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Office Integration
Applications created with Microsoft Office can be integrated into Web Dynpro ABAP using UI element OfficeControl. This enables standard Web Dynpro
to be enhanced with new components. These new components are implemented with Microsoft Office and run on the local client PC or browser. An
OfficeControl UI element can be embedded in Web Dynpro views, can access Web Dynpro context, and can trigger Web Dynpro actions.
The following Microsoft Office products are supported:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Word
Office integration in Web Dynpro ABAP is based on the Active Component Framework (ACF).
The basic procedure for integrating Office products is described in Using OfficeControl.
To use OfficeControl to implement Microsoft Office applications for Web Dynpro ABAP, you require the following:
Microsoft Office and the associated Office file you want to integrate using OfficeControl must be installed.
The front-end ACF components must be installed. We recommend you install the components using SAP Service Marketplace.
You can find the latest ACF version on SAP Service Marketplace in the following directory: www.service.sap.com/patches Applications by Index A
ACF . Open the ACF version displayed, and then choose the Win32 link. Here you can find the installation to download. After downloading it, open the
file to run the installation. For more information about the ACF installation, see SAP Note SAP Note 766191 .
ActiveXshould be activated in your browser.
To activate ActiveX, for example, for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, proceed as follows: Under Tools Internet Options go to tab Security, choose
Custom level.... Under ActiveX controls and plugins choose options Download signed ActiveX controls (select Prompt) and Run ActiveX controls and
plugins (select Enable) and Script ActiveX controls marked save for scripting (select Enable).
If there are any problems displaying OfficeControl make sure that the Active Component Framework (ACF) is correctly installed. See also SAP Note
SAP Note 846952 .
Example Applications
You can find demo applications and components in the system in package SIOS. The basic functions of Office integration are described using the following
More Information
For more information about ACF, see Active Component Framework (ACF).
You can find general information about Office integration in the Notes below.
You can find more information about Office integration in the Notes below.
Note Number Description
SAP Note 892638 Supporting Microsoft Office products in conjunction with Office integration in
Web Dynpro ABAP
SAP Note 766191 Active Component Framework Installation
SAP Note 846952 Remove ACF from client PC
SAP Note 1150277 Prerequisites for using ACF
SAP Note 1446519 Safari Restrictions for Unified Rendering and ACF
SAP Note 1073704 IOS: Office 2007 XML
SAP Note 1016683 Microsoft Vista and OfficeControl
Note Number Description
xxx Find out the version of the Office product
SAP Note 949770 Creating Traces for OfficeControl
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