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Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

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Introduction by J. H. Peterson.
Joh"nn ,eyer '././0./11* w"s " pioneer in the #ields o# &edicine "nd psychi"try. He
w"s "lso " #ir& believer in &"gic, "nd w"s in #"ct " st(dent o# one o# the &ost #"&o(s
occ(ltists o# "ll ti&e, H. C. Agripp". His Praestigiis Daemonum './23* w"s b"sic"lly "
point0by0point reb(tt"l o# the h"te#(l witch h(nter4s h"ndboo5, Malleus Maleficarum. His
boo5 incl(des interesting reports o# 6"(st, Agripp", "nd Trithe&i(s #ro& " conte&por"ry
witness. %ig&(nd 6re(d c"lls the Praestigiis Daemonum one o# the ten &ost signi#ic"nt
boo5s o# "ll ti&e.
As "n "ppendi) to this &on(&ent"l te)t, ,eyer "dded " c"t"log o# de&ons which he
c"lled Pseudomonarchia daemonum. ,eyer re#erred to his so(rce &"n(script "s Liber
officiorum spirituum, seu Liber dictus Empto. Salomonis, de principibus & regibus
dmoniorum '78oo5 o# the o##ices o# spirits, or the 8oo5 o# s"yings o# !&pto. %olo&on
concerning the princes "nd 5ings o# the de&ons7* -t incl(des v"ri"tions in the n"&es o#
&"ny o# the de&ons, showing th"t it h"d been red"cted by the ti&e ,eyer obt"ined it, so
it w"s evidently &(ch older th"n ./23.
-t h"s long been recogni+ed th"t the #irst boo5 o# the Lemegeton, Goetia, corresponds
closely with ,eyer4s c"t"log o# de&ons, tho(gh in ,eyer9s te)t there "re no de&onic
se"ls, "nd the de&ons "re invo5ed by " si&ple con:(r"tion, not the el"bor"te rit("l #o(nd
in the Lemegeton.
The &ost stri5ing di##erence between ,eyer9s te)t "nd the Goetia is the order o# spirits. -
see no e)pl"n"tion #or the di##erence; it9s "l&ost "s i# " st"c5 o# c"rds got scr"&bled.
There "re "lso #o(r "ddition"l spirits in the Goetia 'n(&ber 3, "nd the l"st three*.
Another "no&"ly &"y be o# &ore signi#ic"nce< The #o(rth spirit in ,eyer9s te)t, Pr(#l"s
"li"s 8(#"s, w"s "ccidently le#t o(t o# =egin"ld %cot9s !nglish tr"nsl"tion '#o(nd in his
highly r"tion"l ./1> Discover of !itchcraft*, or w"s "lre"dy &issing #ro& the edition o#
,eyer (sed by %cot. -t is "lso the only spirit #ro& ,eyer9s list th"t is not #o(nd in the
Lemegeton. -# " speci#ic edition c"n be #o(nd which introd(ced this de#ect, it &"y th(s be
possible to #i) the d"te o# the co&position o# the Goetia in its present #or&.
Joh"nn ,eyer
Joh"nn ,ier, Pseudomonarchia
daemonum. %"lo&ons notes o#
CTr"nsl"tion in =egin"ld %cot, "he
Discoverie of !itchcraft './1>*D
# curas hominum, $ %uantum est in rebus
CAh, h(&"n c"resE Ah, how &(ch #(tility
in the worldE. C. L(cili(s, Satires of
F'n inventarie of the names, shapes,
po(ers, governement, and effects of
divels and spirits, of their severall
segniories and degrees) a strange
discourse (oorth the reading.G
L!CT@=-%. =!A?!=.
Ae Sathanic factionis monopolium
us%ueadeo porro delitescat, hanc Dmonum
Pseudomonarchiam, e* 'charonticorum
+asallorum archivo subtractam, in hu,us
#peris de Dmonum prstigiis calce
annectere volui, ut effascinatorum id genus
hominum, %ui se magos ,actitare non
erubescunt, curiositas, prstigi, vanitas,
dolus, impostur, deliria, mens elusa, &
manifesta mendacia, %uinimo non ferend
blasphemi, omnium mortalium, %ui in medi
lucis splendore hallucinari nolint, oculis
clarissim- appareant, hoc potissimum seculo
scelestissimo, %uo .hristi regnum tam enormi
impunita%ue trannide impetitur ab iis %ui
/eliali pal0m sacramentum prstit1re,
stipendium etiam ,ustum hauddubie recepturi)
%uibus & perditas has horas libenter dedico,
si forte e* immensa Dei misericordia
convertantur & vivant) %uod e* animo iis
precor, sit%ue feli* & faustum. 2e autem
curiosulus ali%uis, fascino nimis detentus, hoc
stultiti argumentum temere imitari audeat,
voces hinc inde prtermisi studio, ut universa
delin%uendi occasio prcideretur. 3nscribitur
vero 0 maleferiato hoc hominum genere
#fficium spirituum, vel, Liber officiorum
spirituum, seu, Liber dictus Empto.
Salomonis, de principibus & regibus
dmoniorum, %ui cogi possunt divina virtute
& humana. 't mihi nuncupabitur
Pseudomonarchia Dmonum.
Pri&(s =e), H(i est de potest"te @rientis,
dicit(r 8"Il, "pp"rens trib(s c"pitib(s,
H(or(& (n(& "ssi&il"t(r b(#oni "lter(&
ho&ini, terti(& #eli. ="(c" loH(it(r voce,
#or&"tor &or(& J insignis cert"tor, reddit
ho&ine& invisibile& J s"piente&. H(ic
obedi(nt se)"gint"se) legiones.
456 7/aell8. Their #irst F"nd princip"llG
5ing 'which is o# the power o# the e"st* is
c"lled /a9ll who when he is con:(red (p,
"ppe"reth with three he"ds; the #irst, li5e
" tode; the second, li5e " &"n; the third,
li5e " c"t. He spe"5eth with " ho"rse
voice, he &"5eth " &"n go invisible C"nd
wiseD, he h"th (nder his obedience "nd
r(le si)tie "nd si) legions o# divels.
K 2. Ag"res ?() pri&(s s(b potest"te
@rientis, "pp"ret benevol(s in senioris
ho&inis #or&", eH(it"ns in crocodilo, J in
&"n( "ccipitre& port"ns. C(nct" ling("r(&
gener" docet opti&e< #(git"ntes reverti #"cit, J
per&"nentes #(gere< prLl"t(r"s J dignit"tes
di&ittit, J trip(di"re #"cit spirit(s terrL< J est
de ordine Mirt(t(&, s(b s(" potest"te h"bens
trigint" J (n"& legiones.
4:6 'gares. The #irst d(5e (nder the
power o# the e"st, Fis n"&ed 'gares,G he
co&&eth (p &ildile Ci.e. he "ppe"rs
willinglyD in the li5enes o# " #"ire old
&"n, riding (pon " crocodile, "nd
c"rrieng " h"w5e on his #ist; hee te"cheth
presentlie "ll &"ner o# toongs, he #etcheth
b"c5e "ll s(ch "s r(nne "w"ie, "nd
&"5eth the& r(nne th"t st"nd still; he
overthroweth "ll dignities Fs(pern"t(r"ll
"nd te&por"ll,G hee &"5eth e"rthH("5es,
Clit. 7"nd &"5es spirits o# the e"rth
d"nce7D "nd is o# the order o# vert(es,
h"ving (nder his regi&ent thirtie one
K 3. M"rb"s, "li"s 8"rb"s, PrLses &"gn(s, se
&"ni#est"ns in #ortissi&i leonis specie, sed "b
e)orcist" "ccit(s h(&"n" ind(it(r #or&", J de
occ(ltis plene respondet, &orbos invehit J
tollit, pro&ovet s"pienti"& "rti(&H(e
&ech"nic"r(& cognitione&, ho&ines "dhLc
in "li"& &(t"t #or&N. PrLest trigint"se)
4;6 Marbas, alias /arbas is " gre"t
president, "nd "ppe"reth in the #or&e o# "
&ightie lion; b(t "t the co&&"nde&ent o#
" con:(ror co&&eth (p in the li5enes o# "
&"n, "nd "nswereth #(llie "s to(ching
"nie thing which is hidden or secret< he
bringeth dise"ses, "nd c(reth the&, he
pro&oteth wisedo&e, "nd the 5nowledge
o# &ech"nic"ll "rts, or h"ndicr"#ts; he
ch"ngeth &en into other sh"pes, "nd
(nder his presidencie or go(verne&ent
"re thirtie si) legions o# divels conteined.
K >. Pr(#l"s, "libi invenit(r 8(#"s, &"gn(s
Princeps J ?() est, c(:(s &"nsio circ" t(rri&
8"bylonis, J videt(r in eo #l"&&" #oris, c"p(t
"(te& "ssi&il"t(r &"gno nycticor"ci. A(tor
est J pro&otor discordi"r(&, bellor(&,
ri)"r(& J &end"cior(&. @&nib(s in locis
non intro&itt"t(r. Ad H(Lsit" respondet
"b(nde. %(b s(nt h(ic legiones vinginti se),
p"rti& e) ordine Throni, p"rti& Angelor(&.
C'>* Pr(#l"s, otherwise #o(nd "s 8(#"s, is
" gre"t prince "nd d(5e, whose "bode is
"ro(nd the Tower o# 8"bylon, "nd there
he is seen li5e " #l"&e o(tside. His he"d
however is li5e th"t o# " gre"t night h"w5.
He is the "(thor "nd pro&oter o# discord,
w"r, H("rrels, "nd #"lsehood. He &"y not
be "d&itted into every pl"ce. He responds
genero(sly to yo(r reH(ests. $nder hi&
"re twenty0si) legions, p"rtly o# the order
o# Thrones, "nd p"rtly o# the order o#
K /. A&on vel A"&on M"rchio &"gn(s J
potens, prodit in l(pi #or&" c"(d"& h"bens
serpentin"&, J #l"&&"& evo&ens. Ho&inis
"(te& ind(t(s specie&, c"ninos ostent"t
dentes, J c"p(t &"gno nycticor"ci si&ile.
Princeps o&ni(& #ortissi&(s est, intelligens
prLterit" J #(t(r", hinc J gr"ti"& concili"ns
o&ni(& "&icor(& J ini&icor(&.
O("dr"gint" i&per"t legionib(s.
4<6 'mon, or 'amon, is " gre"t "nd
&ightie &"rH(es, "nd co&&eth "bro"d in
the li5enes o# " wool#e, h"ving " serpents
t"ile, Fspetting o(t "nd bre"thingG
Cvo&itingD #l"&es o# #ier; when he p(tteth
on the sh"pe o# " &"n, he sheweth o(t
dogs teeth, "nd " gre"t he"d li5e to "
&ightie Fr"venG Cnight h"w5D; he is the
strongest prince o# "ll other, "nd
(nderst"ndeth o# "ll things p"st "nd to
co&e, he proc(reth #"vor, "nd reconcileth
both #reends "nd #oes, "nd r(leth #o(rtie
legions o# divels.
K 2. 8"rb"tos &"gn(s Co&es J ?(), "pp"ret
in signo %"gitt"rii silvestris c(& H("t(or
regib(s t(b"s #erentib(s. -ntelligit c"nt(s
"vi(&, c"n(& l"tr"t(s, &(git(s bo(& J
c(nctor(& "ni&"li(&< thes"(ros ite& P &"gis
J inc"nt"torib(s reconditos, detegit< !t est e)
ordine Mirt(t(&, p"rti& ?o&in"tion(&.
Trigint" prLsidet legionib(s. Aovit prLterit"
J #(t(r"< t"& "&icor(& H("& ini&icor(&
"ni&os concili"t.
4=6 /arbatos, " gre"t co(ntie or e"rle, "nd
"lso " d(5e, he "ppe"reth in Signo
sagittarii slvestris, with #o(re 5ings,
which bring co&p"nies "nd gre"t troopes.
He (nderst"ndeth the singing o# birds, the
b"r5ing o# dogs, the lowings o# b(lloc5s,
"nd the voice o# "ll living cre"t(res. He
detecteth tre"s(res hidden by &"gici"ns
"nd inch"nters, "nd is o# the order o#
vert(es, which in p"rt be"re r(le< he
5noweth "ll things p"st, "nd to co&e, "nd
reconcileth #reends "nd powers; "nd
governeth thirtie legions o# divels by his
K Q. 8(er PrLses &"gn(s conspicit(r in signo
R. Absol(te docet philosophi"&, pr"ctic"&,
ethic" ite& J logic", J herb"r(& vires< ?"t
opti&os #"&ili"res< Bgros s"nit"ti restit(ere
novit, &")i&e J ho&ines. O(inH("gint"
legion(& h"bet i&peri(&.
4>6 /uer is " gre"t president, "nd is seene
in this signe CRD; he "bsol(telie te"cheth
philosophie &or"ll "nd n"t(r"ll, "nd "lso
logic5e, "nd the vert(e o# herbes< he
giveth the best #"&ili"rs, he c"n he"le "ll
dise"ses, speci"llie o# &en, "nd reigneth
over #i#tie legions.
K 1. (soyn ?() &"gn(s J #ortis, "pp"ret in
#or&" +enoph"li. !)plic"te respondet J vere
de prLsentib(s, prLteritis, #(t(ris J occ(ltis.
A&icor"& J ini&icor(& gr"ti"& reddit<
?ignit"tes con#ert J honores con#or&"t.
PrLest H("dr"gint"H(inH(e legionib(s.
4?6 Gusoin C(soynD is " gre"t d(5e, "nd
" strong, "ppe"ring in the #or&e o# "
@enophilus, he "nswereth "ll things,
present, p"st, "nd to co&e, e)po(nding
"ll H(estions. He reconcileth #reendship,
"nd distrib(teth hono(rs "nd dignities,
"nd r(leth over #o(rtie C"nd #iveD legions
o# divels.
K S. 8otis, "libi @tis, &"gn(s PrLses J
Co&es, Prodit in viperL specie deterri&"< !t
siH("ndo #or&"& ind(it h(&"n"& dentes
ostendit &"gnos J corn(" d(o, &"n( gl"di(&
"c(t(& port"ns. ?"t per#ecte respons" ver" de
prLsenti(s, prLteritis, #(t(ris J "bstr(sis.
T"& "&icos H("& hostes concili"t. %e)"gint"
i&per"t legionib(s.
4A6 /otis, otherwise #tis, " gre"t
president "nd "n e"rle he co&&eth #oorth
in the sh"pe o# "n o(glie Clit. 4worst4D
viper, "nd i# he p(t on h(&"ne sh"pe, he
sheweth gre"t teeth, "nd two hornes,
c"rrieng " sh"rpe sword in his h"nd< he
giveth "nswers o# things present, p"st,
"nd to co&e, "nd reconcileth #riends, "nd
#oes, r(ling si)tie legions.
