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Mission in Vision
A writing technique (left side of the brain)
What is a Mind Map?
The Power of Images
hamanic !reaming (right side of the brain)
What is cosmo&ision?
Pra'er and Meditation
T(% P"W%#)*$ +I#+$%,
The healing circle or medicine wheel
+entering 'ourself
The Abundance and thansgi!ing ci"c#e
+reating and manifesting in c'cles
The center of the cha-ra s'stem is the heart
Teachings of the number . and the / pointed star
etting an intention from the heart
About the Author
This is a two parts wor-shop designed to assist us in our personal growth and collecti&e connection0
offered in alignment with this e1act TIME and P$ACE2 It3s based in ancient shamanic teachings and
modern mind techniques bringing out our &isions to the conscious world2 It3s a &er' powerful
mani%estati&n t&&# and an artistic wa' of processing information2
Heart mapping is a tool designed to help people to re-connect and remember the magical
journey of conscious manifestation, of any idea, project, dream or vision through the use of
modern mind techniques and ancient shamanic teachings.
"When you are in your heart, nothing needs to be done to bring change; it will happen automatically
and with grace." ~Drunvalo Melchizedek~
It3s this wor-shop intention to guide the
participants through the logical and intuiti&e
wa's of crafting a map from their heart0 and b'
e1ploring the different wa's manifestation ta-es
place0 we pa' close attention to the emotions
that come with this process2
(eart Mapping en&isions to reach as man'
hearts as possible through the whole world0
contributing with the awa-ening process of the
human consciousness and helping people to get
in touch with their own creati&e force2
!eart mapping is a holistic techni"ue born #rom mind mapping$, and it%s the result o# years o#
practice and evolution. &#ter using this tool it was clear to me that the time has come to share it with
the world.
May this tool serves you in the best way possible #or your 'ourney... all my relations... aho($
A '"iting techni(ue )#e%t side &% the b"ain*
As 'ou read about the nature and wor-ings of 'our memor' and about 'our brain3s other ma4or
functions0 'ou will reali5e the e1traordinar' e1tent of its capacit' and potential2 A mind map is a tool
used to entice0 delight0 stimulate and challenge 'ou2 6ou will disco&er some astonishing facts about
'our brain and its function0 and 'ou will ta-e the first ma4or steps on the path to freedom of the mind2
+hat is a Mind Ma,-
A Mind Map is a highl' effecti&e wa' of getting information in and out of 'our brain 7 it is a creati&e and
logical means of note7ta-ing and note7ma-ing that literall' 8maps out8 'our ideas2
All Mind Maps ha&e some things in common2 The' ha&e a natural organi5ational structure that
radiates from the center and use lines0 s'mbols0 words0 color and images according to simple0 brain7
friendl' concepts2 & Mind Map converts a long list o# monotonous in#ormation into a color#ul,
memorable and highly organized diagram that works in line with your brain%s natural way o# doing
The P&'e" &% Images
If the #adiant Thin-ing abilit' of the brain can be applied to the 3left cortical s-ill3 of words0 can the
same power be applied to the 3right cortical s-ill3 of imagination and images? In 9:;< cientific
American maga5ine published #alph (aber3s research showing that indi&iduals ha&e a recognition
accurac' of images between /= and := percent2 There is a well7-nown quote0 "& picture is worth a
thousand words".
