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Huh... Mainstream schooling aids capitalist class by manufacturing products for them.

World is like becoming a pool of engineers & doctors, but still, there's injustice,
iolence & restlessness eery!here. "f the marks that !e gain are really the measure
of e#cellence, then !hy isn't there any peace$ Why !e don't hae peace$ Why so$ %c&
our education system has become a totally non'constructie & non'productie race &
eerybody in the system misses or skips the importance of kno!ledge & its practical
usability in life & !ork. (he problem is that !e are guided to study for earning money,
but not for kno!ledge. )ery unfortunately, !e're taught ho! to read & !rite, but not
ho! to think & *uestion. (he dilemma is that !e're told ho! to earn marks, but not
ho! to innoate ne! stu+ for sering & bene,ting the humanity. (he day !e & our
authorities reali&e that the true essence of studying is to gain kno!ledge for playing
part in the prosperity & !elfare of mankind, most of our socio'economic issues !ill
start to get set right on the track of peace. -ur education system is seerely .a!ed
and re*uiring drastic changes, fundamentally that is. "t creates the 'cramming' factor
instead of prooking the critical thinking and analy&ing skills that need to be
encouraged in students.
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=;on't let school interfere !ith your education= > Mark (!ain
;o not beliee in anything simply because you hae heard it. ;o not beliee in
anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. ;o not beliee in anything
simply because it is found in man'!ritten religious books. ;o not beliee in anything
merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. ;o not beliee in traditions
because they hae been handed do!n for many generations. %ut after =obseration
and analysis=, !hen you ,nd that anything =agrees !ith reason= and is =conducie= to
the =good and bene,t of one and all=, then accept it and lie up to it.
;on't just teach yourself to read. 3lso teach yourself to *uestion !hat you read. (hink,
teach yourself to think out of the bo#, %c& it's still legal & free. %ut *uestion een !hat
you think. 6uestion eerything.
/ot eerything can be right, so teach yourself to *uestion eerything that you come
across. "t's not necessary that !hat !e think, read or hear from others is al!ays right,
for this ery reason< learn to *uestion eerything including your o!n opinions.
%e open, free minded & .e#ible !ith your thinking.
9eek ans!ers from =6723/=.
7se logical reasoning.
4ook for ans!ers around yourself.
-bsere the diine la!s under operation in your surroundings as 3llah says that there
are ans!ers in the natural phenomenons for those !ho !ish to ponder.
:ather and collect di+erent opinions. 9ort out, ,lter and re,ne di+erent ?-)s on the
basis of logical reasoning & la!s !hich you see goerning the 7nierse.
> 3mmar@