K .0. 8"thy&, "libi M"rthi& ?() &"gn(s J
#ortis< Misit(r constit(tione viri #ortissi&i c(&
c"(d" serpentin", eH(o p"llido insidens.
Mirt(tes herb"r(& J l"pid(& pretiosor(&
intelligit. C(rs( velocissi&o ho&ine& de
regione in regione& tr"ns#ert. H(ic trigint"
s(bs(nt legiones.
45B6 /athin C/athmD, so&eti&es c"lled
Mathim CMarthimD, " gre"t d(5e "nd "
strong, he is seene in the sh"pe o# " verie
strong &"n, with " serpents t"ile, sitting
on " p"le horsse, (nderst"nding the
vert(es o# he"rbs "nd pretio(s stones,
tr"ns#erring &en s(ddenlie #ro& co(ntrie
to co(ntrie, "nd r(leth thirtie legions o#
K ... P(rs"n, "li"s C(rson, &"gn(s =e),
prodit (t ho&o #"cie leonin", viper"& port"ns
#erocissi&"&, (rsoH(e insidens, H(e& se&per
prLced(nt t(bL. C"llet prLsenti", prLterit" J
#(t(r"< Aperit occ(lt", thes"(ros detegit<
Corp(s h(&"n(& s(scipit J "Ire(&. Mere
respondet de reb(s terrenis J occ(ltis, de
divinit"te J &(ndi cre"tione< 6"&ili"res p"rit
opti&os< C(i p"rent vigintid(o legiones,
p"rti& de ordine Mirt(t(&, p"rti& e) ordine
4556 Purson CPursanD, alias .urson, "
gre"t 5ing, he co&&eth #oorth li5e " &"n
with " lions #"ce, c"rrieng " &ost cr(ell
viper, "nd riding on " be"re; "nd be#ore
hi& go "lw"ies tr(&pets, he 5noweth
Fthings hidden, "nd c"n tellG "ll things
present, p"st, "nd to co&e< Che discloses
hidden things,D he bewr"ieth tre"s(re, he
c"n t"5e " bodie either h(&"ne or "ierie;
he "nswereth tr(elie o# "ll things e"rthlie
"nd secret, o# the divinitie "nd cre"tion o#
the world, "nd bringeth #oorth the best
#"&ili"rs; "nd there obeie hi& two "nd
twentie legions o# divels, p"rtlie o# the
order o# vert(es, J p"rtlie o# the order o#
K .2. !ligor, "li"s Abigor, ?()
&"gn(s,"pp"ret (t &iles p(lcherri&(s,
l"nce"&, ve)ill(& J sceptr(& port"ns. Plene
de occ(ltis respondet "tH(e bellis, J H(o&odo
&ilites occ(rrere debe"nt< 6(t(r" scit, J
gr"ti"& "p(d o&nes do&inos J &ilites
concili"t. PrLsidet se)"gint" legionib(s.
45:6 Eligor, alias 'bigor, is " gre"t d(5e,
"nd "ppeereth "s " goodlie Ch"ndso&eD
5night, c"rrieng " l"nce, "n ensigne, "nd "
scepter< he "nswereth #(llie o# things
hidden, "nd o# w"rres, "nd how so(ldiers
sho(ld &eete< he 5noweth things to
co&e, "nd proc(reth the #"vo(r o# lords
"nd 5nights, governing si)tie legions o#
K .3. Lor"y, "li"s @r"y, &"gn(s M"rchio, se
ostendens in #or&" s"gitt"rii p(lcherri&i,
ph"retr"& J "rc(& gest"ntis< "(thor e)istit
o&ni(& prLlior(&, J v(lner" p(tre#"cit H(L
P s"gitt"riis in#lig(nt(r, H(os ob:icit opti&os
trib(s dieb(s. Trigint" do&in"t(r legionib(s.
45;6 Leraie CLoraD, alias #ra, " gre"t
&"rH(esse, shewing hi&sel#e in the
li5enesse o# " g"l"nt Ch"ndso&eD "rcher,
c"rrieng " bowe "nd " H(iver, he is "(thor
o# "ll b"ttels, he dooth p(tri#ie "ll s(ch
wo(nds "s "re &"de with "rrowes by
"rchers, Euos optimos ob,icit tribus
diebus, Cwho best drives "w"y &obs #ro&
the d"ys 'T*D "nd he h"th regi&ent over
thirtie legions.
K .>. M"le#"r, "li"s M"l"ph"r, ?() est #ortis,
#or&" leonis prodiens J c"pite l"tronis.
6"&ili"rit"te& p"rit s(is, donec l"H(eo
s(spend"nt(r. ?ece& prLsidet legionib(s.
45F6 +alefar, alias Malephar
CMalapharD, is " strong d(5e, co&&ing
#oorth in the sh"pe o# " lion, "nd the he"d
o# " thee#e Cor 7b"r5ing7D, he is verie
#"&ili"r with the& to who& he &"5eth
hi&sel# "cH("inted, till he h"th bro(ght
the& to the g"llowes, "nd r(leth ten
K ./. Mor"), "li"s 6or"ii, &"gn(s Co&es J
PrLses< %i&ilis t"(ro visit(r< !t si H("ndo
h(&"n"& #"cie& "ss(&it, "d&ir"bile& in
Astrono&i" J in o&nib(s "rtib(s liber"lib(s
reddit ho&ine&< p"rit eti"& #"&(los non
&"los J s"pientes< novit J herb"r(& J
pretiosor(& l"pid(& potenti"&. -&per"t
trigint" se) legionib(s.
45<6 Mora*, alias Goraii, " gre"t e"rle
"nd " president, he is seene li5e " b(ll,
"nd i# he t"5e (nto hi& " &"ns #"ce, he
&"5eth &en wonder#(ll c(nning in
"strono&ie, J in "ll the liber"ll sciences<
he giveth good #"&ili"rs "nd wise,
5nowing the power J vert(e o# he"rbs
"nd stones which "re pretio(s, "nd r(leth
thirtie si) legions.
K .2. -pes, "li"s Ayperos est &"gn(s Co&es J
Princeps, "pp"rens H(ide& specie "ngelic",
interi& leone obsc(rior J t(rpis, c"pite leonis,
pedib(s "nserinis, c"(d" leporin". PrLterit" J
#(t(r" novit< =edditH(e ho&ine& ingenios(&
J "(d"ce&. Legiones h(ic obedi(nt
45=6 3pos C3pesD, alias 'poros
C'perosD, is " gre"t e"rle "nd " prince,
"ppeering in the sh"pe o# "n "ngell, "nd
yet indeed &ore obsc(re "nd #ilthie th"n "
lion, with " lions he"d, " gooses #eet, "nd
" h"res t"ile< he 5noweth things to co&e
"nd p"st, he &"5eth " &"n wittie, "nd
bold, "nd h"th (nder his :(risdiction
thirtie si) legions.
K .Q. A"ber(s, "li"s Cerber(s, M"rchio est
#ortis, #or&" corvi se ostent"ns< %i H("ndo
loH(it(r, r"(c"& edit voce&. =eddit J
ho&ine& "&"bile& J "rti(& intelligente&,
c(& pri&is in =hetoricis e)i&i(&.
PrLl"t(r"r(& J dignit"t(& :"ct(r"& p"rit.
Aovendeci& legiones h(nc "(di(nt.
45>6 2aberius C2aberusD, alias .erberus,
is " v"li"nt &"rH(esse, shewing hi&sel#e
in the #or&e o# " crowe, when he
spe"5eth with " ho"rse voice< he &"5eth "
&"n "&i"ble "nd c(nning in "ll "rts, "nd
speci"llie in rhetori5e, he proc(reth the
losse o# prel"cies "nd dignities< nineteene
legions he"re F"nd obeieG hi&.
K. .1. l"sy" l"bol"s, "li"s C""crinol""s vel
C""ssi&ol"r &"gn(s PrLses< O(i progredit(r
(t c"nis h"bens "l"s gryphi. Arti(&
cognitione& d"t, interi& d() o&ni(&
ho&icid"r(&. PrLsenti" J #(t(r" intelligit.
T"& "&icor(& H("& ini&icor(& "ni&os
de&eret(r< !t ho&ine& reddit invisibile&.
-&peri(& h"bet trigint" se) legion(&.
45?6 Glasa Labolas, alias .aacrinolaas,
or .aassimolar, is " gre"t president, who
co&&eth #oorth li5e " dog, "nd h"th
wings li5e " gri##en, he giveth the
5nowledge o# "rts, "nd is the c"pt"ine o#
"ll &"nsleiers< he (nderst"ndeth things
present "nd to co&e, he g"ineth the &inds
"nd love o# #reends "nd #oes, he &"5eth "
&"n go invisible, "nd h"th the r(le o# si)
"nd thirtie legions.
K .S. Uep"r ?() &"gn(s, "pp"rens (ti &iles,
in#l"&&"nsH(e viror(& "&ore &(lieres, J
H("ndo ipsi :(ss(& #(erit, e"r(& #or&"& in
"li"& tr"ns&(t"t, donec dilectis s(is #r("nt(r.
%teriles H(oH(e e"s #"cit. Migintise) h(ic
p"rent legiones.
45A6 Hepar is " gre"t d(5e, "ppe"ring "s "
so(ldier, in#l"&ing wo&en with the loove
o# &en, "nd when he is bidden he
ch"ngeth their sh"pe, (ntill they &"ie
en:oie their beloved, he "lso &"5eth the&
b"rren, "nd si) "nd twentie legions "re "t
his obeie "nd co&&"nde&ent.
K 20. 8yleth =e) &"gn(s J terribilis, in eH(o
p"llido eH(it"ns, H(e& prLced(nt t(bL,
sy&phoniL, J c(nct" M(sicL gener". O((&
"(te& cor"& e)orcist" se ostent"t, t(rgid(s ir"
J #(rore videt(r, (t decipi"t. !)orcist" vero
t(& sibi pr(denter c"ve"t< AtH(e (t #"st(& ei
"di&"t, in &"n( s(scipi"t b"c(l(& corili, c(&
H(o oriente& J &eridie& vers(s, #oris :()t"
circ(l(& &"n(& e)tendet, #"cietH(e
tri"ng(l(&. CLter(& si &"n(& non e)tendit,
J intr"re :(bet, "tH(e spirit((& Minc(l(& ille
ren(erit, "d lectione& progredi"t(r e)orcist"<
&o) ingrediet(r ite& s(b&iss(s, ibi st"ndo J
#"ciendo H(odc(nH(e :(##erit e)orcist" ipsi
8yleth regi, eritH(e sec(r(s. %i vero
cont(&"cior #(erit, nec pri&o :(ss( circ(l(&
ingredi vol(erit, reddet(r #orte ti&idior
e)orcist"< Mel si Minc(l(& spirit((& &in(s
h"b(erit, sciet h"(d d(bie e)orcist", &"lignos
spirit(s poste" e(& non verit(ros, "t se&per
viliore& h"bit(ros. -te& si ineptior sit loc(s
tri"ng(lo ded(cendo :()t" circ(l(&, t(nc v"s
vino plen(& pon"t(r< !t intelliget e)orcist"
certissi&V, H((& V do&o s(" egress(s #(erit
c(& sociis s(is, prLdict(& 8yleth sibi
#"(tore& #ore, benevol(&, J cor"& ipso
s(b&iss(& H("ndo progrediet(r. Meniente&
vero e)orcist" benigne s(scipi"t, J de ipsi(s
#"st( gloriet(r< Proptere" H(oH(e e(nde&
"dor"bit, H(e&"d&od(& "lii reges, H(i" nihil
dicit "bsH(e "liis principib(s. -te& si hic
8yleth "ccit(s #(erit "b "liH(o e)orcist",
se&per tenend(s "d e)orcistL #"cie& "nn(l(s
"rgente(s &edii digiti &"n(s sinistrL,
H(e&"d&od(& pro A&"y&one. Aec est
prLter&ittend" do&in"tio J potest"s t"nti
principis, H(oni"& n(ll(s est s(b potest"te J
do&in"tione e)orcistL "li(s, H(i viros J
&(lieres in delirio detinet, donec e)orcistL
vol(nt"te& e)plerint< !t #(it e) ordine
Potest"t(&, sper"ns se "d septi&(& Thron(&
redit(r(&, H(od &in(s credibile. -&per"t
octogint"H(inH(e legionib(s.
4:B6 /ileth C8ylethD is " gre"t 5ing "nd "
terrible, riding on " p"le horsse, be#ore
who&e go tr(&pets, "nd "ll 5ind o#
&elodio(s &(sic5e. ,hen he is c"lled (p
by "n e)orcist, he "ppe"reth ro(gh
Ct(rgidD "nd #(rio(s, to deceive hi&. Then
let the e)orcist or con:(ror t"5e heed to
hi&sel#; "nd to "ll":e his co(r"ge, let hi&
hold " haIell bat Crod, st"##, or stic5D in
his h"nd, wherewith"ll he &(st re"ch o(t
tow"rd the e"st "nd so(th, "nd &"5e "
triangle witho(t besides the circle; b(t i#
he hold not o(t his h"nd (nto hi&, "nd he
bid hi& co&e in, "nd he still re#(se the
bond or ch"in o# spirits; let the con:(ror
proceed to re"ding, "nd by "nd by he will
s(b&it hi&sel#e, "nd co&e in, "nd doo
wh"tsoever the e)orcist co&&"ndeth
hi&, "nd he sh"lbe s"#e. -# /ileth the 5ing
be &ore st(bborne, "nd re#(se to enter
into the circle "t the #irst c"ll, "nd the
con:(ror shew hi&sel#e #e"r#(ll, or i# he
h"ve not the ch"ine o# spirits, certeinelie
he will never #e"re nor reg"rd hi& "#ter.