We associate and remember images because the' ma-e use of a massi&e range of 'our cortical
s-ills0 especiall' imagination2 Images can be more e&ocati&e than words0 more precise and potent in
triggering a wide range of associations0 thereb' enhancing creati&e thin-ing and memor'2 These
findings support the argument that the Mind Map is a uniquel' appropriate tool2 It not onl' uses
images0 it is an image2
A Mind Map is the e1ternal mirror of 'our own radiant or natural thin-ing facilitated b' a powerful
graphic process0 which pro&ides the uni&ersal -e' to unloc- the d'namic potential of the brain2
Shamanic D"eaming )"ight side &% the b"ain*
In&ol&es entering into the world of spirit from a
wa-ing and full' conscious state2 >eing able to be in
two worlds at once2 The dreaming mind is an
e1pansi&e0 creati&e force with limitless potential to
e1plore the uni&erse that e1ists inside the mind2
!reams for the shaman are a source of infinite
wisdom and understanding2
When we e1pand our consciousness and tra&el into
our interior uni&erse to e1plore other dimensions of
being0 we open oursel&es up to powers or energies
that can guide and deli&er us to a bod' of
-nowledge and potential that can ser&e the whole of
humanit'0 not 4ust oursel&es2 This is the essence of
+ontemporar' shamanic dreamwor- attempts to
understand the spirit and energ' contained within
the dream and so bring about integration or
resolution on an energetic le&el2
+hat is a m&de"n Shamanic D"eame"-
It?s someone who brings their dreams into consciousness and e1plores them in all their possibilities as
if the' were from another realit'2
Modern dreamwor- practice empowers the dreamer to be their own shaman and not ta-e awa' their
spiritual autonom' b' allowing another person to tell them what their dream means2 With this method0
the responsibilit'0 therefore0 rests with the dreamer2 To e1plore 'our dream as a !ream haman0 it
would be helpful to 'ou if 'ou accepted that the *ni&erse is ali&e0 conscious0 d'namic0 connected0 and
responsi&e0 because 'ou will need to as- what a thing is0 not what does it mean2 #ecord the 4ourne'
immediatel'0 illustrating with s-etches and mind maps where&er possible2 #e&iew the 4ourne' and the
dream together0 pa'ing particular attention to the m'thical0 spiritual0 energetic or archet'pal
perspecti&es2 Write down 'our findings2 At last0 decide on an' appropriate course of action and draft a
plan (heart map)0 detailing how 'ou will proceed2
'hat is c&sm&!isi&n-
It3s the unique &iewpoint of and indi&idual or group of people to the world and the cosmos2 It3s based in
their geographical location0 the landscape the' li&e in and how the' stand in the medicine wheel2 This
&iew to the cosmos is what gi&es shape to their cultural wa's0 ph'sical appearance0 wa's of
organi5ation0 language0 art and spiritualit'0 basicall' their whole identit'2
@ote, )his tool has been shared with *oniko%s cosmovision but it can be applied to yours.
P"a.e" and Meditati&n is the beginning of the 4ourne' for the conscious human2 It opens the door to
our connection with the spirit world and other dimensions2 "nce we reali5e this realms coe1isting side
b' side with our A
dimensional realit'0 the dialogue begins2
/T& ,"a. is nothing else than tal-ing to the Breat pirit2
T& meditate is to listen to herChis answers01
)he circle, the sacred hoop has healing power. +n the circle, we are all e"ual. When in the circle, no
one is in #ront o# you. ,o one is behind you. ,o one is above you. ,o one is below you. )he sacred
circle is designed to create unity. )he hoop o# li#e is also a circle. -n this hoop there is a place #or
every species, every race, every tree and every plant. +t is this completeness o# li#e that must be
respected in order to bring about health on this planet$. ~ !a&e +hief0 "glala $a-ota D
The hea#ing ci"c#e &" medicine 'hee#
The medicine wheel s'mboli5es the interconnection of all life0 the &arious c'cles of nature0 and how
life represents a circular 4ourne'2 The number four is sacred to the man' peoples of Turtle Island and
represents man' things, the four directions0 the four seasons0 the four areas of a person3s life
(ph'sical0 emotional0 mental and spiritual)E the four -ingdoms (animal0 mineral0 plant and human)E the
four sacred medicines (sweet grass0 tobacco0 cedar and sage)2 (ence0 'ou ma' see the medicine
wheel presented in se&eral different wa's depending the cosmo&ision of the different cultures2
Through the medicine wheel0 we learn that if we focus on or become stuc- in the ph'sical0 emotional0
mental or spiritual aspects of our life0 we lac- wholeness in all aspects2 It is important to wor- on
achie&ing health0 positi&e change0 and growth in each aspect for balance and wholeness
It3s an e&ent of ritual significance0
performed on a special occasion2 It3s a
spiritual technolog' that humans use to
remember the sacredness of life and the
meaning of our e1periences2
When we%re in ceremony we connect each
others heart with the heart or central #ire o#
the circle. )his also connects the heart o#
the ceremony with the heart o# our mother
earth and the heart o# our planetary system
our #ather sun, who connects us directly to
the center o# the gala.y and the center o#
the universe in -,/ !/&0).
