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The Importance of Witnesses in Acts

Nobody beats Acts in the use of the word martys witness throughout the Bible 13 times. Although
Matthew was a disciple of Jesus and saw the facts and heard His teaching, it is God who chooses
and did witness His (1.22). In the third version of the story of Paul's conversion, our Lord says, "I
have appeared to you to appoint you hyperetai, server and witness (Lk 1,2) what you just saw and
what you still show . (26,16). Witnessing is a gift that God has given us and an election in which
God reveals His love for us.
In a very important moment in Israel and its restoration as Pueblo at the new Exodus was his
deliverance from Babylon and return to the promised land, God says, "You are my witnesses, saith
the Lord, they are my servant whom I have chosen, (Isa 43.10). Now witness the Israel of God, ie
the Church, and the Apostles are you and me.
The word witness comes from the judicial language, and does not lose here in Acts that nuance.
Jesus was unjustly condemned for blasphemy by the Sanhedrin led by the high priest, which was
the official voice of God. But by raising Jesus, God claims it shows that the sentence was unjust,
since Jesus was neither a danger to the Empire, and cursed when he confessed that he was the
Son of God.
The apostles witness of the resurrection of Jesus and his testimony confirms that was unjustly
crucified His Son, the Messiah promised by God. In this context of opposition to Jesus and the
Church, appointed by God to witness involves witnessing the powerful love of God, who desires
the salvation of all human beings, including those responsible for unjust and painful death of His
Son, is say the Sanhedrin and all of us, because all sinned.
The judicial character of testimony, witnessing what stands out also because Lucas is instructed in
Deut 19,15 saying that if a prosecution "The cause must be based on the testimony of two or three
witnesses" and Luke has not Peter only as a witness of Jesus, but Paul holding the same reasons
and evidence that Peter and Luke in Acts also introduces us to missionary couples 'Peter and John'
(3 1.3s., etc..) 'Barnabas and Saul' (11.26;. 12,25 etc), 'Paul and Barnabas' (. 13,43.46, 50 etc),
'Judas and Silas' (15,32), 'Barnabas and Mark' (15 , 39), 'Paul and Silas' (15.40;. 16, 19,25 etc) and
Silas and Timothy (17, 14s,. 18, 5).
Witnessing Jesus is an essential part of being a Christian, for Jesus warns us that He will deny us
before the Father if we are not witnesses (Lk 12:8). Which definitively not accept our testimony for
Jesus simply rejects what is eternal life (13,46) (Squires).
Jesus assures us the Spirit's power, wisdom and courage to be His effective witnesses in a hostile
world (Luke 21:14).