Also, i# the pl"ce be (n"pt #or " tri"ngle
to be &"de witho(t the circle, then set
there " boll o# wine, "nd the e)orcist sh"ll
certeinlie 5nowe when he co&&eth o(t o#
his ho(se, with his #ellowes, "nd th"t the
#ores"id /ileth will be his helper, his
#riend, "nd obedient (nto hi& when he
co&&eth #oorth. And when he co&&eth,
let the e)orcist receive hi& co(rteo(slie,
"nd glori#ie hi& in his pride, "nd ther#ore
he sh"ll "dore hi& "s other 5ings doo,
bic"(se he s"ith nothing witho(t other
princes. Also, i# he be cited by "n
e)orcist, "lw"ies " silver ring o# the
&iddle #inger o# the le#t h"nd &(st be
held "g"inst the e)orcists #"ce, "s they
doo #or 'maimon. And the do&inion "nd
power o# so gre"t " prince is not to be
preter&itted; #or there is none (nder the
power J do&inion o# the con:(ror, b(t he
th"t deteineth both &en "nd wo&en in
doting Cbetter) 7#oolish7 or 7silly7D love,
till the e)orcist h"th h"d his ple"s(re. He
is o# the orders o# powers, hoping to
K 2.. %ytry, "li"s 8itr(, &"gn(s Princeps,
leop"rdi #"cie "pp"rens, h"bensH(e "l"s vel(t
gryphi. O("ndo "(te& h(&"n"& "ss(&it
#or&"&, &ire p(lcher videt(r. -ncendit vir(&
&(lieris "&ore, &(liere& vicissi& "lteri(s
desiderio incit"t. J(ss(s secret" libenter
detegit #e&in"r(&, e"s ridens l(di#ic"nsH(e,
(t se l()(riose n(dent. H(ic se)"gint"
legiones obseH((nt(r.
4:56 Sitri CStrD, alias /itru, is " gre"t
prince, "ppeering with the #"ce o# "
leop"rd, "nd h"ving wings "s " gri##en<
when he t"5eth h(&"ne sh"pe, he is verie
be"(ti#(l, he in#l"&eth " &"n with "
wo&"ns love, "nd "lso stirreth (p wo&en
to love &en, being co&&"nded he
willinglie deteineth CdisclosesD secrets o#
wo&en, l"(ghing "t the& "nd &oc5ing
the&, to &"5e the& l()(rio(slie n"5ed,
"nd there obeie hi& si)tie legions.
K 22. P"y&on obedit &"gis L(ci#ero H("& "lii
reges. L(ci#er hic intelligend(s, H(i in
pro#(ndit"te scientiL s(L de&ers(s, ?eo
"ssi&il"ri vol(it, J ob h"nc "rrog"nti"& in
e)iti(& pro:ect(s est. ?e H(o dict(& est<
@&nis l"pis pretios(s operi&ent(& t((&
CEIech. 21D. P"y&on "(te& cogit(r virt(te
divin", (t se sist"t cor"& e)orcist"< (bi
ho&inis ind(it si&(l"chr(&, insidens
dro&ed"rio, coron"H(e insignit(s l(cidissi&",
J v(lt( #W&ineo. H(nc prLcedit e)ercit(s
c(& t(bis J ci&b"lis bene son"ntib(s, "tH(e
o&nib(s instr(&entis M(sicis, pri&o c(&
ingenti cl"&ore J r(git( "pp"rens, sic(t in
!&pto. %"lo&onis, J "rte decl"r"t(r. !t si
P"y&on hic H("ndoH(e loH(it(r, (t &in(s "b
e)orcist" intellig"t(r, proptere" is non
tepesc"t< sed (bi porre)erit illi pri&"&
ch"rt"& (t voto s(o obseH("t(r, :(bebit
H(oH(e (t distincte J "perte responde"t "d
H(Lsit", J de (nivers" philosophi" J
pr(denti" vel scienti", J de cLteris "rc"nis. !t
si voles cognoscere dispositione& &(ndi, J
H("lis sit terr", "(t H(id e"& #(stine"t in "H(",
"(t "liH(id "li(d, J H(id sit "byss(s, J (bi est
vent(s J (nde veni"t, "b(nde te docebit.
Acced"nt J consecr"tiones t"& de
lib"tionib(s H("& "liis. Con#ert hic dignit"tes
J con#ir&"tiones. =esistentes sibi s(o vinc(lo
depri&it, J e)orcistL s(b:icit. 8onos
co&p"r"t #"&(los, J "rti(& o&ni(&
intellect(&. Aot"nd(&, H(od in "dvoc"ndo
h(nc P"y&one&, AH(ilone& vers(s
e)orcist"& conspicere oporte"t, H(L ibi h(:(s
sit hospiti(&. Accit(& vero intrepide
const"nterH(e s(scipi"t, interroget, J "b eo
pet"t H(icH(id vol(erit, nec d(bie i&petr"bit.
At ne cre"tore& oblivioni tr"d"t, c"vend(&
e)orcistL, propter e" H(L prL&iss" #(er(nt de
P"y&one. %(nt H(i dic(nt, e(& e) ordine
?o&in"tion(& #(isse< sed "liis pl"cet, e)
4::6 Paimon is &ore obedient in Lucifer
th"n other 5ings "re. Lucifer is heere to be
(nderstood he th"t w"s drowned in the
depth o# his 5nowledge< he wo(ld needs
be li5e od, "nd #or his "rrog"ncie w"s
throwne o(t into destr(ction, o# who&e it
is s"id; !verie pretio(s stone is thy
covering 'EIech. 11 C21..3D.*. Paimon is
constr"ined by divine vert(e to st"nd
be#ore the e)orcist; where he p(tteth on
the li5enesse o# " &"n< he sitteth on "
be"st c"lled " dro&ed"rie, which is "
swi#t r(nner, "nd we"reth " glorio(s
crowne, "nd h"th "n e##e&in"te
co(nten"nce. There goeth be#ore hi& "n
host o# &en with tr(&pets "nd well
so(nding cy&b"ls, "nd "ll &(sic"ll
instr(&ents. At the #irst he "ppeereth
with " gre"t crie "nd roring, "s in .irculo
CEmpto.D Salomonis, "nd in the "rt is
decl"red. And i# this Paimon spe"5e
so&eti&e th"t the con:(ror (nderst"nd
hi& not, let hi& not there#ore be
dis&"ied. 8(t when he h"th delivered
hi& the #irst oblig"tion to observe his
desire, he &(st bid hi& "lso "nswer hi&
distinctlie "nd pl"inelie to the H(estions
he sh"ll "s5e yo(, o# "ll philosophie,
wisedo&e, "nd science, "nd o# "ll other
secret things. And i# yo( will 5nowe the
disposition o# the world, "nd wh"t the
e"rth is, or wh"t holdeth it (p in the
w"ter, or "ny other thing, or wh"t is
'bssus, or where the wind is, or #ro&
whence it co&&eth, he will te"ch yo(
"bo(nd"ntlie. Consecr"tions "lso "s well
o# s"cri#ices Co##erings, lib"tionsD "s
otherwise &"y be rec5oned. He giveth
dignities "nd con#ir&"tions; he bindeth
the& th"t resist hi& in his owne ch"ines,
"nd s(b:ecteth the& to the con:(ror; he
prep"reth good #"&ili"rs, "nd h"th the
(nderst"nding o# "ll "rts. Aote, th"t "t the
c"lling (p o# hi&, the e)orcist &(st loo5e
tow"rds the northwest, bic"(se there is
his ho(se. ,hen he is c"lled (p, let the
e)orcist receive hi& const"ntlie witho(t
#e"re, let hi& "s5e wh"t H(estions or
K 23. =ege& 8eli"l "liH(i dic(nt st"ti& post
L(ci#er(& #(isse cre"t(&, ideoH(e senti(nt
ips(& esse p"tre& J sed(ctore& eor(& H(i
e) @rdine cecider(nt. Cecidit eni& pri(s inter
"lios digniores J s"pientiores, H(i
prLcedeb"nt Mich"Ile& J "lios cWlestes
"ngelos, H(i decr"nt. O("&vis "(te& 8eli"l
ipsos H(i in terr"& de:ecti #(erint, prLcesserit<
"lios t"&en H(i in cWlo &"nsere, non
"ntecessit. Cogit(r hic divin" virt(te, c(&
"ccipit s"cri#ici", &(ner" J holoc"(st", (t
vicissi& det i&&ol"ntib(s respons" ver"< At
per hor"& in verit"te non perd(r"t, nisi
potenti" divin" co&pell"t(r, (t dict(& est.
Angelic"& "ss(&it i&"gine in i&pense
p(lchr"&, in igneo c(rr( sedens. 8l"nde
loH(it(r. Trib(it dignit"tes J prLl"t(r"s
sen"tori"s, gr"ti"& ite& "&icor(&, J opti&os
#"&(los. -&peri(& h"bet octogint" legion(&,
e) ordine p"rti& Mirt(t(&, p"rti& Angelor(&.
6or&" e)orcistL invenit(r in Minc(lo
%pirit((&. @bserv"nd(& e)orcistL, h(nc
8eli"l in o&nib(s s(cc(rrere s(is s(bditis< %i
"(te& se s(b&ittere nol(erit, Minc(l(&
%pirit((& leg"t(r, H(o s"pientissi&(s
%"lo&on eos c(& s(is legionib(s in v"se
vitreo releg"vit< !t releg"ti c(& o&nib(s
legionib(s #(ere sept("gint"d(o reges, H(or(&
pri&(s er"t 8ileth, sec(nd(s 8eli"l, deinde
As&od"y, J circirer &ille &illi" legion(&.
-ll(d proc(ld(bio P &"gistro %"lo&one
didiciste &e #"teor< %ed c"(s"& releg"tionis
&e non doc(it, credideri& t"&en propter
"rrog"nti"& ipsi(s 8eli"l. %(nt H(id"&
necro&"ntici, H(i "sser(nt, ips(& %"lo&one&
H(od"& die "st(ti" c(:(sd"& &(lieris
sed(ct(&, or"ndo se inclin"sse vers(s
si&(l"cr(& 8eli"l no&ine. O(od t"&en #ide&
non &eret(r< %ed poti(s sentiend(&, (t
dict(& est, propter s(perbi"& J "rrog"nti"&,
releg"tos esse in &"gno v"se, pro:ectos in
%o&e s"ie th"t the 5ing /eliall w"s
cre"ted i&&edi"tlie "#ter Lucifer, "nd
there#ore they thin5e th"t he w"s #"ther
"nd sed(cer o# the& which #ell being o#
the orders. 6or he #ell #irst "&ong the
worthier "nd wiser sort, which went
be#ore Michael "nd other he"venlie
"ngels, which were l"c5ing. Altho(gh
/eliall went be#ore "ll the& th"t were
throwne downe to the e"rth, yet he went
not be#ore the& th"t t"rried in he"ven.
This /eliall is constr"ined by divine
ven(e, when he t"5eth s"cri#ices, gi#ts,
"nd Cb(rntD o##erings, th"t he "g"ine &"y
give (nto the o##erers tr(e "nswers. 8(t
he t"rrieth not one ho(re in the tr(th,
e)cept he be constr"ined by the divine
power, "s is s"id. He t"5eth the #or&e o# "
be"(ti#(ll "ngell, sitting in " #irie ch"riot;
he spe"5eth #"ire, he distrib(teth
pre#er&ents o# sen"torship, "nd the
#"vo(r o# #riends, "nd e)cellent #"&ili"rs<
he h"th r(le over eightie legions, p"rtlie
o# the order o# vert(es, p"rtlie o# "ngels;
he is #o(nd in the #or&e o# "n e)orcist in
the bonds o# spirits. The e)orcist &(st
consider, th"t this /eliall doth in everie
thing "ssist his s(b:ects. -# he will not
s(b&it hi&sel#e, let the bond o# spirits be
re"d< the spirits ch"ine is sent #or hi&,
wherewith wise Salomon g"thered the&
togither with their legions in " br"sen
vessell, where were inclosed "&ong "ll
the legions seventie two 5ings, o# who&e
the chee#e w"s /ileth, the second w"s
/eliall, the third 'smoda, "nd "bove "
tho(s"nd tho(s"nd legions. ,itho(t
do(bt '- &(st con#esse* - le"rned this o#
&y &"ister Salomon; b(t he told &e not
why he g"thered the& together, "nd sh(t
the& (p so< b(t - beleeve it w"s #or the
pride o# this /eliall. Certeine
nigro&"ncers doo s"ie, th"t Salomon,
being on " certeine d"ie sed(ced by the
cr"#t o# " certeine wo&"n, inclined
hi&sel#e to pr"ie be#ore the s"&e idoll,
/eliall by n"&e< which is not credible.
And there#ore we &(st r"ther thin5e '"s it
K 2>. 8(ne ?() &"gn(s J #ortis, "pp"ret (t
dr"co, trib(s c"pitib(s, terti(& vero
"ssi&il"t(r ho&ini. M(t" loH(it(r voce<
Mort(os loc(& &(t"re #"cit, J dL&ones
s(pr" de#(nctor(& sep(lchr" congreg"ri<
o&ni&odo ho&ine& loc(plet"t, redditH(e
loH("ce& J s"piente&< "d H(Lsit" vere
respondet. H(ic legiones p"rent trigint".
4:;6 /une is " gre"t "nd " strong ?(5e, he
"ppe"reth "s " dr"gon with three he"ds,
the third whereo# is li5e to " &"n; he
spe"5eth with " divine voice, he &"5eth
the de"d to ch"nge their pl"ce, "nd divels
to "sse&ble (pon the sep(lchers o# the
de"d< he gre"tlie inricheth " &"n, "nd
&"5eth hi& eloH(ent "nd wise, "nswering
tr(lie to "ll de&"nds, "nd thirtie legions
obeie hi&.
K 2/. 6orne(s &"gn(s M"rchio, si&ilis
&onstro &"rino, reddit ho&ine& in =hetoricis
"d&ir"bile&, opti&" #"&" J ling("r(&
periti" orn"t, t"& "&icis H("& ini&icis
gr"t(& #"cit. %(bs(nt h(ic vigintinove&
legiones, e) ordine p"rti& Thronor(&, p"rti&
4:F6 Gorneus is " gre"t &"rH(esse, li5e
(nto " &onster o# the se", he &"5eth &en
woonde##(ll in rhetori5e, he "dorneth "
&"n with " good n"&e, "nd the
5nowledge o# toongs, "nd &"5eth one
beloved "s well o# #oes "s #reends< there
"re (nder hi& nine "nd twentie legions,
o# the order p"rtlie o# thrones, "nd p"rtlie
o# "ngels.
K 22. =oneve M"rchio J Co&es, "ssi&il"t(r
&onstro. %ing(l"re& in =hetoricis
intelligcnti"& con#ert, #"&(los ite& #idos,
ling("r(& cognitione&, "&icor(& J
ini&icor(& #"vore&. H(ic obedi(nt legiones
4:<6 Jonove C=oneveD " &"rH(esse "nd
"n e"rle, he is rese&bled to " &onster, he
bringeth sing(l"r (nderst"nding in
rhetori5e, #"ith#(ll serv"nts, 5nowledge o#
toongs, #"vo(r o# #reends "nd #oes; "nd
nineteene legions obeie hi&.
