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The Leading Company in the Field of Screws

Sparkle Concrete Screws Company, established in 1998, is the leader company in the field of
screws. e speciali!e in man"fact"ring and e#porting different kinds of screws to Canada,
$merica, %apan, $"stralia, So"th $frica and other co"ntries.
&"r main prod"cts are concrete screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, self'tapping screws,
self'drilling screws, roofing screws, decking screws, f"rnit"re screws, long screws and screw
nails. $ll of them are with different kinds of s"rface treatment for pre(ention r"st and corrosion
e(en in harsh en(ironment. They also can be painted with different colors to match the material to
be fastened.
$ll of the screws are d"rable and easy to install and remo(e. They can be remo(ed and reinstalled
for se(eral times witho"t losing holding power.
e ha(e e#port o"r screws for o(er 1) years. &"r high *"ality prod"cts with competiti(e price
and reliable ser(ice brings "s rep"tation. $t the same time, o"r profession research and
man"fact"re team can gi(e yo" some ad(ice for choosing the most s"itable screws for yo"r
+f yo" ha(e some *"estions or want to know more details abo"t o"r screw prod"cts. ,lease email
"s atscrews-concretescrews.org. e are looking forward to answering yo"r *"estions.
Saprkle Concrete Screws Company
$dd. +nd"strial ,ark, $nping Co"nty, /engsh"i City, /ebei ,ro(ince, China
T0L. 182'318'45286782
F$8. 182'318'45286782
eb. http.99www.concretescrews.org
:ail. screws-concretescrews.org
hat Can Concrete Screws ;o for <o"=
Concrete Screws or masonry screws made of stainless steel and carbon steel are ideal for "se in
concrete, brick or block base material. They ha(e the following feat"res.
flat head concrete
threads design
makes solid
/igh tensile
and press"re strength.
Commonly with corrosion coating.
Tested for fire safety.
0asy and fast to install. drill, dri(e, done.
>o pl"gs needed.
?emo(able and ad@"stable.
S"itable for concrete, brick, nat"ral stone, etc.
;ifferent types of head designs and s"rface treatment for m"ltiple applications.
Can be "sed close to the edges.
;ifferent /ead Types
There are three kinds of head styles of concrete screws ' flat head, pan head and slotted he# head.
Comparing the different kinds of screws, the flat head and pan head concrete screws can be fl"sh
to material s"rface and look nice, and the slotted he# head ones are easier to dri(e in. So the
choice depends on the location where the screw is fastened.
phosphate pan head concrete screws.
phosphate pan head concrete screws.
:aterials. carbon or stainless steel.
;iameter. 5.) mm '4.7 mm.
Length. 67 mm ' 6)6 mm.
/ead Types. flat head, pan head and he# washer head.
;ri(e Types. ,hilips, tor#, slot, s*"are.
S"rface Treatment. plain, yellow9bl"e !inc plated, black9grey phosphate, nickel plated.
1 +n b"lk B67 kg9 cartonC.
6 Small packing 1))96))97))91)))pcs9bo#, then in carton.
3 $ccording to the c"stomerDs demand.
C"stomerDs design and re*"irement are welcome.
Concrete Screws are (ery "tility and are ideal for "se in fastening applications. These screws come
in (ario"s si!es and styles which are (ery easy and fast to install. Eesides, concrete screws can be
remo(ed witho"t damaging the base materials after installing. These screws can also be installed
close to the edge.
;ifferent lengths allow the screws to be "sed in many applications incl"ding. st"ds, plywood,
electrical bo#es, and e#terior ins"lation systems.
They can also be "sed for fi#ing window or door frames man"fact"red from wood, plastic or
metal to concrete, brick, hollow brick or man'made blocks.
+nstallation Steps
5 :eas"re the thickness of the material yo" will fasten to the concrete. Then choose a
screw that is 1 to 1.47 inch longer than the thickness of the material.
7 Choose a drill bit that is s"itable for the screws. The diameter of the drill bit sho"ld be a
little smaller than the screws.
2 :eas"re the length of the screw. Then wrap the tape on the drill bit to mark the length of
the screw. The tape can a(oid drilling too deep in the concrete.
4 ;rill the hole "ntil yo" reach the tape.
8 Clean o"t the e#cess material from the hole with a wire br"sh and a (ac""m.
9 Set the material o(er the hole, and then screw the material into the concrete.
;ifferent kinds of concrete screws
with different lengths and head
$ man is
installing a
Chipboard or
screws, also
screws, are
screws with
thin shafts and
coarse threads. They are made of carbon steel or stainless steel and then gal(ani!ed. Chipboard
screws of different lengths can be "sed in a (ariety of applications. They are created to fasten low,
medi"m and high density chipboard. :any chipboard screws are self'tapping, so there is no need
to drill holes in ad(ance.
