such as filling u( at the Petrol Station or
cigarette smoke e)(osure can wi(e out !%%G in that time. &here are over $%% functions in
the body that are Vitamin C de(endent.
&he ormula
8arge glass of water
! level teas(oon of *scorbic *cid 4eHuals #%%%mg of Vitamin C5
! 2alf teas(oon Sodium 6icarb, 4this will make the mi)ture fi;; as it converts the acidic
form into Sodium *scorbate5.
*dd the <uice of half a lemon 4this adds very im(ortant mineral co factors and bioflavanoids
and makes the mi) even more alkaline forming as well as im(roving taste and absor(tion5.
&his is the ultimate reEhydration drink and energy booster. *im for $ (er day and increase
freHuency to bowel tolerance when under e)tra stress of any sort.