K 2Q. 8erith ?() &"gn(s J terribilis< trib(s
n(nc(p"t(r no&inib(s, P H(ib(sd"& 8e"l, P
J(dLis 8erith, P necro&"nticis 8ol#ri. Prodit
(t &iles r(ber c(& vestit( r(bro, J eH(o
e:(sde& coloris coron"H(e orn"t(s. Mere de
prLsentib(s, prLteritis J #(t(ris respondet.
Mirt(te divin" per "nn(l(& &"gicL "rtis "d
hor"& scilicet cogit(r. Mend") eti"& est. -n
"(r(& c(nct" &et"llor(& gener" &(t"t.
?ignit"tib(s orn"t e"sde&H(e con#ir&"t<
Cl"r"& s(btile&H(e edit voce&. Miginti se)
legiones h(ic s(bs(nt.
4:=6 /erith is " gre"t "nd " terrible d(5e,
"nd h"th three n"&es. @# so&e he is
c"lled /eall; o# the Jewes /erithi
C/erithD; o# Aigro&"ncers /olfr
C/olfriD< he co&&eth #oorth "s " red
so(ldier, with red clothing, "nd (pon "
horsse o# th"t colo(r, "nd " crowne on his
he"d. He "nswereth tr(lie o# things
present, p"st, "nd to co&e. He is
co&pelled "t " certeine ho(re, thro(gh
divine vert(e, by " ring o# "rt &"gic5e.
He is "lso " lier, he t(rneth "ll &ett"ls
into gold, he "dorneth " &"n with
dignities, "nd con#ir&eth the&, he
spe"5eth with " cle"re "nd " s(btill voice,
"nd si) "nd twentie legions "re (nder
K 21. Ast"roth ?() &"gn(s J #ortis, prodiens
"ngelic" specie t(rpissi&", insidensH(e in
dr"cone in#ern"li, J viper"& port"ns &"n(
de)tr". Mere respondet de prLteritis,
prLsentib(s, #(t(ris J occ(ltis. Libenter de
spirit((& cre"tore, J eor(nde& l"ps(
loH(it(r, H(o&odo pecc"verint J ceciderint.
%e spontV non prol"ps(& esse dicit. =eddit
ho&ine& &ire er(dit(& in "rtib(s liber"lib(s.
O("dr"gint" legionib(s i&per"t. Ab hoc
H(ilibet e)ocist" c"ve"t, ne prope ni&is c(&
"d&itt"t, ob #Wtore& intoler"bile& H(e&
e)pir"t. -t"H(e "nn(l(& "rgente(& &"gic(&
in &"n( s(" :()t" #"cie& tene"t, H(o se "b
in:(ri" #"cile t(ebit(r.
4:>6 'staroth is " gre"t "nd " strong d(5e,
co&&ing #oorth in the sh"pe o# " #owle
"ngell, sitting (pon "n in#ern"ll dr"gon,
"nd c"rrieng on his right h"nd " viper< he
"nswereth tr(lie to &"tters present, p"st,
"nd to co&e, "nd "lso o# "ll secrets. He
t"l5eth willinglie o# the cre"tor o# spirits,
"nd o# their #"ll, "nd how they sinned "nd
#ell< he s"ith he #ell not o# his owne
"ccord. He &"5eth " &"n woonder#(ll
le"rned in the liber"ll sciences, he r(leth
#o(rtie legions. Let everie e)orcist t"5e
heed, th"t he "d&it hi& not too neere
hi&, bic"(se o# his stin5ing bre"th Clit.
7bec"(se o# the intoler"ble stench which
he e)h"les7D. And there#ore let the
con:(ror hold neere to his #"ce " &"gic"ll
CsilverD ring, "nd th"t sh"ll de#end hi&.
K 2S. 6orr"s vel 6orc"s &"gn(s PrLses est<
visit(r #or&" viri #ortissi&i, J in h(&"n"
specie vires herb"r(& J l"pid(& preciosor(&
intelligit. Plene docet Logic", !thic" J
cor(nde& p"rtes. =eddit ho&ine&
invisibile&, ingenios(&, loH("ce& J
viv"ce&< A&iss" rec(per"t, thes"(ros detegit.
?o&ini(& viginti nove& legion(& h"bet.
4:?6 Goras CGorrasD, alias Gorcas is "
gre"t president, "nd is seene in the #or&e
o# " strong &"n, "nd in h(&"ne sh"pe, he
(nderst"ndeth the vert(e o# he"rbs "nd
pretio(s stones< he te"cheth #(llie logic5e,
ethic5e, "nd their p"rts< he &"5eth " &"n
invisible, wittie, eloH(ent, "nd to live
long; he recovereth things lost, "nd
discovereth CdisclosesD tre"s(res, "nd is
lord over nine "nd twentie legions.
K 30, 6(r#(r Co&es est &"gn(s, "pp"rens (t
cerv(s c"(d" #l"&&e". -n o&nib(s &entit(r,
nisi in tri"ng(l(& intro d(c"t(r. J(ss(s
"ngelic"& "ss(&it i&"gine&. ="(c" loH(it(r
voce< "&ore& inter vir(& J &(liere&
libenter concili"t< novit J concit"re #(lg(r",
cor(sc"tiones J tonitr(" in iis p"rtib(s (bi
:(ss(& #(erit. ?e occ(ltis J divinis reb(s
bene respondet. -&per"t legionib(s vigintise).
4:A6 Gurfur is " gre"t e"rle, "ppe"ring "s
"n h"rt, with " #irie t"ile, he lieth in everie
thing, e)cept he be bro(ght (p within "
tri"ngle; being bidden, he t"5eth
"ngelic"ll #or&e, he spe"5eth with "
ho"rse voice, "nd willinglie &"5eth love
betweene &"n "nd wi#e Cor simpl
7wo&"n7D; he r"iseth th(nders "nd
lightnings, "nd bl"sts. ,here he is
co&&"nded, he "nswereth well, both o#
secret "nd "lso o# divine things, "nd h"th
r(le "nd do&inion over si) "nd twentie
K 3.. M"rchoci"s &"gn(s M"rchio est. %e
ostent"t specie l(pL #erocissi&L c(& "lis
gryphi, c"(d" serpentin", J e) ore nescio H(id
evo&ens. O((& ho&inis i&"gine& ind(it,
p(gn"tor est opti&(s. Ad H(Lsit" vere
respondet< #idelis in c(nctis e)orcistL
&"nd"tis. 6(it ordinis ?o&in"tion(&. H(ic
s(b:"cent legiones trigint". %per"t se post
&ille d(centos "nnos "d septi&(& Thron(&
revers(r(&< sed e" spe #"ls(s est.
4;B6 Marchosias CM"rchoci"sD is " gre"t
&"rH(esse, he sheweth hi&sel#e in the
sh"pe o# " cr(ell shee wool#e, with "
griphens wings, with " serpents t"ile, "nd
spetting - c"nnot tell wh"t o(t o# his
&o(th. ,hen he is in " &"ns sh"pe, he is
"n e)cellent #ighter, he "nswereth "ll
H(estions tr(lie, he is #"ith#(ll in "ll the
con:(rors b(sinesse Cco&&"ndsD, he w"s
o# the order o# do&in"tions, (nder hi&
"re thirtie legions< he hopeth "#ter .200.
ye"res to ret(rne to the seventh throne,
b(t he is deceived in th"t hope.
K 32. M"lph"s &"gn(s PrLses, conspicit(r
corvo si&ilis< sed ho&inis idol(& ind(t(s
r"(c" #"t(r voce. ?o&os J t(rres ingentes
&ire e)tr(it, J obvios cito #"cit "rti#ices
&")i&os< Hosti(& vero Ldes J t(rres de:icit.
6"&(los s(ppedit"t non &"los. %"cri#ici"
libenter s(scipit, "t s"cri#ic"tores o&nes #"llit.
O("dr"gint" h(ic p"rent legiones.
4;56 Malphas is " gre"t president, he is
seene li5e " crowe, b(t being clo"thed
with h(&"ne i&"ge, spe"5eth with "
ho"rse voice, be b(ildeth ho(ses "nd high
towres wonder#(llie, "nd H(ic5lie
bringeth "rti#icers togither, he throweth
downe "lso the eni&ies edi#ic"tions, he
helpeth to good #"&ili"rs, he receiveth
s"cri#ices willinglie, b(t he deceiveth "ll
the s"cri#icers, there obeie hi& #o(rtie
K 33. Mep"r, "li"s %ep"r, ?() &"gn(s J
#ortis< %i&ilis syreni< ?(ctor est "H("r(& J
n"vi(& "r&is on(st"r(&. $t &"re :(ss(
&"gistri t(rgid(& n"vib(sH(e plen(&
"pp"re"t, e##icit< contr" ini&icos e)orcistL per
dies tres v(lnerib(s p(trescentib(s ver&esH(e
prod(centib(s ho&ines in#icit, P H(ib(s t"&en
negotio "bsol(to s"n"nt(r o&nes. -&per"t
legionib(s vigintinove&.
4;:6 +epar, alias Separ, " gre"t d(5e "nd
" strong, he is li5e " &er&"id, he is the
g(ide o# the w"ters, "nd o# ships l"den
with "r&o(r; he bringeth to p"sse '"t the
co&&"nde&ent o# his &"ster* th"t the
se" sh"lbe ro(gh "nd stor&ie, "nd sh"ll
"ppe"re #(ll o# shippes; he 5illeth &en in
three d"ies, with p(tri#ieng their wo(nds,
"nd prod(cing &"ggots into the&;
howbeit, they &"ie be "ll he"led with
diligence, he r(leth nine "nd twentie
K3>. %"bn"c, "li"s %"l&"c, M"rchio &"gn(s J
#ortis< prodit (t &iles "r&"t(s, c"pite leonis, in
p"llido eH(o in#idens. Ho&inis #or&"&
tr"ns&(t"t &ire< T(rres &"gn"s "r&is plen"s
Ldi#ic"t, ite& c"str" J civit"tes. Trigint" dies
e) &"nd"to e)orcistL ho&ini v(lner" p(trid"
J ver&in"nti" in#ligit. 6"&ili"res concili"t
bonos< do&ini(& e)ercens H(inH("gint"
4;;6 SabnacKe CSabnacD, alias Salmac, is
" gre"t &"rH(esse "nd " strong, he
co&&eth #oorth "s "n "r&ed soldier with
" lions he"d, sitting on " p"le horsse, he
dooth &"rvelo(slie ch"nge &"ns #or&e
"nd #"vor, he b(ildeth high towres #(ll o#
we"pons, "nd "lso c"stels "nd cities; he
in#licteth &en thirtie d"ies with wo(nds
both rotten "nd #(ll o# &"ggots, "t the
e)orcists co&&"nde&ent, he provideth
good #"&ili"rs, "nd h"th do&inion over
#i#tie legions.
K 3/. %ydon"y, "li"s As&od"y, =e) &"gn(s,
#ortis J potens< Misit(r trib(s c"pitib(s,
H(or(& pri&(& "ssi&il"t(r c"piti t"(ri,
"lter(& ho&inis, terti(& "rietis. C"(d" e:(s
serpentin", e) ore #l"&&"& er(ct"t, pedes
"nserini. %(per dr"cone in#ern"li sedet, in
&"n( l"nce"& J ve)ill(& port"ns. PrLcedit
"lios H(i s(b potest"te A&"y&onis s(nt. C(&
h(:(s o##ici" e)ercet e)orcist", #it #ortis,
c"(t(s J in pedib(s st"ns< si vero coopert(s
#(erit, (t in o&nib(s deteg"t(r, e##iciet< O(od
si non #ecerit e)orcist", "b A&"y&one in
c(nctis decipiet(r< %ed &o) c(& ips(& in
prLdict" #or&" conspicit, "ppell"bit ill(&
no&ine s(o, inH(iens< T( vero es As&od"y.
-pse non neg"bit< !t &o) "d terr"&. ?"t
"nn(l(& virt(t(&< ?ocet "bsol(te
eo&etri"&, Arith&etic"&, Astrono&i"&,
Mech"nic"&< Ad interrog"t" plene J vere
respondet< Ho&ine& reddit invisibile&< Loc"
thes"(ror(& ostendit J c(stodit, si #(erit de
legionib(s A&"y&onis. -n s(" potest"te
legiones sept("gint" d("s h"bet.
4;F6 Sidona CSdonaD, alias 'smoda,
" gre"t 5ing, strong "nd &ightie, he is
seene with three he"ds, whereo# the #irst
is li5e " b(ll, the second li5e " &"n, the
third li5e " r"&, he h"th " serpents t"ile,
he belcheth #l"&es o(t o# his &o(th, he
h"th #eete li5e " goose, he sitteth on "n
in#ern"ll dr"gon, he c"rrieth " l"nce "nd "
#l"g in his h"nd, he goeth be#ore others,
which "re (nder the power o# 'mamon.
,hen the con:(ror e)erciseth this o##ice,
let hi& be "bro"d Cbr"veD, let hi& be
w"rie Cco(r"geo(sD "nd st"nding on his
#eete; Fi# his c"p be on his he"dG CE i# he
is "#r"id he will be overwhel&edD, he will
c"(se "ll his dooings to be bewr"ied
Cdiv(lgedD, which i# he doo not, the
e)orcist sh"lbe deceived by 'mamon in
everie thing. 8(t so soone "s he seeth hi&
in the #or&e "#ores"id, he sh"ll c"ll hi&
by his n"&e, s"ieng; Tho( "rt 'smoda;
he will not denie it, "nd by "nd by he
boweth downe to the gro(nd; he giveth
the ring o# ven(es, he "bsol(telie te"cheth
geo&etrie, "ryth&eti5e, "strono&ie, "nd
h"ndicr"#ts C&ech"nicsD. To "ll de&"nds
he "nswereth #(llie "nd tr(lie, he &"5eth
" &"n invisible, he sheweth the pl"ces
where tre"s(re lieth, "nd g"rdeth it, i# it
be "&ong the legions o# 'mamon, he
h"th (nder his power seventie two
K 32. ""p, "li"s T"p, PrLses &"gn(s J
Princeps< in signo Meridiei "pp"ret< sed H((&
h(&"n"& "ss(&it #"cie&, d(ctor est
prLcip(or(& H("t(or reg(&, t"& potens (t
8yleth. !)titer(nt "(te& H(id"&
necro&"ntici, H(i h(ic lib"&in" J holoc"(st"
obt(lere, J (t e(nde& evoc"rent, "rte&
e)erc(ere, dicentes s"pientissi&(&
%"lo&one& e"& co&pos(isse, H(od #"ls(&
est< i&o #(it Ch"& #ili(s AoI, H(i pri&(s post
dil(vi(& cWpit &"lignos invoc"re spirit(s,
invoc"vit "(te& 8yleth, J co&pos(it "rte& in
s(o no&ine, J libr(&, H(i &(ltis
&"the&"ticis est cognit(s. 6ieb"nt "(te&
holoc"(st", lib"&in", &(ner", J &(lt"
ne#"ri", H(L oper"b"nt(r e)orcistL "d&istis
s"nctissi&is ?ei no&inib(s, H(L in e"de&
"rte sp"rsi& e)pri&(nt(r. !pistol" vero de iis
no&inib(s est conscript" P %"lo&one, (ti J
scrib(nt Heli"s Hierosoly&it"n(s J Helise(s.