The Feat"re of Chipboard
Chipboard screws of
different lengths can be
"sed in a (ariety of
0asy to screw in
/igh tensile strength
$(oid cracking and splitting
;eep and sharp thread for c"tting thro"gh wood cleanly
0#cellent *"ality and high temperat"re treatment for resistance to snapping
;ifferent choices of dimensions and s"rfaces
Constr"ction a"thorities appro(ed
Long ser(ice life
&"r company mainly man"fact"res pan head, o(al had co"nters"nk flat head and do"ble flat head
chipboard screws, and c"stomerDs design and re*"irement are welcome. There are a(ailable si!es
of the fo"r kinds of chipboard screws in the below table.
:aterial. carbon steel, stainless steel, brass.
;iameter. 3 mm ' 2 mm.
Length. 16 mm ' 6)) mm.
/ead Style. co"nters"nk flat head, do"ble flat head, pan head, o(al head.
,op"lar heads are either pan or flat, and pop"lar ga"ges are 8 and 1).
S"rface Treatment. white, yellow !inc coated, >ickel plated, black9grey phosphate, Elack
&#ide, a#ed.
,acking. pack in small bags or small bo#, then in cartons B67 kg :a#.C 1 ooden pallets
or according to
c"stomerDs demand.
Chipboard screw si!e
;iameter length :3.) :3.7 :5.) :5.7 :7.) :2.)
16 mm :3.)F16 :3.7F16 ' ' ' '
12 mm :3.)F12 :3.7F12 :5.)F12 ' ' '
6) mm :3.)F6) :3.7F6) :5.)F6) ' ' '
67 mm :3.)F67 :3.7F67 :5.)F67 ' ' '
3) mm :3.)F3) :3.7F3) :5.)F3) ' :7.)F3) '
37 mm :3.)F37 :3.7F37 :5.)F37 ' :7.)F37 '
5) mm :3.)F5) :3.7F5) :5.)F5) :5.7F5) :7.)F5) :2.)F5)
7) mm :3.)F7) :3.7F7) :5.)F7) :5.7F7) :7.)F7) :2.)F7)
2) mm ' ' :5.)F2) :5.7F2) :7.)F2) :2.)F2)
4) mm ' ' :5.)F4) :5.7F4) :7.)F4) :2.)F4)
8) mm ' ' ' :5.7F8) :7.)F8) :2.)F8)
9) mm ' ' ' ' :7.)F9) :2.)F9)
1)) mm ' ' ' ' :7.)F1)) :2.)F1))
16) mm ' ' ' ' :7.)F16) :2.)F16)
15) mm ' ' ' ' ' :2.)F15)
12) mm ' ' ' ' ' :2.)F12)
18) mm ' ' ' ' ' :2.)F18)
6)) mm ' ' ' ' ' :2.)F6))
Some newly
chipboard screws
$pplication of
widely "sed in str"ct"ral steel ind"stry, metal b"ilding ind"stry, mechanical e*"ipment
ind"stry, a"tomobile ind"stry, etc. +deal for chipboards and wood, they are often "sed for
cabinetry and for flooring.
Common length Baro"nd 5 cmC chipboard screws are often "sed to @oin chipboard flooring
to reg"lar wood @oists.
Small chipboard screws Baro"nd 1.7 cmC can be "sed to fasten hinges to chipboard
Long Baro"nd 13 cmC chipboard screws can be "sed to fasten chipboard to chipboard
when making cabinets.
Flat head
,an head
flat head
chipboard screws
Screws '
for :etal,
and ood ork
Self'tapping screws, mainly made of carbon steel or stainless steel, are widely "sed on plastics,
metal and wood materials. The best part in the "se of self'tapping screws is that there is no need to
drill holes before they are "sed. The two basic types of self 'tapping screws are thread'forming
screws and thread'c"tting screws. The thread'forming screws are commonly "sed for plastic,
deforming the material as the screws enter. The thread'c"tting screws are typically "sed for wood
and metal, remo(ing some of the material and creating a threaded path for the screw.
The tapping screws are "sed mostly on plastic, metal and wood material.
mostly "sed in a"tomobile ind"stries, aircraft, shel(ing and tables made of metal.
Commonly "sed for wood ob@ects like decks and f"rnit"re.
idely "sed on constr"ction like drywall and roof.
+deal for prod"cts that yo" need to maintain reg"larly s"ch as air'conditioning "nits or
&ften "sed to hang hea(y pict"res and boards.
The Feat"res of Self'tapping Screws
El"e !inc
coated self'
y to
screw in.
h high
and low temperat"re resistance.
/igh tensile strength (al"e.
Gario"s s"rface treatment for corrosion resistance and r"st resistance.
;ifferent choices of colors.
THG C0?T +S&9))1.6))) *"ality ass"rance.
