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Contact Number: 09744593490
Email-!: ram"a#ra$an%5&"a'oo.com
To carry forward the experiences gained and improve professionally in an
environment that calls for challenges and be a part of team in accomplishing
corporate goals
(R)*E++)NA, +YN)(++
A dynamic professional with MBA in HR and Marketing and 6 years of experience in customer care,
back end operations, health insurance and health care, inbound sales etc.
Worked in ALICO har!ah," #$ Outsourcin%, &A'.
Worked with utherland (lobal er)ices as Co*operate +, for - processes, handlin% more than .//
Worked with (' and 0a)ata in +yderabad " utherland 1echnolo%ies in Cochin as enior 2uality
Currently workin% as Customer care at Asset +omes 3)t Ltd.
4nowled%e " understandin% in health care and health insurance sector, comfortable in handlin% & and
international customers " Clients.
3ossess excellent Communication, Interpersonal " Analytical skills. Abilities in workin% in strict dead
lines and di)erse conditions.
Total -or. e/0erience 1 2 "ear3 4A0ril 5002 to till !ate6 in TE+ an! 3er7ice in!u3tr"
Currentl" -or.in8 a3 a Cu3tomer care in A33et 9ome3 (7t ,t!4:rom
1akin% care of existin% customers as well as customer who ha)e booked our flat
3ayment follow up5loan processin%
ales co*ordination with the sales executi)e
upportin% the 1ele callin% win%
=or.e! in A,C) +'ar$a'; 4t' Marc' 50<0 to 53r! A0ril 50<< a3
>ualit" Anal"3t?9R Co-Coor!inator.
#onitorin% calls on weekly basis " %i)in% feed back to the a%ent for their impro)ement.
Customer care ser)ice pro)ided to Alico clients o)er the phone.
+andlin% initial screenin% and client relations
=or.e! in M@+; Aubai 4Aubai )ut3ourcin8 Bone6 <0t' +e0tember
5009 to 3r! Marc' 50<0; =or.e! -it' Au 4client6 a3 Cu3tomer
+er7ice Co-or!inator.
Callin% 6u customers to inform about the promotional offers
#akin% calls to check the customer satisfaction le)el on the ser)ices pro)ided.
Calls done in order to complete 6u customer satisfaction sur)ey.
=or.e! in +ut'erlan! Tec'nolo8ie3; Coc'in; n!iaC :rom Jul"53r!
5007 to June 55n! 5009. (romote! to t'e 0o3ition o: 9R 4Co-o0erate
9R6 in No7ember 5007 an! 3er7e! com0an" a3 +r. >ualit" Anal"3t
:or one "ear.
1rainin% new associates on product knowled%e
,ecruitin% new associates, conductin% induction and +, spoke for the a%ent.
+andlin% team and makin% sure that they perform accordin% to the LA7s and make sure that they
reach the re8uired con)ersion
1akin% escalations from the associates
Conductin% performance impro)ement trainin% to associates who are not up to the re8uired le)el
#onitorin% calls on weekly basis " %i)in% feed back to the a%ent for their impro)ement.
=or.e! a3 a 0roce33 a33ociate in Ba7ata (7t lt!; 9"!eraba!; n!iaC
:rom No7ember 5002 till Jul" 5007. Ba7ata i3 a lea!in8 'ealt' care
@() -it' 'ea! Duarter3 in C'ica8o an! client3 li.e *ANY 4*ire
Ae0artment o: Ne- Yor.6; Eictor" 9o30ital; +EMC 4+t EincentF3
me!ical Centre6; Me!i3"3 etc.
. (rimar"
(i)in% solutions to the medical claims submitted by the clients
A, follow up with insurance company
(i)in% su%%estion and %uidin% the patients in resol)in% their claims
+elpin% the collection team in retrie)in% information from the patients 9insurance and claim related:
+elpin% the insurance a%ents in resol)in% the case submitted by patient or the client
. +econ!ar"

poke person for my team before the mana%ement
+elpin% the +, in employee relation with in the team
+elp the hirin% team in recruitin% new associates
=or.e! a3 0roce33 a33ociate in Gen0act; 9"!eraba!; n!ia 4:ormerl"
.no-n a3 GE-C+6 :rom A0ril 5002 till )ctober 5002.
3ro)ided customer care for our client (4 9(laxo mith4line:
3ro)ided 2uery support to the clients business %enerated claims
Worked with I$A; 9international $ank account number: pro!ect for the client for three months
One month professional trainin% in & health care industry.
Completed phonetic trainin% for )oice and accent neutrali<ation 9=A;7C:.
Completed trainin% in sales skills, ob!ection handlin% and American culture.
Introductory trainin% in >6' " ix si%ma and 8uality mana%ement.
#$A 9+, and #arketin%: from ikkim #anipal &ni)ersity in +, and #arketin% with first class
$.sc in ?ood science and 8uality control from #( &ni)ersity, 4erala 9$C# Colle%e, 4ottayam,
4erala, India: with @AB
C/D- from 4endriya )idyala 9C$': I; Chilka Orissa, India with @/B
6id a pro!ect in u%una 3)t Ltd, 9&ddumalpettu, 1amilnadu: as part of %raduation course. 1he
pro!ect scope was to study the market standards and the 8uality of su%una7s products. ubmitted a
report for the same. One month on the !ob trainin% in dairy industry 9malnadu milk: " Inte%rated
As part of the #$A course, did a pro!ect on ,eturn on recruitment in)estment in 0a)ata India 3)t
ltd, +yderabad.
(ood communication skills
+i%hly confident and enthusiastic
=ery %ood leader
?ast learner and adaptable to chan%e
(ER+)NA, (R)*,E
;ationality E Indian
6ate of birth E /C ?ebruary CFAG
?ather7s ;ame E #. >. ,a!an
Lan%ua%es 4nown
1o ,ead and Write E 'n%lish, +indi and #alayalam
1o speak E 'n%lish, +indi, 1amil and #alayalam
+obbies5Interests E ,eadin%, cookin% and listenin% to music
'xtra Curricular acti)ities E 3articipated in 6ebates and peech competitions at school le)el
WILL $' 3,O=I6'6 O; ,'2&'1
6ate : ;o)ember -/C- ,amya ,a!an 1.