Aot"nd(&, si "liH(is e)orcist" h"b(erit "rte&
8eleth, nec ips(& cor"& se sistere possit "(t
videre, nisi per "rte&< O(o&odo "(te&
e(nde& continere oporte"t, non est
e)plic"nd(&, H((& sit ne#"nd(&, J nihil P
%"lo&one de e:(s dignit"te J o##icio
didiceri&, hoc t"&en non silebo, ips(&
reddere ho&ine& "d&ir"bile& in philosophi"
J "rtib(s o&nib(s liber"lib(s. 6"cit "d
"&ore&, odi(&, invisibilit"te& J
consecr"tione& eor(& H(L s(nt de
do&in"tione A&"y&onis< !t de potest"te
"lteri(s e)orcistL tr"dit #"&ili"res, J ver"
per#ecte respons" de prLsentib(s, prLteritis J
#(t(ris. Melocissi&o tr"nsc(rs( in v"ri"s
regiones tr"d(cit ho&ine&. %e)"gint"se)
prLest legionib(s, J #(it de Potest"t(&
4;<6 Gaap, alias "ap, " gre"t president
"nd " prince, he "ppe"reth in "
&eridion"ll signe, "nd when he t"5eth
h(&"ne sh"pe he is the g(ide o# the #o(re
princip"ll 5ings, "s &ightie "s /ileth.
There were certeine necro&"ncers th"t
o##ered s"cri#ices "nd b(rnt o##erings (nto
hi&; "nd to c"ll hi& (p, they e)ercised "n
"rt, s"ieng th"t Salomon the wise &"de it.
,hich is #"lse< #or it w"s r"ther .ham,
the sonne o# 2oah, who "#ter the #lo(d
beg"n #irst to invoc"te wic5ed spirits. He
invoc"ted /ileth, "nd &"de "n "rt in his
n"&e, "nd " boo5e which is 5nowne to
&"nie &"the&"tici"ns. There were b(rnt
o##erings "nd s"cri#ices &"de, "nd gi#ts
given, "nd &(ch wic5ednes wro(ght by
the e)orcists, who &ingled therewith"ll
the holie n"&es o# od, the which in th"t
"rt "re everie where e)pressed. M"rie
CCert"inlyD there is "n epistle o# those
n"&es written by Salomon, "s "lso write
Lelias Lierosolmitanus "nd Lelisus. -t
is to be noted, th"t i# "nie e)orcist h"ve
the "rt o# /ileth, "nd c"nnot &"5e hi&
st"nd be#ore hi&, nor see hi&, - &"y not
bewr"ie how "nd decl"re the &e"nes to
conteine hi&, bic"(se it is "bho&in"tion,
"nd #or th"t - h"ve le"rned nothing #ro&
Salomon o# his dignitie "nd o##ice. 8(t
yet - will not hide this; to wit, th"t he
&"5eth " &"n woonder#(ll in philosophie
"nd "ll the liber"ll sciences< he &"5eth
love, h"tred, insensibilitie, invisibilitie,
consecr"tion, "nd consecr"tion o# those
things th"t "re belonging (nto the
do&in"tion o# 'mamon, "nd delivereth
#"&ili"rs o(t o# the possession o# other
con:(rors, "nswering tr(ly "nd per#ectly
o# things present, p"st, J to co&e, J
tr"ns#erreth &en &ost speedilie into other
n"tions, he r(leth si)tie si) legions, J
w"s o# the order o# potest"ts.
K 3Q. Ch"), "li"s %co), ?() est J M"rchio
&"gn(s< %i&ilis ciconiL r"(c" voce J s(btili.
Mir"biliter "(#ert vis(&, "(dit(& J
intellect(& :(ss( e)orcistL< "(#ert pec(ni"&
e) H("libet do&o regi", J report"t post &ille
d(centos "nnos, si :(ss(s #(erit< "bripit J
eH(os. 6idelis esse in o&nib(s &"nd"tis
p(t"t(r< "c licet se obsec(t(r(& e)orcistL
pro&itt"t, non t"&en in o&nib(s #"cit.
Mend") est, nisi in tri"ng(l(& introd(c"t(r<
introd(ct(s "(te& loH(it(r de reb(s divinis J
reconditis thes"(ris, H(i P &"lignis spiritib(s
non c(stodi(nt(r. Pro&ittit ins(per se
coll"t(r(& opti&os #"&(los, H(i "ccepti s(nt,
si non #(erint deceptores. H(ic s(b:"cent
legiones trigint".
4;=6 Sha* C.ha*D, alias Sco*, is " d"r5e
"nd " gre"t &"rH(esse, li5e (nto " stor5e,
with " ho"rse "nd s(btill voice< he dooth
&"rvello(slie t"5e "w"ie the sight,
he"ring "nd (nderst"nding o# "nie &"n, "t
the co&&"nde&ent o# the con:(ror< he
t"5eth "w"ie &onie o(t o# everie 5ings
ho(se, "nd c"rrieth it b"c5e "#ter .200.
ye"res, i# he be co&&"nded, he is "
horsseste"ler, he is tho(ght to be #"ith#(ll
in "ll co&&"nde&ents< "nd "ltho(gh he
pro&ise to be obedient to the con:(ror in
"ll things; yet is he not so, he is " lier,
e)cept he be bro(ght into " tri"ngle, "nd
there he spe"5eth divinelie, "nd telleth o#
things which "re hidden, "nd not 5ept o#
wic5ed spirits, he pro&iseth good
#"&ili"rs, which "re "ccepted i# they be
not deceivers, he h"th thirtie legions.
K 31. P(cel ?() &"gn(s J #ortis, "pp"ret in
specie "ngelic", sed obsc(r" v"lde< loH(it(r de
occ(ltis< docet eo&etri"& J o&nes "rtes
liber"les< sonit(s #"cit ingentes, J son"re
"H("s (bi non s(nt, e"sde& J c"le#"cit J
h"r(& b"lne" rec(per"ndL s"nit"ti servienti"
certis te&porib(s, diste&per"t :(ss(
e)orcistL. 6(it de ordine Potest"t(&,
h"betH(e in s(" potest"te legiones
4;>6 Procell is " gre"t "nd " strong d(5e,
"ppe"ring in the sh"pe o# "n "ngell, b(t
spe"5eth verie d"r5lie o# things hidden,
he te"cheth geo&etrie "nd "ll the liber"ll
"rts, he &"5eth gre"t noises, "nd c"(seth
the w"ters to rore, where "re none, he
w"r&eth w"ters, "nd diste&pereth b"thes
"t certeine ti&es, "s the e)orcist
"ppointeth hi&, he w"s o# the order o#
potest"ts, "nd h"th #o(rtie eight legions
(nder his power.
K 31 CsicD. 6(rc"s &iles est< prodit si&ilit(dine
sLvi ho&inis c(& long" b"rb", J c"pillitio
c"no. -n eH(o p"llido insidet, port"ns in &"n(
tel(& "c(t(&. ?ocet per#ecte pr"ctic"&,
philosophi"&, rhetoric"&, logic"&,
chiro&"nti"&, "strono&i"&, piro&"nti"&, J
e"r(& p"rtes. H(ic p"rent viginti legiones.
4;?6 Gurcas is " 5night "nd co&&eth
#oorth in the si&ilit(de o# " cr(ell &"n,
with " long be"rd "nd " ho"rie he"d, he
sitteth on " p"le horsse, c"rrieng in his
h"nd " sh"rpe we"pon Cd"rt or spe"rD, he
per#ectlie te"cheth pr"cti5e philosophie,
rhetori5e, logi5e, "strono&ie,
chiro&"ncie, pyro&"ncie, "nd their p"rts<
there obeie hi& twentie legions.
K 3S. M(r&(r &"gn(s ?() J Co&es< App"ret
&ilitis #or&", eH(it"ns in v(lt(re, J d(c"li
coron" co&pt(s. H(nc prLced(nt d(o &inistri
t(bis &"gnis< Philosophi"& "bsol(te docet.
Cogit "ni&"s cor"& e)orcist" "pp"rere, (t
interrog"tL responde"nt "d ipsi(s H(Lsit".
6(it de ordine p"rti& Thronor(&, p"rti&
4;A6 Murmur is " gre"t d(5e "nd "n e"rle,
"ppe"ring in the sh"pe o# " so(ldier,
riding on " griphen Cv(lt(reD, with "
d(5es crowne on his he"d; there go
be#ore hi& two o# his &inisters, with
gre"t tr(&pets, he te"cheth philosophie
"bsol(telie, he constr"ineth so(les to
co&e be#ore the e)orcist, to "nswer wh"t
he sh"ll "s5e the&, he w"s o# the order
p"rtlie o# thrones, "nd p"rtlie o# "ngels,
F"nd r(leth thirtie legions.G
K >0. C"y& &"gn(s PrLses, #or&"&
"ss(&ens &er(lL< "t H((& ho&ine& ind(it,
respondet in #"vill" "rdente, #erens in &"n(
gl"gi(& Csic gl"di(&D "c(tissi&(&. PrL
cLteris s"pienter "rg(&ent"ri #"cit< Trib(it
intellect(& o&ni(& vol"tili(&, &(git(s
bo(&, l"tr"t(s c"n(&, J sonit(s "H("r(&< de
#(t(ris opti&e respondet. 6(it e) ordine
Angelor(&. PrLsidet legionib(s trigint".
4FB6 .aim CC"y&D is " gre"t president,
t"5ing the #or&e o# " thr(sh Cbl"c5birdD,
b(t when he p(tteth on &"n4s sh"pe, he
"nswereth in b(rning "shes, c"rrieng in
his h"nd " &ost sh"rpe swoord, he
&"5eth the best disp(ters, he giveth &en
the (nderst"nding o# "ll birds, o# the
lowing o# b(lloc5s, "nd b"r5ing o# dogs,
"nd "lso o# the so(nd "nd noise o# w"ters,
he "nswereth best o# things to co&e, he
w"s o# the order o# "ngels, "nd r(leth
thirtie legions o# divels.
K >.. ="(& vel ="y& Co&es est &"gn(s< $t
corv(s visit(r< %ed c(& "ss(&it h(&"n"&
#"cie&, si "b e)orcist" :(ss(s #(erit, &irV e)
regis do&o vel "li" s(##(r"t(r, J "d loc(&
sibi design"t(& tr"ns#ert. Civit"tes destr(it<
?ignit"t(& despect(& ingerit. Aovit
prLsenti", prLterit" J #(t(r". 6"vore& t"&
hosti(& H("& "&icor(& concili"t. 6(it e)
ordine Thronor(&. PrLest legionib(s trigint".
4F56 Jaum, or Jaim is " gre"t e"rle, he is
seene "s " crowe, b(t when he p(tteth on
h(&"ne sh"pe, "t the co&&"nde&ent o#
the e)orcist, he ste"leth woonder#(llie o(t
o# the 5ings ho(se, "nd c"rrieth it whether
he is "ssigned, he destroieth cities, "nd
h"th gre"t despite (nto dignities, he
5noweth things present, p"st, "nd to
co&e, "nd reconcileth #reends "nd #oes,
he w"s o# the order o# thrones, "nd
governeth thirtie legions.
K >2. H"lph"s Co&es &"gn(s, prodit si&ilis
ciconiL r"(c" voce. -nsigniter Ldi#ic"t oppid"
"&pl" "r&is plen"< 8ell(& &ovet, J :(ss(s,
ho&ines bellicosos "d design"t(& loc(&
&ittit obvi"&. %(bs(nt h(ic viginti se)
4F:6 Lalphas is " gre"t e"rle, "nd
co&&eth "bro"d li5e " stor5e, with "
ho"rse voice, he not"blie b(ildeth (p
townes #(ll o# &(nition "nd we"pons, he
sendeth &en o# w"rre to pl"ces "ppointed,
"nd h"th (nder hi& si) "nd twentie
K >3. 6oc"lor ?() &"gn(s, prodit vel(t ho&o,
h"bens "l"s gryphi #or&". Accept" h(&"n"
#ig(r", inter#icit ho&ines J in "H(is
s(b&ergit. -&per"t &"ri J vento, n"vesH(e
bellic"s s(bvertit. Aot"nd(& o&ni e)orcistL,
si h(ic &"ndet(r, ne ho&ines lLd"t, libenter
obseH(it(r. %per"t se post &ille "nnos
revers(r(& "d septi&(& Thron(&, sed
#"llit(r. Trigint" legionib(s i&per"t.
4F;6 Gocalor is " gre"t d(5e co&&ing
#oorth "s " &"n, with wings li5e "
griphen, he 5illeth &en, "nd drowneth
the& in the w"ters, "nd overt(rneth ships
o# w"rre, co&&"nding "nd r(ling both
winds "nd se"s. And let the con:(ror note,
th"t i# he bid hi& h(rt no &"n, he
willinglie consenteth thereto< he hopeth
"#ter .000. ye"res to ret(rne to the
seventh throne, b(t he is deceived, he
h"th three legions.
K >>. Mine &"gn(s =e) J Co&es< se ostent"t
(t leo in eH(o nigro insidens, port"nsH(e
viper"& in &"n(. A&pl"s t(rres libenter
Ldi#ic"t< L"pide"s do&(s e)tr(it, rivos reddit
t(rgidos< Ad e)orcistL &"nd"t(& respondet
de occ(ltis, &"le#icis, prLsentib(s, prLteritis
J #(t(ris.
4FF6 +ine is " gre"t 5ing "nd "n e"rle, he
showeth hi&sel#e "s " lion, riding on "
bl"c5e horsse, "nd c"rrieth " viper in his
h"nd, he gl"dlie b(ildeth l"rge towres, he
throweth downe stone w"lles, "nd &"5eth
w"ters ro(gh. At the co&&"nde&ent o#
the e)orcist he "nswereth o# things
hidden, o# witches, "nd o# things present,
p"st, "nd to co&e.
