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The Book of Dagon

By James Campbell
Table of Contents
A. The Book Of Histories:
1. The History Of The soteri! Or"er Of Dagon
#. The History Of The Book Of Dagon A!!or"ing To n!y!lope"ia Cth$lhiana
%. The History Of The Book Of Dagon A!!or"ing To Abbott Bartholome&
'. The History Of The soteri! Or"er Of Dagon A!!or"ing To n!y!lope"ia
B. The Book Of (it$als:
1. To )$mmon A *est Of )$+$r,-ash
#. To (e!ei.e /ol" 0rom The )ea
Book One
The Book Of Histories
Chapter One
The History Of The soteri! Or"er Of Dagon
The name of our Order is derived from the story The Shadow Over
Innsmouth by the New England horror and fantasy writer H.P.
Lovecraft, (!"#$"%&'. (ritten in November)*ecember, "% and
+ublished in "%,, it was the only boo- of HPL.s fiction to be
+ublished and distributed in his lifetime.
Lovecraft.s fiction, first +ublished in the /merican +ul+
maga0ines such as (eird Tales, +resents an internally consistent
cosmology, constructed through the literary reali0ations of the
author.s dreams and intuitive im+ulses. This cosmology came to be
-nown as the 12thulhu 3ythos4, after its central deity. These
stories and novels contain hidden meanings and magic-al formulae
un-nown even to their creator.
Lovecraft suffered from an acute inferiority com+le5, which
+revented him from +ersonally crossing the /byss in his lifetime.
He remained a withdrawn and lonely writer who retained a
rational, s-e+tical view of the universe, des+ite the glim+ses of
+laces and entities beyond the world of mundane reality, which
his dream e5+eriences allowed him. He never learned the true
origin of the tremendous vistas of cosmic strangeness that
haunted his dreams. He never reali0ed that he was himself the
High Priest 6Ech$Pi$El., the Pro+het of the dawning /eon of
7efore he died, Lovecraft left behind the 18ilver 9ey to the
:ltimate ;ate4 in the form of <andol+h 2arter, his most develo+ed
character who a++ears in no less than four tales. This character
assumed an inde+endent e5istence during and after Lovecraft.s
life, a created being called a thoughtform, and -nown in Tibet as
a Tulpa. =or many years <andol+h 2arter waited in the +arallel
world that men and women of this world can sometimes visit in
dreams for someone to discover the clues to the 3ythos that
Lovecraft had unconsciously revealed in his stories. >n "!
?<andol+h 2arter?, (also -nown as 8teven ;reenwood' +ublicly
issued the Manifesto of the Aeon of Cthulhu and announced the
reemergence of the Esoteric Order of *agon.
<andol+h 2arter originated the term the 23 Current to describe
the informing magic-al current of the Order, which emanates from
the archety+e of 2haos (or 9aos' called by Lovecraft ?/0athoth?.
/ yet un+ublished wor- by <andol+h 2arter entitled Liber 23 is
+resently being incor+orated in a novel under +re+aration, Tales
of the Club of the Seven Dreamers
Chapter T&o
The History Of The Book Of Dagon A!!or"ing To n!y!lope"ia Cth$lhiana
The Book of Dagon is a set of ins!ribe" !oni!al stones. The book &as a gift from
the Deep Ones to Captain Obe" -arsh after he ha" fo$n"e" the soteri! Or"er of
Dagon. Thro$gh help from his inh$man .isitors1 Obe" -arsh &as able to translate
the (2lyehian glyphs into nglish. The book &as ne.er p$blishe"1 an" only a fe&
han"&ritten !opies e+ist. After the rai" on 3nnsmo$th1 the !ones &ere taken into
go.ernment !$sto"y1 &here they &ere "estroye" in 1455 in a freak a!!i"ent.
The book1 &hi!h ser.es as the s!ript$re for the !$lt of the Deep Ones1 pro.i"es the
history of that spe!ies an" "es!ribes their religio$s !eremonies.
Chapter Three
The History Of The Book Of Dagon A!!or"ing To Abbott Bartholome&
Chapter 0o$r
The History Of The soteri! Or"er Of Dagon A!!or"ing To n!y!lope"ia
The soteri! Or"er of Dagon is a !$lt "e.ote" to the &orship of Dagon1 Hy"ra1 an"
Cth$lh$. Captain Obe" -arsh1 &ho ha" learne" a great "eal in 6olynesia abo$t
Dagon1 fo$n"e" the Or"er aro$n" 17'8 in 3nnsmo$th1 -assa!h$setts. The ne&
religion he prea!he" in!l$"e" elements of the nati.e tales intermingle" &ith Holy
)!ript$re an" the "o!trines of -i""le,astern fertility !$lts. The soteri! Or"er of
Dagon "ro.e o$t all other !h$r!hes an" fraternal or"ers in 3nnsmo$th an" set itself
$p as the only religio$s !enter in the !omm$nity.
The Or"er &as "e!imate" in the go.ernment rai" on 3nnsmo$th in 14#7. Other
se!ret bran!hes of this !h$r!h still e+ist else&here1 an" a !haritable organi9ation
&ith the same title might be affiliate" &ith the !$lt.
This parti!$lar organi9ation m$st not be !onf$se" &ith t&o other gro$ps of the
same name1 one of &hi!h is a small amate$r press !l$b an" another an organi9ation
of :o.e!raftian magi!al pra!titioners.
Book T&o
The Book Of (it$als
Chapter One
To )$mmon A *est Of )$+$r,-ash
1. Take a sil.er ne!kla!e an" tie it to a fishing line.
#. -ake s$re the fishing line has a sinker atta!he" to it.
%. This sinker &ill ens$re that the ne!kla!e "oes not float.
'. The fishing line m$st be pla!e" into a fishing ro".
5. -ake s$re the ne!kla!e is !lean.
;. After&ar"s1 say the follo&ing spell:
3 "e"i!ate this fishing pole to Dagon1 that it may be $se" to !on<$re a nest of
)$+$r,-ash &hen the Call of Cth$lh$ has been $ttere". :et it <$st be $se" to attra!t
fish &hen the Call of Cth$lh$ is not $ttere". Aman$= Aman$= Aman$=
>. The Call of Cth$lh$ is as follo&s:
3a= 3a= Cth$lh$ fhtagn=
7. After&ar"s1 !ast the line into the "eepest part of a lake or the o!ean.
4. Be s$re to say the Call of Cth$lh$.
18. -ake the gest$re of the ?oorish )ign &ith yo$r left han".
11. -ake the sign of @ish &ith yo$r left han" after&ar"s.
1#. Ahen the &aters stir an" yo$ hear a lo$" th$" on the bea!h1 blo& the
6o&"er of 3bn /ha9i to&ar"s the lake.
1%. Then make the gest$re of the l"er )ign1 not to banish them1 b$t to pre.ent
the ten"rils of "arkness from entering yo$r so$l.
Chapter T&o
To (e!ei.e /ol" 0rom The )ea
1. This spell &ill only &ork on the "ay an" ho$r of )at$rn.
#. On the "ay an" ho$r of )at$rn1 say the follo&ing prayer to Dagon:
3n the name of Dagon1 may gol" be bro$ght $p from the sea as 3 make the
follo&ing sa!rifi!e to the D&ellers of the )ea. 3a= 3a= )$+$r,-ash=
%. C$t the throat of the .irgin sa!rifi!e that is kneeling before the &aters.
'. -ake s$re the bloo" enters the &ater so that the Deep Ones may "rink from