Long ser(ice life, d"rable eno"gh to handle repeated assembly and disassembly.
:aterial. carbon steel and stainless steel.
;iameter. 3 mm ' 12 mm.
Length. 7 mm ' 16) mm.
/ead Types. flat head, pan head, o(al head, he# washer head, ro"nd washer head.
?ecess Types. ,hilip, po!i, slot he#, tor#, s*"are, etc.
S"rface Treatment. !inc plated Bbright, yellow, bl"e, green etc.C, phosphate Bgrey, dark
grey and blackC, nickel9copper plated, polished, tin plated, black o#ide, black lac*"er.
/eat Treatment. tempering, hardening, spheroidi!ing, stress relie(ing.
,acking. pack in small bags or small bo#, then in cartons B67 kg :a#.C 1 ooden pallets
or according to c"stomerDs demand.
e also can c"stomi!e according to c"stomerDs re*"irement.
$ flat
head self'
$ bl"e
pan head
self'tapping screw
head self'
head self'
Screws '
drilling screws are similar to the self'tapping screws b"t with a drill bit point. They are made of
stainless steel or carbon steel. They ha(e high hardness, p"llo"t strength, shear strength and lead
threads for perfect fastening in str"ct"ral steel and wood constr"ctions. hen "sing a self'drilling
screw, it is necessary to drill a hole in ad(ance. /ere are the feat"res of the self'drilling screws.
Some newly prod"ced self'drilling screws.
Corrosion resistance, e#cellent against gas, weathering and other kinds of corrosi(e
factors incl"ding salt water.
?esistant to acid and alkaline attack.
0asy to install, time sa(ing, minimi!es labor.
/igh'hardness points and lead threads for drilling and tapping.
$ (ariety of colors to s"it different p"rposes.
THG C0?T +S&9))1.6))) *"ality ass"rance.
,recise dimension.
Long ser(ice life.
:aterials. carbon steel or stainless steel.
/ead types. flat head, pan head, he# washer head and tr"ss head.
;ri(e styles. phillips, star, po!i and s*"are.
;iameter. 3 mm ' 2 mm.
Length. 9.7 mm ' 17) mm.
S"rface Treatment. bl"e, yellow !inc plated, black, grey phosphate, nickel plated.
,ackage. in b"lk B67 kg9 cartonC or small packing 1))96))97))91)))pcs9bo#, then in
carton or according to the c"stomerDs demand.
C"stomerDs design and re*"irement are welcome.
Iinc plated tr"ss head self'drilling screws.
Self'drilling screws ha(e hardened drill points that will drill and thread in str"ct"ral steel, mild
steel, al"min"m and wood. These drill points are man"fact"red in the same method as the high
speed drill bits. Self'drilling screws are a(ailable in a (ariety of finishes with "ni*"e prod"ct
feat"res to s"it a wide range of en(ironmental conditions.
The man
a self'
in steel,
they are
"sed on
steel frame constr"ction or fastening other materials on steel.
For the fastening process in wood, they are "sed for applications in wood str"ct"res or
ind"strial lightweight constr"ctions, s"ch as roof deck, flooring and etc.
For the fastening process in al"min"m, they are "sed for special ind"strial applications,
constr"ction and man"fact"ring of windows.
+nstallation Steps
1) Choose the proper si!e of self'drilling screws.
11 ?ead the instr"ctions of the self'drilling screws, and drill a small hole with the gi(en si!e
drill bit on the instr"ctions.
16 ,"t the self'drilling screw on an electric or cordless drill dri(er with the proper dri(e
adapter installed.
13 ;rill the self'drilling screw "ntil the head is fl"sh with the s"rface of the material.
15 Contin"e to drill the screws to the material "ntil the work is finished.
?oofing Screw ' Eest Choice for Fastening ?oofing Sheets.
with drill
points are
"sed to
fasten to
?oofing screws are made of hardened carbon steel or stainless steel. They can be "sed for metal,
plastic and fiberglass roofing applications. ;ifferent screw points can be "sed for both metal and
wood str"ct"res. $ll the roofing screws m"st ha(e a sealing washer attached, which helps against
water penetration. This is the most ob(io"s character of them.
;ifferent Screw ,oints for ;ifferent $pplications
The roofing screws are a(ailable in two kinds of points. &ne is drill point, the other is sharp point.
The roofing screws with drill points are "sed to fasten to metal str"ct"res, and the ones with sharp
points are "sed to fasten to wood str"ct"res.
:ade of hardened carbon steel, the screws offer strong p"llo"t strength to hold the
roofing sheets.
Sealing washers help against water penetration.
?oofing screws with sharp
points are "sed to fasten to wood
Commonly with corrosion
;ifferent points for different
Sharp points for easy to
screw in and damage a little.
;rill points for screw in
hard metal str"ct"re.
Gario"s colors of paint on
heads for specific applications.