K >/. 8i#rons, &onstri si&ilit(dine
conspicit(r. $bi h(&"n"& "ss(&it i&"gine&,
reddit ho&ine& in Astrologi" &ir"bile&,
pl"net"r(& &"nsiones "bsol(te docens, ide&
prLst"t in eo&etri", J &ens(ris "liis. Mires
herb"r(&, l"pid(& pretiosor(& J lignor(&
intelligit. Corpor" &ort(or(& de loco "d
loc(& tr"ns&(t"t< C"ndel"s s(per
de#(nctor(& sep(lchr" in#l"&&"re videt(r.
H(ic s(b:"cent vinginti se) legiones.
4F<6 /ifrons is seene in the si&ilit(de o# "
&onster, when he t"5eth the i&"ge o# "
&"n, he &"5eth one woonder#(ll c(nning
in "strologie, "bsol(telie decl"ring the
&"nsions o# the pl"nets, he dooth the li5e
in geo&etrie, "nd other "d&es(re&ents,
he per#ectlie (nderst"ndeth the strength
"nd vert(e o# he"rbs, pretio(s stones, "nd
woods, he ch"ngeth de"d bodies #ro&
pl"ce to pl"ce, he see&eth to light c"ndles
(pon the sep(lchres o# the de"d, "nd h"th
(nder hi& si) "nd twentie legions.
K >2. "&ygyn &"gn(s M"rchio< in #or&"
eH(i p"rvi visit(r< "t (bi ho&inis si&(l"chr(&
"ss(&it, r"(c"& edit voce&, de o&nib(s
"rtib(s liber"lib(s di##erens< e##icit H(oH(e, (t
cor"& e)orcist" conveni"nt "ni&L in &"ri
e)e(ntes, J H(L deg(nt in p(rg"torio 'H(od
dicit(r C"rt"gr", id est, "##lictio "ni&"r(&* J
corpor" "Ire" s(scipi(nt, "pp"rentH(e
evidenter, J "d interrog"t" respondent.
Per&"net "p(d e)orcist"&, donec ipsi(s
vot(& e)pleverit. Trigint" legiones in s("
h"bet potest"te.
4F=6 Gamigin C"&ygynD is " gre"t
&"rH(esse, "nd is seene in the #or&e o# "
little horsse, when he t"5eth h(&"ne
sh"pe he spe"5eth with " ho"rse voice,
disp(ting o# "ll liber"ll sciences; he
bringeth "lso to p"sse, th"t the so(les,
which "re drowned in the se", or which
dwell in p(rg"torie 'which is c"lled
.artagra, th"t is, "##liction o# so(les*
sh"ll t"5e "ierie bodies, "nd evidentlie
"ppe"re "nd "nswer to interrog"tories "t
the con:(rors co&&"nde&ent; he t"rrieth
with the e)orcist, (ntill he h"ve
"cco&plished his desire, "nd h"th thirtie
legions (nder hi&.
K >Q. U"g"& &"gn(s =e) J PrLses< (t t"(r(s
prodit c(& "lis "d &od(& gryphi< sed
"ss(&pt" ho&inis #or&", reddit ho&ine&
ingenios(&< tr"ns&(t"t c(nct" &et"llor(&
gener" in &onet"s illi(s ditionis, J "H("& in
vin(&, J V diverso< s"ng(ine& H(oH(e in
ole(&, J contr"< J st(lt(& in s"piente&.
PrLest trigint" trib(s legionib(s.
4F>6 Hagan CU"g"&D is " gre"t 5ing "nd "
president, he co&&eth "bro"d li5e " b(ll,
with griphens wings, b(t when he t"5eth
h(&"ne sh"pe, he &"5eth &en wittie, he
t(rneth "ll &ett"ls into the coine o# th"t
do&inion, "nd t(rneth w"ter into wine,
"nd wine into w"ter, he "lso t(rneth blo(d
into FwineG CoilD, J FwineG CoilD into
blo(d, J " #oole into " wise &"n, he is
he"d o# thirtie "nd three legions.
K >1. @ri"s M"rchio &"gn(s, visit(r (t leo, in
eH(o #ortissi&o eH(it"ns, c"(d" serpentin"< in
de)ter" port"t d(os gr"ndes serpentes eti"&
e)ibil"ntes. C"llet pl"net"r(& &"nsiones, J
vires sidere"s per#ecte docet. Tr"ns&(t"t
ho&ines< con#ert dignit"tes, prLl"t(r"s J
con#ir&"tiones< -te& "&icor(& J hosti(&
#"vore&. PrLsidet legionib(s trigint".
4F?6 #rias is " gre"t &"rH(esse, "nd is
seene "s " lion riding on " strong horsse,
with " serpents t"ile, "nd c"rrieth in his
right h"nd two gre"t serpents hissing, he
5noweth the &"nsion o# pl"nets "nd
per#ectlie te"cheth the vert(es o# the
st"rres, he tr"ns#or&eth &en, he giveth
dignities, prel"cies, "nd con#ir&"tions,
"nd "lso the #"vo(r o# #reends "nd #oes,
"nd h"th (nder hi& thirtie legions.
K >S. Mol"c &"gn(s PrLses< progredit(r (ti
p(er "lis "ngeli, s(per dr"cone eH(it"ns
d(ob(s c"pitib(s. ?e occ(ltis thes"(ris
per#ecte respondet, J (bi serpentes vide"nt(r,
H(os J virib(s dedestit(tos tr"dit in e)orcistL
&"n(s. ?o&ini(& h"bet legion(& trigint".
4FA6 +alac CMol"cD is " gre"t president,
"nd co&&eth "bro"d with "ngels wings
li5e " boie, riding on " twohe"ded dr"gon,
he per#ectlie "nswereth o# tre"s(re
hidden, "nd where serpents &"y be seene,
which he delivereth into the con:(rors
h"nds, void o# "nie #orce or strength, "nd
h"th do&inion over thirtie legions o#
K /0. o&ory ?() #ortis J potens< "pp"ret (t
&(lier p(lcherri&"< "c d(c"li cingit(r coron",
in c"&elo eH(it"ns. 8ene J vere respondet de
prLteritis, prLsentib(s, #(t(ris, J occ(ltis
thes"(ris (bi l"te"nt. Concili"t "&ore&
&(lier(&, J &")i&e p(ell"r(&. -&per"t
legionib(s vigintise).
4<B6 Gomor " strong "nd " &ightie d(5e,
he "ppe"reth li5e " #"ire wo&"n, with "
d(chesse crownet "bo(t hir &idle, riding
on " c"&ell, he "nswereth well "nd tr(elie
o# things present, p"st, "nd to co&e, "nd
o# tre"s(re hid, "nd where it lieth< he
proc(reth the love o# wo&en, especi"llie
o# &"ids, "nd h"th si) "nd twentie
K /.. ?ec"r"bi" vel C"r"bi", &"gn(s =e) J
Co&es< venit si&ilis R. Mires herb"r(& J
l"pid(& pretiosor(& novit< e##icit (t "ves
cor"& e)orcist" volent, J vel(t #"&ili"res "c
do&esticL &orent(r, bib"nt J c"ntillent s(o
&ore. P"rent h(ic trigint" legiones.
4<56 Decarabia or .arabia, he co&&eth
li5e " R "nd 5noweth the #orce o# herbes
"nd pretio(s stones, "nd &"5eth "ll birds
#lie be#ore the e)orcist, "nd to t"rrie with
hi&, "s tho(gh they were t"&e, "nd th"t
they sh"ll drin5e "nd sing, "s their &"ner
is, "nd h"th thirtie legions.
K /2. A&d(sci"s ?() &"gn(s J #ortis<
procedit (t (nicorn(< in h(&"n" si&iliter
#or&", H("ndo cor"& &"gistro s(o se #istit< !t
si prLcipi"t(r, e##icit #"cile (t t(bL J
sy&phoniL o&ni"H(e &(sicor(&
instr(&entor(& gener" "(di"nt(r, nec t"&en
conspect(i "pp"re"nt< (t ite& "rbores "d
e)orcistL gen( se inclinent. @pti&(s est (n"
c(& #"&(lis. -&peri(& h"bet vigintinove&
4<:6 'mduscias " gre"t "nd " strong d(5e,
he co&&eth #oorth "s "n (nicorne, when
he st"ndeth be#ore his &"ister in h(&"ne
sh"pe, being co&&"nded, he e"silie
bringeth to p"sse, th"t tr(&pets "nd "ll
&(sic"ll instr(&ents &"y be he"rd "nd
not seene, "nd "lso th"t trees sh"ll bend
"nd incline, "ccording to the con:(rors
will, he is e)cellent "&ong #"&ili"rs, "nd
h"th nine "nd twentie legions.
K /3. Andr"s &"gn(s M"rchio< visit(r #or&"
"ngelic", c"pite nycticor"ci nigro si&ili, in
l(po nigro J #ortissi&o eH(it"ns, b":(l"nsH(e
&"n( gl"di(& "c(tissi&(&. Aovit inter#icere
do&in(&, serv(& J co"d:(tores< "(thor est
discordi"r(&. ?o&in"t(r legionib(s trigint".
4<;6 'ndras is " gre"t &"rH(esse, "nd is
seene in "n "ngels sh"pe with " he"d li5e
" bl"c5e night r"ven, riding (pon " bl"c5e
"nd " verie strong wool#e, #lo(rishing
with " sh"rpe sword in his h"nd, he c"n
5ill the &"ister, the serv"nt, "nd "ll
"ssist"nts, he is "(thor o# discords, "nd
r(leth thirtie legions.
K />. Andro"lph(s M"rchio &"gn(s, "pp"rens
(t p"vo< gr"ves edit sonit(s< !t in h(&"n"
#or&" docet per#ecte geo&etri"& J &ens(r"&
spect"nti"< reddit ho&ine& in "rg(&ent"ndo
"rg(t(&, J in "strono&i" pr(dente&,
e(nde&H(e in "vis specie& tr"ns&(t"t.
Trigint" h(ic s(bs(nt legiones.
4<F6 'ndrealphus CAndro"lph(sD is "
gre"t &"rH(esse, "ppe"ring "s " pecoc5e,
he r"iseth gre"t noises, "nd in h(&"ne
sh"pe per#ectlie te"cheth geo&etrie, "nd
"ll things belonging to "d&e"s(re&ents,
he &"5eth " &"n to be " s(btill disp(ter,
"nd c(nning in "strono&ie, "nd
tr"ns#or&eth " &"n into the li5enes o# "
bird, "nd there "re (nder hi& thirtie
K //. @+e PrLses &"gn(s, procedit si&ilis
leop"rdo< sed ho&ine& &entit(s, reddit
pr(dente& in "rtib(s liber"lib(s< vere resondet
de divinis J occ(ltis< tr"ns&(t"t ho&inis
#or&"&< J "d e"& ins"ni"& e(& redigit, (t
sibi pers("de"t esse H(od non est,
H(e&"d&od(& se esse rege& vel p"p"&, J
coron"& in c"pite gest"re< d(r"tH(e id regn(&
4<<6 #se C@+eD is " gre"t president, "nd
co&&eth #oorth li5e " leop"rd, "nd
co(nter#eting to be " &"n, he &"5eth one
c(nning in the liber"ll sciences, he
"nswereth tr(elie o# divine "nd secret
things, he tr"ns#or&eth " &"ns sh"pe, "nd
bringeth " &"n to th"t &"dnes Cor,
7drives ins"nity "w"y7D, th"t he thin5eth
hi&sel#e to be th"t which he is not; "s
th"t he is " 5ing or " pope, or th"t he
we"reth " crowne on his he"d, DurMt%ue
id regnum ad horam C"nd &"5es the
5ingdo& o# ti&e end(re 'T*.D
K /2. Ay& vel H"bory& ?() &"gn(s J #ortis<
progredit(r trib(s c"pitib(s, pri&o serpenti,
si&ili, "ltero ho&ini d(os R h"benti, tertio
#elino. -n viper" eH(it"t, ingente& #"ce&
"rdente& port"ns, c(:(s #l"&&" s(ccendit(r
c"str(& vel civit"s. @&nib(s &odis
ingenios(& reddit ho&ine&< de "bstr(sis
reb(s vere respondet. -&per"t legionib(s
4<=6 'm or Laborim CH"bory&D is "
gre"t d(5e "nd " strong, he co&&eth
#oorth with three he"ds, the #irst li5e "
serpent, the second li5e " &"n h"ving two
R the third li5e " c"t, he rideth on " viper,
c"rrieng in his h"nd " light #ier br"nd,
with the #l"&e whereo# c"stels "nd cities
"re #iered, he &"5eth one wittie everie
5ind o# w"ie, he "nswereth tr(elie o#
privie &"tters, "nd reigneth over twentie
si) legions.
K /Q. @rob"s &"gn(s Princeps< procedit eH(o
con#or&is< ho&inis "(te& ind(t(s idolt(&, de
virt(te divin" loH(it(r< ver" d"t respons" de
prLteritis, prLsentib(s, #(t(ris, de divinit"te J
cre"tione< ne&ine& decipit, nec tent"ri sinit<
con#ert prLl"t(r"s J dignit"tes, "&icor(&
ite& J hosti(& #"vore&. PrLsidet legionib(s
4<>6 #robas is " gre"t prince, he
co&&eth #oorth li5e " horsse, b(t when
he p(tteth on hi& " &"ns idol Ci&"geD, he
t"l5eth o# divine vert(e, he giveth tr(e
"nswers o# things present, p"st, "nd to
co&e, "nd o# the divinitie, "nd o# the
cre"tion, he deceiveth none, nor s(##ereth
"nie to be te&pted, he giveth dignities
"nd prel"cies, "nd the #"vo(r o# #reends
"nd #oes, "nd h"th r(le over twentie
K /1. M"p(l" ?() &"gn(s J #ortis<
conspicit(r (t leo "lis "d &od(& gryphi.
=eddit ho&ine& s(btile& J &ir"bile& in
"rtib(s &ech"nicis, philosophi", J scientiis
H(L in libris continent(r. PrL#ect(s est
trigint"se) legion(&.
4<?6 +apula is " gre"t d(5e "nd " strong,
he is seene li5e " lion with griphens
wings, he &"5eth " &"n s(btill "nd
wonder#(ll in h"ndicr"#ts C&ech"nicsD,
philosophie, "nd in sciences conteined in
boo5es, "nd is r(ler over thirtie si)
K /S. Ci&eries &"gn(s M"rchio J #ortis<
i&per"ns in p"rtib(s A#ric"nis< docet per#ecte
r"&&"tic"&, Logic"& J =hetoric"&.
Thes"(ros detegit, J occ(lt" "perit. 6"cit (t
ho&o c(rs( celerri&o vide"t(r tr"ns&(t"ri in
&ilite&. !H(it"t in eH(o nigro J gr"ndi.
Legionib(s viginti prLest.