Most ceremonies begin with some form of
cleansing2 mudging is the form most often
used in %arth ceremonies0 using the smo-e
from burning medicine herbs to cleanse the
energ' field of a person0 place or thing2
mo-e is an etheric substance that
penetrates between the realms of creation
from the dense to the more subtle2
$i-e most e&ents in life0 ceremon' has a
beginning0 a middle0 and an end2 (owe&er0
the end is the beginning of another
ceremon'2 The circle continues0 4ust as it
does with all things2
Cente"ing .&u"se#%
There are man' wa's of centering 'ourself in ceremon'2 The more centered 'ou are the more
powerful the ceremon' will be2 >asicall' an' centering technique helps to bring all 'our energ'
together0 allowing 'ou to let go of 'our e&er'da' thoughts and enter the sacred space2
6ou can center 'ourself through drumming0 rattling0 chanting0 through 'our breath0 b' being in nature2
Ta-e at least 9= minutes to get 'ourself centered2
3 The Abundance and thansgi!ing ci"c#e is a ceremon' performed on @ew Moon0 and is part of the
(%A#T MAPPI@B process2 It has the intention to pra' for the seeds we carr' on our soul3s 4ourne' so
we can see them grow to their full potential2
In this ceremon' we come together to support each other0 and to hold space for recei&ing inspiration
from the spirit world2 (ere we gi&e than-s for the gifts and talents we alread' ha&e0 and for all the
Abundance that is alwa's there0 gi&en to us b' our beautiful Pachamama0 our Mother %1istence2
C"eating and mani%esting in c.c#es
The phases of the moon?s energ' has a strong influence in our dail' li&es and it affects e&er'one
including plants and animals2 As the moon mo&es through its phases its energ' represent different life
situations and it has a strong affect on our emotions and moods2 When we are aware of the moon?s
influence we can wor- with the energ' to help us to na&igate through whate&er we are dealing with
and to help us attract and manifest those things we want to create in our li&es2
#itual pla's an intrinsic part in the human e1perience2 Through ritual we find comfort and meaning in
actions or words2
Ne' M&&n4 is the birthing c'cle of the moon3s &arious phases2 The
new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding 'our
intentions2 eedlings need a period of gestation before the' brea-
through the soil and reach for the sunlight2 This is also true for our
ideas and our desires2 The dar- side of the moon0 with its m'sterious
unseen forces0 offers a nurturing en&ironment where our intentions
can establish roots before their miraculous manifestations begin to
sprout and reach out to the stars2
etting aside a time each month during the new moon phase to focus
on 'ours wishes and desires will help gi&e 'ou clarit' of mind and fill
'our heart with promise2 An' intentions stated or written down carries
power0 so please ta-e care in considering with 'our heart the things
that 'ou reall' want2
+a5ing M&&n7 The wa1ing moon is the period of time between the
new moon and the full moon2 %&er' night0 the moon gets a little
larger2 This is a time for growth0 moti&ation0 healing0 courage0
friendships0 prosperit'0 attraction0 and success2
)his is the per#ect time to cra#t your map. &#ter you set your intentions
in new moon, you had 1 days to sketch and plan your map and on
wa.ing moon day you begin the creation o# you map #inishing e.actly
on #ull moon where you celebrate(
2u## m&&n4 This is a time when the Moon is at its most powerful
energ'2 It is a good time to gi&e than-s and celebrate what we ha&e in
our li&es2 Perfect time for lo&e0 romance0 ps'chic abilities0 ma-ing
decisions0 healing and for guidance2 It3s also a powerful time for
releasing2 It is when the moon is fullest and starts to wane or get
smaller2 We can release what no longer ser&es us0 li-e beliefs0
emotions0 fears and worries0 past traumas2 There is no limit to what
we can release2
+aning M&&n7 The moon is waning as it gets smaller after the full
moon2 This is a good time to clean house0 let go of the past0 release
bad habits0 addictions0 end relationships0 release negati&it' and to
ease stress2
The cente" &% the cha"a s.stem is the hea"t
The word cha-ra is ans-rit for wheel or dis- and signifies one of se&en basic energ' centers in the
bod' that correspond to ner&e ganglia branching out from the spinal column0 as well as states of
consciousness0 de&elopmental stages of life0 archet'pal elements0 bod' functions0 colors0 sounds0 and
much0 much more2 Together the' form a profound formula for wholeness and a template for
92 #""T, i am
%arth0 Ph'sical identit'0 oriented to self7
$ocated at the base of the spine0 this cha-ra