Can be drilled near the edge
of roofing sheets.
Long life ser(ice.
:aterial. hardened carbon steel or stainless steel.
;iameter. 3.7 mm ' 2.3 mm.
Length. 13 mm ' 17) mm.
/ead Type. he# washer head, he# flange head.
/ead ,aint. white, black, grey, red, green, sli(er, bl"e, yellow, p"rple.
,oint Type. sharp point, drill point.
$ssembling. steel bonded washer, stainless steel bonded washer, ,GC washer, stainless
steel he# cap, "mbrella type washer, nylon cap.
S"rface Treatment. white9yellow9bl"e !inc coated, hot dipped gal(ani!ed, black
,acking. 1))pcs9bag, 1)bag9carton, has or does not ha(e trademark, or according to
c"stomer re*"est.
e also can c"stomi!e according to c"stomerDs re*"irement.
different colors of flooring sheets.
The roofing
screws are
installed on the
roofing sheet.
?oofing screws
are designed specifically for all kinds of roofing applications. ith a (ariety of types of prod"ct
and good *"ality, o"r roofing screws will pro(ide yo" the best sol"tion for fastening different
kinds of roofing str"ct"res.
Commonly "sed to fasten metal, plastic, and fiberglass roofing sheets to metal or wood
str"ct"res. the roofing screws with drill points for metal str"ct"res and the ones with sharp
points for wood str"ct"res.
+deal for fastening the o(erlap roofing sheets.
+nstallation Steps
17 Choose the proper si!e of roofing screws.
12 +nstall a correct si!ed dri(er bit for the heads of yo"r roofing screws into the drill.
14 Set the roofing sheet into the desired location.
18 +nstall the roofing screws on the top of the corr"gation or the high ridges only. So the
water will r"n off and down the lower parts of the roof.
19 Start the drill, ,ress the drill b"tton and drill the roofing screw in the roofing sheet and
base materials "ntil the metal washer firmly against the roof sheet.
;ecking Screws ' Fasten ;ecking Eoard to :etal or ood Frames
;ecking Screws are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. They are specially designed to fasten
wood or composite decking boards to wood or metal frames. These screws are designed to pre(ent
the m"shrooming and blemishes that can occ"r on composite materials. They can be easily
recogni!ed from standard wood screws. Typically, they ha(e a parallel shank rather than tapered
shank and a co"nters"nk head, which enable the screws to be fastened witho"t pre'drilling the
deck boards. They ha(e the following feat"res.
/ea(ier ga"ge steel helps increase the p"llo"t strength of the screws.
Coated with materials that wonDt r"st.
Specially coated corrosion protection in e(en se(ere marine en(ironments. to salt air,
salt water and acid rain.
Specially designed to eliminate the m"shrooming and blemishes of decking boards.
Co"nters"nk BflatC head design makes the screws lay smoothly against the deck s"rface.
;ifferent colors of paints to match the decking boards.
Can be collated when "sing screw g"n, red"ce the installation time.
Hnthreaded "pper shaft fastens the decking boards on the frame tightly.
0asy to screw in and no pre'drilled holes needed.
Long ser(ice life.
different kinds of decking boards.
Collated decking screws
speed "p the installation.
Some s*"are dri(e
decking screws.
:aterial.carbon steel or stainless steel.
;iameter.6.9 mm ' 2.3 mm.
Length. 9.7 mm ' 18) mm.
/ead Type. co"nters"nk head Bflat headC.
;ri(e Type. po!i, s*"are, star.
Thread Type. partial coarse thread.
,aint Color. red, green, yellow, brown, etc.
Finish. white9yellow !inc coated, nickel coated, black9grey phosphate.
E"lk packing in cartons then on pallets.
,ack in small bags or bo#es then in carton then on pallets or according the c"stomerDs
e also can c"stomi!e different kinds of decking screws according to c"stomerDs re*"irement.
$ po!i
$ star
;ecking Screws are designed specifically for (ario"s kinds of decking applications. Come in a
(ariety of lengths and widths, o"r decking screws will gi(e yo" the perfect sol"tion for fastening
decking board to different frames. They pro(ide perfect corrosion protection in e(en se(ere
marine en(ironments.
+deal for shipb"ilding ind"stry, and generally "sed to fasten wood or composite decking
boards to wood or metal frames.
$lso widely "sed in e#terior fencing applications.
Hsed on the wood chair, bench and simple wood bridge.
+nstallation Steps
6) Select the proper si!e of decking screws.
61 Set the decking board on the frame, mark off where the screws are. 0ns"re that the screws
are at least 1) mm to the edge of the board.
66 $d@"st the screw g"n for the appropriate depth, and p"t the collate screws on it.
63 Hse the screw g"n to screw the screws into the decking board and the frame.
65 ?emo(e the screws that missed the frame.

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