4<A6 .imeries is " gre"t &"rH(esse "nd "
strong, r(ling in the p"rts o# 'phrica
C'fricaD; he te"cheth per#ectlie gr"&&"r,
logic5e, "nd rhetori5e, he discovereth
tre"s(res "nd things hidden, he bringeth
to p"sse, th"t " &"n sh"ll see&e with
e)pedition to be t(rned into " soldier, he
rideth (pon " gre"t bl"c5e horsse, "nd
r(leth twentie legions.
K 20. A&y PrLses &"gn(s< "pp"ret in #l"&&"
igne"< sed h(&"n" "ss(&pt" #or&", reddit
ho&ine& "d&ir"bile& in "strologi" J
o&nib(s "rtib(s liber"lib(s. 6"&(los s(ppetit
opti&os< thes"(ros P spiritib(s c(stoditos
ostendit. PrL#ect(r"& h"bet legione& trigint"
se), e) ordine p"rti& "ngelor(&, p"rti&
potest"t(&. %per"t se post &ille d(centos
"nnos "d Thron(& septi&(& revers(r(&,
H(od credibile non est.
4=B6 'm is " gre"t president, "nd
"ppe"reth in " #l"&e o# #ier, b(t h"ving
t"5en &"ns sh"pe, he &"5eth one
&"rvelo(s in "strologie, "nd in "ll the
liber"ll sciences, he proc(reth e)cellent
#"&ili"rs, he bewr"ieth tre"s(res
preserved by spirits, he h"th the
governe&ent o# thirtie si) legions, he is
p"rtlie o# the order o# "ngels, p"rtlie o#
potest"ts, he hopeth "#ter " tho(s"nd two
h(ndreth ye"res to ret(rne to the seventh
throne< which is not credible.
K 2.. 6l"(ros d() #ortis< conspicit(r #or&"
leop"rdi J terribili. -n h(&"n" specie v(lt(&
ostent"t horrend(&, J oc(los #l"&&eos. ?e
prLteritis, prLsentib(s J #(t(ris plene J vere
respondet. %i #(erit in tri"ng(lo, &entit(t in
c(nctis, J #"llit in "liis negotiis. Libenter
loH(it(r de divinit"te, &(ndi cre"tione J
l"ps(. ?ivin" virt(te cogit(r, J o&nes "lii
dL&ones sive spirit(s, (t o&nes "dvers"rios
e)orcistL s(ccend"nt J destr("nt. !t si virt(te
n(&inis ipsi i&per"t(& #(erit, e)orcistL
tent"tione& non per&ittit. Legiones viginti
s(b s(" h"bet potest"te.
4=56 Glauros " strong d(5e, is seene in the
#or&e o# " terrible strong leop"rd, in
h(&"ne sh"pe, he sheweth " terrible
co(nten"nce, "nd #ierie eies, he "nswereth
tr(lie "nd #(llie o# things present, p"st,
"nd to co&e; i# he be in " tri"ngle, he
lieth in "ll things "nd deceiveth in other
things, "nd beg(ileth in other b(sines, he
gl"dlie t"l5eth o# the divinitie, "nd o# the
cre"tion o# the world, "nd o# the #"ll; he is
constr"ined by divine vert(e, "nd so "re
"ll divels or spirits, to b(rne "nd destroie
"ll the con:(rors "dvers"ries. And i# he be
co&&"nded, he s(##ereth the con:(ror not
to be te&pted, "nd he h"th twentie
legions (nder hi&.
K 22. 8"l"& =e) &"gn(s J terribilis< prodit
trib(s c"pitib(s, pri&o t"(ri, "ltero ho&inis,
tertio "rietis< c"(d" "dhLc serpentin", oc(lis
#l"&&eis, eH(it"ns in (rso #ortissi&o, J
"ccipitre& in &"n( port"ns. ="(c"& edit
voce&< per#ectV responet de prLteritis,
prLsentib(s J #(t(ris< reddit ho&ine& J
invisibile& J pr(dente&. O("dr"gint"
legionib(s prLsidet, J #(it e) ordine
4=:6 /alam is " gre"t "nd " terrible 5ing,
he co&&eth #oorth with three he"ds, the
#irst o# " b(ll, the second o# " &"n, the
third o# " r"&, he h"th " serpents t"ile,
"nd #l"&ing eies, riding (pon " #(rio(s
Cvery power#(lD be"re, "nd c"rrieng "
h"w5e on his #ist, he spe"5eth with "
ho"rse voice, "nswering per#ectlie o#
things present, p"st, "nd to co&e, hee
&"5eth " &"n invisible "nd wise, hee
governeth #o(rtie legions, "nd w"s o# the
order o# do&in"tions.
K 23. Alocer ?() &"gn(s J #ortis< procedit (t
&iles in eH(o v"sto insidens< #"cies e:(s
leonin", r(bic(nd" v"lde c(& oc(lis #l"&&eis<
gr"viter loH(it(r< ho&ine& reddit "d&ir"bile&
in "strono&i" J in o&nib(s "rtib(s
liber"lib(s< con#ert bon"& #"&ili"&;
?o&in"t(r trigint" se) legionib(s.
4=;6 'llocer CAlocerD is " strong d(5e "nd
" gre"t, he co&&eth #oorth li5e " soldier,
riding on " gre"t horsse, he h"th " lions
#"ce, verie red, "nd with #l"&ing eies, he
spe"5eth with " big voice, he &"5eth "
&"n woonder#(ll in "strono&ie, "nd in "ll
the liber"ll sciences, he bringeth good
#"&ili"rs, "nd r(leth thirtie si) legions.
K 2>. U"leos &"gn(s Co&es< "pp"ret (t &iles
p(lcherri&(s in crocodilo eH(it"ns, J d(c"li
orn"t(s coron", p"ci#ic(s, Jc.
4=F6 Saleos CU"leosD is " gre"t e"rle, he
"ppe"reth "s " g"ll"nt Ch"ndso&eD soldier,
riding on " crocodile, "nd we"reth "
d(5es crowne, pe"ce"ble, Jc.
K 2/. ,"l ?() &"gn(s J #ortis< conspicit(r (t
dro&ed"ri(s &"gn(s "c terribilis< "t in
h(&"n" #or&" ling("& son"t Bgypti"c"&
gr"viter. Hic prL cLteris "&ore& &")i&e
&(lier(& concili"t< inde novit prLsenti",
prLterit" J #(t(r"< con#ert J gr"ti"&
"&icor(& "tH(e ini&icor(&. ?e ordine #(it
potest"t(&. Trigint"septe& legiones g(bern"t.
4=<6 +uall C,"lD is " gre"t d(5e "nd "
strong, he is seene "s " gre"t "nd terrible
dro&ed"rie, b(t in h(&"ne #or&e, he
so(ndeth o(t in " b"se CdeepD voice the
Ngptian toong. This &"n "bove "ll
other proc(reth the especi"ll love o#
wo&en, "nd 5noweth things present, p"st,
"nd to co&e, proc(ring the love o#
#reends "nd #oes, he w"s o# the order o#
potest"ts, "nd governeth thirtie seven
K 22. H""genti &"gn(s PrLses< (t t"(r(s
videt(r, h"bens "l"s gryphi< sed "ss(&pt"
#"cie h(&"n", reddit ho&ine& ingenios(& in
H(ib(slibet< c(nct" &et"ll" in "(r(&
tr"ns&(t"t, "H("& in vin(&, J ediverso. Tot
legionib(s i&per"t, H(ot U"g"n.
4==6 Laagenti is " gre"t president,
"ppe"ring li5e " gre"t b(ll, h"ving the
wings o# " griphen, b(t when he t"5eth
h(&"ne sh"pe, he &"5eth " &"n wise in
everie thing, he ch"ngeth "ll &ett"ls into
gold, "nd ch"ngeth wine "nd w"ter the
one into the other, "nd co&&"ndeth "s
&"nie legions "s Hagan.
K 2Q. PhWni) &"gn(s M"rchio< "pp"ret (ti
"vis phWni) p(erili voce< sed "nteH("& se
sistit cor"& e)orcist", c"nt(s e&ittit
d(lcissi&os< t(nc "(te& c"vend(& e)orcistL
c(& s(is sociis, ne s("vit"ti c"nt(s "(res
"cco&&odent, sed ille &o) h(ic :(be"t
h(&"n"& "ss(&ere specie&, t(nc &ire
loH(et(r de c(nctis scientiis "d&ir"ndis. PoIt"
est opti&(s J obediens. %per"t se post &ille
d(centos "nnos "d septi&(& thron(&
redit(r(&. Miginti prLest legionib(s.
4=>6 Phoeni* is " gre"t &"rH(esse,
"ppe"ring li5e the bird Phoeni*, h"ving "
childs voice< b(t be#ore he st"ndeth still
be#ore the con:(ror, he singeth &"nie
sweet notes. Then the e)orcist with his
co&p"nions &(st bew"re he give no e"re
to the &elodie, b(t &(st by "nd by bid
hi& p(t on h(&"ne sh"pe; then will he
spe"5e &"rvello(slie o# "ll woonder#(ll
sciences. He is "n e)cellent poet, "nd
obedient, he hopeth to ret(rne to the
seventh throne "#ter " tho(s"nd two
h(ndreth ye"res, "nd governeth twentie
K 21. %tol"s &"gn(s Princeps< prodit #or&"
nycticor"cis< cor"& e)orcist" ho&inis
si&(l"chr(& s(scipit, docetH(e "bsol(tV
"strono&i"&. Herb"r(& J l"pid(&
pretiosor(& vires intelligit. Migintise)
legiones h(ic s(b:"cent.
4=?6 Stolas is " gre"t prince, "ppe"ring in
the #or&e o# " nightr"ven, be#ore the
e)orcist, he t"5eth the i&"ge "nd sh"pe o#
" &"n, "nd te"cheth "strono&ie,
"bsol(telie (nderst"nding the vert(es o#
herbes "nd pretio(s stones; there "re
(nder hi& twentie si) legions.
Legio 2222.
X 2ote that a legion is = = =
=, and no( b multiplication
count ho( manie legions doo
arise out of everie particular.
"his (as the (orK of one ". J. (ritten in
faire letters of red & blacKe upO
parchment, and made b him, 'nn. 5<>B.
to the maintenance of his living, the
edifieng of the poore, and the glorie of
gods holie name) as he himselfe saith.
%ecret(& secretor(& t( oper"ns sis secret(s
The secret o# secrets; Tho( th"t wor5st
the&, be secret in the&
K 2S. @bserv" hor"s in H(ib(s H("t(or reges,
scilicet A&oy&on re) @rient"lis, orson re)
Meridion"lis, Uy&y&"r re) %eptentrion"lis,
o"p re) J princeps @ccident"lis poss(nt
constringi, P terti" hor" (sH(e "d &eridie&, P
non" hor" (sH(e "d vesper"s.
The houres wherin principall divels
ay be bound, to wit, raised and
restrained !ro dooin" o! hurt.
AMAYM@A 5ing o# the e"st, Gorson
5ing o# the so(th, Himimar 5ing o# the
north, Goap 5ing "nd prince o# the west,
&"y be bo(nd #ro& the third ho(re, till
noone, "nd #ro& the ninth ho(re till
-te& M"rchiones P non" (sH(e "d
co&pletori(&, vel P co&pletorio (sH(e "d
#ine& diei.
M"rH(esses &"y be bo(nd #ro& the ninth
ho(re till co&pline, "nd #ro& co&pline
till the end o# the d"ie.
-te& ?(ces P pri&" (sH(e "d &eridie&< J
observ"t(r cWl(& cl"r(&.
?(5es &"y be ho(nd #ro& the #irst ho(re
till noone; "nd cle"re wether is to be
-te& PrLl"ti in "liH(" hor" diei.
Prel"tes &"y be bo(nd in "nie ho(re o#
the d"ie.
-te& Milites "b "(ror" (sH(e "d ort(& solis,
vel P vesperis (sH(e "d #ine& solis.
Znights #ro& d"ie d"wning, till s(nne
rising; or #ro& evensong, till the s(nne
-te& PrLses in "liH(" hor" diei non potest
constringi, nisi re) c(i p"ret, invoc"ret(r, J
nec in crep(sc(lo noctis.
A President &"y not be bo(nd in "nie
ho(re o# the d"ie, e)cept the 5ing, who&e
he obeieth, be invoc"ted; nor in the
sh(tting o# the evening.
-te& Co&ites o&ni hor" diei, d(& s(nt in
locis c"&pestrib(s vel sylvestrib(s, H(o
ho&ines non solent "ccedere, Jc.
Co(nties or erles &"y be bo(nd "t "nie
ho(re o# the d"ie, so it be in the woods or
#eelds, where &en resort not.
Cit"tio PrLdictor(&
The !ore o! ad$urin" or citin" o! the
spirits a!oresaid to arise and appeare.
$bi H(e& vol(eris spirit(&, h(:(s no&en
J o##ici(& s(pr" cognosces< inpri&is
"(te& "b o&ni poll(tione, &ini&(& tres
vel H("t(or dies &(nd(s esto in pri&"
cit"tione, sic J spirit(s poste"
obseH(entiores er(nt< #"c J circ(l(&, J
voc" spirit(& c(& &(lt" intentione<
pri&(& vero "nn(l(& in &"n( contineto<
inde h"nc recit"to benedictione& t(o
no&ine J socii, si prLsto #(erit, J
e##ect(& t(i instit(ti sortieris, nec
detri&ent(& P spiritib(s senties< i&o t(L
"ni&L perditione&.