forms our foundation2 It represents the element
earth0 and is therefore related to our sur&i&al
instincts0 and to our sense of grounding and
connection to our bodies and the ph'sical
plane2 Ideall' this cha-ra brings us health0
prosperit'0 securit'0 and d'namic presence2
F2 A+#A$, i %ee#
Water0 %motional identit'0 oriented to
The second cha-ra0 located in the abdomen0
lower bac-0 and se1ual organs0 is related to the
element water0 and to emotions and se1ualit'2 It
connects us to others through feeling0 desire0
sensation0 and mo&ement2 Ideall' this cha-ra
brings us fluidit' and grace0 depth of feeling0
se1ual fulfilment0 and the abilit' to accept
A2 P$%G*, i d&
Air0 %go identit'0 oriented to self7
This cha-ra is -nown as the power cha-ra0
located in the solar ple1us2 It rules our personal
power0 will0 and autonom'0 as well as our
metabolism2 When health'0 this cha-ra brings
us energ'0 effecti&eness0 spontaneit'0 and non7
dominating power2
.2 (%A#T, i #&!e
)ire0 ocial identit'0 oriented to self7
This cha-ra is called the heart cha-ra and is
the middle cha-ra in a s'stem of se&en2 It is
related to lo&e and is the integrator of opposites
in the ps'che, mind and bod'0 male and
female0 persona and shadow0 ego and unit'2 A
health' fourth cha-ra allows us to lo&e deepl'0
feel compassion0 ha&e a deep sense of peace
and centerdness2
=2 T(#"*T, i s,ea
ound0 +reati&e identit'0 oriented to
This is the cha-ra located in the throat and is
thus related to communication and creati&it'2
(ere we e1perience the world s'mbolicall'
through &ibration0 such as the &ibration of
sound representing language2
H2 T(I#T( %6%, i see
$ight0 Archet'pal identit'0 oriented to
This cha-ra is -nown as the brow cha-ra or
third e'e center2 It is related to the act of
seeing0 both ph'sicall' and intuiti&el'2 As such
it opens our ps'chic faculties and our
understanding of archet'pal le&els2 When
health' it allows us to see clearl'0 in effect0
letting us Isee the big picture2J
;2 +#"W@, i unde"stand
Thought0 *ni&ersal identit'0 oriented to
This is the crown cha-ra that relates to
consciousness as pure awareness2 It is our
connection to the greater world be'ond0 to a
timeless0 spaceless place of all7-nowing2 When
de&eloped0 this cha-ra brings us -nowledge0
wisdom0 understanding0 spiritual connection0
and bliss2
Teachings &% the NUM6ER 7
2 is the number o# 3oundation 4 the #our directions, the #our winds, the #our seasons, the #our
astrological elements, the #our kingdoms, the #our stages o# human live, the #our areas o# personal
growth. The heart0 the world0 completion0 practice0 repetition0 reali5ation of power0 abilit' to use
practical thin-ing0 basic form of order0 prepare for renewal0 instinctual -nowledge2
Relates to:
The (%A#T
The %mperor
Musical note, )
The tabili5er0 can
underta-e difficult or
unpleasant tas-s0
faithful0 capacit' for
focused will and self7
sacrifice0 aware and
The number . s'mboli5es the principle
of putting ideas into form2 It signifies
wor- and producti&it'2 The . energ' is
constructi&e0 realistic0 traditional and
cautious2 . is the number of s'stem0
order and management2 The number of
fate0 so it must be remembered that
there will be man' things that happen
o&er which 'ou ha&e no control2
The . &ibration needs disciplined
harmon'0 dependabilit' and
responsibilit' in li&e2 . maintains order0
s'stem and routine to ma-e their
dreams a realit'2 This &ibration is to do
with energ'0 harmon' and co7operation
and it is the 3door to illumination3 or
In the numbe" 7 'e ma. %ind the ,&'e"s t& c"eate and attain8 'hen used &n the ,&siti!e ,ath1
+hen the %&"ms &% 7 a"e cent"ed &n the mate"ia# ,#ane8 the. mani%est as c"eati!e abi#ities1 +hen
%&cused &n the s,i"itua# ,#ane8 the. ha!e the abi#it. t& &,en ne' a!enues %&" in!estigati&n int&
the ,s.chic and s,i"itua# "ea#ms1
. is well organi5ed and demands rules0 regulations and discipline in all things2 . sees the bigger
picture and the natural order of life2 7 sees the ,#an8 then m&!e %&"'a"d 'ith ,e"sistence t&
,e"%&"m the necessa". tass1 It resonates with the &ibrations of practicalit' and responsibilit'0
illumination and initiation0 building solid foundations0 stabilit' and abilit'0 determination and endurance0
hard wor- and progress2 @umber . also represents our passion and dri&e0 and encourages us to wor-
harmoniousl' 'et diligentl' to achie&e our goals and aspirations2
The 9 ,&inted sta" is a s'mbol found in man' original cultures of the planet2 It contains so much
information that transcended language0 and it3s for this reason this information has continued through
K )or the people of the Andes0 specificall' the
