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Analyse this to have a better idea about your existence B L Gautam

The far and deep universe might have more but the immediate one has just four dimensions. The
fourth dimension of time, no doubt, creates handicap of visualisation. Inclusion of time as an extra
dimension made the classical science a history. Thats the story told many times. Here is a new one.
In this four dimensional universe, there are things having one, two and three dimensions like- a ray
of light (one-dimensional) a shadow (two-dimensional) and we as objects (three-dimensional). I am
intentionally not calling ourselves as beings to avoid the debate that if time is an additional
dimension to three easily comprehensible spatial dimensions then why the mind of a human being
wouldnt be so. Thats also another story for another day.
The point now and here is that a four dimensional universe can contain possibly everything having
lesser dimensions than itself. Now, our position in this universe is of a three-dimensional thinking
object into a four dimensional container. To understand it better, we are equivalent to thinking
shadows (two dimensional beings) in a room; a three dimensional universe. Howsoever scientifically
developed those two dimensional being might be still it is impossible for them to grasp the ultimate
reality of their three dimensional universe. Those shadows may crushingly overlap one another to
any extent still we know that the room would never fill up. It can occupy infinite number of shadows
and still remains as empty as it was. The shadows would lose their individual identity at the end. By
that analogy, a four dimensional space can never fill up with three dimensional objects. It remains as
empty as it was. That makes it infinite.
What would be the shape and size of their universe from viewpoint those of two dimensional
Always creeping on the walls of the room, they would never have an idea of the open space within
the room. Away from the wall and they would die. The survivors would have no clue where there
fellow beings go once off the wall. Darkness will mean complete annihilation for them. Some
Einstein among them may try hard to create a three dimensional concept. Some would wonder
while many may rubbish the idea with contempt. One would have to begin with the assumption of
width/depth or thickness; a completely blasphemous thought in a two dimensional world.
If they had brains, will they have a concept of time.