,H!A yo( will h"ve "nie spirit,yo( &(st
5now his n"&e "nd o##ice; yo( &(st "lso
#"st, "nd be cle"ne #ro& "ll poll(sion, three
or #o(re d"ies be#ore; so will the spirit be
the &ore obedient (nto yo(. Then &"5e "
circle, "nd c"ll (p the spirit with gre"t
intention,"nd holding " ring in yo(r h"nd,
rehe"rse in yo(r owne n"&e, "nd yo(r
co&p"nions '#or one &(st "lw"ies be with
yo(* this pr"ier #ollowing, "nd so no spirit
sh"ll "nnoie yo(, "nd yo(r p(rpose sh"ll
t"5e e##ect. F'And note how this "greeth
with popish ch"r&es "nd con:(r"tions.*G
K 2. -n no&ine ?o&ini nostri Jes( Christi [
p"tris J [ #ilii J [ spirit(s s"ncti< s"nct"
trinit"s J insep"r"bilis (nit"s te invoco, (t
sis &ihi s"l(s J de#ensio J protectio
corporis J "ni&L &eL, J o&ni(& rer(&
&e"r(&. Per virt(te& s"nctL cr(cis [ J
per virt(te& p"ssionis t(L deprecor te
do&ine Jes( Christe, per &erit" be"tissi&L
M"riL virginis J &"tris t(L "tH(e o&ni(&
s"nctor(& t(or(&, (t &ihi conced"s
gr"ti"& J potest"te& divin"& s(per o&nes
&"lignos spirit(s, (t H(osc(nH(e
no&inib(s invoc"vero, st"ti& e) o&ni
p"rte conveni"nt, J vol(nt"te& &e"&
per#ecte "di&ple"nt, H(od &ihi nihil
nocentes, neH(e ti&ore& in#erentes, sed
poti(s obedientes J &inistr"ntes, t("
districte virt(te prLcipiente, &"nd"t" &e"
per#ici"nt, A&en. %"nct(s s"nct(s s"nct(s
do&in(s ?e(s %"b"oth, H(i vent(r(s es
:(dic"re vivos J &ort(os< t( H(i es J
pri&(s J novissi&(s, =e) reg(& J
do&in(s do&in"nti(& Joth Agl"n"br"th !l
"biel "n"thi !n"thiel A&"+in sedo&el
g"yes toli&" !li"s ischiros "th"n"tos y&"s
heli Messi"s, per hLc t(" s"nct" no&in" J
per o&ni" "li" invoco te J obsecro te
do&ine Jes( Christe, per t("& n"tivit"te&,
per b"ptis&(& t((&, per p"ssione& J
cr(ce& t("&, per "scensione& t("&, per
"dvent(& spirit(s s"ncti p"r"cliti, per
"&"rit(dine& "ni&L t(L; H("ndo e)ivit de
corpore t(o, per H(inH(e v(lner" t(", per
s"ng(ine& J "H("&, H(L e)ier"nt de
corpore t(o, per virt(te& t("&, per
s"cr"&ent(& H(od dedisti discip(lis t(is
pridie H("& p"ss(s #(isti< per s"nct"&
trinit"te&, per individ("& vnit"te&, per
be"t"& M"ri"& &"tre& t("&, per "ngelos
J "rch"ngelos, per prophet"s J p"tri"rch"s,
J per o&nes s"nctos t(os, J per o&ni"
s"cr"&ent" H(L #i(nt in honore t(o< "doro
te J obsecro te, benedico tibi J rogo, (t
"cceptes or"tiones h"s J con:(r"tiones J
verb" oris &ei, H(ib(s (ti vol(ero. Peto
?o&ine -es( Christe< d" &ihi virt(te& J
potest"te& t("& s(per o&nes "ngelos t(os,
-n the n"&e o# o(r Lord Jes(s Christ the [
#"ther [ "nd the sonne [ "nd the Hollie0
ghost [ holie trinitie "nd (nsep"r"ble (nitie,
- c"ll (pon thee, th"t tho( &"iest be &y
s"lv"tion "nd de#ense, "nd the protection o#
&y bodie "nd so(le, "nd o# "ll &y goods
thro(gh the vert(e o# thy holie crosse, "nd
thro(gh the vert(e o# thy p"ssion, - beseech
thee @ Lord Jes(s Christ, by the &erits o#
thy blessed &other %. Marie, "nd o# "ll thy
s"ints, th"t tho( give &e gr"ce "nd divine
power over "ll the wic5ed spirits, so "s
which o# the& soever - doo c"ll by n"&e,
they &"y co&e by "nd by #ro& everie co"st,
"nd "cco&plish &y will, th"t they neither be
h(rt#(ll or #e"re#(ll (nto &e, b(t r"ther
obedient "nd diligent "bo(t &e. And
thro(gh thy vert(e streightlie co&&"nding
the&, let the& #(l#ill &y co&&"nde&ents,
A&en. Holie, holie, Lord od o# s"bboth,
which wilt co&e to :(dge the H(ic5e "nd the
de"d, tho( which "rt ' "nd #mega, #irst "nd
l"st, Zing o# 5ings "nd Lord o# lords, 3oth,
'glanabrath, El, 'biel, 7'nathiel8 Canathi
EnathielD, 'maIim, Sedomel, Gaes,
C"oli&", !li"s, -schiros, Ath"n"tos, Y&"sD
Leli, Messias, 7"olimi, Elias, 3schiros,
'thanatos, 3mas8. 8y these thy holie n"&es,
"nd by "ll other - doo c"ll (pon thee, "nd
beseech thee @ Lord Jes(s Christ, by thy
n"tivitie "nd b"ptis&e, by thy crosse "nd
p"ssion, by thine "scension, "nd by the
co&&ing o# the Holie0ghost, by the
bitternesse o# thy so(le when it dep"rted
#ro& thy bodie, by thy #ive wo(nds, by the
blo(d "nd w"ter which went o(t o# thy
bodie, by thy vert(e, by the s"cr"&ent which
tho( g"vest thy disciples the d"ie be#ore
tho( s(##eredst, by the holie trinitie, "nd by
the insep"r"ble (nitie, by blessed M"rie thy
&other, by thine "ngels, "rch"ngels,
prophets, p"tri"rchs, "nd by "ll thy s"ints,
"nd by "ll the s"cr"&ents which "re &"de in
thine hono(r, - doo worship "nd beseech
thee, - blesse "nd desire thee, to "ccept these
pr"yers, con:(r"tions, "nd words o# &y
&o(th, which - will (se. - reH(ire thee @
Lord Jes(s Christ, th"t tho( give &e thy
K 3. @ p"ter o&nipotens, \ #ili s"piens, \
spirit(s s"ncte cord" ho&in(& ill(str"ns, \
vos tres in personis, (n" vero deit"s in
s(bst"nti"< H(i Ad"& J !vL in pecc"tis
eor(& pepercistis, J propter eor(& pecc"t"
&orte& s(biisti t( #ili t(rpissi&"&, in
lignoH(e s"nctL cr(cis s(stin(isti< \
&isericordissi&e, H("ndo "d t("& con#(gio
&isericordi"&, J s(pplico &odis o&nib(s
H(ib(s poss(&, per hLc no&in" s"nct" t(i
#ilii, scilicet J , J per o&ni" "li" s("
no&in", H("ten(s conced"s &ihi virt(te&
J potest"te& t("&, (t v"le"& t(os spirit(s
H(i de cWlo e:ecti s(nt, "nte &e cit"re, J (t
ipsi &ec(& loH("nt(r, J &"nd"t" &e"
per#ici"nt st"ti& J sine &or", c(& eor(&
vol(nt"te, sine o&ni lLsione corporis,
"ni&L J bonor(& &eor(&, Jc. Contin("
(t in libro R Ann(li %"lo&onis continet(r.
@h #"ther o&nipotent, oh wise sonne, oh
Holie0ghost, the se"rcher o# h"rts, oh yo(
three in persons, one tr(e godhe"d in
s(bst"nce, which didst sp"re 'dam "nd Eve
in their sins; "nd oh tho( sonne, which
diedst #or their sinnes " &ost #ilthie
Cdisgr"ce#(lD de"th, s(steining it (pon the
holie crosse; oh tho( &ost &erci#(ll, when -
#lie (nto thy &ercie, "nd beseech thee by "ll
the &e"ns - c"n, by these the holie n"&es o#
thy sonne; to wit, ' "nd #mega, "nd "ll
other his n"&es, gr"nt &e thy vert(e "nd
power, th"t - &"y be "ble to cite be#ore &e,
thy spirits which were throwne downe #ro&
he"ven, J th"t they &"y spe"5e with &e, J
disp"tch by J by witho(t del"ie, J with "
good will, J witho(t the h(rt o# &y bodie,
so(le, or goods, Jc< "s is conteined in the
boo5e c"lled 'nnulus Salomonis.
K >. @ s(&&" J Ltern" virt(s Altissi&i,
H(i te disponente his :(dicio voc"tis R
v"ycheon sti&(l"&"ton e+ph"res
tetr"gr"&&"ton olyor"& irion esytion
e)istion eryon" onel" br"sy& noy& &essi"s
sother e&"n(Il s"b"oth "don"y, te "doro, te
invoco, toti(s &entis virib(s &eis i&ploro,
H("ten(s per te prLsentes or"tiones J
consecr"tiones J con:(r"tiones
consecrent(r videlicet, J (bic(nH(e
&"ligni spirit(s in virt(te t(or(& no&in(&
s(nt voc"ti, J o&ni p"rte conveni"nt, J
vol(nt"te& &ei e)orcis"toris diligenter
"di&ple"nt, #i"t #i"t #i"t, A&en.
@h gre"t "nd etern"ll vert(e o# the highest,
which thro(gh disposition, these being
c"lled to :(dge&ent, +aicheon,
Stimulamaton, Esphares, "etragrammaton,
#lioram, .ron CirionD, Estion, E*istion,
Eriona, #nela, /rasim, 2om, Messias,
Soter, Emanuel, Sabboth CSabaothD,
'dona, - worship thee, - invoc"te thee, -
i&ploie thee with "ll the strength o# &y
&ind, th"t by thee, &y present pr"iers,
consecr"tions, "nd con:(r"tions be
h"llowed< "nd whersoever wic5ed spirits "re
c"lled, in the vert(e o# thy n"&es, they &"y
co&e togither #ro& everie co"st, "nd
diligentlie #(l#ill the will o# &e the e)orcist.
Giat, fiat, fiat, 'men.
K ./. HLc bl"sphe&" J e)ecr"nd" h(:(s
&(ndi #L) J sentin" pWn"& in &"gos
proph"nos bene constit(t"&, pro sceler"to
&entis "(s( :(re &eret(r.
C'/* This 5ind o# bl"sphe&y "nd swe"ring
constit(tes the worst 5ind o# re#(se "nd
dregs o# the e"rth, "nd p(nish&ent o# these
pro#"ne &"gi is well deserved.D
Coparison o! Weyer with (oetia)*
.. 8"el .. 8"Il C8"ellD 3Q. Phoeni) 2Q. ]
2. Ag"res 2. ] 31. H"lph"s >2. ]
3. #assa"o 3S. M"lph"s 3.. ]
>. "&igin >2. "&ygyn >0. ="(& >.. ], ="y&
/. M"rb"s 3. ], 8"rb"s >.. 6oc"lor >3. ]
2. M"le#"r .>. ], M"l"ph"r >2. Mep"r 32. ], %ep"r
Q. A&on /. ], A"&on >3. %"bn"ch
33. %"bn"c,
1. 8"rb"tos 2. ] >>. %h") 32. Ch"), %co)
S. P"i&on 22 ] >/. Mine >>. ]
.0. 8(er Q. ] >2. 8i#rons >/. ]
... (soin 1. (soyn C(soinD >Q. M("l 2/. ,"l CM("llD
.2. %itri 2. %ytry ^ 8itr( >1. H""genti 22. ]
.3. 8eleth 20. 8yleth C8ilethD >S. Procel 3Q. P(cel CPr(celD
.>. Ler"ye .3. Lor"y CLer"ieD, @r"y /0. 6(rc"s 31. ]
./. !ligor .2. ], Abigor /.. 8"l"& 22. ]
.2. Uep"r .S. ] /2. Alloces
23. Alocer
.Q. 8otis S. ], @tis /3. C"i& >0. C"y&
.1. 8"thin
.0. 8"thy& C8"thinD, M"rthi&
/>. M(r&(r 3S. ]
.S. %"leos 2>. U"leos C%"leosD //. @rob"s /Q. ]
20. P(rson ... P(rs"n CP(rsonD, C(rson /2. e&ory /0. o&ory
2.. Mor") ./. ], 6or"ii /Q. @se //. @+e C@seD
22. -pos
.2. -pes C-posD, Ayperos
/1. A&y 20. ]
23. Ai& /2. Ay&, H"bory& /S. @ri"s >1. ]
2>. A"beri(s
.Q. A"ber(s CA"beri(sD,
20. M"p(l" /1. ]
2/. l"sy"
.1. ], C""crinol""s,
2.. U"g"n
>Q. U"g"&
22. 8(ne 23 ] 22. M"l"c >S. Mol"c CM"l"cD
2Q. =onove 2/ ] 23. Andr"s /3. ]
21. 8erith 22 ] 2>. 6l"(ros 2.. ]
2S. Ast"roth 2Q ] 2/. Andre"lph(s
/>. Andro"lph(s
30. 6orne(s 2> ] 22. Ci&eies /S. Ci&eries
3.. 6or"s 21 ] ^ 6orc"s 2Q. A&d(sci"s /2. ]
32. As&od"y 3>. %idon"y, As&od"y 21. 8eli"l
33. ""p 3/. ], T"p 2S. ?ec"r"bi" /.. ], C"r"bi"
3>. 6(rt(r 2S. 6(r#(r -.. 'eere
3/. M"rchosi"s 30. M"rchoci"s -/. 0antalion
32. %tol"s 21. ] -1. Androalius
7]7 &e"ns th"t the n"&e o# the spirit in ,eyer is spelled the s"&e "s in the
The #o(rth spirit in ,eyer, Pr(#l"s^8(#"s is not #o(nd in the Goetia.
The third spirit in the Goetia, M"ss"go, is not #o(nd in ,eyer.
The l"st three spirits in the Goetia, %eere, ?"nt"lion, "nd Andro&"li(s, "re not
#o(nd in ,eyer.
Author: Weyer, Johann, 1515-1588.
Title: Opera omnia. Editio nova et hactenus desiderata.
u!lished: Amstelodami, Apud etrum vanden "er#e, 1$$%.
&escription: '((), 1%%* +i.e. 1%%$,, '5-) p. illus.,
ports. *1 cm.
.u!/ects, 0i!rary o1 2on#ress: 3edicine, 3a#ic, mystic, and spa#iric.
3edicine--4istory--1$th century.
5otes: Error in num!erin# and imposition o1 pa#es: nos. (1--(**
indicate leaves. 0eaves (*% and (*1, in reverse order,
are !ound 1ollo6in# p.1%%%.
2ontents: 7. &e praesti#iis daemonum, et incantationi!us ac
vene1iciis li!ri se8. A! acutore se8ies aucti et
reco#niti, /usta e8emplar "asiliense 1589.--77. 0i!er
apolo#eticus, et seudomonarchia daemonum.--777. &e
lamiis li!er, et &e commentitiis ie/uniis.--7:. &e ira
mor!o, e/usdem curatione philosophica, medica et
theolo#ica li!er.--:. O!servationes medicae rariores,
;ui!us accedit, 0i!er secundus, nunc demum
e8 #ermanico idiomate, in latinum translatus.
0O2AT7O5: 2A00 5<3"E=: .TAT<.:
"7O-3E& Wan#ensteen $1%.- W$9$ 1$$% 5ot chec>ed out +5on-