Litu7+ara people of %cuador Li7tu is also the
name of the / pointed star which means,
Li, the sacred place of
Tu, centred fireCsun
K )or the Wi1Mritari or (uichol people from Me1ico
this s'mbol represents the gate to the heart and is
used e&er'where in their art2
K )or the $a-ota people this s'mbol is also a &er'
important part of their culture and spiritualit'2
222 and if 'ou loo- all around the indigenous cultures of the world 'ou will find this ancient powerful
s'mbol0 teaching us the importance of li&ing in our center0 connected to the heart2
Setting an intenti&n %"&m the HEART:
$et me tell 'ou a stor' about a goose,
Beese are naturall' dri&en towards ad&enture and e1ploring places the' ne&er been before2
-ne day goose went to the place where the gate to other dimensions is. )his gate is guarded by
dragon#ly. 5oose with her spirit o# adventure wanted to know what is in the other side and asked
dragon#ly i# she could go thru. Dragon#ly wanted to test goose determination, and so he told her6 o#
course you can pass, but there is one condition. 7ou can pass only i# you accept what you see in the
other side$... are you willing8$
The first step towards the manifestation of 'our &ision is to mae the decisi&n8 followed b' persistent
disciplined action2
etting an intention that comes from 'our heart is as simple as loo-ing life and the future through the
e'es of 'our inner child0 trust 'our imagination and be open to see what is alread' inside of 'ou2
In this uni&erse of continuous e1panding consciousness there is an awesome wa' to -now what is
ahead of us0 in our future2 If 'ou are familiar with the )ibonacci sequence of numbers0 90 90 F0 A0 =0 /0
9A0 2 2 2 0 in which each successi&e number is equal to the sum of the two preceding numbers2 That is
the -e' to predict the future2 it3s because this is the pattern that nature and the whole uni&erse uses to
e1pand and continue through time and space2
)or e1ample, let3s ta-e the section of the sequence222 AN=O/0 where the number = represents the
present time2 In order to -now what is the future2 All we need to do is to loo- at the past0 add it to the
present and it will gi&e us 3the future3222 4ust li-e thatP
@ow is the time for 'ou to craft 'our own map2 %n4o' 'our 4ourne' and ha&e lots of funP
oni-o was born in the cit' of Litu (the sacred place of the centred sun)0 a place
right in the equator0 in the highest of the Andes2 Browing up in this cit' of A
million people he learned the negati&e effects of being disconnected from the
natural world and this was the trigger for the awa-ening of his spirit and the
searching for what he felt was something bigger then himself2
A"tist8 Visi&na".8 and 'a#ing the
'a.s &% :the 'ise human:8 S&ni&
is ;ust #ie an. &the" being &n this
Pachamama but his c&nsci&us 'a#
has #ed him in t& a beauti%u# '&"#d
&% '&nde" and magic1 He<s a
=&&,e##i 8 a seed ca""ie"1 His
,u",&se in #i%e is t& se"!e &u" ,#anet
sha"ing these seeds &% the ne'
c&nsci&usness an.'he"e he g&es8
bui#ding b"idges bet'een the
di%%e"ent '&"#ds8 c&nnecting the
ancient indigen&us ,e"s,ecti!es
'ith the m&de"n '&"#d!ie's111 In
this 'a. he c&4c"eates the ne'
ga#actic c&sm&!isi&n &% this ne'
time 'ith a## his "e#ati&ns1
+urrentl' his &ision is ta-ing him all o&er the world where he meets with man'
wise elders of the different indigenous cultures0 from whom he recei&es new
seeds and learns how to assist Pachamama and her children in the awa-ening
process2 "ne of this seeds is the (%A#T MAPPI@B tool0 a writing technique
designed and de&eloped b' oni-o since F<<=2 It3s based on ancient wisdom
and modern forms of processing information in logical and artistic wa's2 @ow he
shares this seed in the form of wor-shops and ceremonies with e&er'one with an
open heart and who3s read' to gi&e the first steps into the manifestation of their
ideas0 pro4ects0 dreams and &isions2
There are man' more things to sa' about oni-o but what is definitel' important
to him is that e&er' being recogni5es their important and unique mission to fulfil
in life2 It3s our responsibilit' to do what we can to wal- our sacred path222 And so0
in his own words0 this is what oni-o has sa' about himself,
"I am from HERE-NOW... where my heart beats and greets your being
and my breath sounds and sings my name,
Where my feet touch the earth and i can see my seeds growing,
Where my skin can feel the sun and the rain...
I am a human being, a child of this Pachamama,
I am your brother, another you as you are another me...
I am Soniko Waira, Kokopelli, a Yellow Planetary uman
and from the bottom of my heart I am happy and thankful to be...
HERE-NOW, In!o"e#
$ll my relations#... $%#"